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    @MAGZine: I'd rather keep deleting the users manually, since the user database is relatively clean right now. If you just delete the posts, we'll have a bunch of active users who are bad, with no way of knowing who they are. If you can give me a list of the people you delete every night, I'd be ok with you mashing the ban button on them. But only if you can generate a list.

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    @MAGZine Is there any way to flag a post without going into the actual thread? Or possibly flagging a user who is a spammer? I try to flag some of the spam I see each night, but it is so time consuming to do it that way.

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    @MAGZine: So, you want feedback....

    First, it's really good to see any forward movement on this.

    Second, I think a trial period is certainly in order if you go the proposed route. I basically never got my posts back (as far as I know) from the last time I was accidentally banned (Thanks Will! lol). Not that I was seriously attached to them, but I was in the middle of a thread or two when it happened. So I would want to know (if I were in your place) in advance exactly how many false positive it's looking like.

    Third, I am sorry that the system doesn't allow other options - since I think much of the spam could be curbed/managed by the suggestions some have made (including Will's comments). Restrictions on new users, proxy banning, etc....

    And lastly, looking at the TOS for that service, it looks like we (well, Tested) would be legit even if it had to be the $50 month one which could be covered by premium memberships (12 of them).

    Anyways, that's my feedback. I hope it is useful somehow. You certainly know more than I about the underpinnings of this forum operation.

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    @MAGZine @will Whatever you guys end up implementing, we appreciate it immensely. This is a community I'm proud to be part of, and that starts from the top and filters down to us.

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    @MAGZine: Check your PMs ;)

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    @MAGZine Is there any way to keep the flag system for abusive behavior, or will that render your idea useless?

    I realize that you all need to be sure before you implement anything, to prevent account deletion that isn't warranted. Can you or the powers that be implement something in the meantime to help slow the bleeding? A measure that's not perfect, but a way you can tweak it to see what would be the best from experience?

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    @MAGZine As a new user, I wouldn't have a problem with what you propose at all. I love the forums here, more-so than anything on reddit or another social network platform. It is elegant in its simplicity. Subjects on the left, topics in the middle, easy to navigate and there is a good mix of what you want to see and nuggets of interesting I've found searching for other things.

    I am willing to accept that if I start a topic, if it is deemed spam by your program, then it will be deleted. The responsibility to make a thread topic meet the requirements falls squarely on our shoulders as users. I love this forum, and the community is one of the best I've experienced in my time surfing the web. I'd hate to see it go because a group of people constantly drown it in a deluge of skin care and shaman curses.

    Being a software maker is awesome. You may not have physical representations of projects like more traditional makers do, but this kind of things takes serious knowledge and an ability to apply it. You have some serious chops if you can manage all that. I wish I could do something like that to directly help all the people who visit this site.

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    @MAGZine: It sounds like that will help deal with the spam problem or at least mitigate it somewhat to allow people to come to understand that there is more on the forum than spam (the other day i had to go through 4 pages to find actual content!) but i don't think it addresses the underlying issue of the forums lack of usability and features, the tested forums are like something from 1995, theres no FB or Twitter integration, no inbuilt search, it just seems really clunky.

    I really don't want to come across as being down on the whole thing, honestly there is a great community here it just needs the tools to allow it to grow and to express itself, personally I'm not a huge fan of reddits i much prefer forum based communities, or failing that FB Groups.

    Im assuming a large part of the problem is the current forum software is integrated into the tested website meaning we use the same accounts for comments on posts and managing subscriptions? I used to run a large XenForo forum (50,000 members, 16 million posts) But we never tried integration and just focused on running the forums as a stand alone entity but i know lots of other sites which allow integration, maybe something to look at if/when you look to give the site a facelift?

    In the meantime however i full heartedly agree that anything to limit the amount of spam is worthwhile

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    @MAGZine: They'll be the envy of their peers for weeks to come and encourage others to strive to achieve the same greatness.We need a party.

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    @MAGZine: hahahahahaha that made my night.... thanks for all your hard work

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    @MAGZine:  I'll only say that part of the point I've been trying to make (alas, in vain) is that there is indeed a difference between "hating" on something vice making fun of something. Also, I've tried to make it clear that I do not see into the minds of Will or Jeremy or Adam or any of these folks, nor do I claim that Will harbors any negative feelings about the South (he may or may not, I have no idea). However, his actions on the website/podcasts/videos are actions made in public, and I am free to point out the effect those words/actions have. Consistent references to the South as Dirty, as a place where people are dumb, as a place where any legitimate connection with it must be either explained or excused have, objectively, the impact of painting a derogatory picture of that place and its people.

    Finally, I'm not arguing against stereotypes. Far from it. Not belaboring that point any more.
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    @MAGZine said:

    @General Desire said:

    I do think lately more real people are finding the forums as well, which is a good thing. The prostitute-bots come in waves, but generally the forums are clean around 6PM GMT, so someone is doing some nice active clean-up. Can't wait for a decent behind-the systems thing to come in effect though, but yes, they're on it.

    yep, that's about when I wake up most days :D

    Forum spam is literally the first and last thing I do each day. We're really sorry for the inconvenience, but our dev team moves very slowly on stuff like this.

    FWIW, CAPTCHAs will do very little to solve the current problems. From what we can tell, this is all being done by actual human beings. We could put a captcha on each post, but I'm pretty opposed to solutions that are going to impact good users just as much as the spammers.

    We're going to add some smarter filtering, and hope to add the ability for you guys to flag spammers into oblivion, instead of just bringing them to the attention of our mod team.

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    @MAGZine said:

    @mfh647: @Nscafe: the correct answer is editing functionality was removed from new users because spammers.

    Thanks for fixing the link in my post.

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    @MAGZine: But the editing functionality is still pretty glitchy in the forums regardless - in FF, Safari, and Chrome.

    Anyways, @mfh647 - welcome!

    EDIT: (wow - it worked this time) Thanks for your diligence on the spam!

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    @MAGZine: I was going off what Will had said about IE browser stats (and extrapolating to my own experiences with Safari) ... but knowing that it's been removed [period] from functionality is good to know too.

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    @MAGZine: if you need any help, just let me know!

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    @MAGZine: I'll be a moderator! I'm on this site multiple times a day.

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    @MAGZine said:

    I know I'm guilty.

    We are all guilty of it. Anyone who is not, is not a human. Emotions are part of us and they drive us toward our own ideological safety-net - which we instinctively run to unless forced to face others. The internet (or more correctly, the format of it) allows us to "hit and run" - it facilitates that by removing our conscious - and our responsibility or accountability. In one of the biggest ironies I can think of (or at least in the top ten), you have a technology based on the most critical of thinking - that works as a perfect tool to encourage us to not think. Worse, it skews us. It removes a filter of humanity and allows us to so easily do and say things (bad things) to real people we would not do in it's absence - we would not do face-to-face. But even worse - it removes the forward movement in ideology we experience when forced to discuss face-to-face. It takes away our empathy and the progress truly personal communication advances. It takes away part of our humanity.

    The internet has removed the intimacy that actually used to be in the daily lives of everyone. I don't mean romance and sex - I mean we actually had to argue in a manner that forced us to realize that the other person was actually a human and not a nic, username, handle, alias, avatar, or some abstract "thing" in the net - but a person - with feelings....family....history.....pain.....and life.

    Thanks internet :)

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    @MAGZine thanks a bunch - I don't mean to be a dick about it.

    I know how hard it is to moderate a forum - so thank you.

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    @MAGZine: Well the anniversary never actually went down, we could still try again to have an actual one, we just need to figure out a time and date that works for everybody.