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    Yeah, I do like the look of those HP's. Though I've heard the battery life isn't amazing.

    One thing I'll say about my old Series 5 is that it struggles with HD video, but I have to assume the newer Chromebooks are capable enough to handle stuff like that. The series 5 was the first model made following Google's initial weird prototype, after all.

    But yeah, if you can safely try it out for a few days, I'd say give it a shot. If it feels like too much of a downgrade from your MacBook, you can wait for that Retina Air. I was reading some rumors about it earlier, and I guess a Retina Air might have a 12" screen, splitting the difference between the two current models, and apparently could finally get a body redesign, making it somehow even sleeker. I'm personally kind of excited to see that.

  • JJWeatherman commented on Who has bought an HP Chromebook 11 lately? or anyone who can help me decide...

    They just refreshed the Air, so I don't think another one will be coming in a few months.

    Anyway, I don't own an HP Chromebook, but I do own a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which I later set aside after buying a Macbook Air.

    In terms of storage, 16 gigs was never a limitation for me, though I always had a desktop to do my real computing on. Not having a backlit keyboard in only a bummer if you can't touch type—it's mostly useless to me on my Air. I spent about $300 for my Chromebook, and I absolutely think it was money well spent. They're cool devices. Especially with how much Chrome OS has evolved over the years.

    So, as someone who did ending up "forking out the extra dough" for a MacBook Air after the fact, I'll say that I almost regret buying the Air. It's an awesome computer, and is clearly so much more capable, but it felt unnecessary. My chromebook could do everything I wanted it to do. I'll still occasionally pull it out and use it, but then I feel like an idiot for not using my $1000+ laptop instead. My Air is great, but there's just something about Chromebooks.

    All that said, maybe consider the Samsung Chromebook 2, which is coming out in a couple weeks.

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    @norman said:

    @JJWeatherman: not happening so far on mine, due to the back of the n7 also being rubbery plasic and therefore more grippy than glass

    Cool, thanks for the response. The wireless charger is now quite a bit more appealing. Though I still wish the unfortunate slipping issue with the Nexus 4 wasn't present.

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    @norman: So, it was a huge issue with the Nexus 4 wireless charging accessory that the Nexus 4 would slooowly slide off of the charger, as it rests at an angle. This apparently didn't happen at first, but getting a tiny bit of dust build-up on the grippy charger surface would quickly lead to this issue. Any sign of that happening with the Nexus 7? Seems since it's heavier, it may be even more prone. But then the back isn't glass, so I'm sure that plays into things as well.

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    Pocket Casts is worth $4. In fact, it's probably worth a lot more.

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    @BradGrenz: I need details on this sideloading that you've mentioned. I'd love Google Music and podcast support on my Roku 2.

  • JJWeatherman commented on The Best HDTV to Buy Today is the Panasonic ST60

    Whyyyyyy is this article ripped directly from The Wirecutter? It's attributed correctly, so I guess it's technically fine, but this just seems like a weird thing to do. Maybe it's just me.

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    I don't see much of a point in going through the effort of tucking everything away inside of a machine that sits in the corner of my room and is rarely opened. I'd have to buy extension cables to even make it happen. I also have stock coolers and temps have always been fine, so I don't buy the airflow argument--obviously it would help, but it's not paramount by any means.

  • JJWeatherman commented on How To Build a Kick-Ass Gaming PC (2013)

    Awesome video, guys. And hey, i'm in need of a new GPU!

    Here's what I'm currently set up with:

    CPU: i3 2120

    GPU: Radeon HD 6870

    Motherboard: Asus H61 LGA 1155 Micro ATX

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB

    SSD: Samsung 840 Series 256GB

    PSU: SeaSonic M12II 520W

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, and please continue to do these videos in the future!

