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    @AskQuestionsLater said:

    @norman: While the comparisons are useful, it is unfortunate that the images are themselves encoded in jpeg at, I would estimate, about a 80% quality setting. If even one sample were available in PNG or another lossless format, it would be interesting to examine in more detail.

    I would additionally like to add that to really compare raw and jpeg the compared sections need to be the same, simply cutting the frame down the middle isn't really helping, in the case of the street view, the raw section is far darker. or the bookshelf, the level of sharpness would be completely dependant on your focus point, even on a small sensor you'd see softness due to focus.

    RAW i learned through shooting is not always a good thing, your street view picture seems to show the jpeg is actually a little shaper than the raw, raw files need work while jpegs will usually automatically apply sharpening, and increasing saturation and contrast, and for most people jpeg will almost always look better than just uploading unedited raw files which can leave files looking a little grey and flat.

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    @norman: Can you add one more photo to the comparison taken on DSLR or mirrorless so we can really compare the quality of bokeh?

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    @isomeri: If you can get access to the internet then i would def go with the laptop, if you're gonna be traveling on foot a lot something like the 11" or 13" macbook air would be ideal, it's small light and strong. sorry not sure what's available on the windows side, but i know there are comparable systems.

    The image bank would be the only other option i can think of that would suit your situation, but they can be really expensive

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    Having an issue where the premium video player isn't scaling up in full screen mode, with this video where there's no 1080p mode.

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    @raavin: it's a minor upgrade unless you run a duel monitor set up, which is incredible.

  • Sonowake commented on Post your photography kit


    • Panasonic GH2 (hacked 77mbps fl0wmotion)
    • Olympus EP2
    • Panasonic 20mm 1.7 pancake
    • Panasonic 14-45mm 3.5-5.6 kit
    • Panasonic 45-200mm 4-5.6
    • Olympus 45mm 1.8
    • Kiwi Canon FD- M4/3 adaptor


    • Joby SLR Gorilla Pod
    • Peak Design Capture Pro 2
    • Peak Design Cuff
    • Hama Traveler Compact Pro
    • Yungnuo 560II flash
    • Neweer 24" softbox
    • Ownuser GH2 vertical battery grip.


    • Canon AE-1
    • Canon 50mm 1.4 FD


    • 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro
    • 4x 8GB sandisk Extreme Pro (back ups in various bags)
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    @norman: YongNuo 560, which model you have? the mark 3 version looks incredible for the price, might even make for a good review.

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    @raavin: Mavericks being like a service pack than an actual upgrade, i didn't need to do anything for the upgrade just the standard upgrade process.

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    I'll pack a "small" camera with me almost everywhere, by small i mean small mirror less (Olympus EP2) something i can hide in my small shoulder bag. honestly at small family events i'll just use my phone cause it'll do the job.

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    @Ragetti: if you really just want something simple, cheap, and great for learning, you could look at this. it's cheap and it's a fab camera, only issue i have with it is that it doesn't have a sensor for the EVF(electronic viewfinder) to autoswitch.

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    @Anominal: sorry i'd make one correction, the GX7 is high end.

  • Sonowake commented on Micro 4/3rds Cameras. I have questions.

    @Anominal: the only two companies working together are panasonic and Olympus on micro 4/3, the other companies are Canon, Nikon,samsung, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm are all doing their own formats.

    M43s has really good lens selection at good prices, and good third party support, ebay are littered with cheap buys from older generations worth looking at.

    Sony has good lenses and great cameras but a much more limited choice before becoming extremely expensive due to limited 3rd party support.

    Fujifilm, stellar cameras, great optics and innovations, at high prices, with very limited lens choices. pro togs love these cameras.

    Canon is worth a mentions but the EOS-M is full of problems, so keep an eye on the EOS-M2 when that comes around.

    Nikon is ok, they have smaller sensors than the rivals, but quality is good, don't know about lens choices.

    in terms of tiers it looks like this

    low end

    Panasonic GF5 , Olympus EPM2, Sony NEX3

    mid range

    Panasonic GX7, Olympus EPL5, Canon EOSM, Sony NEX5

    High End - super high end

    Olympus EP5, OMD, Panasonic GH3, Sony NEX7. Fujifilm X100s

    Sony and M43s have the best support for now, and both have fantastic pancake lens which makes them smaller and easier to carry on days you don't want to lug the DSLR.

    Personal preference for me is m43 with a panasonic 20mm f1.7 with the panasonic gx7.

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    The Jamie on the wall is areal nice touch lol. also are those tracking points that keep showing up on the wide shot?

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    I would start by learning what ISO, Aperture, Shutter and how they relate to each other and what each does, i had a short university course that taught me all this, and learning the rest myself via trail and error. I remember there was a good guide for beginners on and by vimeo.

    but i don't really have much else, sorry.

    If you want to look at equipment it's worth looking at 35mm prime lens.

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    I use a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro, i need to use this particular card cause the GH2 with the 100Mbps hack on it, it would crash otherwise on slower cards. also i do like the faster write speeds when shooting in burst mode as we talked about back in the drive mode discussion. Sadly the lock switch on it snapped off making that card useless even after attempts to repair/substitute part for it. Now i use 16GB extreme card and had to dial the hack down to a 72Mbps hack but it does the job.

    I also use:

    16GB sandisk extreme in my Olympus EP2, which is my normal day camera.

    4GB sandisk extreme in my bag AT ALL TIMES. goodness how many times i've imported photos onto my computer and left my memory card, then going out and realise i had a camera with no card and then having to pay the high street price for one for that day; which as a consequence i have loads of blue sandisk 4GBs lying around.

    Workflow wise it's always wipe card after import, on mac i have a script set up to back up everything that's imported to an external. if i need to show off any pictures photostream bumps them to my iPhone.

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    @Anominal: You should probably avoid the EOS-M, seems to be full of problems including focusing issues (both in accuracy and speed) even after the big update.

    But i agree with stenchlord, Second hand is the way to go for DSLR ebay is full of them and from my exp (least in the UK) i haven't had an issue. OR ask around friends, i bet more than a few have a DSLR that they'd like to get rid of or would lend out for the trip.

    To my knowledge there's no such thing as a waterproof DSLR (you'd need a case to take it say underwater, and those that are weather sealed are quite expensive. so your waterproof option would be a compact. Don't know much about them but here's the wirecutters recommendation.

  • Sonowake commented on What are some good IOS games?

    World of goo

    Ridiculous Fishing,

    Super Brothers Sword and Swordcery


    The Room (highly recommend)

  • Sonowake commented on Anyone here run a Hackintosh?

    @Toxeia: My build is as follows

    Mobo - Gigabyte Z77 D3H

    CPU - Intel i5 ivy bridge 3570k

    Memory - 8GB Corsair Vengence

    HDDs - Seagate Barracuda 2TB & 1TB

    PSU - Corsair 600W

    GPU - EVGA GTX 660TI

    and various bits and bobs.

    If you want a good guide, the http://tonymacx86.com has a great guide from start to finish and they update their recommend parts every month.