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    Great video, I ended up down the rabbit hole on their site. I was curious about the professional equipment and I can't get my head around the spreading wings http://www.dji.com/product/spreading-wings-s1000

    How have they made something so bare bones? Where's the battery? I have to know, get these guys back in this is amazing

    Edit: figured where the battery is by watching this video on youtube. Worth watching I get why @norman is so enthusiastic now


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    Still having problems with this. Anyone else?
  • thatlad commented on A Landmark Episode of This Is Only a Test - 3/27/2014

    The whole bit where Gary talked about screenwriting was really interesting. A round table with Lindelof, Gary, Vince Gilligan, Neil Druckmann & Adam would be really cool. Not going to happen but yeah, that would be cool.

  • thatlad commented on A Landmark Episode of This Is Only a Test - 3/27/2014

    Great episode

    Like @norman I'm also a windows/android/ios guy (S3 & Ipad2), cross platform is barely an issue for me.

    The only apple apps I tend to use nowadays are facetime (for the parents but I've moved them over to hangouts recently) & find my friends. The only apple app that is actually better than others out there is imessaage, the way it syncs across devices and switches between SMS/Data is brilliant. Yet, the ubiquitous nature of whatsapp negates that in my circle of friends. Google apps and dropbox solve a lot of my cross platform difficulties.

    Anyway my point was to explain my podcast solution. I use doggcatcher on my S3 and that's it, there's little need to use any other app as my phone is always with me and can stay in my pocket as I move across a room or place to place. It does the auto-download/auto delete options do what I need and the widget is fine.

    That being said no one on any platform has made a great podcast player solution. Nor is there a good twitter app on android.

    I wish tweetbot makers would work on an android version and then make a podcast app.

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    4.3 on samsung s3 (unrooted)

    Which devices have you got kitkat on?

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    Windows 8 is faster, case closed. No point getting a fast powerful rig and putting a slower OS on it.

    UI issues can be worked around

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    The only Microsoft service I use on my ipad and android phone is skydrive/onedrive. Every single other app is terrible, particularly the hotmail/outlook one (they reskinned the hotmail one as outlook).

    It's just terrible, awful.

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    Hi all

    I've got a 1TB hard drive spare and want to put it good use. Has anyone ever used a hard drive enclosure to turn the hard drive into an external drive?

    Just wondering what your experiences are

  • thatlad commented on The External Storage Primer: Flash Drive vs HD vs NAS

    Came across this article while searching for something else. Highly recommend a NAS.

    I've got a very cheap and simple one setup at home, it's wonderful. Small simple box that I've got photos, music & films stored on. All my devices: LG Smart TV, ipad, android phone, PS3, laptop work seamlessly with it (well the ipad needs VLC, bloody apple). I can access it away from home if I need to.

    I ended up getting one for my brother in law (uses a couple of computers & ps3) and one for my father in law's business setup.

    For those interested it was only £50:


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    Usually ads for god awful bullshit games, clash of clans clones and anything else I wouldn't touch with a shitty bargepole
  • thatlad commented on IOS Ads divert to app store

    Has anyone noticed recently how when using a browser, some websites have ads that trigger an automatic divert to the app store?

    I've noticed it on a variety of sites, including reputable sites such as the independent. Very strange, I'm thinking it must be a javascript thing, just hoping apple can fix it.

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    Let me know how you feel about widgets in a month. Aside from google now, they've fell out of use for me. Aside from podcast player buttons.
    Would be interested to hear your thoughts

    Twitter client is a pretty big gap in the market
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    I've been toying with the same decision for many months now, I've got the 32gb ipad2.

    Pros: the nexus would be much more practical for my commute, i'm having a very good experience of android at the moment (phone) it's a very mature OS, the open nature of android works very well with my LG TV/Windows laptop/NAS drive etc whereas Apple not so much, much better screen, seems like it can take a beating better than the ipad

    Cons: no lovefilm app on android, no good twitter clients (at least not on tweetbot level), screen size is much better for reading comics & watching films,

    Overall I made the decision based on two things, lack of lovefilm & I really don't need it. The ipad is still going strong doing a great job, the ios7 problems only seem to affect Chrome (which crashes a lot!) but everything else seems fine.

    My advice, think if you really need it. If you can get the nexus for only £11 and don't have a ios specific need then get involved.

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    Thank you for the help, will let you know how it pans out

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    Thanks for the help gents, seems a tad more complicated than I thought. Can you point me in the direction of any good guides to setting up virtual machines?

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    My brother just built a new PC but he still needs to occasionally use the old PC with xp due to legacy programs. I've said rather than having two towers, why not rip the old hard drive out and put it in the new tower as a virtual machine. Saving space

    Am I right or am I talking out my rear?

  • thatlad commented on CES 2014 Impressions: Sony's Head-Tracking HMD Prototype

    This is the type of product that has me worried for VR, rushed weak products that cause fragmentation and low confidence in a growing industry.

    For example, the rush of cheap shitty tablets or phones onto the android marketplace gave many people bad reactions to android for years. It took some really hard work by google including the nexus program to get it to be a competitor. The fragmentation still hurt its.

    Same goes for BluRay HD-DVD that held innovation up because people were too busy fucking around over a standard instead of agreeing an open standard and getting on with new things.

    Conversely look at the success of good standards such as USB or HDMI these have let companies get on with the important stuff. Making more good products