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    @will: And here I imagined a intern frantically trying to finish off a project, the project being a boomerang, when he remembers those wise words of Master Savage "You can feed 2x4's into this and it will just suck them up and turn them into sawdust.".

    He turns to the disc sander and makes light work of the boomerang till right before he's finished Adam walks in carrying a store manikin talking happily to it. The intern turns towards the sound and the boomerang hits the wrong end of the sander flying into the air and whizzing through the workshop.

    Spinning in a deadly arc towards Adam he deftly backhands it with the manikin while giving a one-liner "You WON'T be back!", in the process launching the manikins hand at the mirror where it lies now embedded to this day.

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    @will: Cool.... But if I may...

    The height... Is it not too short for you, or is that by choice?

    10 mile battery life.... And it takes how long to recharge?

    And can we see pics of it in the backpack?


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    @mer: They just pushed the fix that prevents rendering unseen tabs and windows a few weeks ago to beta. It's had a small impact on battery life, but there's clearly something else going on. I use Chrome most of the time when I'm near power, and use Safari when I need battery to last.

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    @will: I'm sorry... its not your fault at all and it has to be a big drain on both your time and life-force.

    Keep up the good work, we do love you guys. :)

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    @KylevT: It's a mystery to us too. I don't think the disc sander could do it though, you guys can't tell, but it's not parallel to the wall, so it would fire it over toward the vacuformer, not at that wall.

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    @kim_a: I can't believe I'm arguing about this, but since July when Rallier quit, I've only seen a few days that people figured out how to post more than a couple of messages per account. I clean them out myself every day and I usually do them all in one fell swoop, but it hasn't been more than 20 pages since January when some stuff changed. Even when the occasional account figures something out, they usually only get between 100-200 posts, so that would be 10 pages of spam for that one account, plus another 10-20 that represent the 150-300 accounts I delete every day. (I keep stats, so I can give management data about the percentage of my life I've wasted on this to date). Occasionally, spam has built up for multiple days because I've been sick, on vacation, or frankly sick of dealing with it.

    Your solution won't work because of stuff that you would have no way to know. I'll explain why after we roll the next wave of anti-spam stuff.

    We're hoping to turn something on that should have a dramatic improvement very soon.

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    @will: I really don't want to beat you guys up over this and I know you guys are probably a lot more annoyed by the situation than the members. And that you can't really do much with the system and resources you have. Still, it has been 100+ pages more recently.

    For a few weeks in december and january there were 100+ pages every other night. Nscafe counted 150 pages+ on a weekday in January and a couple of days later when I checked, there were 15 pages of spam every 20 minutes or so in the morning hours pacific, most coming from single accounts that were making hundreds of threads in an hour or two.

    Some examples:



    I can only restate my suggestions:

    Limit the creation of threads to members with more than five posts.

    Limit the creation of threads to members that have been on the forums for a week after their first post.


    In order for the spammers to flood the forums, they would have to make five posts that don't get flagged for spam, and wait for a week. I suspect they wouldn't.

    From what I've seen, most new members post in the main-page topics rather than the forums. If a new, legitimate member needs to ask a question on the forum, they can search for a relevant discussion or make a few posts and wait for a week.

    Sure, the spammers could begin mass spamming other threads instead, but at least the forums wouldn't appear like a wall of spam at first glance and people would still be able to browse them.

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    Here's the promised link to Raph Koster's blog posts about Star Wars: Galaxies: http://raphkoster.com

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    @kim_a: FWIW, I haven't seen 100+ pages in more than a year. Occasionally, we get an automated spammer that figures our stuff out and we shut them down, but for the most part, it's 5-6 pages, which means a few hundred new accounts a day, each with one post each. The automated accounts don't even get that many posts before they're killed anymore.

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    @Foe: The views on spam are coming mostly from social media spammers. So people get a link on Twitter or Facebook, then click through to a page on our forums. They don't expect actual users of this forum to click the links or fall for the solicitation.

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    @KennyKO: It takes time to implement and wouldn't solve the problem. The pace of the posting and signups is strongly indicative of human involvement. We already have a CAPTCHA on the signup, so adding more captchas will just annoy the people who we actually want to be posting.

    We're rolling more stuff out tomorrow that should hopefully solve a lot of the problem.

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    @will: When I was 14 I traded my copy of Warcraft III for a unicycle. The way I learned was there was a nice chest-high brick wall out front of the townhouse I lived in. I rode back and forth holding onto the wall, the more time I spent, the less I leaned on the wall, from there it was pulling away from the wall for a few feet until it all worked. 14 years and 4 unicycles later I've got this beast... Kind of a messed up looking thing but it's a hell of a lot of fun.


    I've been debating getting a geared hub for it, with that I've talked to people who do about 50km/h (31mph). That being said, the hub itself costs about $2000 last I looked and has a bunch of warnings about risk of death. As a 28 year old with a good engineering job, it strikes me as something that I don't need in my life.

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    @GreasyTayTay: I borrowed one of Adam's unicycles to try while learning how to use the SBU, and I can't really ride anymore. I spent a lot of time wiping out. I'm going to keep practicing though.

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    @DoansCraft: Adam rode one of these on one of the episodes from last year.

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    @agnostichef: grab the seat, and jump off! that's different.

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    @will: Hey man, I created an account in hopes you would see this. I normally visit the site often and watch the videos however I listen to EVERY podcast in my car on the way to work. It's the highlight of my week for sure. But ever since I started listening, I have the same complaints and they haven't gotten better. EVERYTHING about the podcast is amazing but I have some honest audio nitpicks. PLEASE don't take offense, but I can't be the the only one with this issue.

    The nose whistle when you breath man. It's getting to the point where I almost have to stop listening. I know that this most recent podcast you had a cold but this happens nearly all the time. I believe you have a deviated septum and you are probably used to it and it's possible you can't even hear it, but you ONLY breath through your nose, and each time it leaves a very high pitch whistle in the mic. It's killing my ears man.

    Maybe not everyone hears this? I dunno. I listen in my car and it's a stock sound system, but it's got ok highs, mids and a subwoofer but something's gotta change. Either you gotta train yourself to be a mouth breather when you're on mic or you need to see your doc about getting your deviated septum corrected. Or be aware that you're doing it and breathe away from the mic? I don't know but as the host of the show, this is sort of a big deal isn't it?

    It's not only that though, but like for example today, listening to the cough drop roll around in your mouth, you sucking on it, and smacking your mouth each time you talk because it's in your mouth.

    You may not think of this but you are LITERALLY plugged directly into the ears of your listeners. Is there anything you can do about this?

    Lastly, A minor nitpick but still a pet peeve, why is it that all of you guys can't seem to remember to turn off your audible notifications when recording? Every time someone's phone bloops I look to my phone thinking it's me. Sure it doesn't happen a ton but at least a couple times every other podcast.

    Again man, I know this sounds like I'm being a total A-HOLE but I flippin love the podcast and want to keep listening. I just wish you guys could be a little more professional on the recording and micing.

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    @Malicee: Those seem a bit expensive. He said he found them on ebay for a hundred bucks each, or thereabouts.

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    @kim_a: @TsunamiJuan: @kungfusnowman: @splinecl: It should be fixed. We pushed an update out on Friday that resulted in the wrong certificate going to our load balancer. It was not malicious action, but an error on our end. Sorry for the hassle guys.

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    It looks like it was an error on our part, not malicious action. I'll post more details when I get them.