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    Thanks for the reply! I didn't realize that I should have provided a little more info. I started college late. I'm 30 this year, and I spent a decade in the Air Force as a Voice Network Systems Technician. Basically, I was the "AT&T" of the Air Force. I've been to more countries than states. Also, I'm used to living out in the sticks. It hadn't even occurred to me that that info would make a huge difference in your answer. I'm as married as I'm going to get(I have a girlfriend and we're not ever planning on getting married, unless it becomes fiscally necessary), and have dogs, cats, motorcycles, and 12 years of accumulated junk. So, a roommate situation wouldn't work for me.

    I'd be fine with living outside the city. When I think of "the city", Atlanta comes to mind, and that really means: all of North GA. I really prefer to have a few acres of property and a generous amount of space between me and the neighbors. But, I also realize that I'm not Bill Gates and will probably never be able to afford that in CA. Even if that type of place existed that close to SF; I assume it doesn't.

    I'm not even considering Chicago or NYC. Neither or those places appeal to me at all. My preferred states are CA, OR, WA, and CO, but not necessarily in that order.

    Is @LtSquigs around the same age as myself?

    As an aside: would it be possible to get some wallpapers with the blockheads and Tested logo for my desktop?

    Thanks again!

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    $50k is a pretty good starting salary, especially if you have roommates. Cars are crazy expensive here, tickets are $60-300 and gas is always $4/gallon or higher. Parking spaces cost between $150-500/month depending on where you want one. Expect to pay $1000+ for a room, or more if you want to live by yourself. There aren't really cheaper neighborhoods in SF, unless you're ok living someplace that you'll get mugged (tenderloin, 6th St, etc). Avoid bayview/bay point. Alternately, you can live away from the city, but you aren't moving here to live in an apartment complex in the burbs and spend two hours on the train every day. Besides, roommates will help you meet people outside of work.

    You should investigate the job market closely before you move out. Startups typically don't hire traditional helpdesk/server ops because they're running everything off of services, and it's tough to get into the bigger companies without a resume.

    Frankly, I'd look really hard at NYC and Chicago too. You'll pay the same to live there, but there are many more benefits (functional public transit, actual houses you can buy, etc.

    Hit @LtSquigs up on Twitter. He moved here a year or two ago, and is probably in a better place to tell you what's up than I am.

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    @lane and @LtSquigs - hope you will both check this game out and see if we delivered :) It's free to download and play the prologue (3-4 hours)!

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    @LtSquigs will be all over it if it delivers on that promise, I know that much.

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    The mods are @Rallier @lane @MAGZine and @LtSquigs. I may be forgetting someone.

    FWIW, I think they're doing a great job. We've been hit with a bunch of spam in the last few weeks, and they didn't have the right kind of tools to really combat spam on that level. That should be changed now, which will help a ton.

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    @LtSquigs said:

    I love the Corgi Cam. One of the only youtube channels worth watching.

    Thanks Squigs.

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    @psoplayer said:

    In regards to the spam stuff, it's not just on the forums. At least there's the option to flag individual posts in the forum, but that's not available for comments on articles or videos. I would expect that moving the flag feature over to comments would be a pretty simple affair, in lieu of developing more robust anti-spam features.

    (i.e. /news/44564-wiring-the-viper-for-an-open-source-flight/#comments)

    Actually the flag button on the forum is still a work in progress, as in for now it does nothing. Spam threads in the forums are easy to spot for us and are usually dealt with pretty swiftly, spam in the comment section is harder for us to spot without help so send me or one of the other moderators a pm (@LtSquigs ,@lane , @MAGZine) and we will take care of it for a better tomorrow today.

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    @LtSquigs: Yeah, but it's cooler when users can do it, because then it's like you never said something so then I won't make an ass of myself as much users can delete things they think are pointless in retrospect.

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    @frytup: That's on the list.

    @CrippleCaptain: I'm not a huge fan of polls, but I will put them on the list.

    @LtSquigs: This is a good catch. What's the feeling on attaching all news posts to one forum, all videos to one forum, and all user blogs to one forum?

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    @LtSquigs: aww even in 16 bit corgis are cute!

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    @LtSquigs: Never too late.

    Congrats to Gary and Leah! It changes your life and you'll be more exhausted than you can think of, but you wouldn't change it for the world!

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    @LtSquigs: I demand notifications! I demand them I sayz

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    @LtSquigs: Through an email client and not through site? Or a Tested "email"

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    @LtSquigs: @test0r: @GTFShadow: apparently I had it turned off and it should only be through e-mail?

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    @test0r: @LtSquigs: fixage?

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    @LtSquigs: so are they?