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  • MAGZine commented on Tech question: The 'magic' technology behind Sending SMS on Imac

    @FortYTw0: are you able to receive texts from non-SMS users while the phone is off? Sending messages is straight-forward, receiving them is the tricky part. Without the phone being on to relay messages to Apple, I have no idea how else your Mac could receive messages from non-iMessage users.

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    @Tashi said:

    Hey @coopdegra,@evil_gordita,@zmaster, and everyone else: speaking of forever ago: check out what I found on The youtube.

    (Way before my time)

    I actually really dig the tunes.

    Hey, is there a way we can get an official anniversary date? I feel we should do something special for our annual/biannual anniversaries.

    I'm a bit bummed, I would've definitely have showed up to an anniversary! That video brings back a lot. I remember constructing a lot of the initial area including the spawn point and the initial 'subway' station/line. That lava bit right by the platform? It was used to dispose of stacks of cobble/dirt/sand from the initial excavation, and was never cleaned up. :)

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  • MAGZine commented on Windows laptops or MacBooks?

    I've used a macbook air for university for the last three years and it's been awesome. handles all the tasks I throw at it, long battery life, and it's super light (probably the single best aspect of it).

    There's some good information in here. I think a 256GB 13" MBA with a 8GB RAM upgrade is what I would buy if I were looking for a notebook right now. The only thing is, the gaming performance is a bit lackluster, but it tends to at least play most.

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    I came in here with guns ablazing thinking

    a ha! Spammer, I've caught you now!

    Surprisingly, the title deceived me. Anyhow, I'm not really sure that there is a good way to do that, since the premium stuff is paywalled. Perhaps pull the video up on your phone/notebook, and then share out to the TV via chromecast?

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    That's a great idea! If you could find another shelf, or fashion one yourself, then you could probably fit two even rows of toolboxes in the space of one shelf!

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    @ilikemovies: special effects are the best way to do this, really. there are all sorts of tutorials that can help you.

    If you're dedicated to a practical effect, then you may have to resort to fire, though not a lot of it. Look into smoke pellets.



    Suspending a bunch of these in a pie tin beneath the car may be your best bet, but if you plan to do it with moving with any sort of speed, but I'd guess that you'd best do some visual trickery to make it look like the car is moving when it isn't (or, greenscreen/roto it, but that, again, hard when dark). Slow moving vehicle would be fine.

    Apparently military grade smoke bombs put out a lot of smoke, last about a minute and don't get hot.

    All of this information came from a friend close to the movie biz, so I can't guarentee the accuracy of it, but should help you get going in the right direction.

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    @stenchlord: @CouchPotatoTalk: @StephenWestervelt: thanks for the flags, guys.

    Depending on when I go to bed, I sometimes will clean up the spam that arrives around midnight PST, but have been trying to make it a habit of grabbing it when I wake up.

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    @noren: @will: should be able to help.

    There was an email address once upon a time ago, I'm not sure if it's still monitored for issues like this however.

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    @Tashi: Nice work!

    I'm not sure there is much that lives under the office from the look of the building, but I've never visited so I couldn't say for sure.

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    We are working on something to help tackle the spam problem, just going to need sometime.

    Right now, we do have mods in at least two different timezones. Lane I think is eastern, and lt. squigs is now west coast, though they have both been pretty quiet lately. I'm west coast North America, and I could be wrong but Rallier is something like France.

    Honestly, I feel adding more moderators is a bandaid solution. That's not to say it won't work in the short term, but unfortunately adding people as moderators tends to turn doing something fun into work. I'm not saying that people will pickup their bags and leave immediately, but cleaning spam really isn't much fun.

    The only thing I can say for certain is that I'm still going to try and prevent spam from building up over time.

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    @will: it's sort of like a zombie shooter, on horde mode.

  • MAGZine commented on More Mods to Tackle Spam?

    I've been on vacation, will try to resume checking it when I wake up, as the spammers seem to hit 1-6 AM PST (i.e. when I'm asleep).

    No guarentees--twitter is still the best way to contact me.

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    hmm...@will: ?

  • MAGZine commented on More Mods to Tackle Spam?

    @YoThatLimp: I don't think that exists.

    For everyone, feel free to @reply me on twitter after flagging the spam, and I'll come and clean everything up if it's bad. :)

  • MAGZine commented on No active mods?

    Just chiming in here.

    As a software engineer, I am all too familiar with the challenges of spam filtering. What's worse is that spam detecting becomes an arms race when you have people either actively tweaking their posts or bots to bypass your filters.

    As a moderator, to our members, please continue to flag posts. By flagging posts, they go into a neat control panel which makes handling that spam an order of magnitude easier. We can clean it up faster, and more eyes means that we'll clean up a greater portion of it.

    I know that I have been the most active, and I feel guilty from time to time because of it. I'm trying to work on it!

    @stenchlord: I think that we can all agree that people who have something to share shouldn't be discouraged from doing so. @will: and I from day one have taken mature discourse as our number one priority in crafting the atmosphere of the Tested forums, and to cordon off discussion to those who have paid doesn't make a lot of sense. The more discussion the better, and so by making visible posting a member's-only benefit, you segregate a community.

    If there is a lot of spam on the forums, feel free to flag it as spam, and then send me an @reply on twitter (@MAGZine), and I'll take care of it when I have a moment. :)

  • MAGZine commented on Surface Pro 2 (base model) vs Macbook Pro Retina (base model)

    Personally, I really like the Surface's hardware. The screen is goregous, the touch screen is great. Very portable. The real hang-up for me, as a software developer, is that I love to have OSX's BSD development at my fingertips.

    The upside of the rMBP is the arguably better typing experience and more storage. It really depends what you want to do with it! If you like to draw or anything like that, I think the SP wins bigtime.

  • MAGZine commented on Thursday morning needs music

    @Nscafe: I feel bad I missed this! How about I leave the thread open, and if you feel the need to try and share again, then you are free to bump your thread? :)

    Community building is always welcome. The more we get together, the happier we'll be, right?

  • MAGZine commented on So what are your favorite three books that you read of all time?

    By the way, this thread is awesome. I revisit it a few times a year to look back on people's favourites for book suggestions.

    So, definitely bump. If you have some (new?) favourites, feel free to share them!

  • MAGZine commented on Huge Bug in Intel SSDs: Complete Recovery Information Here

    @mfalkvidd said:

    @lane: Thanks a lot for this guide! On my Asus Z77 (P8Z77-V), first I had to enable AHCI to enable hotswap, then disable AHCI (=set BIOS to IDE), make sure the SATA connector to the disk was disconnected during boot and connect it during MHDDs SCSI prompt. I could then lock the drive with PWD just as described. My SSD is now back to normal. I hope this helps if anyone else is getting the Failed message during PWD.

    Glad that you got your drive back up and running!