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    I wouldn't buy it JUST to be in the same ecosystem, it's a nice bonus, but nothign you can't do other ways,

    Gotcha, I think i'll keep my current combo. My PC is quite beefy, and I see no point in the hassle of OS change, at the end the PC is mostly a tool for my job.

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    Chrome runs ok.... no problems for me.

    I like how everything syncs.

    It's free though, so download it and try it for yourself.

    I've downloaded it and have been using the past few days. I never thought I'd enjoy the bookmark syncing as much as I have been. It's real neat.

    As far as performance, don't know if I have seen a noticeable difference. Seem about the same. I know that sites that use Java alot are supposed to perform alot better on safari. But I don't know many sites ill visit where that performance gap will be noticed.

    I do hope google keeps improving it on iOS and that apple doesn't hamstring them in anyway.
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    @sw0rdfish: Don't rule out bad capacitors in the power supply or mobo. . I had a ps go bad and cause a similar issue. If you have a spare, swap it out and retest.

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    something definitely doesn't seem right... do you have a spare HDD that you could pop windows onto and see if it continues to act that way on a fresh install?

    Or another computer to pop the video card into?

    It doesn't sound like you're putting that much of a strain on the hardware, I don't see why it would be giving you problems. Are you using any sort of conversion cables or anything?

    Unfortunately I don't have a spare HDD or another PC to try my video card on. No converters being used, just two DVI cables and two monitors.

    @GeekDown said:

    I have an identical setup, but with 23 inch monitors and I have never had this problem. It should be the videocard but since it can run games that can't be the problem. Even though it's a pretty big hassle, your best option is probably to reinstall Windows or switch to WIndows 8 while you're at it.

    I actually re-installed about a month ago so this install is still quite fresh. I might wait until I buy an SSD before I do another one.

    Also, I thought this might have been related to power states of the GPU but that does not appear to be the case. I turned on transparency, ran a game in a borderless window, the GPU kicked into the full power P0 state, then tabbed to the desktop and dragging windows around still lagged and chugged even though the GPU was powering a full 3D game at the same time. The moment I turned off transparency Aero was perfectly smooth.

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    I've tried other more light weight video players but they give me the same results. I'm using the latest Google Chrome and have 8GB of RAM.

    Edit: If I try the default Windows Media Player with transparency turned on then the desktop and chrome lags HARD.

    Might be a silly question, but have you updated your video drivers? The GTX560 should not be giving you any issues like this.

    I have the latest beta drivers (310.61 from 20 November), I will try rolling back to the latest recommended drivers (306.97) and see if that makes a difference.

    @PillClinton said:

    Throwaway suggestion, but maybe mess around a bit in Nvidia Control Panel, make sure both monitors are set to 1920x1080 60Hz. Not like you'd actually notice the difference between 30 and 60 fps on UI animation, but hey, worth a look perhaps.

    I checked the control panel and both are set to the same resolution and refresh rate. I even tried lowering the resolution to 1280x720 60Hz on both monitors and had the same issues.

    @AwesomeAndy said:

    I've got a pair of monitors on a GTX 460 and haven't run into this at all.

    This leads me to believe that it could be an issue relating either to 560s or maybe the 500 series of cards as a whole. Does anyone else have a 500 series card and could weigh in on this?

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    @gpbmike said:

    If that's all you really want to do and you can't keep your PC clean, I'd go with a chromebook or something cheap like that.

    Part of me wants something that can eventualy do games, though.

    Then your only choice is a PC.

    Do what @Evelgest suggested and format the computer you share with your mom. Clean it all out, install one of the free Anti-Virus out there, and use that as your PC. If its not good enough to run games and such, start saving up. You'll need about $800 - $1000 to build a decent gaming computer, maybe more.

    Tablets are for content consumption, nothing much else. ( ok and playing games ) but not on the same level as a computer. If you're going to be ok with a Chromebook, you're better off getting a Tablet IMO. It's way more convenient and user friendly.

    Laptop, that can run games well... probably $1200 or more. "Gaming" is pretty vague though. Do you want to grab some older games, at a discount and play those, or do you want to be able to get the latest game on PC? There's a big difference there.

    What's your budget? Are you a student? Do you work? How much time will you be on this thing? Where will you be?

    Really, im not sure what my budget would be for a PC that can run current and future PC games. If I get a PC, I want one that can fully take advantage of STEAM and new games coming out. I think I had a rig spec'd out and with Monitor and everything it came out to like 1700 on newegg.. This included a gtx 660 and i5 overclocked ivy bridge CPU I think. cant remember at the moment. Honestly, I am student working part time. I dont have a ton of cash and I struggle to save money anyway. So I have no clue what the minimum budget is on a PC that can play current and future games well and wont just be surpassed by the PS4 or XBOX 720.

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    @sw0rdfish: I just did, I figured he gets so many @replys on twitter that it would be lost in the noise.

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    @sw0rdfish: Thanks.

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    @sw0rdfish: ahh cheers bud yer i love the tested guys have done since day one,yer these little batop machines are a happy souloution to those who want a arcade machine but dont have the room.

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    Dude.. are you the same Monkeychunk from Sanctuary for Gamers? Also nice job on Retro Machine!

    Yes mate thats me ; ) i take you have not heard my new Monkey Chunk Show podcast?

    And thanks