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  • will commented on Best TV Makeups - Episode 2 - 10/24/2014

    @Rallier: @lenperalta: Title first is better, if you think about it. It's always better to put the most relevant information at the front of a headline :) If I knew then what I know now, I'd put the title first on This Is Only a Test too.

  • will commented on Adam's Family - 10/21/2014

    @mb: YouTube's clock and our server's clock are slightly off. It should go Public within a minute or three of the post going live.

  • will commented on Show and Tell: Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Adapter

    @obidamnkenobi: Most bluetooth devices sound very very close to wired quality. There are compression artifacts, but most people don't notice them (including me). It sounds like your speaker thing uses a pre-Bluetooth A2DP profile. The Jamboxes and Booms and all those sound really good. We wouldn't recommend them if they didn't.

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @bpwmd17: It's on iTunes now, but you can also use the Subscribe link above to get the RSS feed and manually add it to iTunes.

  • will commented on This Is Only a Programming Note

    @ProfDecoy: It won't, but I think we might be able to make a universal feed for all podcasts, if that's a thing people are interested in.

  • will commented on Text edit bar's styling messed up.

    I passed it on to dev. Thanks for the heads up guys.

  • will commented on Will there be an Octoberkast 2014?

    @General Desire: Extra Life starts on the 25th, so we won't be doing it on the launch day. I'm going to try to do something, but I don't know if it's possible given the other time commitments. We'll revisit the idea of a big charity podcast in the spring.

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    @fr12: You'll need to subscribe to a different one. It's here: http://www.tested.com/podcast-xml/creature-geek/

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @GR$EME: We've submitted it to iTunes, but it usually takes them a few days to put it in the index. In the meantime, you can add the RSS feed manually. http://www.tested.com/podcast-xml/creature-geek/

  • will commented on Mr & Mrs. Smith, Part 4 - TIOAT Episode #275 - 10/9/2014

    @ichthy: He's probably never even tried Milky Way.

  • will commented on Worth Watching: The Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed

    @Rallier: "Can you run out there, just for a minute?" "Oops"

  • will commented on Episode #1 - Pilot

    @Hassun: Len's a great podcast host, a talented artist, and an all around good dude. I'm really excited about this show.

  • will commented on If You Enjoyed The Martian...

    @ClintonHammond: His early books tend to trail off. I don't think it's possible to maintain the pace he sets early on and remain believable.

  • will commented on If You Enjoyed The Martian...

    @YoThatLimp: I really like the James S A Corey books, but I definitely don't think they're for everyone. I thought about including the Jean le Flambeur books by Hannu Rajaniemi, but they're a little hard to figure out, especially if you aren't used to reading things where figuring out the world is a challenge. If you liked Leviathan Wakes, you should check out Neal Asher's Polity books. There are a ton of them, but start with Gridlinked.

  • will commented on Overheating the camera sensor in streaming?

    My mirrorless throws a warning when it is overheating and shuts down, presumably before doing any permanent damage.

  • will commented on Mr & Mrs. Smith, Part 4 - TIOAT Episode #275 - 10/9/2014

    @MiJiTnz: Getting A Bunch of Dads scheduled is like herding cats. Also, Vinny is an empty shell of a man now.

  • will commented on Mr & Mrs. Smith, Part 4 - TIOAT Episode #275 - 10/9/2014

    @ajw0512: No kidding. It's all "GO DO SOMETHING" all the damn time.

  • will commented on Mr & Mrs. Smith, Part 4 - TIOAT Episode #275 - 10/9/2014

    @MiJiTnz: Monthly seems like a not impossible number of these to do.