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    @Toxeia said:

    @WolfOfOne: I have free hosting from X10. I'm not doing anything much right now, but they offer unlimited bandwidth for free and a MySQL database. In the future I can pay them for more databases, etc. if I want, but for now they're good for me. I'm also looking at testing out a free hosted email service from Zoho to see if it's worth snuff.

    I'll check out Netfirms, but I think I might be sold on Namecheap already.

    Both are good choices :). Yeah, unfortunately, Gooogle Apps email isn't free anymore iirc. I know netfirms will host a limited number of email accounts for free, and while I haven't used Zoho for email, I do use them for invoicing and have not had any support issues yet.

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    I have used Namecheap as well as Netfirms (before and after being bought out by Tucows) without issue. You can often find coupons for both services, and either should serve you well. I do recommend getting your hosting elsewhere (not at Netfirms) but they are good for getting a domain name at a decent price.

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    Heh, that brings back memories! It is hard to believe that it's been that long since we started this whole thing! Some of the stuff mentioned above I am looking forward to checking out soon, sounds cool!

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    Yup, that's what I feared cost wise, this stuff is expensive! The, uhm, Great Formatting Disaster of 2009, I've learned that you can never have too many copies of data in all manner of locations heh. Even trying to restore an 80GB external drive would have been multiple hundreds of dollars with no guarantee of getting much off of it as I had zeroed the damn thing out (why oh why does Windows command prompt list drive numbers starting from fucking zero?? the first drive should be drive 1 not drive 0 and so on oh vey).

    Years of writing and photos gone :-(. I did manage to get some of my photos back from other backups but I still ended up losing a bunch.

    Fingers crossed, and I feel your pain!!

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    @Forte said:


    It sounds like it's a mechanical problem though, like the physical aspects of the drive are failing to do wear/tear as it's an old drive. You could try some of the tricks to get the drive working one more time, grab all the data you can, and then it's dead but it's not guaranteed. Whatever you do, do not write anything new to the drive and if you are able to access it, get everything you can b/c it will likely be the last time you are able to access it.

    Some further reading: http://lifehacker.com/5982339/diy-data-recovery-tricks-for-when-your-hard-drive-goes-belly-up

    @Leke said:

    I have an IDE hard drive that is dead, hardly spins. Are there any recommended software that could recovery data off the drive? I read about using Linux, I'm on a mac and wouldnt mind using vm to recover the data. Or if there are mac alternatives. Do you think there is a point in using software is the drive wont spin? Should I open up the drive and perform surgery?

    You say the drive barely spins, but can you see in in the list of available disks (not sure what disk management and my computer are called on OSX)? If you /can/ access the drive, software is worth trying, but otherwise no. You shouldn't open up the drive until you have exhausted all options as you risk permanently damaging the drive and your chances of getting any data.

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    Oh wow man, no offsite or cold storage backup? Eek, I'm not sure if you will be able to get the data back, and if it is recoverable it is going to be super expensive. I can't think of any companies off hand, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck in recovering it! Remember, while you are looking for companies, to give you the best chance of getting data back, do not use those drives for anything!

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    I was all excited for this then I realized it was an iOS app and not for android :/ lol Thanks for the heads up if I ever do go to Apple though.

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    If you have an NVIDIA GPU in your gaming system (be it laptop or desktop), and the GeForce Experience software installed, then yes. Note that while game streaming you cannot use your PC for other tasks.

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    @Tashi said:

    @WolfOfOne, despite the recent controversy regarding Mojang condemning the monetizing of server subscriptions -- thus reminding us that although Minecraft is a great sandbox platform, it is still a game made by a privately owned company -- it still remains a community building tool and one provides an outlet for creative expression.

    There have indeed been many additions to the game. Check out the wiki for details on new and exiting things. Also, feel free to pop on and I can show you some of the new stuff.

    Banning server monetization seems extremely short sighted, does Mojang not realize servers cost money to operate and time to maintain? 0.0

    EDIT: Speaking of that, I see that the server is now $133/yr and due November 7th, how are we handling donations these days? I haven't been on much but will do what I can to help keep it alive!

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    I'm glad to see that the server is still around, I have not played Minecraft in forever but instead have been busting my back at work haha.

    It seems like there is so much new stuff that has been added to Minecraft in my absence that I do not even know where to start heh.

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    So I heard WIll mention the Tested Minecraft server on the podcast.

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    @Zenlizard: Welcome!

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    So long as you have a lot of natural light, any budget camera should be fine. Maybe look at some of the budget video cameras like the Flip and Toshiba Camileo. You should be able to find something like that, that can shoot at at least 720p (heck even webcams can do decent 720p w/ good lighting nowadays :) ), for cheap. If it's a one-off project, I wouldn't drop hundreds of dollars on a camera and mic unless you have backing or are okay with not making back the money on YT ads.

    I will say this, people can put up with bad video but will generally not accept bad audio. Your phone might even be fine if you are in a room with large windows and lots of natural light to work with and can rig up a way to hold it steady for the shots on a monopod or tripod (a washer and length of string can work in a pinch as a monopod), so long as you have clear audio YouTube won't care much heh.

    Edit: I think what I am getting as is that, so long as the content and audio is at least serviceable, people will watch :).

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    This was an interesting article, some of the best pens I've ever used have been cheapo Pilot pens while some of the more expensive ballpoints have sucked. I have never much liked gel pens. Recently, I bought one of those metal sharpie pens. It was nice but with as much as I write the ink ran out really quickly and I have not been able to find the refil packs available at brick and mortar places around me, only online :/.

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogS. Plural dog is kinda important. (It's a pet peeve of mine.)

    What if the quick brown fox only jumped over a single basset hound?

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    @Toxeia: Well, as far as I know the cable companies are using VOIP for their phone lines as well, but since its on their network and using their gateways, it may be possible to get better QoS.

    Unfortunately, the cable companies will not allow you to bring your own eMTA/Gateway w/ phone line, so even if you found one to buy it is likely that Comcast or whoever your ISP is would not let you add it to your account :(.

    Your alternatives would be to use another VOIP provider that is not your cable ISP (as you mentioned), or go with an actual landline like AT&T (or whoever the teleco is in your area). Neither option sounds like a good fit for your though, since going with a landline will probably be more expensive than any modem rental fee and the alternative voip providers are not working for you :(.

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    Good to hear evil!

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    Hey guys, glad to see that the server is still going! I just got done moving and am still unpacking and such. Hopefully I can hop on the server sometime soon though!