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  • sw0rdfish commented on How is Chrome on iOS compared to safari

    Chrome runs ok.... no problems for me.

    I like how everything syncs.

    It's free though, so download it and try it for yourself.

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    You won't get anything out of it that you can't get other ways ( IE gmail, microsoft or whatever can't sync your data ).

    What you do get, is you get to use a Mac.

    I don't know much about Maya and Unity, but any OS change would mean you'd have to get used to a new software.

    If you want a Mac, get a mac.... those things work themselves out ( assuming the software you need to use to work runs on a Mac ).

    I wouldn't buy it JUST to be in the same ecosystem, it's a nice bonus, but nothign you can't do other ways,

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    Put the voltage to 1.70, didn't help. Blue screened the next day. Been running at 1.75 for a couple of days now.

    *crosses fingers*

    Maybe I'll run memtest again with the voltage up and see what happens.

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    The game is interesting, but the way they just drop you in the middle of it and tell you literally nothing completely turned me off.

    I play lots of games, and lots of MMOs, I don't need my hand held, but this is ridiculous. No one has time to communicate with you and help because they're too busy not getting shot... so you have to have a friend that knows the game already.

    It was pretty frustrating. I know this isn't what this thread was for, but I figured I'd hijack it a bit.

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    @SLUSHIE said:

    Is all the RAM the same?

    Try under clocking (or normal if overclocking) your RAM and see if the same thing happens.

    Other option would be to try all different RAM and see what the deal is.

    In My current PC I have 2 sets of RAM. Everything about them is the same (timing, voltage, MHz) except their size. When they are run at what they are rated for however, they just don't play nice with each other.

    yeah same RAM. One I linked... bought a 4 pack of 4GB sticks.

    I dug out my old RAM, I'm going to try putting them back in, they are 4x2GBs on whatever crap Dell put in there. See if the errors persist.

    I'll start with the under clocking or the voltage bump and see if the tests pass that way. Thanks guys.

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    @Bloody_El said:

    Yeah I would do what slushie says and underclock your memory to start (or add a little voltage)

    I know Will says he would have RAM issues if all RAM slots are populated, which you are as well.

    Also, get some compressed air and clean the RAM slots. Maybe there is some furry in the ram slot and the connection is poor (causing RAM issues).

    Hope I've helped.

    I'll try the clock speed thing, though I've never really messed with this, I'm sure I can figure it out. Seems like both Will and you agree about the voltage thing, maybe I'll try that ( again, something I need to explore ). I generally don't mess with this stuff much with office PCs.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    @will said:

    When you populate all the RAM slots, you sometimes need to crank up the voltage a bit. That can shorten the life of your RAM, which is why I recommend only populating half the slots.

    So are you saying I need to turn up the voltage? I don't mind killing the RAM early, next time I'll buy 2 x 8GB instead.

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  • sw0rdfish commented on High Level Help Needed. MemTest BSoDs

    OK. So let me start by saying I'm an IT professional. In this case, it's my home machine, and I've exhausted all the "obvious" trouble shooting options and I've hit a weird snag.

    So I started by getting this BSoD about a week or two ago.


    After updating windows, updating drivers, updating everything I could find, the problem went away for a bout a week, then I woke up to a BSoD again.

    So I decided to try MemTest. After running for about an hour, I got my first error...

    Ran for about 6 hours and the following is what I was left with:


    So then what I did was took out two of the pieces or RAM ( left slot 0 and 2 in ) and ran it for about an hour... nothing...

    put one of the pieces I took out in slot 1, took out the other two, ran for an hour... nothing

    put last piece in slot 3, took out the other one ran for an hour.... nothing.

    At this point I figured maybe they just weren't seated right... put the 4 back, was getting ready to let it run over night, but by the time I got ready for bed, I had an error. Address was very close to the address in the original picture...

    So I was like.. ok... 2 pieces running over night... Took two out, let it run for about 7 hours... nothing.

    So then during the day today, I took the other two pieces only, and let it run for 8 hours... nothing.

    I have NO idea what the next step is. I'm going to assume that I can use this till it BSoDs again, but unless some miracle happens, it SEEMS like there is either a problem with one of the pieces of RAM, or one of the memory slots. But Memtest seems to only find errors if I use them all at once.

    Any advice, or diagnostic tricks you can recommended?

    I have an Alienware R4, with an OZ SSD and 16GBs of aftermarket RAM ( http://www.corsair.com/memory-by-product-family/vengeance/vengeance-low-profile-16gb-dual-channel-ddr3-memory-kit-cml16gx3m4a1600c9.html )

    Thanks in advance.

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    something definitely doesn't seem right... do you have a spare HDD that you could pop windows onto and see if it continues to act that way on a fresh install?

    Or another computer to pop the video card into?

    It doesn't sound like you're putting that much of a strain on the hardware, I don't see why it would be giving you problems. Are you using any sort of conversion cables or anything?

  • sw0rdfish commented on Trying to decide if I need a PC, Laptop, or just a tablet.

