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  • MordeaniisChaos commented on The Leviathan Sci-Fi Concept Trailer

    @olla said:

    why would you walk around one of these flying balconies?

    Great example of the state the whole SiFi movie genre is in... fantastic visuals, no logic, no good story.

    I fully agree with @pigbob: meh.

    And it looks to be aping half it's appeal from those that came before.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Dads Gone Wild - Episode #7 - 3/08/2015

    Jesus this is so incredibly needed right now. Thanks tested for being around when I'm going through stupid days long anxiety.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on CES 2015: FPV Racing with Phantom 2 Quadcopters

    @exnasaguy said:

    @kallekilponen said:

    Even though they didn't this time, that would be pretty awesome!

    Agree!. It's a common feature on FPV headsets. You just need to have the camera on a gimbal and a couple open channels on the RC link to make it happen. Might cause sensory overload in a racing situation!

    Imagine it with two cameras and an oculus for 3D!

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on CES 2015: Test Riding the InMotion Electric Unicycle

    This looks stupid bad. Can we please stop trying to beat physics? That thing will never be anything but a novelty, there are much better ways to ahieve a similar goal. Like fuckin' walking.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Tested In-Depth: Moto X (2014)

    Agh. I feel like it's really hard to find the "perfect" phone, at least for me. Everything comes with Caveats. I had to get rid of my Nexus 5, which I was extremely happy with, but I'm worried the issues of this phone aren't worth the trouble.

    I was hoping this would be the phone I'd end up with soon, but I'm not sure...

    Why couldn't the Nexus 6 just be a straight upgrade to the Nexus 5?

    I work at a Best Buy so maybe I should just play with some phones, look at battery rundowns, and make a decision from there. I just want a Nexus 5 sized phone with a good 1080p screen that doesn't compromise with subpixels and crap.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Tested In-Depth: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

    The transparency on the OS UI looks fucking terrible to me. Makes the whole thing look cheap and weird.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Google Announces Nexus 6 Phone, Nexus 9 Tablet

    Bleh. I was super excited seeing the headline for this as I am on the cusp of replacing my old Nexus 5, but 6 inch? Bleh. The screen/form factor of the Nexus 5 was perfect! And it didn't need to be any higher resolution. If this was just the same screen/size with a better battery, better performance, and shipping with Android L that'd be worth picking up for me especially if they either offered a 64GB option or allowed for memory expansion. This just seems to be worse to the same in every way. I have to wonder if the battery life will be any different because of that battery, thanks to the size and resolution of the screen. And the battery on the 5 wasn't great already.

    Let phablets be phablets. Don't make that your flagship, holy shit.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Show and Tell: Astro A38 Bluetooth Headset

    I will never understand how these guys get away with their prices. You can get entry level audiophile cans for that price, christ.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Episode 274 - Windows X - 10/2/2014

    No offense Jeremy, but there's a reason YOU don't know anyone buying PCs. PCs sell better than the other options, even now. This comes from someone involved in a retail location that sells Macs and PCs. At least 2/3s of the laptops I see going out the door are Windows systems. And even high end PCs are going to windows more often than you'd think. Macs are still WAY more expensive than PCs, and people know they aren't really getting what they are paying for. Macs aren't stealing a ton of business from what I've been seeing, it's Chromebooks that are eating into Windows, and that's almost always sub $300 PCs. And it's RARE. We see a lot of people interested in the price, and then veering off as soon as you tell them what they are actually buying.

    Windows is the way people go. It's just too expensive to buy a Mac unless you're already a Mac user.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on The Best Android Smartphone for Your Network (September 2014)

    I'm thinking of getting a Moto X soon, but I'm curious if anyone knows if the ATT logo on a leather back would be removable easily? Or on any of the wood backs, for that matter. One thing that I've always appreciated is how easy it is to remove logos from phones, but I imagine with more organic surfaces that's much harder.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Testing Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980 Video Card

    @DJFARTH: At the end of the day you basically just gave up a little extra money and maybe slightly better shadows and textures in some cases. Not like the card you got is suddenly shit, it's still excellent.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Testing Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980 Video Card

    I'm eager to get into the swing of work and start getting finances stabilized from my summer off, because as soon as I get into the swing of things I'm getting a couple of 980s to upgrade my single 680, so I can push a ROG Swift (1440p, 144hz with Gsync!) or 3. Super excited for this generation!

    @MarioBoza said:

    I want to buy the GTX 980 but I am not sure if my current processor would be bottlenecking the GPU and holding it back.

    I have a i5-3570k and currently have a EVGA GTX 680 4gig OC. If my processor is an issue then I will hold off untill I can buy both at the same time.

    Also has there been any mention yet on when the 980 6gig models would be coming out?

    You're fine.

    Extra memory options are probably a ways out, sadly that stuff has been taking it's sweet time to come out for a while. I really wish they'd just fuckin put that out there.

    @ebeatty: Run rings? Not at all. They aren't more powerful, just more specialized. And they are so much more expensive pretty much entirely because of the market they sell to: companies that need what they are selling and can afford to pay a huge premium.

