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  • Vetterli commented on Premium: Norm Test Rides the Tesla Model X

    Holy crap... that looked like a jump to hyperspeed.

  • Vetterli commented on It's Time For Something New

    I'm sad to hear this, but I'm excited about what the future will bring you.

    Rock on, Will! :)

  • Vetterli commented on Alan Adler, Inventor of the AeroPress and Aerobie

    @johndeere97 said:


    Is the aeropress sold in stores or just online?

    You can buy it pretty much in any coffee shop

  • Vetterli commented on Tested at ChefSteps: Making Aerated Granny Smith Sorbet

    These Chefsteps videos have been amazing. Hoping to see more :)

  • Vetterli commented on Tested Tours the ChefSteps Kitchen Laboratory!

    @Copperchef said:

    Tested brought me to sous vide cooking and the sansaire which led me to chefsteps to learn more about cooking. And now chefsteps is on tested. Circle of life. I heartily support this.

    Same here! :)

    Can't wait to see more videos from Chefsteps. Also, that coffee butter that he quickly mentioned in the video sounds fucking awesome.

  • Vetterli commented on SCAA 2015: Pour-Over Brewering with Manual Coffeemaker Nº1

    Beauitful design!

  • Vetterli commented on Rick Baker's Men in Black Puppets and Animatronics

    Oh man, the demonic faces from The Devil's Advocate used to scare the living crap out of me when I was a kid. I'd buy those in a jiffy!

  • Vetterli commented on Testing: Duet Display for iPad and Mac OS

    The only problem I've run into using this app is that if I already have an external monitor hooked up and want to use my iPad as a third screen the display on the iPad gets all glitchy and messed up to look at. But other than that, it's a great app!

  • Vetterli commented on SCAA 2015: La Colombe's 'The Dragon' Coffee Brewer

    I need this in my life!

  • Vetterli commented on One Day Builds: Adam Savage's Star Trek Captain's Chair

    Holy crap, this is amazing!
    I have all the original Star Trek sound effects and ambiences in my sound library, so if that chair is every in need of some new effects, please let me know ; )

  • Vetterli commented on Putting Together Ghostbusters' Special Effects

    God, I love Ghosbusters.

  • Vetterli commented on Making Butter Burgers at America's Test Kitchen!

    I'm definitely gonna try this!

  • Vetterli commented on Tested Tours America's Test Kitchen!

    Awesome! :)
    Looking forward to the next video!

  • Vetterli commented on Episode 298 - Celebrate Good Times - 4/23/2015

    To the listener who asked about food recommendations in SF... (I hope he sees this)

    I visited SF a couple of weeks ago and it is by far one of the coolest cities I've ever been to. Here are a couple of things I would recommend:

    - Una Pizza Napoletana -
    One of the best pizzas I've ever had. It was pretty expensive but definitely worth it. Just check the video on the site and you'll see what it's all about :)

    - Go to The Ferry Building because there are a bunch of restaurant and take-out places and all the things I had there was excellent so you should without a doubt be able to find some great food there.

    - Little Skillet -
    We went to this place based on Norm's recommendation and it was excellent. My girlfriend had the waffles and I had an omelette.

    - Dottie's True Blue Café -
    We went here by mistake thinking it was a coffee shop - I think we got it mixed up with Blue Bottle Coffee. We had just been to Little Skillet, walked past Dottie's True Blue Café and thought we would grab a cup of coffee. So we stood in line for 30 minutes and then we got inside and were showed to our table we found out that it was an actual restaurant. We felt bad telling them that we thought it was a coffee shop, so we felt obliged to order something - and I'm glad we did. The muffins are insanely huge and one of the best I've ever had and the chili cheddar cornbread with jalapeño jelly was excellent!

    - If you're into coffee you should check out Blue Bottle Coffee, Gasoline Alley Coffee, Ritual Coffee, Four Barrel Coffee, and Sight Glass. All of these places were awesome!

    - By the way, if you're a fan of Star Wars you should go to the Lucasfilm Ltd in the Presidio where there's a really cool 1:1 statue of Yoda. We went there on a Tuesday and the park guard told us that the lobby was open so we could go inside and have a look at some awesome props from the movies.

  • Vetterli commented on Testing the Apple Watch: How it Works

    @GBA said:

    It's not related to the watch but I really like the slow camera panning!

    I was just about to say that :)

  • Vetterli commented on Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!!

    @Ayelmar said:

    @Vetterli: Anakin isn't "gone," he's become one with the Force and is now still around as a blue glowie.... ;-)

    Hehe, right!

  • Vetterli commented on Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!!

    ...waaait a second... I take back some of what I said before. Luke says, "My father HAS it..." so it must from Jedi, right?

  • Vetterli commented on Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!!

