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  • YoungFrey commented on Episode 310 - Saucy T-Rex Puppet Show - 7/23/2015

    I think Bonnie was a fantastic addition to the podcast. I cannot wait till she comes back. The biggest problem most tech podcasts have is a lack of perspective. It was a role Gary was good at, and Bonnie has the additional perspective of not being a dude.

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    @YoungFrey: I'm pretty sure one of the first ones I heard involved a desire to have an actor force-choke those fucking kids at Disneyland's Jedi Training Academy.

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    @YoungFrey: my email is can u send me their address?

  • geoff97 mentioned you in Tested Mailbag: Fireballed

    @YoungFrey: how would I send them something?

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    @YoungFrey Excellent work sir! Your first stage reminded me of something when you said you wouldn't look up the spelling of the old Tested logo at work and then mentioned GIMP.

    This reminded me of the time I first used GIMP and needed to make a mask, so innocently Googled "GIMP masks"... big mistake and not what I had intended to see :-)

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    @YoungFrey: Half life on the oculus rift would really be a great experience, that game had fantastic suspense

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    @YoungFrey: You can just drag the files off one SD card onto another.... so I suggest you trying that.

    As what Rallier said though, anything region locked won't work.

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    @YoungFrey: Oh man that is a tough one, I'm edging to saying that it is not possible because the system transfer moves over e-shop purchases which are region locked.

    I gave their troubleshooting site a quick look but no luck there.

    Best would be to simply ring them up

    Nintendo System Set-Up, Troubleshooting and Repair:
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    @YoungFrey: That book is fantastic and not boring at all.

    @norman You should have tried one of the last three forms mentioned in John Hill's posts. You could probably find more success than these traditional designs. Although you may have not had enough time to develop them as they are more complicated.

    Can't wait for this to come out. Anybody played Cities in Motion?

  • Sooty mentioned you in Episode 152 - Apocalypse When? - 12/20/2012

    @YoungFrey said:

    Japanese gets good compression for a number of reasons. I'm no expert so anybody fluent can feel free to correct me.

    Here is the Golden Tweet in question. I've highlighted the kanji in it, those are the meaning-densest part. Each solo or pair is likely a whole word. And it's exactly 140 characters too.


    Compression from names too, assuming it's a Japanese name or the name is shorter when written in katakana.

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    @YoungFrey: So you have time to ship stuff places in time for the holidays would be my guess.