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  • thatlad commented on The Best Android Smartphone for Your Network (February 2015)

    I've had the Sony Z3 for a few weeks now. Screen is wonderful and the battery life is astonishing

  • thatlad commented on In Brief: Lenovo-Installed Superfish Malware Breaks Secure Websites

    @Slowhanded: Do you think when Windows 10 free upgrade comes out, this will allow for a clean install as coming direct from Microsoft?

    That would be a beautiful kick in the nuts for all those manufacturers

  • thatlad commented on In Brief: Lenovo-Installed Superfish Malware Breaks Secure Websites

    This may seem like a dumb question but how do you do a clean install of windows? I can reinstall windows but it's the original manufacturer's state. Which wouldn't help in a case like this where the manufacturer hid the malware themselves

  • thatlad commented on Request for Feedback: Spam, possible solutions, and a bit about you

    I don't know if this is technically feasible but could you make it so users could only post after viewing a number of videos?

    That may help identify real people from bots

  • thatlad commented on Microsoft Unveils More Windows 10 Details

    I know this is 'free' but I'm still not seeing a lot of reasons to upgrade. The project spartan has nothing to tell me it's better than chrome. I don't see the need for another voice-recognition program, ok google does fine for me and it integrates with google now which is a major USP for MS to overcome.

    Universal apps, holograms.....blah blah zzzzzzzzzz

    I was really hoping for something more interesting. After seeing so many Apple OS launches you'd think MS would have learned something.

    I'm probably going to stick with windows 7 unless I'm convinced the pricing isn't going to push me towards a subscription model. If it's subscription by stealth, I'll just stick with Win7. It services my needs.

  • thatlad commented on Testing: Google Nexus 6 Smartphone
    im torn on this phone. Currently using a 4s Because my S3 died on me on September. Really want to get back on android but I vowed for two years after dealing with Samsung bullshit I wouldn't do anything but nexus.

    Thing that is holding me back is size and price. I don't want a phablet and that price puts it in competition with flagships.
    Toying with the Z3 and Moto X considerations there are battery life and software updates. The z3 from a hardware perspective is the far better option, waterproof better camera and most importantly battery life. But the moto x has the software updates although not the battery life
    Im torn
  • thatlad commented on Episode 271 - Apple Logo Name - 9/11/2014

    Quite a frustrating podcast to listen to because Jeremy @jerware has been drinking the coolaid. The part about memory size was ridiculous, Will hit the nail on the head I've had to spend hours fixing my parent's and sister's iphones because they'd ran out of space for pictures and videos. Notwithstanding the fact apps are bigger, a game can be over a 1gb at times. no point having a phone if you can only have a few apps on it. As for streaming, apps like Google music, Pandora etc need a cache

    I do agree 4k is pointless though. So what if YouTube can take it? The bit rate is poor and the displays aren't out there. 4k is a tech for 5 years in the future, this phone is for 2 years

    As for physical design, I think the camera nubbin is a strange design decision for Apple. And having the sleep/wake button on the side is a nightmare. Every since I got an S3 that thing goes off all the time, I never had that problem with an iPhone.

    Final point. Android or Apple, I don't care about crazy features or higher numbers. The only thing I want to see improve is battery life. These things weigh barely anything, give me a heavier phone with twice the battery life.

  • thatlad commented on Manually Rewinding a Massive Motor

    That lathe is something else, surprised a how slow it moves

  • thatlad commented on Android Auto vs. iOS CarPlay: How Your Car Will Get Smarter

    I don't see myself wanting this, it's 'solving' a problem that barely exists. In fact voice control while better, is still awful and a touchscreen while driving is a terrible idea. Physical buttons are better.

    The one thing I want in my car is a Google maps HUD, overlaying road directions on the windscreen. That's the future I want, no need to look around, just look ahead and the road I need to take is in red or some other colour.

  • thatlad commented on Twitter android app?

    I think Norm said he uses Twitter official app. Twidere,Plume & Falcon are often mentioned I've tried but currently use twitter.

    shame no tweetbot

  • thatlad commented on A question about Android Launchers

    Touchwiz is the launcher but also the UI such as settings menus notification bars

  • thatlad commented on How To Shop for a New 2014 Android Phone

    Don't get a samsung. Fuck samsung. Cunts

  • thatlad commented on Android "Anti Virus" Apps

    I have sophos installed, it's free and unobtrusive. Saw some test scores recently that showed it did very well

    Main thing with android is don't allow install from unknown sources and if you root be very cautious

  • thatlad commented on Replacement chargers. Am I just too cheap?

    This one looks interesting, has anyone used it?


  • thatlad commented on E3 2014 Observations

    Best comment I've heard was describing the gameplay demo of The Division as "shit christmas simulator"


  • thatlad commented on What are your favorite podcasts?

    Giantbomb, Comicvine & Tested have been regular for years. Lately I've been heavily into the steve austin show, haven't been into wrestling for a long time but his show is fascinating. He's great at interviewing and gets really interesting guests

  • thatlad commented on Are MKV files better than MP4 files

    I used to use a Ps3 but found it to be a tremendous hassle. It doesn't play mkv and I had to change files into mp4. Cinavia pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for using the ps3

    My solution at the moment is my smartTV,connected to the network my NAS is on it plays both mkv & mp4 no problem. Not that I suggest you buy a new TV, but maybe get a cheap media streamer that plays any file format. Cheap ones tend to have the open formats mentioned above.

    Anyway to answer your question, I personally have not seen any difference in quality. Except a little image tearing but that is possibly where I ripped a DVD to mkv to mp4

  • thatlad commented on Chromecast today?

    @AtomicEdge: can you tell me a bit more about your setup please? Have you got a PC hooked up to your TV?

  • thatlad commented on Google+ Photo Management

    I use the backup feature but never really use the albums, I just sift through them. Google does a pretty good job of organising my pictures, so never saw the need.

    Are you using an app or the desktop website?

  • thatlad commented on No active mods?

    The forums are worthwhile, I trust your opinions and there's never any bellends causing trouble.

    I agree they are quiet though, is that indicative of the traffic on the site? Just wondering out loud are people going to YouTube instead of the site? And is that less profitable for the team?