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  • LtSquigs commented on The MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer

    Wow that looks pretty awesome.

  • LtSquigs commented on Makerbot Mystery Object - It's Full of Facets!

    Man I couldn't figure out what that was until it was finished!

    That thing (dont want to give it away?) looks like it could have been in Starfox 64.

  • LtSquigs commented on good FREE to play MMORPGs?

    I actually enjoyed Maple Story for a while. It still has the pitfalls of regular MMOs but the side scrolling nature of it is pretty interesting.

    Similarly, Rusty Hearts is interesting because its a brawler (like air juggling combos and such). It's still an MMO but at least has that hook.

    Global Agenda is an interesting MMO because its kind of not one? There's one area you can level in, and when you hit max level in it (which doesn't take long) you just do a bunch of instanced raids and PVP. It's like if they took the middle man out of WoW and just gave you raids and PvP.

    If you want an old school MMO Tibia still exists. I remember liking that way back when, but that is a really old MMO so it doesn't have modern design sensibilities.

  • LtSquigs commented on Makerbot Mystery Build - Wow, That's Tall!

    Man the new makerbot is impressive.

    Jeff asked this on the podcast but the question sort of got skipped over: is this one better at making the surfaces smoother, or can you like sand down the objects to make them smoother?

  • LtSquigs commented on I'm Just Going to Leave This Here: CorgiCam

    @will: Tested too of course :)

  • LtSquigs commented on I'm Just Going to Leave This Here: CorgiCam

    I love the Corgi Cam. One of the only youtube channels worth watching.

  • LtSquigs commented on The Starship enterprise could destroy a Super Star Destroyer

    I think the Super Star Destroyer would win, my reasoning is as follows:

    1. The Starship Enterprise is from Star Trek
    2. I don't much care for Star Trek
    3. The Super Star Destroyer is from Star Wars
    4. I like Star Wars
    5. Therefore the Super Star Destroyer wins
  • LtSquigs commented on Home Page 500 Error

    Not getting it here, appears to be fixed? Huzzah!

  • LtSquigs commented on Checking In On The Design + What Would You LIke to See?

    @Falcon said:

    Also also, bring back post deleting.

    Mods can delete posts.

  • LtSquigs commented on Checking In On The Design + What Would You LIke to See?

    @will: I think for articles/videos that works fine, because that would also double as a nice short indexed list of all the recent articles.

    For blogs, I think that would work in the short term, but if you wanted to really grow blogs as a big thing you would want to be able to separate them into subject areas like forum posts.

    Crazy thought time, mayhaps for blogs you can have them attach to the forum categories like they used to, except at the top of the forum you can select whether you want to see forum threads or blogs? That way you make it easy to separate the two while also keeping the nice categorization. Not the best solution and can certainly be improved, but an idea.

  • LtSquigs commented on Checking In On The Design + What Would You LIke to See?

    Well a fairly big one you missed:

    Attaching news/blogs to the forums.

    Or, if for some reason you don't want to do that, having a way to easily browse blogs at least (and search them). Right now blogs are kind of meaningless because you can't index them at all.

    • A bunch of moderator stuff that you guys probably don't care about...


    When I think of more stuff ill post some more.

  • LtSquigs commented on This week on tested (early try version)

    Great job! It can be really hard to catch up on a week if you missed out on it, so having a kind of round up is a really cool idea.

  • LtSquigs commented on OCTOBERKAAAAAAAAST

    I am fairly excited for Octoberkast. I plan to stay up the 24 hours modding the live chat like last time (assuming something else really important doesn't come up).

    There's also another plan for Octoberkast brewing that I hope to deliver on. (Secret sorkret)

  • LtSquigs commented on Welcome to the New Tested Office: Part 1

    Looks pretty cool, can't wait to see more!

  • LtSquigs commented on Tested Audience

    @episcopo: Its from a set of 16-bit portraits of whiskey media folk that someone on GB did a while ago. (heres the source http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/fobwashed/all-images/52-328916/will_smith/51-2253556/ )

  • LtSquigs commented on Notifications are back?

    @coonce: Aha! The notification stream! Totally missed that, that's awesome. Thanks for the hard work.

    EDIT: Also test0r makes a good point, having some sort of indication that there are 'new' notifications you can check would be really nice. Even just a little image or something that indicates 'Hey you have some more notifications'.

  • LtSquigs commented on Notifications are back?

    @GTFShadow: An actual factual e-mail, not tested "email"

  • LtSquigs commented on Notifications are back?

    Ok I just got an e-mail saying I was mentioned, but it looks like its only e-mail notifications?

  • LtSquigs commented on Notifications are back?

    @LtSquigs: @test0r: @GTFShadow: apparently I had it turned off and it should only be through e-mail?

  • LtSquigs commented on Notifications are back?

    I was told notifications should be back, so I figured I would create a thread to test them in!