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    @WolfOfOne: I have free hosting from X10. I'm not doing anything much right now, but they offer unlimited bandwidth for free and a MySQL database. In the future I can pay them for more databases, etc. if I want, but for now they're good for me. I'm also looking at testing out a free hosted email service from Zoho to see if it's worth snuff.

    I'll check out Netfirms, but I think I might be sold on Namecheap already.

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    @WolfOfOne: They didn't ban server monetization outright, only in certain situations were people can receive gameplay changing perks. They allow you to charge for full access as long as it's applied evenly across the board or for things that don't have gameplay ramifications (purely cosmetic items basicly). And of course they allow for donations.

    Currently, we aren't handling donations; this is all out of my pocket. Accepting donations is super easy though. NFO has a form that I can link to that as long as you make a payment there, the amount you donate is applied directly to the hosting bill.

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    @WolfOfOne:  yeah i was in the process of offsiting the one set i don't have a backup of that i need recovored. but i have to do it physically as 3tb drives and my poopy net connect would make my already limiting net connect unuseable all the time.

    @clovenlife i don't use 5 to much overhead for the parity and you can only loose one drive. not to mention its a common problem to loose a drive during rebuild aswell. in my case i was already 1 drive down on the main array and was just finished making a backup of it when two drives dropped from the array due to pcie data corruption. resulting in garbage being thrown to the controller and partly being written to every single drive in the machine.

    atleast there is only 1 drive that needs recovery. i either had backups or managed to recover the others myself. in the case of this one drive i knew to just not touch it after it wouldn't come back online and the drive is fully functional. looks like its gonna cost around 450-750 by the estimate but i am guessing it might be closer to 1500 since its pretty close to a full 3 tb of data.

    like i said no one to blame but myself.
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    @WolfOfOne said:

    I was all excited for this then I realized it was an iOS app and not for android :/ lol Thanks for the heads up if I ever do go to Apple though.

    Yeah, bummer!

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    @WolfOfOne, despite the recent controversy regarding Mojang condemning the monetizing of server subscriptions -- thus reminding us that although Minecraft is a great sandbox platform, it is still a game made by a privately owned company -- it still remains a community building tool and one provides an outlet for creative expression.

    There have indeed been many additions to the game. Check out the wiki for details on new and exiting things. Also, feel free to pop on and I can show you some of the new stuff.

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    @WolfOfOne: Oh shit wolf, hell i don't even know what is new or old that they added anymore.

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    @WolfOfOne: Which podcast? We've seen an uptake in applications, but the approval process is hindered by mods not being on to add.

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    @JeffreyGee: Not really, they just need to join at least once.

    @WolfOfOne: @coopdegra: Wait, when was this? Actually they use to talk about the server all the time when Will use to play. Even Anna (Ana?) would get on once in a while.

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    @WolfOfOne: what, that's crazy, This is the first time since i think this thing started over 3 years ago, that it's been mentioned, maybe that explains the mass of people waiting to be approved. But i'm not gonna do it until i see them on here or on the server.

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    @WolfOfOne said:

    So long as you have a lot of natural light, any budget camera should be fine. Maybe look at some of the budget video cameras like the Flip and Toshiba Camileo. You should be able to find something like that, that can shoot at at least 720p (heck even webcams can do decent 720p w/ good lighting nowadays :) ), for cheap. If it's a one-off project, I wouldn't drop hundreds of dollars on a camera and mic unless you have backing or are okay with not making back the money on YT ads.

    I will say this, people can put up with bad video but will generally not accept bad audio. Your phone might even be fine if you are in a room with large windows and lots of natural light to work with and can rig up a way to hold it steady for the shots on a monopod or tripod (a washer and length of string can work in a pinch as a monopod), so long as you have clear audio YouTube won't care much heh.

    Edit: I think what I am getting as is that, so long as the content and audio is at least serviceable, people will watch :).

    thanks for the advice, I will definitely keep that in mind.

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    @WolfOfOne: Well the land-line is for my father (who is abysmally awful with cell phones) and the alarm system. Going with a cell for the alarm would cost as much as a standard plan from AT&T which is what we used until just recently when I bundled our tv, Internet, and phone together to save like $40 a month. This month it's down to like $10. In another 3 months it'll be back to where going with tv/internet from TWC and AT&T for phone will be cheaper.

    Unless there's another company that does POTS... is MCI still around?

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    @WolfOfOne said:

    Heh, I'm running a first-gen Core-i7 as well (an 860 @3.5GHz iirc). It's plenty of CPU even w/out overclocking though for most stuff ;). I'd say in your case, I'd wait for Haswell to come out and then grab a nice Ivy Bridge chip on sale as it'll be a nice upgrade over you Lynnfield chip w/out spending a lot of cash on Haswell which is likely to be expensive at first.

    This seems like a pretty decent option too! value performance/price its important to me personally. The 3570 its great wouldn´t hesitate if I can get it on the cheap. My only concernt is that 1155 is gona be a dead socket.. thou it might be some time until I need a new cpu.

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    @lane: I tend to agree with you, future proof in computers is most of the time wishful thinking. However, I gotta say the 8350 vishera is not that bad, it is actually on par with the i7 3770 on multi treaded apps, it lags in single treaded aps like games but nothing to get worried about, as sooty said most of the work is going to be in the 7950 anyway.

    Considering I do a lot of VRay and Maya it might come handy, For the price it seems like a pretty decent chip.

