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    Thanks for the recommendations so far. Those image banks look like solid solutions, but I'm leaning more and more towards just buying a new laptop and doing my backups through that. I have plenty of small hard-drives and USB sticks which I can spread around my bags and even mail USB sticks back home if access to proper internet becomes an issue.

    Now I just need to find something nice and light, definitely no larger than 14". I'm probably not going to do any real editing on it, maybe just fixing up a snap or two in Elements. The MacBook Air line is really nice, but I'm pretty invested in the MS ecosystem (SkyDrive etc.) so I'm probably going to stick with that side for now. The Lenovo Yoga has always looked pretty great to me, but it's maybe a bit too much for what I need right now. The Wirecutter recommends the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 for a cheap solution, but I'd like to spend a bit more money for a better screen and a little less weight. They also recommend the Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch, but it seems to be a SKU exclusive to North-America.

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    I'm heading out for another Interrail trip in a couple of months time and I've already started with some preparations for the trip. A major problem which I've yet to tackle is to find a good solution for backing up all the pictures from my DSLR while I'm travelling. I basically want to protect my pictures from the possibility of my camera getting lost or stolen on the trip. In the past I've carried a small hard-drive with me and backed up all my pictures there whenever I had the chance to visit an internet cafe or had access to a computer somewhere. But I hate the hassle of having to look for internet cafes (they are fast disappearing all around Europe) and jumping from computer to computer has lead to a hard-drive full of all sorts of exotic viruses.

    I don't currently own a laptop small/light enough to carry around with me, but I would be prepared to buy one if any of you have good recommendations for the job at hand. I'd much rather back up my pictures in the cloud, which wouldn't be a problem if I had a laptop since most hostels offer good WiFi. I don't think that my phone (Lumia 1020) has any capabilities to pull pictures from my DLSR (Canon 5D Mark II) and I don't have a tablet. I've heard some people using devices especially made for this purpose, but I'm not really sure how practical they are.

    So please share your experiences and recommendations. If I do end up buying a laptop I wouldn't want to spend much more than 750 euros on it.

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    It's been really great to see Tested grow to entirely new levels this past year, and I'm sure that this is the right way forward. However I found myself enjoying the old immature and slightly ridiculous Tested a lot more. That is why I won't be signing up for a membership again, not right now anyway. It'll be interesting to hear what kind of premium content the crew comes up with and if we will indeed get another Lego challenge etc. I might change my mind and jump back in.

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    All I've got to say is why the hell would they remove the back-button? I'm pretty sure that they've pulled back from that statement already, but I use the back button more often than I do the Windows or search buttons.

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    I'm still running a GeForce GTX 560 Ti on my machine. I've been meaning to upgrade if for a while now, but honestly very few games push the boundaries of that card even now. And I'm running on 1080p displays so that makes life a lot easier.

    As far as hard-drives go I have one internal and two external 2TB drives for bulk storage built by Samsung and LaCie. On top of that I've got my OS and games installed on a 250 gig Crucial SSD.

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    After seeing this video I think I have to buy one, but I do want to wait for the first revision so that they can iron out all the kinks. What a fantastic thing though!

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    That was great and fun and reminded me of the "old Tested".

  • isomeri commented on The Nokia Lumia 1020 and its 41MP camera

    The reviews are starting to come in, and apparently the camera is indeed something pretty special. I would definitely upgrade if my 920 wasn't less than a year old. Hopefully Will and Norm will give this a look despite their attitude towards Windows Phone.



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    When did you buy your PS3? Did you buy it used or new? And what exactly does the red screen say?

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    @Falcon: What things? Should I be paranoid? I've had zero issues. Although I will admit that I probably wouldn't have bought a charging pad, but I got one for free.

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    @Falcon said:

    I love that the slightly smaller sensor than the 808 and the removal of wireless charging has struck the right balance between a beefy uber pro camera but also having a manageable weight and size.

    I'm going to have a hard time choosing between the next generation 10XX and 9XX phones next November.

    I've actually grown to like the wireless charging on my Lumia 920 and find it to be kind of a hassle every time I need to plug a USB-cable into the thing for syncing music or charging in a car etc.

    The 1020 looks pretty slick considering how great of a camera the 808 is. Sadly it's not time for me to upgrade yet, but I would love to have a camera this good on me at all times.

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    That was such an awesome video, great work you guys. In fact this video gave me an idea. You guys should totally do a one-day build and auction it off during the next Octoberkast!

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    Reaching in and below the lathe like that to retrieve those button pieces looked really dangerous.

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    Make this a WW2 flight simulator and give the pilot a pair of Oculus Rift goggles..

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    @CouchPotatoTalk said:

    @Rallier said:

    2 things that apparently came out at the after event interviews were no backwards compatibility and no always on.

    woah woah. As in 360 games won't work on the new xbox?

    Also, great article Wes. http://www.tested.com/tech/gaming/455647-microsoft-announces-xbox-one-console/

    I was waiting for Tested.com to post something, I didn't think it would be that fast!

    Yes it will not play 360 games. Also the PS4 won't play PS3 games. In both cases they would essentially have to include the previous generation console within the new box. If you have Xbox 360 games you probably own an Xbox 360 to play them on so I don't really see the problem. I mean it's kind of annoying to have to have both consoles plugged in, but would you rather pay 100-200 dollars extra for the convenience to have them in the same box? Most people wouldn't.

    My feelings on the One are somewhat lukewarm. The announcement event was well done in my opinion, with an obvious focus on the mass-market audience. The hardware seems decent, and the new controller has some nifty upgrades like rumble in the triggers.

    I am however slightly concerned about the implications of having a sensor in your living room constantly listening to what is going on in your house. The microphone has to be always on for you to be able to turn the system on with just voice commands. On the other hand some of the features of the new Kinect are really nice, like being able to sign you into your profile as soon as you pick up a controller by just looking at your face.

    The games they showed, or rather teased, are more appealing to me than what Sony has to offer so far. I'm a huge fan of the Forza franchise and the work of Remedy. So right now I'm leaning towards the One as my day-one purchase of a new console. I will likely end up owning both at some point.

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    This was really something special. Great work!

  • isomeri commented on Tasting Astronaut Coffee with David Chang and Traci Des Jardins

    Space? SPACE!

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  • isomeri commented on Meet the Robot Bartenders of BarBot 2013

    Norm almost drinking that dry ice was pretty scary. Also, I've never wanted his job more.