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  • HerbieBug commented on Mistake in Adam's maze?

    Yeah looks like in the in-depth video he's using just the map scan as reference for actual layout. That's cool that there is a small discrepancy between the two (in-movie model and map).

  • HerbieBug commented on In-Depth: Replicating 'The Shining's' Overlook Maze Model

    So, if anyone does happen to go about making their own maze, I have a suggestion. Because I have neither the time nor ability, but I think this would be neat: Do the entire thing in hardwood and brass.

    Just, ya know, if ya wanna. And post pics. Pls. :D

  • HerbieBug commented on Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

    As much as I like Adam's television show and related projects, these videos from the workshop here on Tested make me just want Adam to retire from all of that and spend the rest of his career building random stuff in the shop with a couple cameras running at all times. :D


    Also, man I know the trials of introduced error too well. Back in art school I took a special interest in linear perspective drawing. And that it of course prone to the same problem. 40 hours in to a 50 hour project and suddenly something is off by like three or four cm and no easy way to correct because I didn't account for tiny errors in measurement. Eeek!

  • HerbieBug commented on One Day Builds: 1/6th Scale Cosmonaut Model Kit

    tsk tsk Adam teaching Norm dodgy shop safety. Haha. When drilling please if at all possible rest your part against the table and hold steady with fingers well away from drill bit. Or better yet, use some of those nifty clamps Adam has with some padding to protect the plastic.

    Also gloves when painting. pls.

  • HerbieBug commented on Adam Savage Visits the Hollywood Costume Exhibition

    @bellybones said:

    The video is Adam talking to the lady. Why should I care what she is saying?? I wanted to watch this because I thought I was going to see costumes, and you guys barely glanced over them- Argghh!!

    Yes she is interesting, but where are the costumes, the details of the costumes - the craft that went into it ?

    Most of the video was Adam and her jawing. Yes Adam has a lot to say, but my gosh- where is your focus ??

    Your interview style is generally like that - no matter what is being filmed, what I see is people jawing and little about what the video is actually about. It becomes two people yapping.

    If I visit a museum I do not read a book or text while I am there, I look and see. To much chin wagging guys- your losing your focus and my interest.

    I agree that the video is oddly focused. It seems to be not about the costumes and display, but more sort of Deborah's general sentiment about costuming. Which is dissatisfying when you're looking for the video to get more in to specifics along the lines of this costume here is from such and such and i made these choices because of reasons etc.

  • HerbieBug commented on One Day Builds: Customizing Adam's Hero Sword

    Just learned the lesson regarding removing the paper backing from foil tape that gets mentioned at the end of the video the other day. I was sticking heat cable to the bottom of a tank for a pet reptile of mine and yep, that tape curls up on itself at the speed o' sound if you don't hold on to the end when removing the paper part. :o

  • HerbieBug commented on Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Barbarella's Space Rifle

    Adam makes such good concentration faces. Tongue stuck out and to the side, good squinty eyes, hair all over the place. Fantastic.

  • HerbieBug commented on Tested: The Show — Cooking with Cricket Flour

    Nope! Only members of my household who have a taste for crickets are my pet geckos.

  • HerbieBug commented on New Brew Technique: Immersion Double Filter

    Just tried a simplified version of this. I didn't do the double filter thing. Just single filter on my Hario as usual.

    Verdict: It's nice. As good or better than my normal pourover results. Really easy, too. Dumping the water direct into a cup of beans, waiting three minutes, then dumping that whole slurry straight into the filter; that's less fussy than slow careful pour of water with bendy spout kettle. Bendy spout kettle not even necessary here.

    So cool.

    Also, guy in video is mega hyper annoying. But this technique is good. So good stuff. :)

  • HerbieBug commented on Let's Talk About Amazon's Prime Air Drone Delivery Plan

    I think this is fucking awesome and I will gladly use this service if/when they get it up and running. Amazon delivery in pizza time frame? Of course i want that.

    I secretly hoped this future would somehow involve a complicated country wide network of pneumatic tubes, but I guess flying robots is okay too. :p

  • HerbieBug commented on One of Life's Greatest Challenges Solved: One-Handed Zippers

    My step father would definitely benefit from something like this. He has Multiple Sclerosis. Limited dexterity in one hand and almost zero dexterity for the other (can't grasp).