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    I like @gpbmike's suggestion. Although there may be complications if you're required to use certain programs for school. But yeah, for the most basic of word processing and all of those other fun web-based activities, Chromebooks are awesome. I actually have owned a Samsung Series 5 for a little over a year, and I still love it. Great battery life and feels good to use. Although I also bought a MacBook Air like two months ago, so I guess that says something, haha. Chromebooks really are pretty great, and I haven't even tried the newer ARM-based Samsung model.

    Anyway, I've been slightly disappointed with my Air's battery life, so if I were you I'd hold off for those Haswell chips.

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    It's in stock on Amazon and other places.

    If you need Windows, then I feel bad for you, because cheap Windows laptops are trash.

  • JJWeatherman commented on Google's Chromebook Pixel is Real, 13", $1300

    @Digital_Sin said:

    overpriced, and the screen is totally the wrong aspect ratio. and chromeOS instead of OSX or windows? are you serious?

    Think about what you're using this for: web-based things. Now think about what you want when viewing the web: taller, not wider. Makes sense. That said, it's a tad expensive.

    Will and Norm, do a video on this please!

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    @MAGZine: @Sooty: Very helpful. Thanks.

    I consider light use web browsing, some typing, maybe the occasional YouTube video. No games or movie watching or anything like that. I do always have wi-fi on since I love the internet so very much. I keep the brightness at about half or lower for the screen, and the backlight on the keys is always on the very first level, just enough to light them up.

    I'm sort of disappointed at the lack of power saving options, as all of the available ones just have to do with sleep behavior and screen dimming. I'd definitely use a low power mode that cut performance a bit, but it appears it's not an option.

    Anyway, thanks. I'll just keep the thing plugged in. Right now I'm actually unplugging it while I'm not using it, and plugging it in when I am (assuming I'm at a place I can). That way it's not just plugged in 24/7. Maybe that's better. I have no idea.

  • JJWeatherman commented on MacBook Air battery life query

    I bought a MacBook Air a while back. With the help of some of you kind people, I decided to go with the 13", partly to maximize battery life. Thing is, battery life still doesn't seem amazing. So a few points:

    1. The maximum estimated battery life at 100% seems to be about seven and a half hours, but it's often sporadic and will sometimes jump down to around four hours after losing only about 10% battery.
    2. Realistically I only seem to be able to get about five hours out of the thing with relatively light use. Is that about right? Am I expecting too much?
    3. Which is worse: overcharging by keeping it tethered to the wall, or recharging constantly?
    4. Are there any secrets to improving battery life? Any way to slightly cut CPU power or something?

    Now I'm kind of wishing I'd waited for the more power efficient Haswell chips, but maybe you all can help me out. Thanks in advance.

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    Despite HTC and T-Mobile not having released an official 7.8 update for Windows 7.5 devices, I'm now running 7.8 on my HTC Radar 4G, and hey, it seems to work perfectly.

    If anyone's interested, there are two methods of achieving this. For international users, this seems to be a technique that works.

    Apparently T-Mobile users have trouble with the above method, and that proved true for me. Instead, I used this tool, and it worked like a charm. Just download it, run the first executable you see, and it should take care of everything for you, including automatically downloading the required Windows Phone tools. One thing to be sure of is to make sure and select every language that your phone supports when prompted to do that--no more, no less. To check which languages are on your phone, check Settings > Region & Language > Display Language (dropdown). After that it should take over and install several updates and take about twenty minutes or so. All of your data will be kept intact through this process.

    I hope this helps some people out. It's all very similar, but the new home screen organization stuff is very nice.

    **Of course with these things there is always a slight risk of bricking your phone, so do this at your own risk.**

  • JJWeatherman commented on Tested In-Depth: Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Review

    Cool video, guys. I really like these in-depth videos. And I'm not even a camera enthusiast.

  • JJWeatherman commented on Feel free to continue ignoring Windows Phone

    I'm just hoping for a 7.8 update for my Radar. I may go back to Android when the time comes.

  • JJWeatherman commented on Humble bundle 7

    I previously owned none of these games, and I am excited.