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    Happy birthday Will!

  • GTFShadow commented on Dear Comcast, re: Throttling Netflix and the Relative Value of Your Services

    Well said Will and couldn't agree with you more about what is happening here. I am really looking forward to eventually seeing Google Fiber around here, but I don't see that happening for another 15/20 years for me.

    I have contemplated going with Comcast's ISP and using Hulu Plus/Netflix/Amazon Prime for movies/TV. (As well as local streaming from a NAS/HTPC). I also considered going with Comcast's ISP and potentially a satellite provider for TV. I know that second option would probably cost more money, but I do watch TV too.

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    The Tested logo T shirt would be a good design to have for it. Also bring back more stickers!

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    Could potentially be a good idea to have.

    I wouldn't think it could be a liability issue as long as they state at some were that they are not liable for anything that happens in this part of the forums.

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    Those are great stores to go into!

    I am sure Adam felt like a kid in a candy store going in.

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    Mytherbusters is pretty much the best group for them to work with at this point in time.

    But if they would go back to strictly Tech side of things. The crew from Screen Savers would be an awesome combo of guys.

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    Typicall I have between 5-10 tabs open at once. Usually gmail, youtube, IRC, tested and some different pages depending what I might be doing at the time.

    I don't understand how you can have more then that many pages open at once.

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    I would love to start homebrewing at my house and see what I could come up with.

    My personal taste for beer has always been a Lager or Porter, the bit heavier beers, but no heaviest.

    I recently tried DuClaw's Sweet Baby Jesus not long and I was hooked on that stuff! It's a flavored beer, chocolate peanut butter and that was so good. I think I liked it more for the fact of it being more a peanut butter taste. I am not sure how far DuClaw distributes the beer since they are made in Maryland.

    My go to beer is usually Yuengling (made in Pennsylvania where I am from) and another PA beer I like is Lionshead. With Lionshead they have little puzzles under the caps you solve - which are usually some kind of catch phrase.

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    If I could make it to the bay area I def would be up for a meet up, but not sure how soon that will happen.

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    Come to the east coast!

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    Happy Birthday Will! (Google+ told me so)

    Enjoy a good cup of coffee this morning for Will.

    Also is this appropriate on a day like this?

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    Someone send out a zombie search party for Gary.

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  • GTFShadow commented on Sugru - The new duct/duck tape

    I think this is something you guys should test out in different ways as far as every day use, fixing things or protecting/breaking objects.

    I think their could be lots of things you could test this with and would be interested to see how well it works.


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    This could be a nice refresh for Blackberry and it's OS. I just hope that the QWERTY keyboard is as good as its previous versions. Still by far one of the best physical keyboards to have on a phone.

    I will be interested to see how well the initial sales and pre-orders(maybe?) do.

  • GTFShadow commented on Question about moving data from old HD to new build.

    You can always make the old HDD a secondary one and pull everything you need from it.

    Even if you would install Win7 or Vista over top of your old HDD it would create a window(s).old folder and you can pull everything up.

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    @bottleworks: What I don't understand is at one point you agreed with Lane about "investment in you as a customer" point, but basically said that way he put it was not the right "context". You said the exact same thing as him. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that's what forums/discussion boards are for.

    But any who I can see why carriers want to do this to protect there investment in a phone that you got for a fraction of the price they paid for it. (Cause I can tell you for paying $50-$100 for a new phone beats paying $600+) Then using the service they provide to you assuming you pay your bill to keep that going. This topic can be a difficult cause you can go in different ways explaining one side over the other. It can have it's gray areas with this topic and I think tons of pros/cons why it's done and the way it's done.

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    Congrats Will!

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    I have been in a slump of games to play right now as nothing really seems to be holding my interest at the moment. But when I do get the chance I have been playing some TF2 alot recently. I am looking for a game to really capture my attention again that holds me for hours and has a good multiplayer.