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    @narkeeso said:

    @RavenSword There's a chance there might be less content or the prices of unlimited music will go up due to licensing agreements.

    I wonder how rdio fares as far as profitability and such. If they can't make profit they might go under. Spotify as well. Still unsure who's future I feel better paying my 10 dollars a month to.

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    @narkeeso said:

    @RavenSword: I use to be big on Rdio, it's got a beautiful interface but the good stuff ends there.

    If all you care about is the amount of music than Spotify is the best choice. I'd say the killer feature for me is the apps in Spotify. Fire up Spotify for free and try out the apps, some of my favorites are, pitchfork, and the kcrw music mine.

    Well, the thing that worries me about radio is that what if they can't get artist support? Spotify has the advantage of being super popular and arguably the more mainstream service. Which means it has more incentive to keep improving, no?

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    @narkeeso: I've got a Galaxy Note 2 (AT&T) and have considered rooting it so I can use Titanium Backup, Tasker, use Sixaxis Controller, and get rid of the AT&T apps. I also would prefer to use CyanogeMod, but am concerned about whether or not the S-Pen functionality will remain. Also, how would you use Triangle Away? Does the app allow you to just unroot the phone, get the update, and then you'd have to root it again? And how do you find out whether or not an update is available for the phone? From what I've read online, many people get stuck in a loop, where the phone says there is no update. Or because they have rooted the phone, it is unable to do so.

    Sorry for the list of questions... Hopefully you (or someone else) can help.

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    Yeah, looks like it is fixed, at least I'm not having trouble as I type this. Thank you @narkeeso :)

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    @Vexxan: It was done by @narkeeso . I don't know if he's a top man. Jury is still out.

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    Thank You!

    I am on a PC and am installing the program from the Autodesk Website. I'm going to try 2012, since I will also be using VRAY, and apparently there are some complications with using it with 3ds Max 2013.

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    Thanks, I'm having @narkeeso fix that stuff today.

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    Oops, Just saw your post, @narkeeso about switching the fonts! Carry on! Ignore my ignorance.

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    @narkeeso: Same SVG font issue, Windows 8 64 Bit, tried Chrome 24.0.1312.35-Beta and 25.0.1354.0-Dev, cleared cache, same font overlap issue.

    What Chrome version did it get tested on and it worked ok, I can try that on Windows 8 if you already haven't to eliminate any issues with Operating System.

    Edit: Ok, weird. I refreshed, clear cached, relogged in to sync my Chrome settings and nothing changed. After I posted the above message and the page reloaded all the fonts are render perfect with correct spacing, no overlap.

    No idea what magical event just occurred.

    Second Edit: Ok, cleared cache again, closed Chrome (25.0.1354.0-Dev), same font overlap issue, confused now.