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    I've been following Tested since the start of the Whiskey Media days and I've to say that with you leaving Tested won't be the same. Also I hope you well on your future adventure.

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    @Monkeyman04: That's a good point, most PC FPS games allow for customisation of the FOV, reducing it greatly to something quite low like 60-70 degrees would probably help with the smaller screen. Would take a bit of playing around to figure out what works best for this particular form factor but could improve playability for FPS titles.

    Would be very interesting if they could at some point allow a 2nd Screen Experience via the Shield, something like with the Logitech G Keyboards with the little LCD. Might be a cool feature for certain games.

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    @Monkeyman04: Ah indeed. Fixed it , thanks.

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    @Monkeyman04 said:

    @andrew1901 said:

    I miss watching people work in the back ground as the Mystery Object printed. Will that come back as the office cones together ?

    I too miss that. Will it happen @will ?

    What @Joey said...

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    @Monkeyman04 @andrew1901 It's a bit tough right now, with the office being in shambles and also just the way the room layout is; It's not as much of a bullpen as the old office. We'll try and work in something though.

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    @Monkeyman04 said:

    @Rallier said:

    You guys should reprint some of the models you did with the old makerbot and compare the two. The whistle for example.

    I too would like to see this. Please make it happen @will

    Unfortunately, I threw out all the old prints when we moved out of the old office. I'm not sure it's worth the effort to go back and reprint that stuff.

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    @Monkeyman04: there's nothing wrong with him. would you say giraffe with a hard g which is more often perceived to be associated with the letter g? GEAR-raff? phonetics doesn't always follow from what you might think based on spelling.

    anyways, both pronunciations are acceptable, but if you're some kinda weird purist, the creator of the file type pronounces it like Jif.