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  • Rallier commented on Could Norm be happier?

  • Rallier commented on Could Norm be happier?
  • Rallier commented on Going Incognito: Attending the Tested San Diego Comic Con Party

    I really had no idea what to expect out of this, but watching bits and pieces of it appear on the internet it keeps blowing my mind how well this was done.

    What was the green screen you can see in the background for?

  • Rallier commented on Did Norm's Reddit submission of Tested's Comic-Con gallery get removed?

    @will: I went through the thread about that Zoidberg image again, and it looks like the person who posted it there did link to the source.

    However Reddit being designed by someone who spends his free time banging his head against a wall got that comment pushed downwards in favour of the more active comments/discussions.

    When you submit a picture to reddit you can only put in the link to the picture, that site would immensely benefit by also allowing you to add some text to it.


    For anyone wanting to help tested out when they appear on the reddits, posts relevant links in the comments.

  • Rallier commented on Did Norm's Reddit submission of Tested's Comic-Con gallery get removed?

    @will: Gee, i had no idea that that subreddit got that bad, that is even worse than r/gif not accepting gfycat links.

    I'd say watermark them all.

    Not really "the" front page, r/atheism got dropped from the defaults.

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    @Sparkythrash said:

    Great shots Norm! What lenses did you bring with you?


    i only took one camera this year: a canon 5D mk iii with a 24-70 f/2.8 lens.
    in the past, i've tried taking two cameras and multiple prime lenses, but it's too cumbersome. didn't use a flash either, because i suck at it. lightroom can do a lot to help in post-processing!
  • Rallier commented on Did Norm's Reddit submission of Tested's Comic-Con gallery get removed?

    I noticed that Norm (as he does every year) made a thread on Reddit linking to his comic-con gallery.

    Interestingly a mod is saying that it got/is getting removed because it breaks one of their rules


    Your submission was removed as it violates rule VI: Submissions must link directly to a specific image file or to an image hosting website with minimal ads.
    SUBMISSION REMOVED: Site not permitted or spam.

    A bit earlier the same mod also asked norm to PM him because he had a note on Norm from last year apparently.


    Hi there OP. Hijacking this. Mind sending me a PM? I've got a note on you from 2013 and have a question.
    Thank you

    Does anyone have any idea what is up with this? It does not seem that the submission is down at this point.

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    @celebrion said:

    Am I correct to asume that the IRC channel is dead now? I tried to find it and was unable to find anything on EFNet. Is there somewhere else members of Tested hang out instead of IRC?

    PS. First post here!

    I linked to the wrong thread it seems, it moved. Here is the new adress


  • Rallier commented on The Comic-Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery (750+ Photos)


    I'm glad to see that Frank went on with jesus Zoidberg.

  • Rallier commented on Tested Builds: Quadcopter Drone, Part 1

    You guys should consider presenting the premium videos in a different manner. They take up a lot of space and if you are not a premium member i imagine it must be frustrating to not be able to access half the things posted on the front page.

  • Rallier commented on Star Trek?

    Oh, no need to worry about there not being much Star Trek stuff on Tested. Will and Norm are both huge fans of the series, Norm even cosplayed as Kirk i believe last comic-con.

    When new stuff happens with the series you can bet i'll be covered on the site.

  • Rallier commented on Tested links

    Tested has been around for a while and some of the more useful threads unfortunately are not that easy to find for new users. So i figured it's time to compile them all in an easy list.

    Once more completed i'll probably make this a sticky.

    If you know any threads/links that you feel should be in here, please post them in the comments.




    Site Features


    User made content


  • Rallier commented on Premium Only Content Suggestions

    @DendriticSpine said:

    Is there a forum search option (looking for IRC info)?

    On the same note.. I know (and sympathize) that this comes down to resources and hours in the day, but using a featured forum system (e.g. Vanilla) vs a flat comment-style forum could help build/develop the community aspect of things.

    http://www.tested.com/forums/search/ It's the remnant of the forum search from before the BermanBrown/Whalerock acquisition. It's jacked up in more than one ways, but it works.

    As for the IRC, this thread has all you'll need to know about it in it.

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    Kind of an underwhelming final video unfortunately.

  • Rallier commented on "Have we posted XYZ yet?" "No" "OK we can't talk about it"

    @General Desire said:

    I'm totally new, just made my first couple of forum-posts and I have to add it is the least user-friendly forum I have EVER seen. Might be fitting for the home'n cosy style of the Tested community, but it might also be off-setting for people looking for an actual forum. In general, maybe due to the font, spacing, or whatever, the titles of the topics are not very readable. If you come to the main forum page you just see a heap of text and you have to really look for the new and relevant topics of interest to you. Then if you want to go to the actual sub-forums on the left, the categories are... insane. Do we need a forum about coffee where one topic gets posted every month? Do we need a separate tablet/phone forum? Off-topic and funny/random?

    It might be - again - part of the loose style of Tested, but I personally find - and I'm sure I'm not alone - that a more traditional forum with categories such as media, hardware, software, off-topic, news, general, ... would work TONS better, especially combined with a lay-out that looks more like an actual forum than a collection of blog-comments.

    All very valid critiques,categories are a big personal bugbear of me. The forums need some serious love some day. Though given how things are going, that probably won't be soon.

  • Rallier commented on Is the flagging of spam useful, or just stating the obvious?

    Yes and no, it depends on the kind of spam.

    When you flag a post they go to a special list that us mods can access, from there we can look at the post and ban accounts, deleting all their posts/threads in one button press.

    The issue with this list is that it has been poorly constructed, and more often than not I find myself needing to track the post down to see what it actually is.

    The majority of spam, the threads that fill up the forums, those I'd personally say don't bother. My anti spam routine is, check out the forums, get rid of all the junk in there, and then check the things that are left in the flagged queue.

    The spam that are withing threads however, those i'd appreciate if you guys could flag them, since i don't have a way to check out all the latest posts on the site.

    Keeping Tested spam free is fun fun fun...

  • Rallier commented on woot stock stream.....

    Good thing I was paying close attention, because this thread nearly made me ban you thinking it was spam.