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    @thabigred: If your going with an intel chipset still like moving from the 920 socket 1156 to a socket 1150 or even to socket 2011, you will not be required to reinstall your os. The baseline of the chipsets is backwards compatible enough to get you into the OS, so that you can install the new devices. Which should allow things to function fine if you choose to go that route.

    It often works when going to a amd install as well. However going from something with the older era of intel GMA graphics like on atoms, or even from a amd APU based system will often not allow you to do this. It will usually bomb during boot even into safemode.

    On the SSD note, for reformatting. Never do a low level format, or the standard format option on a SSD. You want to do a quick format. Which basically establishes the size of the drive, and partition type.

    If you go the reinstall route, its easiest to choose custom for install, Then Delete your old parition and either let it make the new partitions for you or add the partitions in yourself. Since about windows 2000 or so the default format procedure used is quick format.

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    @thabigred said:

    SimCity 5 wastes so much space. You need to learn the exact square size for non-utility blocks or else the middle section goes unused. Game generated more housing sizes in SC4 which filled in gaps. You could also shove parks in the middle. You can't in this one.

    It's all because you jerks wanted curvy roads.

    (I really like the interface and overall aesthetic of the game, this just really rustled my jimmies).

    I hope this gets brought up in the developer forums or something. Seems like it could be addressed in a patch.

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    @thabigred: Some of the artists who designed original props own the copyrights, some of these are very willing to share details (these days some even share 3d models).

    However, some of them also make their own replicas of the props, and no one can deny them the right to pursue anyone who makes a confusingly similar or derivative replica (recastings obviously being the worst offence in the latter category) as it clearly diminishes their ability to make a living from their work.

    Some of them are nice about asking people to stop, some of them are assholes about it and pursue people who make a single replica for their own collection, but they are 100% in the right every time. Same goes for companies holding Ip rights who choose to pursue those who they feel are taking advantage of their IP.

    The hobby only exists because most makers operate so that the benefits of the community interest outweigh the potential losses for IP holders.

    When it comes to someone selling a replica of a prop to which they do NOT own the copyright, they don't really have any legal rights to stop the recasting of their work. That doesn't mean they shouldn't do their best to make the community aware that the recastings are second-generation and being sold by a recaster.

    You say that such a thing is devaluing the hobby, I would say its the exact opposite. If people thought that their hard work would inevitably be taken and recasted, and that as a result they would be less likely to recoup their investment of time and materials through a run in the RPF Junkyard, I am fairly sure far less people would be involved at that level of the hobby.

    Most of the people selling castings are the people Adam are describing, who have spent months if not years researching and iterating a prop, to where their version can be said to be as accurate as is possible in a kit. People who recast and then undercut such efforts are what is detrimental to the hobby. It has been repeatedly shown on the RPF that recasters are driving high-level artists to only provide castings of their work for themselves, friends and private trades, with the greater community loosing out on the opportunity because some asshole had to try to make a few bucks off of someone else's work, skill and dedication.

    You'll find very few people on the RPF who wouldn't share their process and insights freely and want as many people as possible involved in the hobby. Most people who try to be secretive about the process or techniques are quickly shunned, because that is what the community is for. That doesn't mean anyone is expecting, or should expect, that the community members should allow their actual work to be taken advantage of.

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    @thabigred:  also, on the Teavana tea it gives you the steep times/temps which is very helpful.
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    @thabigred: Ha, Awesome! I was kind of just linking it as a "pics or it didn't happen", since it's already funded. But I'll take every backer I can get! Glad you like it!

    @Greg818: Yeah, I come back to the idea every year or so since I graduation. Frankly, a Bachelors of Fine Arts doesn't leave you too prepared for business. But my time with startups, freelancing, and my current job in marketing? I might dig into it late this year/early next.

    It's tricky, because I don't want to give up my current job, and designing/printing/fulfillment is something I'd have to squeeze in my free time. Also, the margins on this little experiment? SUPER slim. I'd have to find a way to make it worthwhile.

    @Rallier: I know! It's awesome. I haven't even spread flyers around town yet (people here vote primarily democratic, and eat up local projects like candy). I kind of expected to barely eke by, but now I might have to actually find a decent pint-glass solution.

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    @thabigred said:

    @PillClinton: I would be doing programming, photoshop and gaming on the laptop.

    Well, if it was me, I would go with the 4GB ram and better CPU as it will be much easier to upgrade the RAM down the road than to upgrade the CPU (Which might not be possible if it's soldered onto the board). it will give the laptop a bit longer lifespan by starting out with the best CPU you can get for your budget.

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    @thabigred: I think so, yes and yes. The 8GB RAM upgrade definitely, and I don't think you're planning on doing any HD video editing or big file encoding on that laptop, right? So the i5 should be fine. No quad-core, but I think it has hyperthreading, so if you ever run anything that takes advantage of that, you'll have 4 processing threads at least.