    @KBABZ said:

    @ryanimates: I don't think it is, personally. It doesn't have that old feel of VOs from decades past, and feels more like it was recorded just for the trailer. It's also worth noting that "You have that power too" was at the start of the sentence in Jedi, rather than at the end in this Awakens trailer.

    I'd have to go back and re-watch the scene in Jedi where Luke tells Leia that she's his sister in order to be sure if it was actually taken directly from Jedi. But what I do know is that it isn't a VO recorded from the trailer, because there's a tiny bit of noise/room tone in the recording which could mean that it's from a scene from the new film (and therefore a reference to Jedi) or that it in fact was sampled from Jedi.
    I think it sounds a bit different from how I remember it sounding in Jedi, but this trailer is quite compressed (audio-wise) so it could simply be that...


  • Vetterli commented on Testing: Zoom Q8 HD Camera for Podcasting

    @sciencequiche said:

    How do you think it will function at a live event or setting with more ambient noise?

    My guess is that if you use the onboard XY stereo mics and make sure to adjust them to point at the souce you want to record you'll get surprisingly good results. I have a Sony PCM-D50 handheld recorder that I use for foley and field recordings for movies and I was blown away at how easy it is and how well it works to simply adjust the XY mics in order to record things in noisy or windy settings. Of course, the mics will have to be pretty close to the source, but it's still really impressive. Also, it looks like the steel cage around the onboard mics allows you to put a mic windscreen over the mics.

    To begin with I thought the mics were stationary at the back of the camera, but after seeing the photos in a larger format it looks like you're able to flip the microphone section up over the camera to get the onboard mics to point in the direction of what you're pointing the camera at.

  • Vetterli commented on Vote for Tested in This Year's Webby Awards!

    @Cacar: That's just silly...

  • Vetterli commented on Vote for Tested in This Year's Webby Awards!

    Looks like you guys are in the lead :)

  • Vetterli commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 1

    @Outrager said:

    I also prefer tea over coffee and really like my Zojirushi travel mug.

    For the people looking to buy a Zojirushi travel mug make sure you read the warning from the Wirecutter/Sweethome.

    After the latest update to this guide was published we were contacted by a reader who was concerned about the fact that the latest iteration of theZojirushi Stainless Muguses a non-stick flourine coating, which is contradictory to what we were told by Zojirushi on several occasions while researching the guide. Those who prefer a mug without that kind of coating should opt for our runner-up,the older model of the Zojirushi Stainless.

    Ey, thanks for that! Gonna order the older model tonight then :)
    Thanks again!

  • Vetterli commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 1

    It's about time I switch out my crappy Starbucks coffee mug. The lid flies off if you look at and my coffee is room temperature about 40 minutes. I'm gonna go order a Zojirushi mug straight away.
    This is the one @willsmith has, right?

  • Vetterli commented on The Special Effects Creatures at Monsterpalooza 2015

    Those are super awesome! Great video, guys :)

  • Vetterli commented on Jamie Hyneman's 'Arborist' Quadcopter Test

    @Dubl*A said:

    Jamie really excels at making things which look terrifying.

    Haha, yeah, totally. I love watching his deadly inventions in action

  • Saturncanuck mentioned you in Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Model Making for Movies

    @Vetterli: I have this "Action Fleet" Y-Wing too. As a collector of these, I would like to know what other three (as he did four) he sculpted as well.

    Yes, I know this is two years old but I just found the site. Take pity on a pour Canadian...

  • youngpaddy1 mentioned you in Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

    @Vetterli: cheers, I was going to do more but I haven't had the time.

  • OrigamiMarie mentioned you in Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

    @Vetterli: "I will not set off cherry bombs in the shop" -- it's a chunk of the blackboard from the Mythbusters Simpsons episode, when they did the blackboard gag. There's a quick shot of Adam doing his punishment, Al Jean in overalls sweeping up cherry bombs, and Jamie looking, as usual (and correctly), like he owns the place. This is of course before they relocate to the bomb range.

  • tmee mentioned you in CES 2015: Hands-On with Tobii Eye Tracking

    @Vetterli: like a blink-to-click type situation? that would be cool, and sounds like it could be pretty accurate.

  • tmee mentioned you in CES 2015: Hands-On with Tobii Eye Tracking

    @Vetterli: like a blink to click type situation? that would be cool, and sounds like it could be pretty accurate.

  • will mentioned you in Thanksgiving! - 11/25/2014

    @Vetterli: No. Adam's on tour now, and by the time he's back, it will be pretty old.

  • Sharpshooter mentioned you in Adam Savage's Ghostbusters Costume

    @Vetterli said:

    @DJFARTH said:

    This is my Ghostbusters Proton pack, PKE Meter and ghost trap from when I was a kid, So glad I kept hold of them.

