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    I need this to go with my Plasma Rifle

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    Taken at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • norman mentioned you in Living with Photography: We Have the Technology to Fake It

    @Sonowake: sorry if it wasn't clear, but the last photo was taken with my Canon 6D and 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

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    @Sonowake: @EricSmith: We know about it, but haven't figured out a permanent fix yet, but I was able to fix it by right clicking and selecting zoom in, then zooming back out.

  • raavin mentioned you in Anyone here run a Hackintosh?

    @Sonowake: Thanks. I might give it a try at some stage. I'm not desperate at the moment so I might wait a bit. I've lost some confidence in apple since Steve Jobs died.

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    @Sonowake Thanks! This is perfect. It's going to make it so much easier to understand what everyone is talking and posting about.

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    @Toxeia @Sonowake @TsunamiJuan

    Thanks everyone :3

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    @Sonowake: Yup, still looking into what monitor to get. Any recommendations?

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    Great tips all around.

    @TsunamiJuan I suppose bringing a friend is probably one of the safest deterrents. (But what if we both have gear? Will we be twice the target? =P) And great tip with the monopod/tripod. That seems like a great excuse to bring the StealthyPro monopod extension if that kickstarter manages to succeed. Been a while, but I did practice martial arts way back when, with some training with a short stick.

    @Sonowake the GearTag has it's own vibration and alarm, and doesn't (or also?) set off the phone. I imagine it being useful if you're in a public place and a thief scoops up your pack/camera, then the tag itself will sound off, drawing attention to him.

    But as for you other advice, serial numbers will be written down. I also found this article that suggests several websites to register your gear. The article also suggests having visible and non-visible deterrents and tracking/registration methods on it.

    And yeah, a mirrorless camera may also be in my future at some point, with going incognito as a really good reason.

    I've really been having so much fun so far that I began checking out craigslist to see what kinds of local jobs people hire out for. I saw one person who wanted pics of them and their dog... and an emergency last minute, day of, wedding photographer. I took neither because I know I couldn't do justice to either job, but once I get a bit better, I wouldn't mind if this hobby could pay for itself.

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    @Sonowake: I keep my darts in a separate bag, have over 500 streamlines so always got plenty of ammo on hand.

    As for magazines my preference goes towards the 18 round straight magazines cause they're easy to carry but I've got an arrangement of them.

    I have 1x35 drum (Raider), 1x25 drum (Rampage), 1x12 mag (EAT), 7x18 mags (2xStampedes & Rapidstrike) & 7x6 mags (various blasters). I only ever carry the 7x18 mags around with me though.


    Since my Rapidstrike is my newest blaster I haven't played with it too much. Besides the trustfire battery additions and lock removals the blaster is stock (resistors on motor are still installed) so I decided to test how long they would last under continuous use. 3x14500 Trustfires = ~12v which is double stock so loaded all my magazines and set to work firing them off, was able to shoot off 234 darts before the motors cut out. Left it for an hour and ran the test again and fired off 237 darts.

    Awesome stuff, in a game with multiple people where you're not firing off a continuous stream of darts and where the motors will get a chance to cool or sit idle every couple minutes, I'd say the motors will likely not cut out on you. Still I think it's best utilised in a 1v1 indoor game where you're likely to be firing off as many darts as you have because the 6 darts per second rate of fire is hard to ignore at close quarters, at longer ranges you're likely to fire off some darts by accident resulting in wasted ammo.

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    @Sonowake: Those are some wicked paint jobs. Might I ask what your process is? Do you sand them before laying down your base/undercoat? What paints do you use?

    I have a Raider and Firestrike casing/shell to practice on. I've sanded them both down and used black Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabic spray on them, seems to have done an awesome job. A friend who used to be pretty into Warhammer has given me all his Citadel paints as well so I have a decent colour range to start with.

    As for the Vortex range, I prefer the darts. I find the discs to be too slow.

    EDIT: Oh and I have some Rustoleum 2x Matte Clear Coat which I'll be using to finish off the blasters.