  • HerbieBug commented on The Inventern Spotlight: Ron Erickson's Rally Car

    Cool application video. And I can definitely understand where he's coming from with deciding to build a complicated thing all by yourself. Earlier this year I decided I wanted to learn everything I could about bicycle mechanics and wound up assembling two of them with homebrew tools (mostly) and youtube videos to guide the way on things I wasn't sure how to do. Trickiest bit by far was installing headset cups. Those are the metal pieces that fit into the frame at assembly and house the bearings for your front wheel steering. Ordinarily you need a very expensive tool called a headset press to do this install. But youtube said there was another way. Four washers, two nuts, one threaded steel rod, a couple wrenches and a whole lot of patience. :D

    One of these days I will build a frame from scratch myself.

  • HerbieBug commented on Tools of Prop Making: Touring The Volpin Props Workshop

    That's quite the wall of poisonous chemicals you have there, Harrison. D:

    Some of Krylon's concoctions in particular, you take a look at the ingredient list and wonder how such things could possibly be available for anyone to buy off the shelf without a permit or at least ID or something.

  • HerbieBug commented on The Best Travel Mug Today

    Cool. I have a stainless steel Zojirushi thermos that is excellent. Only thermos I have ever owned that I can open hours after I filled with hot coffee and still need to blow on it a bit before sipping lest I burn my tongue. That is on the first opening after it was initially filled, mind you. Temperature of course steadily decreases as you open and pour repeatedly.

  • HerbieBug commented on Need help working coffee extraction

    One other thing to consider, probably after you have tested out the above suggestions and are still getting bitter taste, is how finely ground the coffee you have is. With a drip maker you want it to be fairly course so the coffee doesn't stay in the filter too long and over extract. Coffee shop you buy from should offer a couple different grind options for their pre-ground coffee.

    Also, a manual grinder will do the job just fine on the cheap.

  • HerbieBug commented on Flying Eagle with GoPro Camera

    Eagle spies in training! The government has its eagle eyes on you! D:>

  • HerbieBug commented on How the CIA Trained Cats and Birds as Cold War Spies

    @Honus said:

    Just look at that picture of the otter- "Your code name is Otto. You will travel to the Crimean coast where you will rendezvous with a Narwhal- code name Olga. Olga will provide you with the explosive charges necessary for destroying the Soviet submarine facility at Balaklava. After the charges have been planted your extraction will be provided by a circus rail car- ask for a bear named Viktor."

    I have it on good authority that a four animal team of two yellow labs, a ferret, and an owl were responsible for the Kennedy assassination. Yellow lab #1, codename: SHAGGY played lookout on the grassy knoll while lab #2, codename: MITTENS, communicated telemetry from the ground level of the Texas School Depository to ferret sniper, codename: JACKEL, and backup owl sniper, codename: HOOTER, six floors above. D:

  • HerbieBug commented on Boeing Converts F-16 into Unmanned Aerial Target

    seems like the day is quickly approaching where the cost/benefit of manned military aircraft is no longer beneficial, and the airforce becomes controlled almost entirely remotely.

  • HerbieBug commented on The Best Bike Lock Today

    Awesome article. These days if I commute to work, I'm taking the bike in to the office with me. I do know how to secure the bike in a way that will curb theft possibility, but that isn't the only problem. People will do petty vandalism to bikes for no particular reason. One day you come to retrieve your bike and find somebody stole the quick release skewer out of your wheel... but left the wheel there. I have no idea what the hell people do that type of thing for. And it's not just kids hanging around with nothing to do who pull that sort of stunt either. o__0

  • HerbieBug commented on Flying Eagle with GoPro Camera

    Cool. But I think an eagle is something maybe equivalent to attaching a camera to a Learjet, with steady graceful flying. I am most curious to see flight from the perspective of a much smaller bird; a sparrow in an urban environment for instance. When I am at work at the local uni campus, the flying hijinks of the small birds always look the most impressive. They regularly pull stunts with millimeters to spare from crashing at what looks like 40km+.