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    Would be nice to have a higher res version of this to look at on this page.

  • Rallier commented on Colin Furze Video's (Fart @ France)

    Yep, that is a giant butt with a pulsejet sticking out of it

    Not convinced that i'll be audible from the other side of the channel though.

  • Rallier commented on Wired's new "costume" for ComicCon

    Well i don't see how anyone could make anything more impressive than this...

    Time for Weta to join the "battle".

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    Safety seems to not be the priority all the time with his work.

  • Rallier commented on Colin Furze Video's (Fart @ France)
  • Rallier commented on Colin Furze Video's (Fart @ France)

    Well i'll be, he actually got permission, though on a different day than initially planned.

    Seems like this will be actually happening.

  • Rallier commented on The Shop is still under maintenance

    I had no idea that it even was being worked on.

    Will mentioned that they would be adding new stuff, i suppose that Whalerock decided that it would be a good idea to rework the shop before.

    Though i can't confirm any of that, only guess.

  • Rallier commented on Making lego mosaic version of pictures.

    After seeing this article on a kickstarter that allows people to make lego mosaic pictures i figured i'd give it a stab using photoshop.

    Unsurprisingly there were tutorial for it online and i ended up following some with mixed result to finally get to something i'm quite happy about.

    First try, the youtube way

    For my first go i followed this video tutorial by the aptly names "Photoshop Tutorials". You also can follow it in text form on their website.

    In short, what it asks to do is size up your image file, then use the mosaic filter at a desired size, and finally apply a stud pattern that is the same size as the mosaic filter. It also ads some additional filters to make the colours look more "lego", which is the main problem with it, it are not the official lego colours.


    Take two, official lego colours

    I was pretty pleased with the result of the first one but the fact that it were not the official lego colours bothered me so i did some more googling and followed on this written tutorial.

    It a bit more in depth and not as great as the previous video at explaining things however.

    What it does differently is instead of upscaling the image and using the mosaic filter, it asks you to down scale it. Once your image small you apply the Lego colour palette (there is a palette file linked to on that site), scale it all the way up, and do the same step as with the previous tutorial for the studs.


    The colours are Lego, but as you can see there are a lot more "pixels" in this one, and that was my own dumb mistake. Under 50*50 seems to be the best, which i did next.


    Third go: Overdoing it

    While i was really happy how well my second go worked out, i was a bit bummed by the colours, so i decided to give it another go. I ended up playing with the saturation of the original image to make it more colourfull and removed some of the colours (mainly the greens) from the Lego colour palette i had.

    After some fiddling around with the setting i landed on something i was happy with, but i wanted more, too much it turned out...

    While the studs definitely looked "legoish" i found it a shame that there were no different bricks in there. So what i did was when the image was downscaled to 50*50ish pixels i created shaped on the pixels the size of lego blocks.

    Now had this picture been 3 or so solid colours all clumped together it would not have been that much of an issue, but it was not. In the end i had over a thousand layers in my work file.

    When i finally had to whole image covered in "bricks" i scaled it up; created a new stud pattern, this time with no border for the individual studs, and applied it.


    Things that did not go as planned

    Photoshop is a scary potent program filled to the brim with features. Mastering it is far from easy, and while I can use it, I far from master it, which led to some fun situations.

    • After changing the colour palette of the image to the Lego palette I could not edit the image at all. Turns out that you can't edit stuff when it is in "indexed colour". The fix was easy, just swap it to RGB colour mode, but it took me longer than I'm ready to admit to figure that one out.
    • I sorted the different sized block in groups, there really was no need to and in the end the only thing that it did was take up even more time.
    • When i scaled my image up for the 3rd version, somehow everything got moved by 3 pixels left, and 3 pixels up. I tried to fix this by selecting all the brick layers at once and moving them, bad idea.I use an old laptop, it refused to do anything for 15 minutes. In the end i moved the background image layer, which took a good 10 seconds for every tiny move.
    • In the same vein of asking too much of my laptop. I changed all the layer styles of the bricks at once, well, i tried to that is, Photoshop croaked. Doing them set by set worked, and did not take up that much time.
    • With the second version i incorrectly assumed the dimension that the studs should be, so it did not fit. I spend far to long trying to get it "just right" by changing the pattern's size in percent. When i realized that what i was doing was not going to work, i ended up counting the pixels.
  • Rallier commented on Brick-A-Pic Kickstarter Project Creates LEGO Mosaics


    edit: now with official available lego colours, well that is what it said.

    i used the following tutorials:

    The second one is better, but you need to have a certain base to understand it.

    In short.

    Make this image "pixel size"

    • Change to colour palette to the 31 official lego brick colours (there is an .act file linked in the second tut)
    • Make it really darn big, making sure to use the "nearest neighbour" option to preserve the hard edges of the pixels.
    • measure up the size of your "pixels", the bigger the better
    • make a stud pattern image the size of your pixel
    • apply this to your image, with the "hard light" opacity mode.

    For the first image i used the first tut and for the second a mix of both. I messed up with the second one a tad but it looks better. First off, i did not make it small enough so it's a lot of studs that you get. And secondly i did not make it big enough forcing me to make the pattern image too small to make it look good.

    But eh, good enough for some casual photoshop fun.

    edit: and finally, something i'm happy about.

    If after changing the colours you can't resize your image, that is because you need to switch back to a colour mode that is not "indexed colour" first.

    Sized it down to 50*50, then up to 2500*2500, with the stud pattern file being 50*50.

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    They'd get my subscription that's for sure.

  • Rallier commented on Denim Masks (and other $0 budget masks)

    @Syrious84: Resin should do the trick, if the state of my jeans after using it the last time is any indicator.

    You may want to consider going the papier maché route though if you want to go "0 budget"

  • Rallier commented on New Master At Arms series, Reforged, weapon mashups

    Nice first episode, i feel like the editing here is better than the original series, but i'm used to, and still much prefer tested's style.

  • Rallier commented on How To Walk Like an Ape (for Performance Capture)

    For the first half of the video i thought that this interview was shot in front of a green screen.

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    @TsunamiJuan: I doubt that many people will even notice it. Even if it's audible it sure won't be for long. Doubt that the locals at dove will be too pleased by some guy firing off a pulse jet. So it probably wont last for long.

    update video

  • Rallier commented on Episode 264 - A Very Frank Conversation - 7/10/2014

    Frank sounds a bit like Dave.

  • Rallier commented on Colin Furze Video's (Fart @ France)

    Upade, he got his first batch of metal

  • Rallier commented on Tour of Adam Savage's Cave!

    You guys should consider also doing that google street view in adam's shop like with the tested office.

  • Rallier commented on New Master At Arms series, Reforged, weapon mashups

    Checked out one of their videos, seems pretty OK.

    Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7atuZxmT956UDizukeL9TLpOZGFQBTf-

    It's a shame that you can't subscribe to individual playlists in youtube, i looked through their recently published videos and that is not the kind of stuff i want to have in my youtube queue.

  • Rallier commented on Colin Furze Video's (Fart @ France)

    His channel is well worth the look.

    Dover-Calais is only 34km so this is actually feasible. Though it would be quite the endeavor to get a loud enough machine together to pull it off.