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  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: CloudPlayer, Xenowerk, and Geometry Wars 3

    Applauds for having Opeth in the screenshot.

  • simian commented on Show and Tell: Mpow Streambot Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    No AUX port, no BT and a Cassette Deck? Depending on how much time you spend in the car you might just want to replace the whole stereo ... I think there's some head units with BT that are around $150 though who knows what sort of hoops you'd need to jump through to get it installed.

  • simian commented on Testing: GeForce GTX 980 Ti 4K Benchmarks

    @admiralperpetual Probably not though the 680 even at 1920x1080 can't play games at max settings or without stutters. My tick/tock cycle is 3-4 years so a 980ti would in theory would be in use for awhile. That said I'll probably just spend the money instead on LEGO or, you know, bills.

  • admiralperpetual mentioned you in Testing: GeForce GTX 980 Ti 4K Benchmarks

    @simian: (unless you're made of money) are you really doing anything that would be improved that much? I have a gtx 670 and I feel like it would be better to wait for the next series of cards to come out, thinking of all the 780ti owners.. remember, the 9xx series is only 2 generations ahead not 3 ;)

  • simian commented on Testing: GeForce GTX 980 Ti 4K Benchmarks

    I was thinking about replacing my aging GTX 680 with a 980 but now that this is out... Hrm...

  • simian commented on The State of Digital Comics

    After 3-4 years of HEAVY purchasing I've run out of storage room so I'm transitioning to mostly digital. Unless it's someone I love dearly (Hickman, Fraction, Wood, etc) I'm slowly reducing my pull list at my LCS and moving to digital for new series. The dollar ratio between physical/digital has gone from $80/$10 a week to $30/$20 ... It also helps that I'm culling a lot of the series as well.

  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: VoxelMaker, Earn to Die 2, and GoatZ

    Voxel Maker looks interesting enough if only to make voxely avatars for various profile pictures.

  • simian commented on Tested Goes to Star Wars Celebration 2015!

    Lego Lego Leeeeegooooo.

  • simian commented on Living with Photography: Adobe Lightroom 6 Review

    I've been a standalone LR user for awhile but with the ugprade fee being $79 I'm probably going to switch to CC instead going forward on LR6. Who knows maybe it'll be like a gym pass and guilt me into taking more pictures.

  • simian commented on How I Turned Raspberry Pi 2 into an Audiophile Music Streamer

    Yay a DAC article!

    @patricknorton on a tangent do you have any recommendations for a portable DAC like the Sound Blaster E5?

  • simian commented on Testing: Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

    I bought an N6 off contract in January but recently Rogers has been offering an marginal incentive to switch from my old iPhone plan (6GB for $70 a month) to one of their sharetab plans but with 8GB a month (though for $40+ more). The story I've heard is that Rogers will be incrementing the price of my plan quarterly until it hits $100/month so I might just pull the trigger and get some better data / voice perks with a new phone.

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 5

    Not to be knit-picky but I almost started to yell at the screen when Norm didn't attach the hook to the canon on the back of the snowspeeder.

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 4

    Video is working now but hearing praise for the Divergent series makes me wish this had become a lost episode. That series (book + movie) are so so soooooooo bad.

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 4

    Hrm... The window for the video isn't showing up...

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 3

    Fresh Off the Boat was beyond terrible that I could barely make it through the first episode but then again I think all of ABC's Comedies crap (apart from Better of Ted & Happy Endings).

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Veronica Belmont, Part 1

    Damn 2/3 of the kits they previewed for this week are on my LEGO Store wishlist.

  • simian commented on The Best Android Smartphone for Your Network (March 2015)

    I wish that MotoMaker was available in Canada since right now the Moto X 2014 is only available through one carrier and has a pretty high markup. I picked up an N6 when it was available here but while it's nice enough the size is a bit too much for my everyday use.

  • simian commented on In Brief: Google Announces Chromebit Computer-On-a-Stick

    $100 is a bit much but this would be nice to toss in a bag if you needed to do something off site but don't necessarily want to bring a laptop.

  • B77W mentioned you in Feeding the LEGO Habit

    @simian: It seems to me you have an excellent plan, and hopefully it works out for you (i.e. you don't get kicked in the junk). I think you're going to like that Birds kit, and it does make a good couples project. Besides, one of the birds has a flower for cryin' out loud! That's romance right there.

    @Nscafe: My Lego itch has been scratched for a couple of months now. I did the Birds and Tumbler along with a few smaller sets and a few for my daughter as well (Vet Clinic, Elsa's Ice Castle, and a few promotional sets). Plus, I recently finished a build at work (yes, I said at WORK) that the executive team wanted me to do as a display piece in the office. It is a model of the company logo with 17,000 bricks and is about 12' wide by 2' tall. Perhaps I'll start a thread with a few pictures so people can have a look.

  • norman mentioned you in Tested: Canon 7D Mark II vs. 6D Cameras

    @simian: those would be pretty complimentary, since the mk2 is basically a 6d!

  • B77W mentioned you in Feeding the LEGO Habit
    @simian:  Yeah that Tumbler was impossible to find for a couple months. I ended up ordering it online after checking every couple days for over a month!
  • B77W mentioned you in Feeding the LEGO Habit

    @simian: Not sure if you've made a purchase yet, but I can say that the Tumbler is a really enjoyable set to build. Just finished it last week and it was great. Lots of interesting angles and connections to make, some cool details inside the cockpit... and oh my, those tires are wonderful! I would also recommend the Birds set for another great build (though smaller and a little faster than the bigger sets of course). They're a really interesting design and look great when they're finished.

    Whatever you get, enjoy!

  • Nscafe mentioned you in Feeding the LEGO Habit

    @simian: It's a nice set. :)