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  • thabigred commented on Installing windows over an SSD with data already on it...

    Okay thanks for the information. I definetly going to reinstall windows. It's about time I upgraded to windows 8.

  • thabigred commented on Installing windows over an SSD with data already on it...

    Hey tested, long time no see. I used to come here for help so I thought I'd stop by here again.

    My CPU(i7-920 Bloomfield I bought in 2009) died. My ram is also been close to dying for a long time. So I'm replacing my motherboard, CPU and ram which will require a re-instillation of windows. I want to salvage the other components which I've tested and are still good. Will I need to remove my SSD I'm planning to salvage from my old computer and wipe it somehow before installing windows or can I just format over the SSD when I install windows?

    I've never had a catastrophic failure like this so I've always been able to do that before doing a new instillation of windows.

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    Considering organ tissue can be where some of the most concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and essential amino acids are in meats, I don't really have an issue with this.

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    I hope this just pushes more Apple app developers who have stuck to Apple to going multiplatform. Not trying to be snarky but this news clearly pissed off a bunch of developers and hopefully some will jump ship.

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    Nice post Wes.

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    Well this was wonderful. lol

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    Thanks guys. Google App Roundup was what I was looking for.

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    Generally speaking I remember Tested posting a lot of articles in the past about diamonds in the ruff on Android & iOS in terms of games. I tried searching for such things in the search bar, and can't get any posts to come up. I just got the Galaxy S4 Active & would like to know what to get. The only two I've bought so far are Pinball Arcade & Hero of Many. I love both of those games but would love to read about more games that have probably fallen off the store lists by now that are awesome.

    Anyone know of a tag in search that would allow me to see those? If not could you guys recommend some.

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  • thabigred commented on Play Tested: Agricola for iOS

    This game sounds cool but I have to ask something unrelated. Is there a way to search tested for posts about android games specifically? I just got the Galaxy S4 & I would like to know about the diamonds in the ruff. I got Hero of Many & Pinball Arcade so far, both remarkable.

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    Rest in peace big fella. Thanks for all the good times. :salute:

  • thabigred commented on The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews David Chang

    I fucking love David Chang. This is so awesome.

  • thabigred commented on How Google Plans to Cut YouTube Video Loading Delays

    I guess making videos play faster might make up for the fact that ad block has stopped working 100% of the time on youtube.

  • thabigred commented on Slow Motion Firing of an AK-47 Underwater

    I hypothesised before the video that the bolt would travel in water for exactly the reason it did. Water is heavy!

  • thabigred commented on Cooking Perfect Omelettes with Adam Savage (and Traci Des Jardins!)

    As someone who was a cook for 2 years & mostly cooked breakfast, but does not do that anymore this was delightful. I had no formal training and it was just sort of a sink or swim situation. It's funny how I started off cooking omelets like Adam and gradually transitioned to Traci style just because I wanted to save ingredients. Didn't even know this was a formal way to make a french omelette, I just knew I could save on ingredients & come out with a better tasting egg at the end. If I used less ingredients in the omelette that meant I could do less preparation for the day which was great.

  • thabigred commented on Shop Safety - 2/26/2013

    This was a quality conversation as always.

  • thabigred commented on Sony's PlayStation 4 Announcement: Only the Interesting Stuff

    Yeah I have no interest in this device but hearing that it's x-86 gave me a sigh of relief. All this means to me is that there will be a good amount of PC ports of PS4 games in the future.

    That said the thing I was most interested in coming out of this presser was that Capcom tech demo of their new engine and Watch_Dogs gameplay trailer. Both those things were far more interesting to me than the rest of this presser.