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    @Nscafe: I feel bad I missed this! How about I leave the thread open, and if you feel the need to try and share again, then you are free to bump your thread? :)

    Community building is always welcome. The more we get together, the happier we'll be, right?

  • MAGZine commented on So what are your favorite three books that you read of all time?

    By the way, this thread is awesome. I revisit it a few times a year to look back on people's favourites for book suggestions.

    So, definitely bump. If you have some (new?) favourites, feel free to share them!

  • MAGZine commented on Huge Bug in Intel SSDs: Complete Recovery Information Here

    @mfalkvidd said:

    @lane: Thanks a lot for this guide! On my Asus Z77 (P8Z77-V), first I had to enable AHCI to enable hotswap, then disable AHCI (=set BIOS to IDE), make sure the SATA connector to the disk was disconnected during boot and connect it during MHDDs SCSI prompt. I could then lock the drive with PWD just as described. My SSD is now back to normal. I hope this helps if anyone else is getting the Failed message during PWD.

    Glad that you got your drive back up and running!

  • MAGZine commented on Are the LSTN Troubador's any good?

    Welcome to Tested! I'm delighted that you've made the jump to being a poster and that Tested has inspired your inner-creative self ;)

    On the headphones, I know nothing about them, but I would be skeptical due to the lack of reviews. The whole wood thing kinda sounds like bunk to me, too.

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    I'm all over the place with my listening.

    I subscribe to Rdio, and that's where a lot of my listening takes place. However, I also do have a small collection of FLAC that I maintain (~30Gb). HOWEVER, that ends up on Google Music (i.e. converted to 320) since my mobile devices do not have the bandwidth, storage, nor hardware to appreciate FLAC.

    Actually, my desktop doesn't have the hardware to appreciate FLAC either, since I'm using a gaming headset which are typically renowned for their mediocre sound quality. They're on par with the ear-buds I carry with me--Sennheiser MM70s.

    Genre-wise I'm all over the place. One day it's EDM, next day its folk, next day alt-rock, next day country. I have pretty broad listening tastes but usually shy away from any sort of metal.

  • MAGZine commented on From iPad 2 to Nexus 7

    @AtomicEdge: I feel that's what a lot of people have found, and it's the reason why the iPad Mini is so incredibly popular as well.

    Glad that you're enjoying Android so far!

  • MAGZine commented on Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - On Cooking - 12/04/2012

    @zgryphon: The knife will last you forever. There's a surprising amount of science/work that goes into knives!

  • MAGZine commented on Happy Thanks Giving!

    Happy thanksgiving, folks! Hopefully some people got some sweet black-friday deals this morning.

  • MAGZine commented on Switching to Andriod. Recommand me phones please.

    The Nexus 5 sounds great, and the Nexus 4 may be due for a re-release.

    HTC One is a great phone, though already getting bit old at this point.

    Also worth checking out is the Moto X, which is The Wirecutter's (friends of Tested! actually written by Nathan Edwards, who has written for Tested and MPC) favourite phone.

  • MAGZine commented on I picked up a new Lens last week, Wanted to share the experience

    Looks good. I'm not sure I could ever drop that much money on glass, but lord knows I want to!

    Just a tip, I know in Canada there are a few websites that will rent you a lens, ship it to you, and include return postage.... so all you need to do is schedule a pickup to return the lens. It's a great way to try a lense before buying it, especially when you're looking at lenses costing upwards of $1,000. I'm sure America has some sort of similar service available.

  • MAGZine commented on Preparing for game programmer job interview

    @Rxanadu said:

    Hello, everyone:

    I'm preparing for a mock interview for a game programmer job I've been looking into, and I need some basic advice on how to prepare for it. I have a list of questions I want to ask:

    • What should I wear to the interview? Is there a generally accepted dress code for game programmers to wear to interviews?
    • What type of programming questions do interviewers ask during the interview?
    • I work with Unity3D and C# when making games; I have little to no experience in C++ in the realm of game programming. How do I use my Unity3D experience to my advantage if the interviewer asks specific programming questions?
    • Should I even apply for a game programming job based on the aforementioned programming experience?

    These are the primary questions I need answered before the interview, but I'll update the list if anything comes to mind.

    Thanks in advance for reading this.

    I've sat in a couple interviews on both sides of the table for a game studio. It wasn't for a position working on game code but I can give you some ideas...

