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    @heroTop: It will go up in individual pieces over the next week.

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    @ebeatty: That video will be up in a few weeks.

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    Thanks VacFink. That's very kind :)

    Actually, I'm doing TIOAT next week. We got kind of busy this week :(

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    @xeek: The fine print on the offer said the posters would be delivered within 8 weeks of the end of the promo period, which was originally scheduled to run to August 31. We extended it once to September 30, then decided to let it run indefinitely. Poster production began at the start of October and took a little time, but they're shipping in the order people signed up now.

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    @cmoss55: Send an email to support@tested.com and they'll help you out.

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    @will: No problem, Sir. I actually can't take credit for that insight. I believe I found out about by watching the AMC movie talk on YouTube. I'm a big fan and listen to your podcasts whenever you post them. Keep up the good work!

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    @ocrlucky: It will be recorded for everyone to watch. And we have enough people that we shouldn't have the same sound problems we had last year.

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    @dezer: This. I was trying to explain this in the podcast and whiffed.

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    @Awglasgo: My mind is blown.

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    @will: The plot thickens http://controversialtimes.com/news/ahmeds-sister-admits-she-was-suspended-for-alleged-bomb-threat-3-years-ago/?utm_source=GSL

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    @will: I agree that it could of been handle in a better way, and as @GlobalCop said the school wasn't evacuated because they knew it wasn't a real bomb. Now the handcuffs and room with no adult should not of happened I agree. Yet still this could of been avoided if he would of listened to the first teacher.

    By the way Ahmed dropped out of that school today, and the parents haven't decided on were he will go next. They should do what my wife are going to do and home school. Maybe.

    Anyway great topics and vids. Keep it up

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    @will said:

    Is this 45 minutes restriction on questioning a part of law or is this your opinion? What do you think the correct procedures would have been if it was an actual, intentional bomb hoax (i.e. someone bringing something that looked like a bomb in order to scare folks and cause a disturbance)? Even Bill Mahr, liberal lion that he is, has admitted that people thought it was a bomb because it looked like what most people think a bomb looks like. Why did the alarm go off in the middle of class (after Ahmed was told to keep his "invention" out of sight)? Perhaps it was an innocent mistake, but it's the type of question to which, were I a police officer, I would be curious to hear the answer.

    Perhaps the answer isn't binary. Perhaps the police procedures require them to follow specific protocol when dealing with a potential bomb regardless of whether or not the police quickly realize it's not a real bomb. A few months ago, someone freaked out here in D.C. in building 197 (the one that got shot up 2 years ago), and even though there were no casualties, no one else reported any gunfire, and no video footage showed any shooters we had to evacuate the building and every single room was searched (and locked doors kicked in which you taxpayers paid to replace . . . again). Innocent employees were accosted in their cubicles by SWAT team members holding guns aimed at their faces and yelled at to produce ID cards. Was it painfully obvious that it was a false alarm? It sure was to me. Did that change police/SWAT team procedures? Not one bit.

    And none of us got invited to the White House. Somehow we founded it within ourselves to go on with our lives.

    If you feel there is no disturbance to public safety or good order for kids to raise fake bomb alerts, I suggest you watch someone try it at the Smithsonian museum or on the D.C. Metro and see how it goes. If you think it's easy to get the simple truth out of a 14 year old boy, I suggest you need to expand your experience with 14 year old boys. If you think police officers have an easy job or don't have to struggle, constantly, with what the right call is in the face of public safety, bureaucratic policy, personal safety, and public perception - I suggest you open your mind a bit.

    As an aside, I would say that the folks pointing out that this was not an actual "invention" as the press has been calling it are justified. Does it directly bear on the reactions of the police? No. But it changes the idea, that many (including y'all) have been championing, that this is some sort of boy prodigy who has been passionately inventing machines in his garage. So, contra your opinion, not complete wankery.

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    @lilrayray11: This aligns with how I feel. Given the zero-tolerance policies, I think the teacher's reaction, while uninformed, was defensible. With a questionable object he or she moved it up the chain.

    The cops' behavior, as reported, is not. If they felt it was a bomb, they should have evacuated the school and called the bomb squad immediately. If they felt it wasn't a bomb, they should have contacted the child's parents. The only circumstances that it's appropriate to question a child for 45 minutes without a parent or lawyer present is if they feel there's an immediate threat to people's safety, which they clearly did not based on their behavior.

    All the nonsense about whether the child invented the clock or whatever is wankery over semantics that is not germane to the real issue. The police department's treatment of this child is bananas.

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    @will: True enough. I am glad we don't need bang paths anymore! :-)

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    @Kallisti: Bitnet was a thing too. Separate email protocols, but behaved similarly to UUCP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BITNET

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    @will: Do you need moderators? I'd be happy to help out.

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    @will: $1.2 Million?? For what is essentially a fixer-upper? Yikes!

    That's within the city of San Francisco, right? Surely the home prices are lower the further out that you go; like down in Pacifica where you live?

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    I succeeded at inventing the crocheted klein bottle you suggested a year ago. Missed you at PAX this year, I really enjoyed the Tested meetup in Seattle last year.

    I haven't figured out yet where to go hang out with makers. It's fun to show off my stuff to friends and people at work, but that meetup showed me that it's really inspiring to chat with people who love making stuff.

    Klein bottle from the side.

    Klein bottle from the bottom.

    Crocheted gyroid (mathematical figure is somebody else's invention, crochet pattern is my design).

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    $1.2 for a 4000 sq ft lot with a 1200 sq ft house on it. 3 BR 2BA. Needs a new kitchen, new bathrooms and a complete electrical rewiring.

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    @Metanurb: http://notthatwillsmith.com/

  • will commented on Episode 317 - The Big News Week - 9/10/2015

    @Pater1: http://notthatwillsmith.com

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    @MarcinPrzybys: Try the post without links. You're getting spam filtered, even though the spam filter is supposed to bypass premium members.

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    @riftmaster: That answers my question. I haven't been able to confirm it though.