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    @will:  Sorry, but I find this somewhat unfair. I signed up as a Premium member last year and have yet to see any of the promised perks (other than incredibly great content of course!). I think I "just missed" the premium for the mecha-hand poster when I signed up and now I'm somehow missing this one. Unless I re-up early.
    Cheers, Tim
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    I don't know if this is a bug or me just inept, but I am a Premium member and I haven't been getting any form of E-mails from tested. I checked, and yes, my e-mail address is correct in my profile. I checked and they aren't going into my spam folder either.

  • jfroehlich mentioned you in No Paypal

    me, too.

    A payment method beside credit cards would be really useful.

  • will commented on My account has been "flagged"

    You should be good to go now. You probably got flagged because your username follows the same pattern of a ton of spammers. If you still have problems, shoot an email to support@tested.com

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    @thegalli: Oh man, I did.

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    @will: Awesome, good to hear it's being worked on! Like I say, I didn't want it too seem out of line or anything, but as a new member it stood out immediately. As a previous forum staff member I understand the battle with spam and constant moderation. Anyway best of luck with the prevention and I look forward to using this forum more.

  • will commented on Heavy spam in forums

    @Jam3s: We're aware of the problem, but what pops up where you guys can see is just the tip of the iceberg. We get thousands of attempts to post spam on the forums every night, and filter the vast majority of it automatically. The 18 or so posts that make it through are relatively minor and easily dealt with by a staff member in the morning PDT. Most of our dev time right now is being spent on the automatic filtering, but we will add some stuff that lets users remove obvious bad actors when we have time to work on it.

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    @will: Ok, I'm feeling pretty stoopud here. I've been loving the podcasts for about 6 months now, and I heard about the poster there and thought, hey I might like to be a premium subscriber, but or maybe BUT, I can't find the link to actually subscribe.

    There's the link in the profile that tells me what my subscriptions are, but where is the one to actually subscribe?

    I already have a framed print of the Studley Toolchest http://www.finewoodworking.com/woodworking-plans/article/the-ho-studley-tool-chest.aspx and I Hope Adam's toolbox would be interesting as well.

    So can you lay out the subscription process for me please?

  • will commented on Adam Savage's modelmaking toolbox poster

    @ninjaChopstick: If you upgrade to annual during the window, using the option on your profile, you'll get the poster. Monthly members don't get the bonuses. They're a perk for people who commit to a whole year membership.

  • will commented on Membership/tool box

    They are not signed.

  • will commented on Episode 306 - Tested Takes On E3 - 6/18/2015

    If your audio drops prematurely, just delete this episode and download it again. Sorry for the hassle folks.

  • will commented on Episode 306 - Tested Takes On E3 - 6/18/2015

    @Foe: I'm updating it right now. Thanks for the heads up.

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    @will: Thanks for clearing this up. That's why I came here.

    I'm set to auto renew on July 14, so hopefully I'll be GTG. Thanks!

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    @will: I appreciate you offering the poster to existing members! :)

  • ronerickson mentioned you in Join Us at 'Cinephile', Our Comic-Con 2015 Party!

    @will: @MantaBase:

    I checked the profile page and saw 'Next Invoice Date: July 28, 2015' so I figured there would be no action necessary to pay for my next year of membership, but I'll keep my eye out for instructions in case that changes!

  • will commented on Join Us at 'Cinephile', Our Comic-Con 2015 Party!

    @MantaBase: We'll have a way for existing members to add to their subscriptions to get the poster next month.

  • will commented on Adam Savage's modelmaking toolbox poster

    If you renew automatically between June 1 and July 31, you'll get the poster. If you don't renew automatically during that window, we'll have a way for you to add a year to your existing membership sometime in July. We're updating our payment backend, which isn't particularly flexible, and it's taking a bit longer than expected. We're going to make sure that everyone who wants a poster will be able to sign up.

  • will commented on Premium Early Renewal to Get Adam's Toolbox Poster

    @DarkAxi0m: We'll have something in July. We aren't going to screw you guys on this :)