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    @ryanw: No, I get it and it's just as bad as 4Chan. The admins were apologetic for shutting down the child porn subreddits, that's not a good moral stance to take on that. Reddit really is a cesspool and I'm baffled by people who keep recommending it; you might as well recommend some 4Chan /b/ apps while you're at it. Yes, you can use the whole "well, that's just the internet" excuse but there are plenty of public sites that don't tolerate that kind of thing, let alone issue apologies for shutting down some its more shady/super creepy/illegal sides. You can't honestly tell me you'd recommend that your mother check out Reddit but hey, you might stumble across this section that glorifies serial rapists; oh, that silly internet. As of right now, the thread I'm talking about has 5263 up votes and a majority of "likes" over "dislikes" which is incredibly messed up and creepy.

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    I'm sad to see Reddit junk make an appearance. Especially after the whole child porn thing and now there's a thing promoting serial rapists with over 5000 up votes. I really think Reddit should stop being painted in such a positive light.

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    @will: Yup, you are correct. I'm complaining about nothing.

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    I realize I'm a bit of an edge case but the drop-down display appears broken when you have more than 99 notifications (also my most recent one is from about 4 months ago if that has anything to do with it).


    And this is super nit-picky but the 99 looks like two Os or a lower case g.

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    This really only affects people from this site who are using my FAH GPU Tracker XML generator. Currently helushune.net (and some other websites I run) are located over at A Small Orange and mirror.helushune.net is over on a VPS located in Kansas City. Well, to consolidate costs I'm moving everything over to a new ... Read Blog

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    @WolfOfOne said:

    holy hell 2.54%!?! Where do I sign up? Is there a restriction to who can join that particular credit union?

    Yes, but it's pretty darn lenient. Basically if you work for a tech or telecom company or work in the state of Oregon you're good to go. You can check out their requirements here: https://www.firsttechfed.com/meet/joinus.aspx. They also have a link to a large PDF listing all their partner companies which opens you up for eligibility if you work for one.

    The crazy thing is that First Tech doesn't even have the highest rates, at least in the state of Washington. BECU (Boeing Employee Credit Union, which is now open to all WA residents) gives 6.17% on checking as long as your balance is under $500, SMCU offers 6.14%, Prevail offers 3%, the list goes on.

    It's also worth mentioning that most credit unions typically have something setup where if you meet a few requirements (in First Tech's case it's use your debit card 12 times a month, enroll in online statements, and have a direct deposit going), they will add a feature to your account that allows you to use any ATM without a fee from them and they will pay the fee the bank charges to use it as well. This eliminates the whole "I don't use a credit union because ATMs are hard to find" reasoning. It also looks like Ally Bank and USAA offers something like this as well.


    @WolfOfOne: Over at SA there was a pretty big thread about why everyone should move out of a bank and in to a Credit Union ASAP and I learned quite a bit from reading most of it. I used to bank with Washington Mutual since they were the "little guy" and seemingly less evil than something like Bank of America. Sadly, good ol' WaMu went belly up when the economy went down the tubes and got bought out by JP Morgan Chase. Things stayed the same for a little while but then they started slowly merging all the WaMu accounts in to their own "versions" of the accounts we had. I learned the hard way that they monitor where you buy things and if you do a solitary purchase that's out of the norm for you they freeze your entire account until you call them and say that yes, it was you who made that purchase. Cute the first time, extremely annoying the 9th and 10th time it happened. When they added a $5/mo "maintenance fee" to my supposedly free checking account that's when I told them to go screw off.

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    While I'm sure you can just type "credit unions vs banks" or something in to your favorite search engine, the reason I recommend using a credit union over a bank is that they are typically not-for-profit organizations run by their members/account holders. This generally means lower fees, much higher interest rates on your accounts (this is an extremely good thing), much more personalized service, lower interest rates on loans/credit cards (this is a good thing), etc, etc. For example, when I was with JP Morgan Chase, the interest rate on my account was around 0.12%. Since switching to First Tech Federal Credit Union, the interest rate on my account is 2.54%. That's an absolutely insane difference! Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about credit unions over dealing with banks. Just be sure to do some research first, make sure the credit union you're interested in has a good online banking website with plenty of tools available (such as online bill pay) and you will be quite happy.

