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    @KnowOnesDesigns: @GTFShadow: Tested has no issues with people putting up their gear for sale in the forums. It's just that it is something that has not really happened. Just once actually, and that was Coonce putting his camera up for sale.

    If a lot of people show interest perhaps they will ad a section just for it, but in the mean time, feel free to offer up your gear on the site. Just have it in the appropriate sections.

    Also of course, is in no way responsible for any transaction that goes bad.

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    @GTFShadow said:

    Come to the east coast!

    i agree :)

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    @GTFShadow I take it that means you wouldn't come to one here. So that is still only four. I think in the Jars episode Will said six was a sad number, so we're still below sad.

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    @GTFShadow: that video was... something.

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    @GTFShadow: I agree with Shadow, and I would add that you should probably get RAM with a better clock - a couple of 1600 MHz sticks won't break the bank and they'll give you a nudge in performance.

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    @GTFShadow: @lane:

    I would suggest minecraft but i think there is a server already. However there are plenty of games on steam/origin. How about a Garry's mod, terraria, counter-strike, Battlefield, Day-z(Arma) just to name a few. I am sure there are other mods and stuff too but i cant search the internets at work like that :). the rest of the popular games i see are MMOs or dont have dedicated servers. The one thing i think the community does need is some kind of voice server. It makes it so much easier to play games when talking to people. If anyone is up to try it im usually on after work.

    I am playing around with a teamspeak server now. its on the east coast. if it gets popular i can move it to central somewhere with more ports. other possibilites are ventrilo and mumble (default port)

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    @GTFShadow: @Conmused: I bet you guys are just grasping at straws because you can't beat my sandwich making skillz

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    @GTFShadow: I'm using Chrome and Firefox, it happens on both browsers. Not at the same time tho, like sometime I would copy link from chrome to firefox (due to both browsers have features I use) and I would get linked to my router's login instead.

    I'm the only person on the network and I only have 1 computer. It started happening the day I installed the router for wifi.

    been happening less and less, just once a day usually. Still a little irritating.

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    @GTFShadow said:

    @CrippleCaptain: Good idea. Using the punch down with the faceplates is much better idea. It will make it look nicer as well, but having the crimper is always a good idea as well.

    Punch downs with faceplates are much easier to do than crimping your own wires, and you're much less likely to fuck something up.

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    @GTFShadow: Hmm, yeah I tried searching through the store as well but nothing really caught my eye. Ah well :(

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    @GTFShadow: Welcome to the internet I guess?

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    @Conmused said:

    @cmykvsrgb: Alright, I'll bite: The makerbot, gun production, and the current lack of printing regulations. Minimum 100 words. Discuss.

    Makerbot, a niche product with cool uses ( I can see myself creating cool looking things to photograph and comp into my work ). Gun production isn't on the top of my list ( I'm not a big fan of guns. Maybe scifi looking guns ). Printing regulations would never work because of the cost. Small print shops would die a quick death ( wait, printing is pretty much dead if not dying. I worked in the industry for over 10 years, I saw the very highs and the lowest of lows ). 87 words without counting this last sentence. I failed

    @GTFShadow @AlwaysBeClothing Thank you guys

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    @GTFShadow: Ah, yeah the first part I meant :).

  • WolfOfOne mentioned you in Do you have any IT certifications?

    @GTFShadow: Pretty much. As interested as I am in network security, my life has taken a different direction and I find myself writing about tech instead of supporting it. Not where I saw myself a couple of years ago pursuing a business degree but oh well lol. No official certs but I could get A+ and the one before CCNA if I wanted to and had the money lol.

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    @GTFShadow: Yeah fuck that guy.

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    @GTFShadow: i don't know how to make it loop. It loops on my desktop, but not when i upload it.

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    @GTFShadow: Thanks for chiming in :)

    Ah of course I should have checked wikipedia :P According to wikipedia, Cat 6 Ethernet can do up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet but at reduced distance. the "a" iteration–Cat 6a–can do 10 Gigabit Ethernet at longer distances.

    Cat 6: 10/100/1000 BASE-T up to 328 ft/100 meters or 10GBASE-T up to 180 ft/55 meters (only 121 ft/37 meters in high crosstalk environments)

    Cat 6a: 10GBASE-T up to 328 ft/100 meters

    Not sure on Cat5e but I think it it does 10/100 at 328 ft for sure, and 10/100/1000 at about that same length. Good quality cable can prolly do the full 100 meters without problems.

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    @spartanman1222: It's all right. I don't understand the joke behind it if there is suppose to be one for it. The Tested forums are still lacking in multimedia support and usage, so no images right now. @GTFShadow: No, it does not repeat. The GIF only plays once in my Chrome browser.

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    @GTFShadow: the norm will never be respected here i feel.

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    @GTFShadow said:

    I would take either one. Still a great connection compared to what is is out there none the less. For prices like that I would take internet and drop cable like a bad habit.

    Hopefully no data caps!

    The Kansas City setup doesn't have data caps, but who can say if that will last forever.