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    http://craftersu.com/ 3D printer files are on the site if you wish.

    They also have it up for sale http://www.ebay.com/itm/HANDY-MASCOT-KIT-/321543214152?

  • Rallier commented on ice wheels (because somebody had to)

    @sa-maker: Not in this case, just something i found out afterwards while not noticing it initially.

    also, construction video is up. The more interesting part i'd say.

  • Rallier commented on As of today I will no longer moderate the Tested forums.

    I've already informed the staff about this and asked them to remove the moderator status from this account.

    The reason for my decision will probably not surprise you if you're a frequent visitor of the Tested forums, the spam situation is out of hand with 50-100 spam accounts a day these last months, and ever since their acquisition of Tested in March 2012, Whalerock has not shown to care.

    The handful of times they actually allowed an engineer to work on the site, things got worse believe it or not. You'd be shocked to learn to what extend the site is actually broken. I could write pages upon pages on how ridiculous the anti-spam measures on the site, the lack of mod tools, the high level security bugs are.

    We had a great, be it small, community back in the Whiskey Media days. But unfortunately the mess of a forum we got after Whalerock took over led to it slowly dying out. Though some of the “old guard” is still trucking, and that is nice to see.

    Worst of all, things were fine before they bought the site. Everything got stripped in the couple of weeks that led up to the site changing owner and they simply never were put back in.

    Now, I would like to add that Tested's staff is not to blame for any of this. I know that they are trying their hardest to get their parent company to fix up the site and are just as, if not more, frustrated with the current state of affairs as me.

    I've stuck with Tested so long because I like what they do and wanted to support them, and while i'm not too fond of the current “maker” angle Tested is focusing on there is no denying that they are putting out quality content on a regular basis.

    The issue is, by supporting Tested i'm supporting Whalerock, and quite frankly, they deserve none.

    It's a shame to end it on such a note, but i had fun.

    Always be Testing.

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    Got a new PC recently. The step from win 7 to 8 went without a hitch with http://www.classicshell.net/. Only thing that was really jarring was the initial set-up that actually had some translation errors in it.

    Also, i considered building a pc myself, went through the trouble of researching it and bothering a whole bunch of people. But in the end, i found a pc with all the component i had planned in it already that was the same price as all the pieces on their own.

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    Let me be the crontrairian here and say that i do not like the new set.

  • Rallier commented on ice wheels (because somebody had to)

    He got sponsored by the people who make the termal shirt he is wearing. Kinda funny how easily you can miss it unless you read his comment about it.

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    @CHawk411: they are http://www.graniph.com/artist/detail?product_category_id=1529

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    @will: Dunno about that. Title first makes it kinda seem that, in this case, "best tv makeups" is the title of the actual podcast. But eh, not that much of a biggie. Just a tad odd to see both TIOAT and CG on the same page with different formats.

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    Also you guys should consider adding icons to the podcast on the front page, considering that there are now 3ish distinct podcasts on the site.

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    The change in the title format compared to the tested regular format is a bit jarring

    tested: episode - title - date

    Creaturegeek: title - episode - date

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    @General Desire: He had a long spree initially where is was pretty regular but all the sudden it stopped. That'll kill a good part of your viewer base for sure.

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    I really love this guy's work, it's a shame that he does not post videos more often but I can only assume that what he makes is pretty labour intensive and that he has other things to do as well.

    He isn't really getting the number of views he deserves in my opinion, but that's the fickle nature of Youtube for you.

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    @StephenWestervelt: Hey now, there were only 70 spam posts for me to delete, that's not too bad. /s

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    @kim_a: "And your claim that the behavior and attacks are in any way symmetrical from both sides is absurd." You've never read twitter comments i see.

    Look, there is so much to this, and i do not care talk about any of it in detail.

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    @kim_a: What debate are you on about?

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    @texasworldmusic: I hate to engage in this because frankly it has become such a mess that it's not worth the trouble.

    When i said it was a clusterfuck i meant it. Tested may very well talk about free speech and respect but that is just a part of the whole picture.

    From the top of my head there is:

    • Sarkeesian dishonest kickstarter
    • Sarkeesian painting the whole male demographic, and games as sexist and misonogyst in her video series.
    • The deal with that one dev sleeping with a reviewer from kotaku.
    • The initial gamersgate movement that called for better journalistic standards in the gaming press.
    • All the gawker sites working together to slam and silence the emerging movement.
    • The (successful) call for boycott of the gawker sites and their advertisers.
    • Attacks from supporter from both groups viler than you can imagine.