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    @kallekilponen: We don't know yet. We're pricing different options for fulfillment on that, but will know before we order the prints.

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    @noisyrobot:  Unfortunately not. If we got Adam to sign the prints, it would increase the cost considerably because of shipping and repackaging.
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    @micks75au:  If you haven't spent your $15 credit, you'll be able to use it to buy one of these. If you have, you'll be able to buy it for $15. The people who are subscribing today don't get the $15 store coupon.
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    @CharleyTony: I like Pocketcasts quite a bit, but it crashes often enough that when I get into the car, I have to launch the app instead of it just starting to play whatever I was listening to last. It also seems to have problems with downloading, but it will stream relatively well, so that isn't that big a deal.

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    @dimwell: We'll have a way for people who are members to either buy the print outright or use the $15 coupon to get it. We're doing the print as a print-to-order, so we won't place the order for prints until the end of the offer, and you'll have a chance to get your order in before we do that. Keep an eye on the site, and we'll likely send out a blast email too.

  • will commented on The Shop is still under maintenance

    We're working on it. We've moved from our old vendor to a new one, where we'll be able to get new designs up faster than before and print much smaller quantities of stuff.

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    123D Design will do DWF to STL, I think. Blender definitely will, but you'll have to make your mesh a surface with material. You can't just print a mesh.

  • will commented on Show and Tell: Favorite Slim Wallet

    @Tashi: I'm never going back to a back pocket again. The front pocket is both safer and more comfortable.

  • will commented on Makerbot working distance too high on thingiverse models.
    @MantaBase:  Are they empty shells? Maybe import them model into a CAD/3D modeling program and carve the mesh out of a cube.
  • will commented on For those of us who are already Tested Premium members?
    @aceman3818:  We'll put them in the shop before we place the final order for prints, so everyone will have a chance to get them. You should even be able to use your $15 coupon on one.
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    @MantaBase: Make sure the print is on the platform in Makerware. Open the move tab and click the buttons that make sure it's level on the platform.

    Are you printing stuff with a flat base? If you aren't, you need support material.

  • will commented on Tested Builds: $540 3D Printer, Part 3

    @GuanoLad: We don't actually make much stuff in the studio off usually. Norm and I do most of our actual building either in Adam's shop or at our houses. The good tools are at our houses, the really good stuff is at Adam's.

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    Welcome to the forums. Norm nabbed the lantern you guys sent in when it arrived, but I was curious what the impetus for the project was?

  • will commented on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes SPOILERCAST - 7/15/2014

    @agnostichef: The Bridge was really hard to watch for me. I'd probably recommend Star Trek 4, if you're only going to watch one movie set in SF.

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    @SLUSHIE: The top and bottom of each leg is the same height and level with both each other and the ground. That's what I meant. The main pieces are the same angle, even though the braces aren't, but that's OK by me. Each leg looks right on its own, which is the only way you'll see it.

  • will commented on How to turn Plastic to Steel

    @sa-maker: Rub and Buff is really good for that. If you buff in a uniform direction with a scotch brite pad, it will look like brushed metal. If you buff with a soft cloth, it will look more polished. You can weather and age it well too.

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    @Rallier: It's still being monitored. We pay someone to check it and help with stuff like this.

  • will commented on Building a Custom Computer Desk, Part 3

    @bottleworks: Of course. I'd never suggest that someone can master something as complex as this in a few hours. My goal was to get to the point that they'd work well enough that I could grind them down. I doubt I'll ever have reason to spend enough time welding that I'd approach anything near mastery. Good enough is good enough for me.

  • will commented on Building a Custom Computer Desk, Part 3

    @ronerickson: @kim_a: @MaxVonWhite: We recorded this before the last episode was up, so I hadn't had the benefit of any of your feedback yet. I went into the shop yesterday and did a bunch of practice welds until I had the machine set right. By the end of last week, I had the feed right, but the voltage was too low. Ron, your tip about pushing the weld was incredibly useful.

    The upshot is that after a few more hours of practice, my welds are still sloppy, but the splattering isn't happening as much and they're filling the gap between the two pieces being welded.