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  • simian commented on Gmail Inbox Invite Thread

    @General Desire: Or Google+... Or Orkut...

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    I don't have one but if I DID I'd share one here because I'm all about the community.

  • simian commented on Nexus 6; it is here! #iamnotaspambot

    Apparently the Camera is 'pretty good to excellent' but I'm not sure if that's compared to other Nexus phones or all phones. I'm on the fence for this mostly because of the price but I recall spending a lot on getting the original Nexus + Nexus One so I might just buckup and pull the trigger.

  • simian commented on VPN connection

    Depending on what you're using as an internet router, you might want to consider flashing it with DD-WRT and running the VPN server from there:


    Also apparently Windows 7 & 8 has a built in VPN service daemon:


  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: Potential, iPollute, and Talon Plus

    Was Talon grandfathered in to be exempt from the Twitter API key limit? I thought all 3rd party clients nowadays were stuck at 100k keys (or something like that).

  • simian commented on Google Announces Nexus 6 Phone, Nexus 9 Tablet

    I'm going to wait on reviews before I consider pulling the trigger on the N6. The N9 however seems interesting... I'd consider the Shield but I'm dubious about their track record for OS updates.

  • simian commented on Worth Watching: The Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed

    The whole documentary was excellent especially for randomly stumbling onto it at 2AM in the morning after a couple bottles of wine.

  • simian commented on Nexus 5 still a good buy?

    Same as the above posters though you might want to consider a MotoX (2014) as well. It's not 'pure' Android but the previous version had a pretty good track record of getting update + upgrades.

  • simian commented on iPhone 6 Plus Impressions and Most Common Questions Answered


  • simian commented on We're Putting on a Live Stage Show!

    Hopefully this is super successful so you guys will take it international (VANCOUVER).

  • simian commented on In Brief: Canon Announces PowerShot G7 X, Long-Awaited 7D Mark II

    I'd say the 7D Mk2 is less for video and more for people who shoot action mainly. Not discounting the video components but 10fps with all of those AF points sounds like a dream.

  • simian commented on Haswell-E PC Build and Testing Preview

    @norman off topic but what do you think of the 7Dmk2 release? It looks more of a prosumer version of the old 1D mkIV rather than a followup to the 7D.

  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: Boxer, CounterSpy, and Bio Inc

    I'd consider boxer for the Exchange support alone. I'm sort of a fan of the stock Android mail client but my office would only give me an S4 for my work phone so I've been sticking it out with it's mail client.

  • simian commented on Tested Mailbag: American Tiki

    If that's Taliske then yes that is a good brand scotch. It's one of my favs and usually the one I sip before going to bed.

  • simian commented on Show and Tell: Favorite Exercise Armband

    Funny I could have used something like this while I was running today and I kept getting slapped in the thigh with my phone. Too bad it looks like it's only for iPhone and some older Samsung handsets.

  • simian commented on Norm and I Are On Our Way to Seattle

    Come. To. Vancouver.

  • simian commented on [Giveaway] OnePlus One Invite

    This should just be an open thread for sharing invites. *HINT*

  • simian commented on Testing: Oculus Rift DK2 with Elite: Dangerous + HOTAS

    Any suggestions for a good HOTAS that doesn't cost $500? This has me sold on getting a decent setup plus a TrackIR.

  • simian commented on Episode 267 - Listener's Choice! - 8/7/2014

    I can't comment on subtitles and the like but using Plex + Chromcast has been my goto media streamer since my Boxee started to choke and die.

    Also what was the app @Norm mentioned for library management? The only reason I haven't totally gotten rid of Boxee is because managing the library in Plex is a huge pain in the ass and despite going with naming convention about 10~15% of my library isn't visible.