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  • will commented on The Fletcher Capstan Table Is an Engineering Marvel

    @Dubl*A said:

    @Etaoin Shrdlu: My thoughts exactly...particularly the motorized version.

    Pinchy pinchy!
  • will commented on Dronehunter

    @dstnrhds: My guess is that those are just the LiPo batteries exploding when the shotgun pellets hit them.

  • will commented on Tested In-Depth: Android Wear LG G Watch
    @General Desire:  Fwiw, I just think Smartch sounds hilariously filthy. I think Norm's girlfriend was the first person I heard to use the term.
  • will commented on How to look good in a fedora
    I have always felt like step 1 is "Be Adam Savage". There is no step 2.
  • will commented on Two Voices Down - 7/29/2014

    @Dougilis: We didn't have time to record one once we got to Comic-Con, unfortunately.

  • will commented on Two Voices Down - 7/29/2014
    @antylyz:  It's absolutely incredible work.
  • will commented on Did Norm's Reddit submission of Tested's Comic-Con gallery get removed?

    It was removed because /r/pics now apparently secretly only allow imgur, or 2 ad banners on a page is more than "minimal ads".

    One of Norm's Zoidberg pictures has already made the front page (http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/2byhq4/i_enjoyed_this_photo_from_comiccon/cjajgfn). I wonder how many people will take Norm's pictures from Tested, upload them to imgur and hit the front page?

  • will commented on Tested Builds: Quadcopter Drone, Part 1

    @kungfusnowman: It is always wonderful

  • will commented on If Your Account Was Flagged as Spam, but You Aren't a Spammer Post Here

    @Viktortemp: Sorry about that Viktor, your account is live again.

  • will commented on Adam Savage's Prop Replica Drawings
    @Webca:  we'll have details soon and will send an email to all existing members with the way to order in a few weeks.
  • will commented on Tested Builds: Japanese Papercraft, Part 7
    @Arthur42Dent:  I had a really good time with it. I wish it wasn't as much at one time though. If we do this again, I'd rather do as many 30 minute episodes as we need, rather than some of these 2 hour marathons.
  • will commented on Adam Savage's Prop Replica Drawings

    @jccarlton: We can't get Adam to sign these, unfortunately because he'll be in Australia on the tour and the logistics were just too difficult. Sorry :(

  • will commented on Adam Savage's Prop Replica Drawings

    @Webca: @LarsPB18: We're not printing these posters until after the promotion closes and we've taken orders from pre-existing premium members. Everyone will get the prints at the same time, which should be around a month after the promotion closes.

  • will commented on Premium Only Content Suggestions

    @GenerationJ: There's a straight HTML5 player on the roadmap that should work better with the Chromecast. I don't have an ETA though :(

    @General Desire: That's coming soon. We had to wait for some other stuff before we could run his video.

  • will commented on "Have we posted XYZ yet?" "No" "OK we can't talk about it"

    @General Desire: The core Tested forums really don't get enough post volume to warrant any subfolders/categories. We only retain them because of legacy stuff in the database. My hunch is that most people just use the /forums/ page to keep up with what's changing across all the subforums. The forums are here because we want to have a place for people to talk about off-topic stuff and share their work, but it's tough to justify investing developer time in them beyond the already massive amount of work that goes into spam.

    Also, if you find the text is jammed, make your window a bit wider. You're probably getting the responsive shrink down to the mobile layout.

  • will commented on Tested Goes to Comic-Con 2014!

    @Whitster: That was on preview night, before the show actually opens. it's a living nightmare full of people today, when attendance peaks.

  • will commented on Is the flagging of spam useful, or just stating the obvious?

    @DendriticSpine: Please keep flagging.

  • will commented on What happened to month-to-month subscriptions?

    We aren't sure. The monthly offer was never particularly popular, but we definitely want to have some offer that's shorter than a year, but more than a month (3 months or 6 months maybe). We temporarily killed it during the Comic-Con promo, because we were afraid people would be confused about the poster giveaway.

  • will commented on Adam Savage's Prop Replica Drawings

    @StephenWestervelt: We might in the future, but the logistics of this one didn't work. Adam's leaving for Australia for the tour for a month before we could get the posters to him to sign.