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    At 2:10 he presses the button and it shift around. A bit odd, I'd be interested to hear about the build quality especially given the low price

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    @Slowhanded: Do you think when Windows 10 free upgrade comes out, this will allow for a clean install as coming direct from Microsoft?

    That would be a beautiful kick in the nuts for all those manufacturers

    Yep. In fact, you could do it right now. The win 10 beta is pretty stable.
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    This may seem like a dumb question but how do you do a clean install of windows? I can reinstall windows but it's the original manufacturer's state. Which wouldn't help in a case like this where the manufacturer hid the malware themselves

    The simplest way is to buy a CD at your local electronics B&M, but I'm assuming you probably don't want to shell out a benjamin for something manufacturers should be doing. Use this guide. Changing the recovery partition is a complex job, but it's a bit easier using (unfortunately proprietary) tools like Recimg. You can totally do it yourself, but it's beyond the scope of this textbox

    Hopefully news like this will start pushing manufacturers for clean window installs. It's preposterous they keep doing this, especially when Windows themselves are having relatively large success with their Surface Pros.

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    @thatlad: The reason to upgrade is longer support for your device.

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    @thatlad: i guess you will need win10 to use dx12, so if you are a gamer the upgrade is a must to get the latest.

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    @thatlad: Apple? I'm not blown away by Win10, either, but the last few versions of OS X haven't been much more than incremental improvements.

    It's free. I'll upgrade.

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    @thatlad: Yeah, it rotates slowly, but don't forget that the scale of this thing is really, really big, so (1) the velocity is higher than you might think at the edge and (2) that total spinning mass represents a huge amount of angular momentum... so presumably you don't need a high rotation rate to cut a part effectively (since the cutting action won't slow the part's rotation noticeably).

    I'm not actually a lathe guy (can you tell), and so I'm just guessing here. But I think it makes sense that a lathe of this size wouldn't ever (?) need to spin quickly.

    So, extending that same logic in the other direction, I guess a super-tiny "micro lathe" would have to spin really quickly in order to cut effectively. That would make sense, from a kinetic energy point of view.

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    @thatlad: BINGO!

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    @AtomicEdge: can you tell me a bit more about your setup please? Have you got a PC hooked up to your TV?

    So my setup is such:

    1 x Mac Mini running plex media server accessing video files from...

    1 x IcyBox 2 disk external hard drive with 2 x 2TB drives with mirroring connected to my airport extreme router.

    My Mac Mini is hooked up to my router using a Belkin powerline adapter, the Chromecast is (obviously) connected using Wifi.

    I have a Chromecast in my lounge and AppleTV in my bedroom. I use either my iPhone or Nexus 7 to cast to the Chromecast, but need to use the iPhone to AirPlay in the bedroom (I think I might just get another Chromecast!).

    I actually have a friend who access my videos and streams them online. He gets HD quality video with a few seconds buffering. The 2011 Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM does a surprisingly good job of Transcoding!

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    That being said no one on any platform has made a great podcast player solution. Nor is there a good twitter app on android.

    Podcasts: Pocket Casts

    Twitter: Twidere.

    Far and away the best podcast and Twitter applications I have used on Android, your last sentence is really untrue, Falcon Pro is another great Twitter client. I don't miss Tweetbot at all as an ex-iPad owner.

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    You're right, although it's not quite as simple as "rip it out and put it in as a virtual machine."

    The hard drive itself won't work as a VM drive. You'll have to reinstall XP and all the applications he needs in a fresh virtual machine. If he bought the old machine from a manufacturer like Dell instead of building it himself, he'll probably have to buy another XP license since their OEM licenses are usually locked to the BIOS of the machine.

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    Get the Nexus, I got an S3 it's great and turned me into a pro-android guy. However, Samsung can lean back and open wide while I shit down their throats, I'm still on android 4.1.2 and that was released over a year ago. It's inexcusable given there's security concern of not having an upto date phone. Pisses me off

    Nexus all the way

    I just ended up rooting my S3 and I am happily on 4.3, lightning fast and great battery life. My Nexus 7 (2013) doesn't feel any faster than it after side by side comparisons.

    The Verge sounded pathetically biased on their preview of the Nexus 5, I do not believe for a second it was laggy, especially when my S3 doesn't lag. I'd go for either a Nexus or a Google Edition S4/HTC One given the choice, my next phone will probably just be a Nexus 6 or a Note 4.

    A Moto X is also worth looking at, don't be put off by the 720P screen because frankly there's really not that much in it on devices of that size. My S3 screen is still razor sharp despite 1280x720 and a somewhat older variation of AMOLED.

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    @RavenSword: That's kinda been the feeling throughout the thread. @thatlad might be referring to updates on Android VS iOS. Seems like Apple only rolls out updates to their apps with the release of iOS updates where as Google typically rolls out updates a couple times a year.

