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    I ended up with a used Miele S7580. Found it at my closest vacuum dealer for $250, significantly cheaper than new. The guy said the prior owner found it too heavy. He threw in a new turbo brush for free. They didn't sell Miele anymore so who would come asking for one. It's pretty nice. We only have carpet in the rooms, so don't get to use it that much.

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    Got my New Citizen AT4010-50E in the other day. The lightness is rather odd compared to my big CK watch. I'm not too much of a fan for metal bands on account of them liking to shave arms, but I'll manage. The only problem I've run into is that my valet for all my pocket stuff is on my desk. Right near the monitors and the pc tower. Not compatible with the atomic radio timing. I had to put it far away from everything near the door to my room, on top of my original Game Boy. The lume is pretty awesome, it was still legible this morning when I woke up. The alarm on it isn't something that'll wake anybody up, but good for reminders while you're awake.

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    @stenchlord Turned out pretty good. I found some sites through the watchuseek forums selling Paneri homages. The one I like has the power reserve meter near the four o'clock position, but they didn't have sapphire crystals for that specific one. I won't really buy watches without sapphire after an incident years ago with a fossil I had. It had a domed mineral crystal and I sliced it right across a light pole walking down the street. Based off of earlier discussions, I'm guessing those Omegas are 'inspired'. What kind of crystals are on them, how long does the power reserve seem?

    Check out A Blog to Watch/Read. They have a lot of watch reviews on YouTube, some of them are even under $1k

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    @stenchlord I went and tried on the AT4010 and was blown away by how light it was. It will definitely be a future purchase.

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    I've started looking at the Citizen AT4008-01E and AT4010-50E

    Citizen AT4008-01E
    Citizen AT4010-50E

    The blue lume on the 4010 is pretty awesome. Both have atomic clock checks every morning, easy time zone settings, sapphire crystals. $150 price difference between the two, with the 4010 being a lighter titanium. No batteries to change AND I don't have to set the time/day/date? I'm not much a fan of hair pulling metal bands, though.

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    I've got:

    • i7-3770
    • Diamond 7870
    • 16GB DDR3-2133
    • 500 watt PSU of some sort
    • Bunches of storage drives
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    I'd say you could probably find a decent 256gb ssd for around $200 usd and maybe a 2tb drive for about the same price as the 1tb that's listed

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    I filled it out. Problem is, I pretty much only watch content from Giant Bomb, Tested, and a small selection of dudes on YouTube playing video games. The last couple times I turned on my cable box were: watching Game of Thrones season 1 right before the bluray came out, the last presidential debate, election night, looking at the super bowl for a few minutes, and Game of Thrones season 2 right before the bluray came out. My limited viewing habits give me the (flawed) perception that most TV shows are low quality. I only pay for cable because everyone else in the house watches it.

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    When you were checking ram, did you try individual sticks in the slots. I.E. one stick total. I'm guessing the RMA'd board is gone and you're on a new one. Try resetting the settings in the bios or clearing the cmos with the jumper if it doesn't post. These type of situations is why I prefer buying boards with built in video to remove the gpu from the equation.

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    I mainly use my iPad 2 in landscape. Mainly so I can read stuff. Everything is too small in portrait.
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    I went from an old Antec P180 to the Cooler Master Cosmos II. I went from no wire management to maybe an inch of space behind the motherboard tray for wires. The Cosmos is very easy to work inside of. There are LEDs for the fan speed, power, and hdd lights, but those can be covered with the sliding … cover. The only light visible otherwise is from my network card, but I can't see it. The case had to be locate in my closet because it was too wide to fit where my old case was.
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    You can also manage your 365 licenses through the office site and revoke licenses on the fly. Useful when using someone else's computer. Revoke one, use it for the machine you're at, revoke that when done. The software will be in read only mode without a license. This was discussed on the most recent Windows Weekly podcast I believe. This is only for the consumer version. I think the business one is ~$149 per user, with 5 licenses for each user. lucky for me, I can get it through work for $9.95 (Edit: For the single
    license, full version). My buddy who works at Best Buy also has the offer. Ask around to see if you can get it through somebody.
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    I wonder if they could do the iOS/iTunes style system restore. Here's a 10-20gb system backup to shove on your storage drive. I wonder how much space windows uses on my pc's ssd, since it has that refresh feature. Having the image on the device probably would come in handy if you are on the road and need to restore, but I agree that a USB key would probably have been the best route. Until everyone loses that key.
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    Living in Vegas, there are few paid parking areas. Fremont Street and the court house are the two that I can think of. That said, I never go to either if I can help it, or if work is going to pay for it. I've been to a handful of downtown areas across the U.S. and they all had metered spaces. My thinking, I'm not going to pay for parking in order to spend money at your business.
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    @stenchlord: Built out with 2 SSDs, 3 HDDs, a dual slot gpu, DVD drive, and wireless card, my Cosmos II weighs in at 69.5 lbs (31.5 kg). It was too wide to fit between my bed and desk. So I drilled a 2" hole through the side of my desk and routed the wires into my closet. Getting that thing in and out to swap parts is a pain. Very difficult to move around, but easy to work in.
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    I also use/used the Livestrong app. It's a little buggy on windows phone, but shows a progress bar for calories if you pin it. I was using it to gain weight, went from 125 lbs to 146 in about two months (Making sure I was eating enough, which was my problem) Then unemployment hit with my job shutting down. I'm back to the low 130s but hopefully can get back and on towards my 185 goal.
    I also use calendars for work times/locations. Very helpful when I go to two different/new work sites every week. TripIt was super useful when I traveled for work. I had times and locations for flights, car rentals, and hotels in a subscribed calendar on the phone/tablet. I used Numbers to track my hours until I got a lumia. I made an excel sheet to track hours, but … the phone will only open it read-only. Pretty useless. I can only edit hours when I get home. I'm not traveling so that's as bad as it could be.
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    @bwmcmaste I'm pretty sure most peoples desks are usually covered in misc crap. They just put everything on the floor behind the camera for the shot.

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    @rcath Sorry for the venom, I've read too many comments asking about things that are stated in articles.

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    @rcath Read the article. Couldnt get to the fourth sentence?
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    Looks pretty beefy. I have the 3770k, but I got it through my buddy's work channel for about a hundred. My 3450 had slight trouble with physx in borderlands 2, not this beast. @Toxeia is probably right about not needing the K. I never have, and don't plan to, overclock my processor. I do agree about the ram. Though, If I hadn't gotten 16gb at 2133mhz it would have been 32gb at 1600 as they were similarly priced. Having used it for a while, I usually see about 3-4gb used. With a 690, it looks like you're going for excess, by all means. I bought the damn Cosmos II case. That's probably the epitome of excess case-wise. 69.5 lbs barely loaded with 1 DVD-Rom, 3 HDDs, 2 SSDs, PSU, and one 7870. There's soo much room in that case it makes me laugh/cackle. If you're not looking for savings and want crazy, you won't be satisfied with settling. Well, I wouldn't.