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  • Rallier commented on Best wallpaper sites?

    A rather long time ago i stumbled on a wallpaper site that i was really happy with but I don't remember what it was called. Just that it had a black layout and had some really impressive tag box filter system.

    I tried looking for it but as it turns out the term "wallpaper" is a tad difficult to search for on google.

    So, anyone got any suggestions for a nice wallpaper site?

  • Rallier commented on Augmented Thrill Ride Project - The very first Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters

    I wish that they made what you see in the oculus screw with the person sitting in the rollercoaster by not showing a drop when it physically happens.

  • Rallier commented on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Post your video!

    Good on you for donating to that charity. Though i have to admit, pretty much everyone doing this on the internet is starting to nag me.

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  • Rallier commented on Heavy troll traffic

    @kim_a: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let's just say that the auto anti-spam "thing" tested has needs some desperate love.

    I'm not sure if i'd call the spam we get SEO spam, The sites they link to usually don't stay up for all that long. I feel it are more sites designed to scam people in some way and are using spam on forums to trigger search results.

    Kinda hard to explain the difference really now that i think about it. I guess it's upping search rank vs getting people to your site directly.

    Also very important to note, Tested automatically ads the nofollow tag to links, so you can't even attempt to do SEO spam here.

  • Rallier commented on Adam Savage's Incredible Muscle Suit
  • Rallier commented on Heavy troll traffic

    @StephenWestervelt said:

    oh this is nothing,. over the weekend it was almost two full pages of spam.

    That volley was fun to get rid of...

    I wish i knew where i'd need to apply to get a spammer job, i'd make a fortune spamming tested.

  • Rallier commented on Making a B.F. Goodrich Mercury Mark IV Helmet, Part 1

    @Dan Lantz said:

    Wow! I got the actual Norm himself!

    Awesome! I love this website. It's my daily coffee break diversion.

    How would I contact @antylyz directly?

    You'll find a "send PM" button under the user icon of that person's profile.


  • Rallier commented on Coin

    The concept of Coin itself is great, but i'm just not sure if they will be able to live up to the lofty promises of their pitch video. It is especially the batteries that bother me considering it has a screen.

    Personally if i were in your shoes I'd cancel it, and just get it when it comes out, IF it lives up to its promises.

  • Rallier commented on Kari, Grand, and Tory quitting mythbusters



    Soooo, is it going to be Jamie, Adam, Will, Norm, Kari, Grant and Tory's Tested soon?

  • Rallier commented on The Shop is still under maintenance

    @will said:

    @Rallier: I didn't realize you were Australian.

    If that is what you are into we can do that, mate.

  • Rallier commented on What new PC games are you getting?

    Just ordered a new pc, i actually need to think about this again....

    Tough i have such a backlog of games that i was never able to run from humble bundles that i'm set for the next 5 years.

  • Rallier commented on Zoidberg Jesus at Comic-Con!

    @Cftech said:

    This is awesome. I was always annoyed that religious people did this this at comic-con. This is getting a lot of hate on Youtube but that seems to be the case with every video of tested's. I think I won't even look at the comments on youtube tested videos anymore, I will just come here.

    Eh, if you start counting it's only a handful of people making an issue out of it and the majority defending tested from them. The way Youtube's comment work now tends to get the controversial views to the top, which then get's that post even more eyes and more controversial.

  • Rallier commented on "Edutainment", Particle Clicker, CERN's Cookie Clicker clone.

    Don't thank me, hate on Arcon who shared this in the IRC for all the waster time this will end up causing.


    The main way in which Particle Clicker changes up the "genre" is that it uses 3 types of curencies, data, reputation and funding.

    With data you can do research, which ads to your reputation, which in turn decides how much funding you are getting. Funding then can be used to buy "buildings" that generate data or upgrade them.

    When i typed edutainment i did not lie, the game is filled with information on CERN's work and their discoveries, with links to more detailed articles.

    Finally the game also has achievements, sooooo..............

    Get clicking.

  • Rallier commented on The Shop is still under maintenance

    @will said:

    There's more stuff coming, we're working out details on the other shirts.

    The prints will be available for existing members to purchase (or use their coupon code to buy) before we order the last run, after the promotion closes.

    Thongs with "tested" on them?

  • Rallier commented on In Brief: Witness the Kilobot Swarm

    This video would have been a bunch better had it had some kind of naration or at least some kind of sound.