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    Firstly, find a credit union. They are so much better than dealing with a bank. The "branch locations" thing really isn't a problem as long as it's a member of the CO-OP/Alliance One network, you can use any other Credit Union's ATM for free. However, you'd still need to call them by phone for anything more advanced than what you can do from an ATM or online which typically isn't much. I think the only time I've walked in to a First Tech branch was to initially open my account and I've done everything else through online banking or over the phone.

    If you don't want to use a Credit Union for whatever reason the only bank that I highly recommend is USAA; they're fantastic. They're located in Texas but again, you're pretty much doing everything over the internet or the phone so as long as you don't have a problem with that, they're great.

    At 18 without a job you might not qualify for a credit card. If so, look in to getting what's called a "secured credit card". These generally require a deposit which becomes your credit line. Example, if you put a $400 deposit down, your credit line on the card is $400. Always ensure you, at the very least, make the minimum payment each month. Several banks and credit unions offer these but make sure it reports to all three credit boroughs. This allows you to establish a credit line which will help immensely in things like finding a job, opening a bank account, getting a loan, getting a mortage, getting a car loan, etc. There's also a whole thing about getting a credit card and keeping a balance on it in order to show people looking at your credit that you know how to manage a debt.

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    I can't imagine why one wouldn't work. However, I would stay away from them mostly because of the PS3's lack of TRIM support and all those SandForce issues. If you're looking to replace the drive in your PS3 I highly recommend a Western Digital Scorpio.

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    @LtSquigs: You basically hit the nail on the head.

    One of the biggest things that bothers me about Linux as both a desktop and server OS is the complete lack of standards and UI unification. On the desktop side, to close some programs it's ctrl+x, others ctrl+alt+x, others alt+q, alt+x, some don't even have a keyboard shortcut at all; it's absolutely maddening. I'm not sure what the solution here is other than having all the basic UI functionality baked in to GNOME/KDE/XFCE/WM of your choice and just have developers call the API or publishing a standards document but neither of those can be enforced at all because of the nature of Linux.

    On the server side, the thing that drives me up the wall is that some programs have their config files just dumped all over /etc, others in /etc/{program name}, others in /var/etc, others still in their own proprietary location, etc. FreeBSD at least has some unification (although the Ports still just dump their config files wherever they please) which is one of the primary reasons I prefer it over a Linux distribution.

    Every few months or so I get the hankering to give Linux another shot at being a desktop OS and every time I'm extremely dissapointed with how messy, disorganized, and janky everything still is. It's made huge strides in the past few years but the complete lack of any sort of unification on anything is severely hurting any sort of market penetration they're trying to grasp at.

    That said, I think Windows does some things really really well and other things not so well (same could be said for almost any OS). At least I know when I push alt+f4 in Windows (apple key+q in OS-X) it will always close the window that currently has focus. It's small design decisions like this that people take for granted and wish they had when using something like Linux.

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    I'll chime in since I typically run the nvidia SLI around here.

    I used to notice some microstuttering in some games with my dual GTX-460 setup but it was so far and few between that it was a minor issue (except for Borderlands, that kind of got annoying). But it's been quite some time since I've seen any stuttering problems.

    The GTX 690 isn't the first time nvidia's done something like this. Look up the GeForce 7950 GX2 and I want to say there was a card in the 8000 series that did the same thing. I knew someone who had the 7950 at the time and there wasn't any real noticeable microstutter.

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    Here's how to get folding with the Tested.com Folding Team using the FAH GPU Tracker client.  The client's pretty awesome and will automatically download and, to some extent, configure the folding clients for you.  It's as easy as helping out with folding proteins can possibly get. 
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    I feel like I've had to write this several times lately so it'd be easier to just make a blog post and reference people to it when they need to disable the auto reboot in Windows. 
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    You may remember me posting about using SRWare Iron last month.  I've since moved over to a custom build of Chromium shortly after I posted that.  
    What have I done... 

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    A few days ago I tried to SSH in to my Gentoo box, Phelan only to be greeted with connection refused/timed out errors.  Confused, I walked in to the store room (which felt significantly colder), hooked up the CRT monitor to Phelan and was presented with the following: 

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    Apparently I'm part of the Corgi collective now. 

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