    You probably don't have to go that high, but if you want to play current and future games, I'd say you need at least $1,200 and the ability to put it all together yourself. If you buy a pre-built one from like dell or something, you're looking around $1400.

    If that's not in your range, you'd be better off getting a tablet to be your consumption device that is yours, and sharing the computer with your mom till you can get enough money to buy a PC that can do everything you want it to do.

    Also take my advice, save up... then buy... don't use credit to get a PC you don't need for school or work... it's a terrible road to head down. /PreachyPreacherson

  • sw0rdfish commented on first time PC Build - please check my build

    1- You;ll be pushing it on power if you add a second card, but what I've found is in a year, if you want to up[grade, buy a new more powerful card, and sell the old one. SLI/.Crossfire works fine, but in reality, the 760 or whatever the next line is would be easier to manage, and marginally worse than a pair of 660s

    2 - Check the specs and check for Audio settings. I'd check for you, but you know... feed a man/teach a man to fish

    3- you should have no problem running games you want to run. In terms of what I would change, assuming budget isn't an option, I'd get an i7 instead of an i5 and I would put 2x8GB of RAM instead of 2x4GB. Of course if your budget keeps you where you are, I think you're doing a good job.

    Where to install OS, SSD... put EVERYTHING ( application wise) you can on the SSD, even games you're playing on a regular basis. Store documents videos and music on the HDD. The general argument people make about not putting software on the SSD is that there are a finite amount of read/writes on an SSD drive, and it'll eventually fail. However, if you install a game on your HDD then you're not gonna get any speed benefits while you play that game, the only speed benefits you'll get is booting your computer... so really, what are you paying for? Just replace the SSD when it dies it'll be a couple of years at least... at that point, buy a new one for whatever the cheaper price is then and enjoy the ZOOOOOOOM for now.

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    @CannonGoose said:

    I've tried other more light weight video players but they give me the same results. I'm using the latest Google Chrome and have 8GB of RAM.

    Edit: If I try the default Windows Media Player with transparency turned on then the desktop and chrome lags HARD.

    Might be a silly question, but have you updated your video drivers? The GTX560 should not be giving you any issues like this.

  • sw0rdfish commented on Trying to decide if I need a PC, Laptop, or just a tablet.

    @RavenSword said:

    @gpbmike said:

    If that's all you really want to do and you can't keep your PC clean, I'd go with a chromebook or something cheap like that.

    Part of me wants something that can eventualy do games, though.

    Then your only choice is a PC.

    Do what @Evelgest suggested and format the computer you share with your mom. Clean it all out, install one of the free Anti-Virus out there, and use that as your PC. If its not good enough to run games and such, start saving up. You'll need about $800 - $1000 to build a decent gaming computer, maybe more.

    Tablets are for content consumption, nothing much else. ( ok and playing games ) but not on the same level as a computer. If you're going to be ok with a Chromebook, you're better off getting a Tablet IMO. It's way more convenient and user friendly.

    Laptop, that can run games well... probably $1200 or more. "Gaming" is pretty vague though. Do you want to grab some older games, at a discount and play those, or do you want to be able to get the latest game on PC? There's a big difference there.

    What's your budget? Are you a student? Do you work? How much time will you be on this thing? Where will you be?

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    @lilburtonboy7489 said:

    Yup, I did set it to boot from the correct HDD

    Unfortunately, I found out that if you switch the SATA port that the boot device is connected to, it messes everything up and requires a reinstallation of Windows. All I did was move it to a more convenient port for better wire management. I wouldn't have if I knew it would cause so much chaos.

    This is not the case... something else must be going on. Did you have any other drives plugged in? Try unplugging the other drives and then start it up, see if that help. Not that a re-install is bad, it's just a pain to get everything back up and running :)

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    it sounds like there is some routing going on before your router... have you called your ISP's tech support?

  • sw0rdfish commented on Delaying live video?

    Just buy an older camcorder, and put the video out to the TV. I'm sure you can delay it that way. I'm not sure how much that would cost you though.

    I would think an old PC running a webcam and doing video out to a monitor would be the easiest and cheapest. It wouldn't need that much power. I would think you could do it all for 2 or 3 hundred.

  • sw0rdfish commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    The POE adapter doesn't do any routing?

    Is the WAN IP of your ASUS router, the same IP that you get when you go to www.ipchicken.com ?

  • sw0rdfish commented on Composite video to Component converter?

    You might want to look at an audio video receiver... You can put all your incoming signals into it and have it to all the "switching" and so on.

    I'm sure you can find a decent one around $200? Total guess though. It will however definitely do the job ( assuming it has the inputs you need ). Since you're looking for Component and not HDMI you might even be able to find a nice used one on craigslist or something.

  • sw0rdfish commented on Alright, in 2 weeks I want to get Astro A50's please help.

    I've got A40s and they're fantastic best set of headphones I've ever used.

    I'm not a massive audiophile, but I like a good sound.

    i'm not sure about the specific issue you're referring to, so I can't help you out there since I'm on the A40s but they've been well worth the money.

    I had Trittons before, which were good, but they were never close to the A40s