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    @plus_eight: And same for the video app (4S too).

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    @HKZ: Well, 3W is actually huge in the laptop world, when you have a 40Wh battery, and you want it to last 8 or more hours, you're screwed, that's why I always suggest to pay attention to that (also the power is only have the picture for the impact on battery life). And for the idle/load distribution, I can't speak for Windows, but both OS X and Ubuntu have some housekeeping stuff going on in the background, and it's almost impossible to score one full minute of idle, there's always some disk access, and even more since 10.7 and 10.8.

    By the way, Intel goes deeper than "marketing numbers" in terms of power, that's why I consider them good.

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    @villainy: 90 PAGES????? How is that even possible, do they hire tens of thousands of people just to target tested or what?

    @will: Yeah, but they could just be proxies...

    Edit: Can't access any page other than the first one, on the forums.

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    @HKZ: I'm not going to go into the details, but under load a WD 2.5" blue will draw roughly .25A (.1A idle), while a "High speed" 2.5" SSD will draw roughly double that (sometimes peaking almost at 1A), and an X25M, only .03A. More recent SSDs have do lower consumption with same write speed or same power and faster speeds. I can't seem to find where I said there was a correlation between speed and power consumption, just that the very fast ones draw more that mainstreams... I might have lacked specificity there.

    By the way, I gained about 20% in battery life by switching from WD Caviar blue and 4GB of RAM to X25M+8GB, and to me, this most certainly is significant.

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    @TheMasterDS: I think I'd go for a UMP45. Like @stenchlord said, .45ACP pack a nice punch, so that... or maybe to stay in the spirit of the walking dead, a Taurus Raging Bull .44MAG, or even a Cold delta Elite if I'm allowed a side arm. And for the trunk of the car (You need to pick a car too man!) maybe a Remington M870...

    And if it's only one gun and only from video games, then the Taurus Raging bull from Black (loved this game, I wish they had made a new one for the more recent consoles).

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    @will: Well, kudos to you too for doing that on top of the rest. It's kind of sneaky because you can't report them like email spam, and get them blacklisted...

    Edit: oh look, it's like herpes, when you think you got rid of it, it comes back harder!

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    Man, they really need to add a word filter because the watch.live.streaming is what comes up the most often. And right now, there are TWO full pages of BS threads... I mean at one point there needs to be a fat man treatment of this $#!†... human intervention can only be so effective. And mayb limiting the number of threads a new member can create would be healthy too (be it for spammers or not)... I mean this is getting out of hands.

    And I'd like to acknowledge the job you guys (mods) do here. Kudos!

    Edit: lol for the post count here.

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    @Bane: I don't think the stock tires look bad at all. Maybe we're too used to see bigger tires and lift kits on the Wrangler, so we expect a certain look, but to me it doesn't look any bad, certainly not compared to the Unlimited... which I really can't get used to.

    And I've got to say that given your tires/axle ratio, it's pretty good in fuel economy. It's a miracle when I can get 16MPG with my Raptor (All Terrain T/A).

    Too bad you don't go off road, I mean this baby is one of the best factory of roader (I do understand that the financial impact of a tiny mistake can be great though). But I wasn't necessarily referring to hardcore rock crawling, just taking it on some week-end trails or something...

    Any other mods besides the tires?

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    @shorthair: I concur, this is a very good idea.

    First place I would take a look at is iFixit, they have the rails and necessary hardware to replace the optical drive bay by a rack for the HDD (I think it's something like $40). TRIM can be enabled through kernel extensions, it shouldn't be a problem (even if you don't have TRIM enabled, it's seems to not be that big of a deal).

    Now on the hardware note, if you care at all about battery life, I think you should steer clear of OWC, or any brand that advertises crazy speed for that matter, as their first concern IS speed, and not power saving. The two brands I would recommend would be Intel and WD, as they both have very decent speeds and very good power usage (Intel being the best on this, it seems). That is not to say that other brands are bad, but just less adapted for mobile use in my opinion (I place battery life pretty high on the priority list for a laptop).

    Now, I would ask you this: Do you really need that big of an SSD if you have an HDD? You should take a look at your current config, see how much apps you have, see you personal folder, to get a better sense of how big a drive you need. I have a 120GB, I'm not even using half of it (and it's my only storage drive). But if you do end up taking the 240GB, maybe you could get rid of the HDD and DVD altogether? I mean the HDD is still going to use some power in addition to the SDD, so it won't make the battery life any better. I mean, if you can get rid of the hdd... well, you get the gist.

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    .@SLUSHIE: I have a few comments on that (it would have been surprising if I didn't... I know). First Apple developing their own map app has nothing to do with that, it's a matter of not relying on someone else, and providing better performance on tier devices.

    Now about the traffic stuff, actually every semi-big city on the developed world has traffic monitoring equipment, which includes traffic density sensing (big coils buried in the road). So, one could assume that if needed, those cars would access a downgraded version of that (like for GPS), as it's already there, working and reliable, and also requires much less communications and processing power on each car (never forget that today's infrastructures are already overloaded, adding more communication is not gonna work long term).

    Also, I believe the central sensor used for this cars is a doppler laser, so for imaging... not really good. Anyway, self driving cars have been around for at least as long as me, as long as I can remember there have been project from many entities, most notably the DARPA with its Grand Challenge, that tried to promote/entice this kind of technology, and I've always heard of this "self driving cars are going to be a reality soon"... well, I've got a better view now than I did when I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure I won't see it being a reality in my lifetime, at least not as a mass product.

    It's still very a interesting topic, don't get me wrong, and if I had the opportunity, I would definitely work on that (though I don't see how I could help given it's mostly software problems now), but I would not enjoy using it a bit. While I do think that driving is becoming an increasingly difficult task every day given the growing number of cars, I still would be one of the latest possible adopter, as I love driving, no matter what.