    MAN! I had that as well. Wish I had kept it :(

    Hot damn I'm getting some powerful childhood flashbacks right now.

  • simian mentioned you in Jibo Puts a Friendly Face on Home Robotics

    @Vetterli: I imagine it's something like this:

  • Nscafe mentioned you in Tested Presents Incognito, a Celebration of Cosplay at Comic-Con!

    @Vetterli said:

    @Rallier said:

    You guys should put that incognito logo thing on t-shirts.

    I'd buy it!

    Ditto (or at least put credit towards it).

    @Hiluxtaco said:

    For those of us that can't be there, it wold be really nice if you guys could film this. Or even just a small part of it.. 😉

    Yes please.

  • Dubl*A mentioned you in Episode 258 - Mr & Mrs Smith, Part 2 - 5/22/2014

    @Vetterli: That's what I was thinking. I think she manages her microphone proximity very well.

  • Falcon mentioned you in Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 3

    Christ, I want this so bad. Fanboy crap aside, this actually seems really useful to me. I'm in school, so when I go to class I'm carrying my tablet or laptop, at least one large notebook if not two, this last term I needed a physical textbook for one class because it was newly published, and then calculators, pencils, etc random school shit. Being able to condense down the heaviest stuff I carry into one thing is EXTREMELY enticing.

    I also came to the same conclusion as Norm; the middle spec'ed core i5 plus a type cover is the way to go. That's a fuck ton of money to be spending, regardless of me being a student. But I don't think they're overpriced. I paid close to $1000 (on sale) for my Thinkpad T420, and it's twice the size and doesn't have nearly as nice of a screen.

    As Panos said, this definitely seems like the product they've been building up to when Surface was first introduced. I just wish I was actually in need of a new computer at the moment.

    @Vetterli: That was only the first iteration. Within the last year Surface was only a minor loss (like $30M I think?), so it's bound to be profitable within the next year or two.

    @norman Could we get this thrown into the forum please?

  • Butters mentioned you in Show and Tell: Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

    @Vetterli: I saw that, but I was actually hoping to get a vacuum sealer at some point to also use for packaging things for my freezer.

  • Skunkabilly mentioned you in A Landmark Episode of This Is Only a Test - 3/27/2014

    @Vetterli Thank you! You have made my day ^_^

  • JoeyF mentioned you in Inside Adam Savage's Tour Bus

    @Vetterli @RichardNixon Ha, good eye! I've been working a bit with the good crew down in the BermanBraun south offices who have been more than happy to help out on shoots when I'm unavailable (production, and post). They have lots of fun equipment down there; I think it's nice to get a different look every now and then.

  • Hiluxtaco mentioned you in Adam Savage Explores a Military Surplus Store

    @Vetterli said:

    This video should have been 10 times longer :)

    I think everyone wishes that it ran longer...

  • GeekVariety mentioned you in Valve's Steam Machines: What We Know So Far

    @Vetterli: "Forced" ?, forced might not be the best way to describe it, you made a choice, and it wasn't a bad one per say, but still a choice :D

    I threw off the yoke of a the 360 a few years ago, I bought the slim, or well traded in my last red ringed original version (27 altogether over the life of the console from beginning to end) when it died and the warranty covered it being replaced. The slim was good but I just never used it and I started gaming on pc again because it was so much cheaper and there was nothing on the console I felt compelled to get that I couldn't get cheaper on a pc. Plus pc games just looked so much prettier :D

    Nothing wrong with the 360 or wanting the new STEAM gaming rigs, I think its neat that they are doing this for sure and I hope it works out and brings more people into the pc platform when they see the graphical and performance upgrade that having a pc offers. But either platform is fine really but for me having everything in one box makes more sense so having a console and a pc just seems like too much stuff and Im rambling now cuz I havent eaten anything tonight and my blood sugar is low haha.

  • dashman mentioned you in Tested Test Drives the Smart ForTwo Electric Car

    @Vetterli: yes, im sure it looked like parallel parking to me!!

    maybe everyone dose it differently.... :-/

  • kim_a mentioned you in Tested Test Drives the Smart ForTwo Electric Car

    @Vetterli: I think he meant that they didn't try parking by simply backing into the space, so that your car faces the street, like Will mentioned in the start of the video.

  • MaxVonWhite mentioned you in The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews David Chang

    @Vetterli said:

    Uuuuuh! Interesting! I've only just started watching this video, but do you think this would work as a podcast as well? :)

    I second that. Seeing that both Still untitled and This is only a test are distributed that way, this should be a no-brainer.

  • metanoia507 mentioned you in The Best $150 Over-Ear Headphones

    @Vetterli: My roommate has those. They're too tight for my head, so I ended up getting the Sennheiser HD448 for about the same price. Another good option in anyone wants ~100 dollar headphones.