    • What you wear vastly depends on the interview. If you've had a phone interview and have been invited to the site for an interview, they may have told you what you can expect to wear. At the place I worked, the dress code was extremely casual. However, don't mix up casual and messy. As the person before me said, cut your nails. Shave if that is something that you need to do to look presentable. Cut your hair. Shower. Don't wear ratty clothing... use your judgement. Remember that you're representing yourself. Wearing a Github teeshirt might be seen as much better than wearing a collared shirt... but both are definitely better than wearing your old, holey Coors T-shirt. Programmer culture is pretty lied back, but don't let them form an impression that you're a slob or don't care.
    • Depends on the position. Some might ask you algorithms questions of various difficulty (i.e. how to remove an item from the bottom of a stack; fizzbuzz; how to detect a cycle in a linked-list), some will obviously be focused to the job position (i.e. for a web job--what is the difference between a PUT and a POST). Some might be open-ended (Compare two programming languages, what do you like/dislike about each? What are their merits in contrast to one another). More senior positions might ask something a little bit more encompassing, that requires bigger-picture thinking (You are tasked to design and build a flight-booking system. What are the steps you take to do this?)
    • But do you have C++ programming expertise at all? This might be difficult to 'get around'... the best way to be prepared for these specific programming questions is to know the answer. In your case, probably the best advice I could get is try to speak in abstract programming terms, rather than language specific ones. Talk about the process rather than the syntax.
    • It never hurts to apply. Though, know that it would help immensely if you were familiar with what the job asked for.



  • MAGZine commented on I (mockup) designed a better UI for Whatsapp. What do you think?

    Here's some criteria, from a UX perspective. Note, I'm not a UX/HCI expert. :P

    • The primary screenshot is indicated as 'Favorites'... is this supposed to be the 'main page'? Was such a page designed?
    • What are the (+) buttons for on each conversation/contact?
    • There are no visual cues to tell the user to swipe for... information(?) or to remove a conversation. I suppose this could be highlighted by a 'tutorial'.
    • The green is really, really green, and it can be difficult to read white text on.
    • is the microphone symbol beside the text entry box supposted to have a white box around it?
    • one of my biggest beefs about iMessage now is that there is a lot of wasted space between textbubbles. perhaps you could find a way to make the design a bit more 'efficent' in this regard, without sacrificing clarity/cleanness.

    I'd ideally like to compare it to the current iOS Whatsapp, but I don't have an iDevice to do such a thing with.

    Good job, though. It's good to think about how to improve an existing product. Maybe they can borrow some ideas (e.g. gestures) to incorporate into their own app.

  • MAGZine commented on Anyone here run a Hackintosh?

    A long time ago I had wanted (and tried) to set one up. Unfortunately, I had some hardware configuration that just wouldn't allow it to happen.

    I'm fairly sure that Matt Braga ran a Hackintosh for some time.. I mean, they seem to work, just not very elegantly. I have my Macbook Air now (and have had, for the last couple years), so I don't really see the point (for me) in trying to get one afloat anymore.

  • MAGZine commented on Thank You (If you're a new user, this will probably be useful too)

    Being a moderator at Tested has been my pleasure, to say the least.

    The community is fantastic. A joy to participate in. Part of the reason why we've thrived for so long with so little active moderation is that the community is just that good. On a few instances, the moderator team has had a couple moments where strong-worded private messages were sent out... but for the most part, there has been only one member removed... which is nothing short of fantastic. You can attribute this to whatever you want, but what really matters is that this is how it is.

    I feel it is pretty safe to say that in the last 3-and-change years since Tested has launched, but the community continues to act in the virtue that Will has elaborated on. We're not the most active community, but I feel that together we can continue to engage in the civil discourse that has always made Tested truly a top-shelf community.

  • MAGZine commented on Email Hosting suggestions for a medium sized company

    @lawle102: You'll have to look around a bit, and cost will vary, but Microsoft (Office 365) and Google (gmail/apps for domain) both offer email.

    Are there any particular features you're looking for?



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    I'm not a doctor, and I know that there are eCigarette enthusiasts who could answer this in much greater detail... but, as far as I know, the eCigs are indeed just mini vaporizers. Generally, you inhale just two things: water vapor and nicotine. The idea is that you get your nicotine fix without any other detrimental health effects.

    Could be wrong, but I think that's at least reasonably accurate. So to answer your question, I'm guessing (not a doctor, so I don't know for sure!) that the difference between and ecig and a real cigarette would be fairly close to 'not smoking at all'.

  • MAGZine commented on What book should I read?

    @Thats Mr.Dingus: I haven't read any of those. What topic matters are you interested in?

    Here are some good reads off the top of my head. All fiction, dunno what genre is your jam.

    • Cryptonomicon
    • The Dark Tower series (stephen king)
    • The Wheel of Time series
    • The Kiterunner
    • Three Day Road (I really enjoyed this, though YMMV? War book!)


    This thread is amazing. Definite add your favoirtes!


  • MAGZine commented on Heml.is, a secure and private instant messager by one of he founders of The Pirate Bay

    @Rallier: The big issue for me is that

    a) it's not open source (or doesn't sound like it will be)

    b) it's not p2p

    c) they haven't mentioned the crypto it's going to use.

    it seems pretty dumb to consider something like this "truly secure" without these. The code should be peer reviewed and freely available for hacking and securing it, messages shouldn't rely on a centralized server, and, who knows, maybe they'll choose bad crypt (or, god forbid, one of their own conception)

  • MAGZine commented on Minecraft: Official Server Continued thread

    Oh my gosh, I haven't seen the update.

    What is going on?

  • MAGZine commented on A little introduction.

    Welcome to the community, fellow James!

    There are some really awesome people around the community--you should field right at home!