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  • will commented on Premium status for Tested Live VIP tickets?

    @OriginalMe: We should send out a note with instructions for that signup process very shortly. Your six months will start from the time you sign up, not from the date of the show.

  • will commented on Frustrated at lack of HellBoy Print info/Opportunity

    @micks75au: There seems to be some movement again. Sorry for the long delay.

  • will commented on Frustrated at lack of HellBoy Print info/Opportunity

    @crearle: We're definitely averaging more than one premium video a week. With the weeks of build in July (and more, different projects coming up in November or December), we've posted almost 60 videos since we launched the premium memberships last year. There are gaps between the longer series, but that's unavoidable due to the number of people we have on our production team and the availability of people and resources to take on larger projects.

    We have also had several "Presented by Premium Members" videos in the feed since the last Soylent video. The video where Frank made a creepy dismembered hand was one of those, and Norm's arcade cabinet build is also one.

  • will commented on Best TV Makeups - Episode 2 - 10/24/2014

    @Rallier: @lenperalta: Title first is better, if you think about it. It's always better to put the most relevant information at the front of a headline :) If I knew then what I know now, I'd put the title first on This Is Only a Test too.

  • will commented on Adam's Family - 10/21/2014

    @mb: YouTube's clock and our server's clock are slightly off. It should go Public within a minute or three of the post going live.

  • will commented on Show and Tell: Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Adapter

    @obidamnkenobi: Most bluetooth devices sound very very close to wired quality. There are compression artifacts, but most people don't notice them (including me). It sounds like your speaker thing uses a pre-Bluetooth A2DP profile. The Jamboxes and Booms and all those sound really good. We wouldn't recommend them if they didn't.

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @bpwmd17: It's on iTunes now, but you can also use the Subscribe link above to get the RSS feed and manually add it to iTunes.

  • will commented on This Is Only a Programming Note

    @ProfDecoy: It won't, but I think we might be able to make a universal feed for all podcasts, if that's a thing people are interested in.

  • will commented on Text edit bar's styling messed up.

    I passed it on to dev. Thanks for the heads up guys.

  • will commented on Will there be an Octoberkast 2014?

    @General Desire: Extra Life starts on the 25th, so we won't be doing it on the launch day. I'm going to try to do something, but I don't know if it's possible given the other time commitments. We'll revisit the idea of a big charity podcast in the spring.

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    @fr12: You'll need to subscribe to a different one. It's here: http://www.tested.com/podcast-xml/creature-geek/

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @GR$EME: We've submitted it to iTunes, but it usually takes them a few days to put it in the index. In the meantime, you can add the RSS feed manually. http://www.tested.com/podcast-xml/creature-geek/

  • will commented on Mr & Mrs. Smith, Part 4 - TIOAT Episode #275 - 10/9/2014

    @ichthy: He's probably never even tried Milky Way.

  • will commented on Worth Watching: The Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed

    @Rallier: "Can you run out there, just for a minute?" "Oops"

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @Hassun: Len's a great podcast host, a talented artist, and an all around good dude. I'm really excited about this show.

  • will commented on If You Enjoyed The Martian...

    @ClintonHammond: His early books tend to trail off. I don't think it's possible to maintain the pace he sets early on and remain believable.

  • will commented on If You Enjoyed The Martian...

    @YoThatLimp: I really like the James S A Corey books, but I definitely don't think they're for everyone. I thought about including the Jean le Flambeur books by Hannu Rajaniemi, but they're a little hard to figure out, especially if you aren't used to reading things where figuring out the world is a challenge. If you liked Leviathan Wakes, you should check out Neal Asher's Polity books. There are a ton of them, but start with Gridlinked.

  • will commented on Overheating the camera sensor in streaming?

    My mirrorless throws a warning when it is overheating and shuts down, presumably before doing any permanent damage.