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  • simian commented on The WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Gallery (580 Photos)

    The pictures are really clear but some of them look like they were wide angles that were 'fixed' in post, giving everything a sort of squashed look.

  • simian commented on The WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Gallery (580 Photos)

    The pictures are really clear but some of them look like they were wide angles that were 'fixed' in post, giving everything a sort of squashed look.

  • simian commented on Best Set Top Box for Local File Playback?

    @kim_a you should try switching to NFS. It's pretty easy to setup on OS X and the performance should be a lot better. SMBC is a fine for grabbing files but as a network file system it's a bit lacking.

    @CouchPotatoTalk I'm definitely considering it with my tax refund especially with the Boxee degrading in ability though I'm not sure if I'll cheap out and go i3 or splurge and get an i5.

  • simian commented on Episode 253 - Listener's Choice - 4/17/2014

    That movie mentioned about Father & Son time travel ("About Time") comes as pretty male-fantasy-fulfillment and sort of creepy when you think about the context. I haven't seen it though so I can't pass judgement but my wife and I got pretty irate when was watched the trailer.

  • simian commented on Best Set Top Box for Local File Playback?

    I'm still using a Boxee Box which is only a testament to how versatile it is that I can't find something to replace it that doesn't cost $700 (looking at Intel NUC running XBMX).

  • simian commented on Tested In-Depth: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

    I've yet to find something that's capable of replacing the Boxee Box. Plex has come close but it lacks the ability to just browse a directory and load media from there. Sort of a deal breaker if you ask me (but a no-brainer especially since it's built on XBMC).

  • simian commented on Testing: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

    Looks like I'll finally be replacing my M.M.O 7 mouse finally. Just in time for payday too!

  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: Today Calendar, The Walking Dead, and Wind-up Knight 2

    I've got Walking Dead loaded on my N7 but haven't had time to play it... Mainly because I've already played through the first chapter twice already (once on the Xbox and another on PC). Here's to hoping it's got decent performance.

  • simian commented on Episode 252 - Tablets In the Bathroom - 4/10/2014

    - As some one who just installed a directional antenna on their router so they could get better wifi reception in the washroom, I fall on the pro-washroom tablet use side of the issue. Sometimes new dad's need to get their alone time where they can & sub -90db ain't going to cut it.

    - Heartbleed might as well be called 'buttburt' for people like myself who work in operations. The chance of any actual data / credentials being exposed is pretty small but due diligence means this weekend I have to revoke, resign and re-install certs on 100+ servers.

  • simian commented on Living with Photography: Testing the Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera

    Reading this makes a me a little bummed that the update of the EOS-M will probably never hit North America. The original model was pretty usable after a couple firmware updates and the ability to use an adapter to put high grade lenses on made it adaptable to a lot of situations.

  • simian commented on Testing: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone

    This is awesome beyond words and I wish I had the $$$ for it. Too bad I already promised my tax return to my wife for replacing some aging furniture... DAMMIT.

  • simian commented on In Brief: Google Reportedly Developing Android TV Set-Top UI

    *Readies his patented "Not in Canada so Don't Care" Macro*

  • simian commented on In Brief: Amazon Releases Fire TV Set-Top Box

    Like pretty much everything Amazon, it's not in Canada so who cares. Maybe someone will find a way to hack it to run XBMC or something useful.

  • simian commented on Where We Went Wrong Buying a Bitcoin from an ATM

    I've walked by a sign in Vancouver for the BT ATM a bunch and everytime I snicker. I watched the video with my wife and plan to piss her off by threatening to take all of our savings and convert it to BT at the ATM.

  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: Link Bubble, God of Light, and Mount and Blade: Warband

    I love the stuff that Chris Lacey puts up on the market and didn't have any problems paying the $4.99 for it. Definitely a must buy.

  • simian commented on Hands-On: Sony's 'Project Morpheus' PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

    Was this shot at Moscone South? I'm getting harsh flashbacks of walking the exhibition hall during VMWorld.

  • simian commented on Titanfall PC / Origin Friend List

    I'm mulling over picking it up once it has a sale. I've gotten up to lvl 20 on the XBone but would probably be able to play more on the PC. Also once I pick up a bigger SSD for game installs. This 256 is done near full.

    OriginID: blamesimian

  • simian commented on Hands-On: Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 Virtual Reality Headset

    The more they say 'Don't get this one! Wait for the retail!' the more I want one.

  • simian commented on Premium: Norm Chews 30-Year-Old Gum ('Nuff Said)

    WOW I totally remember having at least a couple packs of those cards including DK.

    I recall at least once cutting my mouth on a piece of card pack gum but most of the time it'd crumble and I'd need a tooth pick to pry chunks out from between my teeth.

  • simian commented on The State of OEM User Interfaces on Android

    My wife won't me try it on her but can you replace an OEM homescreen/launcher with the Google GEL or whatever it's called now if you've installed a 4.4 update? I've gotten pretty addicted to swiping left to Google Now but the new HTC coming out soon looks reaaaally nice.