    @WolfOfOne: I have a first gen i7 that runs at 2.1 mhz at my office with a 3 year old quadro card I use for 3d rendering, thou I dont videogame a lot on that computer. I videogame at home with a mcbook air 2012.. mostly Starcraft 2 and LOL.

    Thank you all for your advice, I gonna wait for the Haswell update see if its worth it. Providing is not that good Im just gona get the FX8350 because seems like a lot of value.


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    Oh wait, no need, it's already been posted in this thread. =D

    @WolfOfOne said:

    As to the differences between the Cherry MX switches, Scott put together some nice animations showing the key presses and how they are different. The blues are /really/ loud ;) I've been eyeing a mechanical keyboard myself but not sure what I want and will need to save up for it heh. Right now I'm using a Saitek Eclipse that I've had since '07 iirc. Long enough that the lettering on the WASD keys is starting to wear off. It's not a bad keyboard but it's no mechanical! You can probably find it for around 20 to 30 bucks now though.

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    @WolfOfOne said:

    @Ben_H: As an OG Razer Mamba user, I resent that ;) lol!

    See that's the thing. Some Razer mice are fine and last forever. But then others bust just after warranty is up. I have seen tons of complaints on various forums about buttons stopping working or double clicking happening and things like that. For myself, one of the main buttons on my Death Adder stopped registering clicks a lot of the time (this was just after a year of owning it). But at the same time some people use the same Razer mouse for years without issue. I will admit Razer makes really good mousepads. I've had one for a year now and it is as good as the day I got it other than the spilled drink on one corner.

    And my hatred from Steelseries comes from experience. One of their mousepads I owned started falling apart after around 4 months of usage (edges of the cloth rolling up just from daily use). And then there was the keyboard. I owned a 6GV2 mechanical keyboard and keys would pop off if you looked at them funny. For my beloved Filco, I could flip it upside down and shake it no problem but if I did that with the Steelseries I would lose probably half the keys. I've had keys fall off moving it around when cleaning my desk. It just never felt like a quality keyboard. They may be different now but the 6GV2 I owned a few years ago was severely lacking. It's funny because Steelseries sponsored tons of Starcraft teams but recently pulled sponsorship from a few and you already see people from those teams going back to Logitech or other brands of mice and going to Filco or Das for keyboards even though they had hundreds of dollars of free Steelseries stuff.

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    @WolfOfOne: I remember reading them patching stuff up as it was unearthed. I'm sure that as it gets it's footing that it will be more and more secure. It probably already is more secure than other comparable services.

    Bittorrent sync is kind of a different beast though, perhaps a better thing than a cloud storage box for sharing with people directly but if you are the only one online it breaks down.

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    @WolfOfOne: I know that the DMCA isn't in the Constitution, what I'm saying is that the law hasn't been amended and that the Congress isn't granted the authority to delegate other bodies to rule what a law means or how to apply it. It isn't strictly legal in any way because it's not granted by the Constitution for them to just give away ruling authority like that. The DMCA is a law, but it needs to be amended and rewritten for it to be legal, and Congress is the only one that can do that. Unless there's some part of the Constitution that says they can just sign away authority to anyone they damn well please and further absolve themselves of actually doing anything. If that's the case I want to be in charge of a few things they aren't doing.

    @lane: with the way contracts are written between corporations and customers, I highly doubt an AT&T contract doesn't have a clause saying you can't sue them for any reason. The only way you'd win is a class action suit because AT&T has more money and lawyers than any individual would ever hope to have, and those clauses pollute everything these days and have gotten more and more customer hostile every day. They pretty much write in there that they can shit in your hat and burn your house down and you agree to do nothing. These terms aren't even written at the outset of the contract either, they have clauses that state they can change anything they want without telling you and without you having any way to leave if you aren't happy. They haven't fared well in court mainly because they've never really went to court, but they know you can't do anything compared to their money and legal departments.

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    It's in the contract you sign. If they don't do it, you can sue. When all they have to do is give you a sixteen digit number to type into your phone to avoid a lawsuit, I'm pretty sure they'll pick that option.

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    @WolfOfOne:  the US Constitution grants no such power. So those ruling has no base in law, therefore illegal.

    @lane:  "then I don't think it's unreasonable to have to play by their rules until that period is over."

    The problem is they want you to play by their rules after that period is over. This ruling doesn't differentiate between the two. Just like the carriers paid for it not to.
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    You call AT&T and they'll either provide you with an international SIM or send you a temporary unlocked phone. It's always worked this way since they never wanted you to unlock in the first place.

    @bottleworks said:

    @lane: Wow... "investment in you as a customer" You sound like an AT&T PR rep. Allow me to correct your misinformation. This is to try to force the customer to stay with the carrier. They get the cost of the phone out of you.

    ...yeah, that's exactly what I said. Sorry I didn't feign hyperbolic outrage or use the word "sheeple."

    @testeed21 said:

    what I don't understand is why that matters. You get a subsidised phone in return for signing a 24 month contract. Regardless of what you do with the phone they gave you, as far as I know you are locked in to the 24 month contract, so they are going to get their money even if you unlock the phone and use it on a different carrier

    Because that's how the carriers want it to work. It doesn't make airtight sense, but if they're shaving off 2/3 of the cost of the phone for your signature on the contract then I don't think it's unreasonable to have to play by their rules until that period is over.