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    @Sonowake: sometimes, on the fly for me means finding a quiet time between walking around an event and scrutinizing every photo. i really dislike importing too many of the same photo into Lightroom, especially for large galleries when i'm taking several hundred photos a day and need to edit that night.

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    @Jacob816: It's really not that buggy at all. The interface gets slicker with every update — although each release has had its quirks so far — and battery life has been better than expected. That said, I don't recommend putting any beta software on your primary/only phone. If you have access to a couple of phones, I'd say go nuts. Nobody can guarantee stability during the Beta development, so the next update could potentially break something a 'normal' user would miss for a couple of weeks. It's your call if you want to take that risk!

    @Sonowake: This is great news. I hadn't gone back since realising iCatcher works, but boy is that interface fugly.

    @The Crow: I'm an iOS convert myself. I used Android pretty extensively around Gingerbread and then dipped my toes back in around Jelly Bean, and thoroughly enjoyed it as it appealed to the hacker/tinkerer in me. At some point though, I got tired of keeping up with nightly builds and forum-based tech support. I do not like stock Android. I do like that I can modify it to my tastes, however. When I got the iPhone 5 I jailbroke it for some subtle interface tweaks, all of which have made their way into iOS 7, so I'd say it's worth jumping over now. Plus I've found third party apps just run better in general. The interface is super slick, even compared to high-end Android devices.

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    @Sonowake: YouTube since I sometimes listen to music from there, and then most of the other tabs are stuff that I am going in between reading. Mostly documentation for stuff. I like having it all open at once rather than going back and forth between pages. For example, on a table of contents, I will always open every link in a new tab rather than clicking each one and going "back" after.

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    Light gray cardstock paper - $10 for 250 sheets, office supply store

    Inkjet ink - $5 from Amazon, fits my Canon MG5220 but is available for other models as well

    LED light strings(also called fairy lights) - $8 for two sets at Big Lots

    LED light bar with velcro backing - $12 at Walmart

    I think this project is definitely doable for under $40. The figures were $5-$12 each by the way.

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    @Sonowake: Wow that little 17mm is 500 buck's and doesn't even come with a hood. haha. What do you think about the

    Olympus ZD 45/1.8? Same speed with a little more versatile in it, I have seen some shots in low light conditions and they do look great. The bad thing is, I think that 45 is made from that plastic composite stuff.

    I wonder what Norm and some other folks use at Conventions and stuff to shoot portrait style shots in lower light.

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    Well it came down to it, I went with @Sonowake 's camera idea. I got a small deal with the Olympus OMD kit this past weekend, plus got a nice extra entry level 40-150mm telephoto lens with a rebate. Now I just need to find a fast indoor lens and i'll be set.

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    @Sonowake @FortYTw0

    There's a few more out there, but you run into problems of not having enough support for those programs, or compatibility with different formats. Premiere and Final Cut and Avid are great because they have teams of people constantly improving (well, I guess except Apple), and maintaining those applications.

    There are people that like Sony Vegas; I'm not a huge fan of it.

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    @Sonowake: They were pushing hard with that $40 special for upgrades, but I thought that the pricing was the same for Win7 beyond that. OEM licenses were $99 too, weren't they?

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    @Sonowake: Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely thinking about getting a wider lens in the future if I ever decide to get this camera. In any case, I'm still open for other good m43 camera options around the same or lower price. The Canon Powershot g15 seems like its a good camera and cheaper where I live, any thoughts on that or any other good cameras you can recommend?

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    @Sonowake: Totally agree. Jamie is definitely the more awkward of the two on screen (judging from Mythbusters)

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    @Sonowake: That's because cars (compact cars) are much shorter and lower to the road than the vehicle shown in the video. Back then car bodies where bolted to the top of a chassis, nowadays the car body is the chassis. The car in the video is essentially a truck.

    Larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans n stuff are taller so many of them don't have tunnel covers inside the vehicle. But then having it raised up inside the car can help protect it from rocks in stuff when going off road.