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    I tried this method just now... but my coffee taste really bitter or over extracted. I wonder where I went wrong. I might need fresher beans to use water that hot.

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    @RavenSword There's a chance there might be less content or the prices of unlimited music will go up due to licensing agreements.


  • narkeeso commented on Spotify vs Rdio?

    @RavenSword: I use to be big on Rdio, it's got a beautiful interface but the good stuff ends there.

    If all you care about is the amount of music than Spotify is the best choice. I'd say the killer feature for me is the apps in Spotify. Fire up Spotify for free and try out the apps, some of my favorites are soundrop.fm, pitchfork, and the kcrw music mine.

  • narkeeso commented on To root or not to root? That is the question

    The Samsung Galaxy Note II was the first Android phone I didn't have the itch to root. That is until I realized I wanted a more robust backup solution like Titanium Backup. You can use Triangle Away to get around flash counter. That will allow you to receive carrier/manufacturer updates and pretty much make the phone act as if it were never flashed.

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    @grorc: Whoops! Sorry about the edit. Nothing was edited, I just accidentally clicked edit and hit enter.

  • narkeeso commented on Display issue: text looks screwed up while typing on 1st line

    @kim_a: The issue should be fixed! Let me know if you run into any issues.

    cc @Sonowake

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    Uhhh... wow.

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    @bersbach said:

    Serious recommendation that people don't seem to take seriously anymore: buy a nice, small 35mm film camera, and go out with a single roll loaded in the camera. You'll think a lot harder about what you decide to stop and shoot. As an added benefit, you'll spend more time looking at things before you shoot them, trying to figure out if the view is worth one of your precious 36 frames.

    This is exactly why I love shooting film. I try to remember this when I use digital. I use to re-take photos if they were blurry or not perfect, but now I just take one shot and move on.

  • narkeeso commented on PC Gaming noob who needs help !

    Another tip is to make sure you also check the amperage ratings. The total amount of watts isn't the whole story. Some PSUs are more efficient than others and can provide the required amount of power to your components.

    From what I gathered the 7870 requires at least 36A minimum on the 12v rail. So be sure to check for those ratings on the PSUs you look at.

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    @Firethorne: I recommend Crashplan for backup of larger data sets such as videos and photos. Documents and smaller files are great on Dropbox/Google Drive. I believe documents on Google Drive do not count towards your storage quota.

  • narkeeso commented on Urgent! Please Help! Autodesk 3ds Max Installed, but won't Run!

    @soulfulsoul: Did you happen to download this off the Autodesk website? There's a good chance your installation files are corrupt. I had multiple times when my installation files were bad. Try using a download manager. I use Speed Download if you're on Mac. I'm not sure what the best download managers are for windows but lifehacker seems to have a good list here - http://lifehacker.com/5045093/five-best-download-managers

    If this isn't the case you might want to check that your RAM isn't faulty. http://www.memtest.org/

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    @gpbmike: You'd probably like Fitbit since it's the only platform that is somewhat "open" for getting that data. Once the data is uploaded to Fitbit's site you can use their API.

  • narkeeso commented on Bug Reports Go Here!

    Thanks for the reports regarding the font issues. It's pretty obvious the issue is not fixed on Chrome yet. We've reverted back to .woff format fonts. This will work reliably, however the issue now is that the fonts will be blurry or look weird at certain sizes.

    In the meantime, we're doing research on some fonts that look great on all platforms.

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    @thenexus: Updated the logo, just for you.

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    Those of you experience font issues, it's a known Windows Chrome bug that is suppose to be fixed in Chrome 24 which is not on the stable branch yet. The reason for this bug is because we switched to prioritize SVG fonts. It yields consistent results across all browsers. If we use anything other than SVG for some of the fonts, you would be seeing blurry text due to the way Windows renders fonts.

    @Silan: It looks like you're running 24 beta and still saw the issue. That's not good... if you ever see it come up again, let us know.

    If you really want to know, here's the bug thread on the issue you guys are describing: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=95102

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    @shorthair I don't have any experience replacing the DVD drive in a white MacBook but I'm sure it can be done if you look around.

    1. You do not need to worry about trim in these newer SSD drives as they have built-in garbage collection. You can enable trim with some scripts/hacks but I've been running mine without trim for about 2+ years now with no noticeable difference in performance.

    2. Samsung 830, Crucial m4, and OWC Mercury Pro - These are drives I have experience with and they are all solid. The best out of the bunch would be the Samsung 830, with the Crucial being the best bang for the buck. I believe a 512GB can be had for as low as $400-500 now. Even though your MacBook only has a 3GB interface, you will still benefit from the 6GB drives and you can easily move it to a newer machine when the time comes and unlock the full 6GB.

    3. It's a great idea. It's the single best upgrade other than RAM you can put in an older laptop/macbook and give it new life.

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    @Helushune: Private messaging and notifications are counted separately. Currently you only get notifications if someone replies/quotes you in a comment/forum post. In this case, you should see a notification for this comment.