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    @bagels: Good points. In addition to the misleading comments within the article, the title seems at least as misleading. A "solved" game is one where the outcome of the game can be predicted based on the positions of all the pieces, assuming perfect play on both sides. Checkers has been solved. Chess and Go are partially solved. By definition, any strategy that relies on statistics or random sampling to help it is not a strategy that will lead by itself to a solved game.

    And that will take a while... Checkers was the simplest of the three examples, so it was solved first. Chess has more pieces, more possible moves, but like Checkers the game becomes *simpler* as you play it because pieces are removed. Not only is the playing space of a full Go board bigger, but with the fundamentally different dynamic of *adding* pieces, the game gets more complicated and *harder* to solve as the play continues.

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    @JJWeatherman: not happening so far on mine, due to the back of the n7 also being rubbery plasic and therefore more grippy than glass

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    @JJWeatherman: When you sideloading apps, I'm guessing you mean how to add third-party channel apps. You can either Google "roku how to add third party channel" or go to YouTube and find a couple demonstration videos on how to do it.

    Just a notification: Third-party apps are independent of the official Roku library and require you to find them online and then enter them at the Roku official site while being signed into your account. Third party app channels can be terminated at will if companies like Google desire them to be stopped by Roku. The most recent example is the channel app VideoBuzz, which was a great way to watch YouTube on a Roku, being pulled and stopped.

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    @JJWeatherman said:

    I like @gpbmike's suggestion. Although there may be complications if you're required to use certain programs for school.

    That's what computer labs/friends are for. My senior year I decided not to buy any textbooks. Library and classmates. Saved a ton of money.

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    @JJWeatherman: you cannot apply a charge to a full lithium battery unless you want heat + fire. That said, the charging circuit is generally disabled once the battery is full.

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    @JJWeatherman: with all li-ion/li-pol batteries, the best technique is to keep it charging, but do a complete discharge once per month. This serves two functions:

    a) it helps maintain the battery's life (as these batteries deterioriate when kept unused at a full charge)

    b) it allows the system to calibrate the battery, so that it knows how a rundown will typically look, at how long until it discharged, voltage levels etc. Should make the 'time remaining' (/%) more accurate, also.

    It doesn't hurt to use the battery, but you should definitely discharge once per month.

    What do you consider light use? You'll get significantly more battery power when the brightness isn't at full, and Wi-Fi isn't on. I can usually net about ~2 more hours (IIRC) with Wifi off.

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    @bagels: Did Norman wear his glasses when using Oculus Rift ?

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    @JJWeatherman: Good to see you found it :D