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    Interesting. I took typing in highschool but never applied the rules of home row and so on. I just sort of learned by doing over many years. No home row. No particular placement of hands that I am aware of, yet i can type fairly quickly without seeing the keyboard no problem. I call myself a modified hunt and pecker. Only use thumb, index, and middle fingers.

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    @Sanj: Seconded! Jersey puppet needs Jersey accent.

  • HerbieBug commented on Adam Savage Inspects the Spacesuit from The Martian!

    Smooth shill at the end there. Well done. haha.

    Really looking forward to future videos on this project. Looks like it will be quite an elaborate build.

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    @Malchom: Check the faq on his site linked in the blurb above. He wrote a whole section on various ways you could go about it.

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    Okay i want to know how much it cost to have that thing moved out on to this guy's property. I can ballpark the jet itself but that moving expense had to be immense.

    edit-- just looked at his site. and here we are. Yep, moving the thing and mounting it on the property was more expensive than the plane. :p

    I paid $100K for my aircraft, but that was in 1999. The costs of staging site rent, wing and tail removal, moving, and other logistics totaled very roughly another $120K. So the project total thus far is very roughly $220K.

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    Oh man. I would have had a hard time getting out of there without going broke buying everything.

    Nice camera work on this video by the way. That smooth steady 1080/60 is gorgeous.

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    Yes! The dystopian cyborg future is happening!

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    Yay knot talk! I went a little nuts learning all sorts of knots a couple years ago. After a while I just retained the easiest and most useful. Bestest knots that everyone can find a purpose for (aside from the ones everybody already knows like the square and the shoelace):

    Slip knot tied mountaineering style (loop and pull through). This one would have been quicker in video to tie duck feets. Also there is a technique to make it much faster to untie. See vid:


    Bowline. Check this video by a shipwright:


    Clinch knot for fishing line.

    Trucker's Hitch, dual slipknot style (no extra wraps)

    Clove hitch

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    Adam you made Norm blush with your lewd australian story. :D

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    That is rad as hell. Holy crap.

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    @HerbieBug: I am sure Adam has friends with more powerful microscopes, Tested should make a video of that! :D

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    @HerbieBug said:

    Ohfergodsakes Will, your daughter is the cutest baby ever. >.<

    That said, I can totally see the family resemblance.

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    @HerbieBug: that's why i asked about the cotton!

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    @HerbieBug:  that would be great
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    Ha! This is great.

    Kinda want to play this.

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    @HerbieBug:  if you're logged in, you can put Norm or me in the logo, you know!
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    @HerbieBug: quarter-auto?

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    @HerbieBug: You need roughly half-gram precision.

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    @HerbieBug: thanx dude

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    @HerbieBug: Princeton used the same material too, and I also, in frustration, failed miserably in my attempt to rip the parking ticket up!

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    Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. The acoustic levitator uses two small speakers to generate sound waves at frequencies slightly above the audible range – roughly 22 kilohertz. When the top and bottom speakers are precisely aligned, they create two sets of sound waves that perfectly interfere with each other, setting up a phenomenon known as a standing wave. At certain points along a standing wave, known as nodes, there is no net transfer of energy at all. Because the acoustic pressure from the sound waves is sufficient to cancel the effect of gravity, light objects are able to levitate when placed at the nodes.
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    @HerbieBug: Yeah, I had the same feeling when I saw ASIMO doing its thing in Tokyo - is there a kid somehow in there?...no, wait...

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    Challenge for next podcast! No talking about cellular phones.


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    @HerbieBug: I'd recommend The Little Sister. Aside from a few soft spots in the middle, it's a fantastic book with plenty of twists and turns right to the end.

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    @jeffallton said:

    Who else would watch a tour of everything in all those boxes?

    Is there a bin in the set marked "spare berets"?

    I hope his closet looks just like Monk's: ~ seven sets of the exact same clothing.

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    @HerbieBug: There are boxes that say "raw meat" and "dark matter".

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    @HerbieBug: yes, its certainly a good argument for cooler ways of teaching, for both teacher and student. Further to what I mentioned initially, the scary dudes I had shouldn't have even been teachers.

  • will mentioned you in Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project #10 - Space - 8/28/2012

    @HerbieBug: Honestly, I think the person who remained in the capsule while the other two guys went down to the Moon had the hardest job of all. If something happened, he was all by himself farther from Earth than anyone had ever been before. He would have had to fly the capsule back to Earth alone.

    Even when everything went perfectly, those minutes when he was on the far side of the moon and out of communication with Earth had to be the loneliest anyone's ever felt, with the possible exception of Jim Cameron at the bottom of Challenger Deeps.

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    @BlatantNinja23 said:

    @HerbieBug: it's insane to me that game updates still can take like half an hour for me on the ps3.

    I picked up a new copy of Gran Turismo 5 a couple months back. Yeeeeeeeeah. Multiple 1 gig + patches.

    that's the other thing..... multiple patches, why does that still exist? and why when you download a new game is it not just the updated version? it's just weird and annoyingly time consuming.

  • BlatantNinja23 mentioned you in Wich one is a better console?

    @HerbieBug: it's insane to me that game updates still can take like half an hour for me on the ps3.