    Jokingly I looked this up, but this may be the solution you need Ravensword.

    iDroid is a project which hopes to port Android to iPhone devices. Combine this with dual-boot (Achieved on the Galaxy S4) and maybe you'll be happy with a single device. Until then, curse you.

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    @RavenSword: yes but the point I'm making is you come across as someone who wants everything without sacrifices. With ios you may get future innovations but it may take an unreasonable amount of time, if you go with ios be prepared to see innovations or better experiences on android first. You need to consider if you can handle that.

    You might need to elaborate a bit. Innovations such as what? Samsungs eye tracking? Waving my hand to pan the home screen? Those are all terrible gimmicks that don't work.

    The only thing I can see as possible innovations is the moto X's notification system and touches control. But even those could be seen as gimmicks.

    I'm not defending anything, I'm just curious what you mean?

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    For someone who is looking or the best of everything you're going to be disappointed as ios over the past few years is getting starved of features. From wifi hotspot, turn by turn navigation to the whole maps mess, things aren't as 'polished' at apple anymore. They are willing to turn out a inferior product to meet a sales quota.
    This is the same as any other company.

    You need to figure out what you want before making this purchase and be prepared to accept sacrifices.

    One thing I will point out, you keep mentioning battery life....get a phone with removable battery if it means that much to you. As even a phone with excellent battery life now, may have difficulty keeping a charge over the 2 years. You can't predict that so think ahead.

    Hasn't the iPhone done hots potting and doesn't Google maps iOS app do turn by turn?

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    @thatlad: apparently the S3 suffers from a bad disk sector. you have to use a dummy file generator and fill the drive up completely to fix the issue.

    also if anyone is looking for a new android you might want to wait for the new nexus which should be coming in the next few months.

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    @thatlad: @RavenSword: I just don't experience these hitches and things you guys see, unless it's an extremely experimental ROM (like on my Kindle). But the stuff you're running into thatlad, with music starting in the background without your input or your S3 acting extremely sluggish... I don't know where that's coming from. These are things that if it were on a PC I'd recommend you get some anti-virus or malware cleaner.

    Maybe for the hell of it, grab Sophos' security suite (Google Play link) and do a scan? Also, Battery Stats Plus (Google Play link) will list apps that use the most battery. If you've got apps eating up CPU cycles it should show up on there too.

    By the way, I'd recommend that Sophos app to anyone with an Android phone. Not just for scanning apks you're installing from, but it also does call and SMS blocking, gives you a way to trace your phone via GPS, and for the common user it gives guidelines on optimizing your phone's battery life and performance.

    Finally, thank you for the compliment thatlad. I'm glad someone appreciates me =p

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    @thatlad: I'd also love to see that show.

    Adam obviously had some ambition of doing television/movies earlier in his life, given that he studied to be an actor at NYU and briefly worked as an actor in his teens. Jamie had been on television before with Battlebots and Robot Wars, which led to him interacting with Beyond Productions on 'Beyond 2000' which led to them contacting him about doing the Mythbusters pilots.

    Adam and Jamie are now producers of Mythbusters, they did the Unchained Reaction show, got involved with Tested etc. so it definitely seems as if they have ambitions of future work in media. Adam has mentioned wanting to do another show once he's no longer doing Mytbusters... and I'd love to hear how they enjoyed doing Unchained Reaction, given that it was hardly a major hit.

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    @thatlad: Looking at the link that JoMate provided, was the bit about you having remote access to all your files the concern?

    Turns out by default you can access the entirety of your computer through admin shares that are there by default. They show up with a $ in front of the drive or folder name, like $C or $Desktop. I know that ES File Explorer supports this feature. I use it all the time to play videos on my phone over my wifi network.

    That being the case, I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you've got lots of storage from referrals and jazz on Drop Box though - go with that and everything else I said was pointless.

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    @thatlad: I recently started using it since I got a free 25GB with my new phone and it has not bothered me at all. I just sync one folder and leave my phone off my pc so it wont be syncing for every silly vid or pic I take. But then again google drive is excellent too and there you get 15gb instead of just 2 maybe just look for some comparisons like this: (haven't read it but looks ok)

    @Toxeia said:

    Sure, it took over a week straight to upload my music to their servers, but I never had to pause it so I could do other things.

    Jeebers do you own all the music in the world or is your nets just that bad? 5000 songs took me like 4 hours.

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    @thatlad: @MaxVonWhite: He answered this question in his vimeo comments:

    Ruben van der Vleuten
    Actually it didn't take more than 24 hours since it was a domestic parcel. I tried international as well which took about 3 days. But unfortunately the battery died before reaching its destination.

    Also he has more details at his website:

    Looking at the inside of that box I can't even imagine the trouble he would have gotten himself into if someone had seen wires or something coming out of that box...