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    @thabigred: That 7670M will be much faster than the processor graphics in the Ivy Bridge CPU for gaming. HD4000, the integrated GPU in the Ivy Bridge processor is a nice step up for Intel but is still handily beaten by NVIDIA and AMD discrete graphics cards. If you want to have decent gaming, you'll need a discrete/dedicated GPU.

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    @thabigred: Actually, you'd only benefit from build quality in the T series. Since that Edge you're looking at it all decked out you'll never have to worry about upgrading. I missed that you were looking to play some games on your new laptop. The higher end CPU in the Edge will probably help with that.

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    @thabigred: And I never noticed the Samurai-touches... brilliant!

  • Falcon mentioned you in Can I do better than this for the price?

    @thabigred: No, there are only 14 and 15 inch T series Thinkpads. I have last year's 14 inch model with a 1600x900 resolution and it runs just fine.

  • PillClinton mentioned you in Can I do better than this for the price?

    @thabigred: That's a surprising amount of power for the price, and for moderate gaming on integrated graphics, that CPU isn't bad (it actually has HD 4000 graphics I believe), but really, if you want to play modern 3D games on a laptop, with the exception of maybe Diablo III, you should really look for something with a discrete GPU with at the very least 256MB of VRAM.

    /long sentence

  • oakwind mentioned you in "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind." —Albert Einstein


    Honestly I think you're trolling.


    Some scientist think god exists, therefore god.

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    @thabigred: 8bit mmo is an odd one, Lane suggested it and i thought it was neatish enough plus free to play but i understand why someone would not be sold on it.


    So after spending way to much time looking at it yesterday:

    So it looks like peope are not all the happy about Greenlight, keep in mind when i say people i mean steam users who frequent those forums.

    The main complaint seems to be that it is hard to see the good stuff, there is not real filtering option and games keep switching order in pages for some reason

    There is a ton of incredibly poor stuff, and i mean piss poor. Good for the people who made them for giving it a shot and following what i assume is their passion but they are just wasting everyone's time.

    There were a ton of fake joke games at the start although the moderation team seems to have deleted most of them.

    There is no initial screening if the game is real or verification that you are actually the developer of the game. Half life 3 for example although i have to admit that made me chuckle.

    The forums are NOT moderated, wonder whose brilliant idea that was... People kept requesting AAA games to be put on Greenlight in the forums despite it being said in the About section that that was not what Greenlight is for and that they should contact the devs (this was not moderated and the forums were flooded).

    You can either like or dislike something, some people would like to see a "meh" rating.

    Another complaint about the ratings on a dev side is that you can simply downvote something without giving feedback. I do not really see that as that big of an issue because every game has its own comment section.

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    @thabigred said:

    All I know is my highschool had an average of two computers per student and we were the highest scoring public highschool in the state of Florida. The rest of the highschool near us that didn't have this advantage all scored very poorly.

    he isn't talking about scores (what does mean?)

    he is asking to look at education differently. but it takes caring teachers, otherwise we go back to as score system which is a way to keep teachers in line more than help children learn.

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    @thabigred: Gotta agree. I'm not even looking for a camera but it sold me on the GoPro being what I'd want.

  • gpbmike mentioned you in Sony Goes After GoPro with Its Action Cam

    @thabigred: Agreed. GoPro went the Red Bull route and sponsored the hell out of everything.

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    @thabigred said:

    If we only allowed experts to jury cases, then those experts would push forward their agenda, whether on a conscious level or subconsciously due to their own life experience. This jury came to a perfectly reasonable position that follows the letter of the law, to expect any more from them is impractical.


  • Conmused mentioned you in samsung vs apple over. Samsung loses owing around 1 billion to apple

    @thabigred: well, given that the trial revealed emails that basically said "make it look more like the iphone", that's a risk they were willing to take. Also, I'm aware of the viao, but did sony sue over it and lose? In google, I can find the product you're talking about, but not the litigation? Or is this like how a lot of the ultrabooks all look like the macbook air, and both parties just kind of move on?

    Also, the zune developed alongside the iPod. At the time, that design was basically just lists of text, not the square icons-design we know today, which is the metro I'm talking about. So, no. Not a farce.

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    @thabigred: As I said in a previous posting, the average person is not capable of understanding any of this technical information or how and why its important. You downplay experience and expertise as bad things. They are what should be sought in such a case in deciding such a convoluted and messy situation. The way you want it and how it came to be in the end with the verdict was that the jury decided to go with their feelings and subjective thoughts instead of realizing how dumb and far reaching their decision will be to the rest of the world and how it will hamper everyone and drive of prices. Not to mention they just destroyed and potential hope for Google and Android devices to ever be a serious threat to Apple in the tablet realm once Apple sinks its royalty fees into them. A well-educated and far thinking panel would have realized that giving Apple all the rights and keys to the kingdom of the future was dangerous and a foolish notion.