    Now about Dan Neil, I disagree with roughly 50% of what he said, of from what I can remember there were two big points:

    1. The crash-proofness (point raised in The Car Show too, with the bimmer track trainer): No matter what, cars will never be crash proof, as you can never guarantee it will never crash, due either to soft/hardware fault, weather, etc., so this is moot.
    2. Insurance/responsibility: If a crash should occur, or more, when it will, who will be responsible for the damages incurred? Because there's just NO WAY in HELL (I needed to make that very clear) that I am financially responsible for something I did not design.

    But I think there's a lot to discuss before it becomes more that a goofy project for communication purpose. I'm talking about self driving cars integrated into traffic of course (self driving cars have been around for... decades).

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    @RadioFlyer: For a 4.5 miles long route, in "Standard" (i.e. vectorial map) my cellular usage (reset in the garage before entering destination) is 48.0kB down and 18.0kB up. Might include other activities (mail), but I think you're safe.

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    @UrbanGt: I don't have much experience with BootCamp, but I would assume that you can do the upgrade from Win7 (booted), and that's it?

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    @Rallier said:

    Their definition of affordable with around 3200 dollar is kinda funny but i guess that saying "relatively inexpensive" does not sounds as nice.

    It's in comparison to industrial ones that are somewhere around $50k for the small ones...

    Another thing to take into account is the price (and where to get them) of the lamps.

    One thing though, you can't use that on copper. And probably gold and some polished/non polished metals too.

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    @Sonowake: Well, actually, I've never had any problem for syncing. But for charging... oh my. The iPod classic charges pretty much on anything, just had a few mishaps with the Xbox, but nothing else. But the iPhone, and to a greater extant, the iPad, is very picky, it won't charge with the cheapest cables, no matter what it's plugged to, and will only charge on the iMac and Mac Pro with less cheap non-Apple cables. The iPad doesn't recharge in cars with the non Apple cables I have.

    @RustySpoon: The problem with "fancy" stereos, is that usually they don't just use a cable, but a cradle, perfectly fitting the iPhone, so it might take a lot more than just changing a cable, plus if you take the car apart you're likely to lose your warranty. That's a bitch.

    But indeed, most of the time, in cars, it will be a USB connector, so not such a big deal.

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    @doe3879: I guess you could try to use some canned air... (unpluged)

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    @frytup said:

    Even if I buy an adapter, I won't be able to connect new Apple devices to my car stereo and get full iPod functionality.


    @spartanman1222 said:

    I think it comes from not understanding the benefits of the new technology.

    And maybe from having the "best thing" of the moment become has-been too? I.e my iPhone 4s becomes an old piece of junk kind of thoughts...

    @Sonowake: The problem with the cheap adapters, like it is with cheap cables for iDevices, is that they don't have the full set of features (e.g. it doesn't recharge your device)

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    @doe3879: Well, only thing I see is taking it apart. If you feel confident enough and have all the right bits/screwdrivers. But you need to have unpowdered surgical gloves, kimwipes or equivalent, and try to do that in the least dusty room, otherwise you'll risk making more harm than good. Also, I can't help you on that cause I've never seen one of those...

    Also, you could just gently tap the screen to detach the thingy and make it fall (but knowing there's thing thing still in would drive me crazy, I'd eventually have to take it apart). Problem is, because of static charges, you might not be able to make it move much, and be very gentle to avoid marking the screen.

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    @Silock: From an engineering point of view, I would say:

    • the hardness, it won't get scratched as easily as plastics, so it's more durable.
    • it's easier to have a very plane (geometry and roughness) surface compared to plastics (faster to produce and uses a bit less "unfriendly" chemicals)
    • the transmittance (in layman's terms, that's the amount of light that goes through) is better with glass than any plastic that I know of, and also, more generally all optical properties.
    • it's also stiffer than plastics, so it might (depending on other parameter) yield a thinner design for the same stiffness.
    • (not very pertinent) it lower the risk of dead pixel due to cleaning

    The two things are that it's heavier than plastics, and it's brittle (technical sense).

    But it still would be my first choice if I ever had to design a display.

    And about the brittleness, I would argue that the display's screen isn't the most critical part in shock. It's about even with the display, much low if there's an HDD.

    Also, about the Air, one of it's perks is the weight, so they made a compromise over structural strength to make it lighter than the Pro.

    @CrippleCaptain: It's pretty cutting edge too... Oh man, it's only monday!

    Edit: brittleness is actually poorly explained on wikipedia (just read the second paragraph)

  • Greg818 commented on Why do people hate Apple?

    @PillClinton: I do agree with all of this, the one thing I would add is also jealousy. A few people I know had been trashing Apple for a while, the day the could afford an Apple device, all of the sudden, Apple became the best thing in the world.

    @episcopo: I would suggest you to learn a bit about the asymmetric dominance effect. Displays aren't representative of sales, but designed to steer you somewhere.

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    @yellownumber5: It really doesn't replicate, it's just the same thing with a sensor instead of a film... Not sure I see where you're going with that.

    The problem with that kind of design (cartridge instead of back), is that there's no way to see your shots on the spot, which is one of the two big aspects that make digital cameras interesting, and the latitude for error with digital cameras in quite smaller compered to films.

    But yes, I think 35mm might not be worthy of the adaptation (I mean, not like a medium format that will be more expensive in pretty much every aspect, that you really would hold on to), they weren't that good that no camera today could outperform theme, and the price of such a device would be high enough that very very few people would buy it.

    But you can find some very nice bodies on the second hand market (got to check in person though).