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    @Helushune: I'm not a Reddit user (or Redditor, if you will), but what you're saying doesn't really make sense. If a group of people on Twitter started a hashtag about how cool rape is, there wouldn't be any reason to blame Twitter for such a disgusting use of the service. It's free speech. There are creepers and weirdos and they get to say what they will because so do I and so do you. If I remember, the reason the moderators were apologetic is because they were effectively banning free speech. Just because it's morally wrong doesn't mean people aren't allowed to discuss it.

    If you're saying Reddit as an entity is encouraging of this sort of thing, then I think you have a skewed view of what it is. There's no real centralized body that encourages a type of discussion, and whereas 4chan may most accurately be described as a cesspool, I've seen some pretty cool links on Reddit and very interesting discussions. I used to visit the site somewhat regularly a while ago and I got some good thought-provoking material from it. The reason I haven't been on in so long is mostly because it's become more of a meme-aggregator than a place for interesting discussion. But either way, you seem to have a strong prejudice against it as a whole and I don't think it's entirely fair.

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    @Helushune: I think maybe you don't understand how Reddit works. Anyone can make a make a sub-reddit. There are thousands of them. As far as I'm aware, there wasn't any explicitly illegal stuff on any public sub, but the Reddit management decided to purge the "creepy" subs anyway. As for this 5000 upvoted post you mention, I think I saw something about it, but there were nowhere near 5000 ups. As I recall from reblogs and such, the response from the community was pretty negative on many of the posts, real or not.

    Reddit is just people, dude. Some of it is interesting, some of it is informative, and a little bit of it is creepy. Welcome to the Internet.

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    @Helushune: Nah, I've always wanted a "Mark All Read" option for PMs. I'd think they'll be lower traffic now that we've separated notifications out though.

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    @Helushune: Those are unread PMs, not notifications.

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    @Helushune: Private messaging and notifications are counted separately. Currently you only get notifications if someone replies/quotes you in a comment/forum post. In this case, you should see a notification for this comment.