    When it comes to that stuff, they are usually fairly close in theoretical gaming performance in most ways to their consumer equivalents. And usually it leans towards consumer stuff for consumer performance. Quadro's are usually slower (but not SLOW exactly).

    In your specific example, the K5000 vs the 780, I think the 780 will come out fairly far ahead of the K5000 for gaming performance. All of the relevant spends are higher for the 780.

    @DJFARTH: To be fair, we all could have told you to wait. Always research roadmaps and stuff before you buy into fairly old generations, especially if you're buying the latest and greatest. That's pretty much on you sadly.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on My 10 Virtual Reality Takeaways from Oculus Connect

    @jojonl said:

    First thing:

    Having worked in the music industry I don't get why sound should be that hard!?

    Sound engineers have tons of software that can build up entire virtual orchestras, having full control of where every single musician is positioned. Even having the ability to listen in realtime how the sound changes as they move the virtual musician or virtual microphone. Even the reverb can be generated by building up your own spaces or loading in 3d models of rooms and halls. And these things were already possible 5 years ago.

    Second thing:

    It's funny and shaming to read the negative comments about the Oculus and VR. It all boils down to the basic principal: it's new, I don't know it, so it must be bad and I don't like it. It being only for the rich... That's how people slow down progress.


    Great article @norm. Wasn't interested in GearVR but you make a valid point with the movie watching. It would be great to have this thing during long commutes or maybe at home when every one is sleeping.

    It's specifically setting it to work with stereo headphones and simulating the ears. Reverb isn't that hard. But modeling things like occlusions and delay and even how sound moves through the ear is a bit more challenging. Also? Mastering music is ENTIRELY different from creating a system that can place a sound in 3D space as it dynamically moves, etc. Doing that dynamically in real time with hundreds of sounds as well as reverb, object occlusion, etc is pretty challenging. To get decent 3D audio we'd need really good reverb sim, and at least conetracing style occlusion similar to the GI that nVidia showed off on Maxwell (that way something on the other side of a wall or object wouldn't sound the same as it would with a clear LOS to you.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on iPhone 6 Plus Impressions and Most Common Questions Answered

    Just throwing blank space when you "squish" things down is really bad looking. Why not just bring notifications down or something automatically?

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Amazon Announces Kindle Voyage, Updates to Kindle Family

    @mcd78 said:

    @edvarim: I agree a large ereader is needed. Lot of the books don't format for the small screen, especially the text books for school that Amazon keeps pushing, and cookbooks. I also want to get an ereader for my parents but the screen is wayy to small since they will need to increase the font size. Since you can turn the font size up on a regular book this would be an excellent selling point to an older crowd. Otherwise, there is no value in switching from paper for a lot of folks. There is a huge opportunity here for Amazon that they are missing. I am hoping they are just refining the tech and are planning on it. Maybe when color eink is ready.

    Agreed. The size they have now is great for traveling, but not much else. I'd prefer a bigger screen as an option. If there was an up to date, larger Kindle I'd own one by now but it just isn't that appealing to me at the current size.

    I also feel like I've been pretty spoiled by my Nexus 5, as the "e-ink" looked pretty gnarly on the last Kindle iteration compared to the super high density screens I've become accustomed to. Where as the Nexus's screen rarely looked like a screen because the pixels were hard to spot, the Kindle's still looked like a screen to me because of how lacking the density of the display was. Even with the advantages of the e-ink screen.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Quadcopter Fun Flight Fridays #1

    Love the video, definitely want to see more. I am also insanely jealous, that looks like buttloads of fun.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Quadcopter Fun Flight Fridays #1

    Love the video, definitely want to see more. I am also insanely jealous, that looks like buttloads of fun.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on A Landmark Episode of This Is Only a Test - 3/27/2014

    Sorry guys, but saying that the Titan Z is for gaming is a bit silly. Especially with the fact that every time they mention the popularity of the card, they mention science uses, not gaming. Titans are certainly sold for gaming, but they are very popular for research, and for workstations that need real-time capabilities for a pipeline that benefits from interactivity.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Original Xbox Designers Critique the PlayStation 4

    @didibus said:

    @MordeaniisChaos: oh you're right. I'm surprised they showed so much bias. They could have said the bigger Xbox one or something that's not pejorative. I find tested is generally quite good at having a unbiased outlook on things. I'm a bit disappointed.

    My experience is that the main dudes and fellas like Loyd are great at being unbiased at least in articles (podcast is different but also fair game IMO).

    I've never hidden my distaste for this particular writer's tendency to make statements like that in articles. Just comes off as childish, but I guess that's what a vaguely freelance/young writer gets you.

  • MordeaniisChaos commented on Original Xbox Designers Critique the PlayStation 4


    bulky slab that is Microsoft's Xbox One.

    So it's a typo?

    And I think the PS4 would look acceptable on it's own on a stand or something, but with other cubic devices it sticks out like a sore thumb, and the angles are a little too hip and cool for me to really say they look "adult."