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  • will mentioned you in Episode 183 - Ode to Ballmer - 9/5/2013
    @ratekin:  I'm reasonably sure that they only are in preorder now because if iOS 6 issues that are fixed on iOS 7.
  • Jerware mentioned you in Episode 183 - Ode to Ballmer - 9/5/2013

    @ratekin: Thanks for the link. That's a great video on the site, but I don't know how I feel about the part where the music gets slightly dramatic and they describe how I'll get in such a bad accident that the phone will have to call 911 and my family itself. I guess they've thought of everything, morbid bastards.

  • Rean mentioned you in Left handed testing

    @ratekin: Left Handed here too! Surprisingly at University when I studied Animation and Games Design an outrageous 40% of the class were left handed. Way above average, but across creative roles left handers seem to be leaders.

    I myself am find that left handers are better problem solvers, more creative, better liars and generally good at using their imagination.

  • Rallier mentioned you in What are the odds of Tested participating in battlebots?

    @ratekin: i remember reading that battlebots would be going to espn something for 2013 but i cant seem to find the article where i read that.

  • JoeyF mentioned you in I'm buying into this whole standing desk thing...

    @ratekin: Oh wow, that looks exactly like the one I built at the old Whiskey office.

  • aaronb mentioned you in Testing your car

    @ratekin said:

    I pay 0.1245 cents per mile.

    Shouldn't that be 0.1245 dollars per mile, or 12.45 cents.

    Really nice information, I can never seem to stay consistent when trying to do this.

  • Greg818 mentioned you in Testing your car

    @ratekin: No way! Kudos then!

    Also, there's a German site that will help you with that: Spritmonitor.de. It will even allow you to compare yourself to other identical cars, and so what they did. You can log absolutely everything, which I used to do, including the cleaning products and all.

    I used to use it about 10 years ago, but I gave up altogether, because... I don't really give a rat's ass anymore. I mean, I do what I can to maximize my fuel economy, I even found myself hypermiling... but I don't to track it that anymore.

  • Greg818 mentioned you in Testing your car

    @ratekin: Yeah, I've been doing that since my very first car, but when I moved, and switch to a 6.1L V8 and E85 and realized I was slightly above 8MPG city (in winter, in Massachusetts), it all went south, so I stopped.

    Also, one more thing that you could mention is the transmission: is it auto? Cause the auto with torque converter are terrible for fuel economy (especially in town). Though I'd guess from your numbers, it's manual.

  • ajpalma mentioned you in Quick Look at the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    @ratekin: Their podcasts are 2 hours, so yes 10+ minutes is quick.