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  • simian commented on Testing the New Apple Force Touch Trackpad

    Interesting I wonder if I should try and convince my office to get me a- HOLY MOSE Will trimmed his beard!

  • simian commented on Google Play App Roundup: Tinkerplay, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Boss Monster

    I've seen the physical version of Boss Monsters around and thought it looked interesting but wasn't sure about picking it up. The free version is fun enough so far that I'm probably going to pick it up for my wife and I to play so good on them for releasing a cross platform mobile version.

  • simian commented on Tested In-Depth: Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

    @norman: Is there a full res image of that shot? I think I've found my new desktop wallpaper.

  • simian commented on Apple Announces New MacBook, Apple Watch Release Info

    So the take away is that Apple isn't at all serious about smart watches apart from establishing some form of presence?

  • simian commented on Building a Home Server for Backups and Ripping Blu-Rays

    I've been running a Drobo S 5 for 4+ years and while I haven't had any major issues with it so far, having it attached to my main desktop is a pain when it comes to running updates and maintenance. It's probably time to commit to a storage server but lack of space is making it tricky to plan a system especially with a curious toddler running around. Anyone tried running a FreeNAS box over 802.11n or even ac?

  • simian commented on How To Build a Home Server Using FreeNAS

    Rule number one of Server Club: Always. Have. Disk. Redundancy.

    Also from experience you might want to consider 'splurging' and getting a storage controller instead of using the one that comes on the motherboard. ZFS will be happy if it's JBOD plus it's a lot easier to replace a card then a motherboard.

  • simian commented on In Brief: Pebble Time Smartwatch on Kickstarter

    I kickstarted at one of the early bird tiers but I'm not entirely sure I'm going to follow through the entire way. Seems like the UI is sort of clunky compared to Google Wear seeing that it's not touch based.

  • simian commented on Lego Overload! (kidding... that's impossible)

    *slow clap*

    Also WOW I wish I had known about digital designer when I was planning my wife's gift. That would have been A LOT easier then graph paper and a pencil.

  • simian commented on Feeding the LEGO Habit

    @TsunamiJuan congrats and also goddam you.

  • simian commented on Feeding the LEGO Habit

    FYI If you're a LEGO VIP member you can order the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier now. Given that I have no room in my apartment (and $400 is a bit pricey) I think I might have to skip this one. In other news the UCS TIE Fighter looks preeeeetty tight.

    Also this ended up being my V-Day offering to my wife. I'm overall OK with it despite having to work with exclusively 8-bricks. If you look at the backside of the it (and 'it' is supposed to be an 8-bit fox) it's pretty interesting/whack.

  • simian commented on The Best Smartwatch (For Now)

    Hrm thought the ZenWatch would have taken it for the Android section. Given that this is WC I'm surprised they just didn't preemptively give it to the Apple Watch.

  • simian commented on Episode 288 - The Opposite of On Fleek - 2/12/2015

    Since the MCU seems to be mostly based on the Ultimates universe I'm holding out hope that Spider-man ends up being Miles Morales (whom is almost 100% guaranteed to exist after this the Secret War / Battle World event).

  • simian commented on Episode 288 - The Opposite of On Fleek - 2/12/2015

    Will's beard size is becoming intimidating & yet inspiring.

  • simian commented on Feeding the LEGO Habit

    Decided to 'make' something with bulk bricks from the Lego store for my wife for V-Day which will either be well received or require me running out in a frantic to get something else. To sooth my nerves I picked up the Bird kit which I could spin as a 'couples' project.

  • simian commented on Tested: Canon 7D Mark II vs. 6D Cameras

    @norman: Yeah originally I was thinking about picking up an old 1Dmk3 just to have the actuations but I'm glad I waited for the 7D refresh.

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Patrick Norton, Part 3

    Oh man look at all of those stickers.... Guuuuh that's almos enough for me to re-consider having this on my lego wishlist.

  • simian commented on In Brief: LEGO Announces Next Ideas Series Kits

    Boo Dr Who-cares. I was pulling for the giant AT-AT.

  • simian commented on Tested: Canon 7D Mark II vs. 6D Cameras

    I really want to pickup a 7Dmk2 to compliment my 5Dmk2 but the price is just slightly out of range for right now.

  • simian commented on LEGO with Friends: Patrick Norton, Part 2

    Oh man I'd pay top dollar to assemble Lego with Will & Norm. TOP DOLLAR.