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    @gpbmike: Like you watch style... lovely !!

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    It was a just-different-enough take to make The Last of Us' zombies interesting. There were a few gameplay differences as well (clickers use echolocation), but the most diverse combat was always with humans.

    The last line in the video @gpbmike posted feels like foreshadowing for a human breed of cordyceps:

    But these attacks do have a positive effect on the jungles diversity, since parasites like these stop any one group of animal getting the upper hand. The more numerous a species becomes the more likely it will be attacked by its nemesis, a cordyceps fungus.

    What are we at now? 7 billion going on 9 billion people. We are in trouble.

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    The site finally looks fine now, don't kow what you guys did, but I sure as hell didn't change anything on my end. Thanks @gpbmike

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    @gpbmike: I drive a manual, but I just leave my headlights on 24/7 and they turn off when I take the key out. That must by why I'm competent at driving, because I don't have to worry about my headlights.

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    @gpbmike: This is actually not a terrible idea. the Samsung Chromebook is actually kind of nice.

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    I like @gpbmike's suggestion. Although there may be complications if you're required to use certain programs for school. But yeah, for the most basic of word processing and all of those other fun web-based activities, Chromebooks are awesome. I actually have owned a Samsung Series 5 for a little over a year, and I still love it. Great battery life and feels good to use. Although I also bought a MacBook Air like two months ago, so I guess that says something, haha. Chromebooks really are pretty great, and I haven't even tried the newer ARM-based Samsung model.

    Anyway, I've been slightly disappointed with my Air's battery life, so if I were you I'd hold off for those Haswell chips.

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    @gpbmike said:

    I love this guy.

    I love how casual he is with bootlegs that are potentially worth upwards of $5,000. Not afraid to grab them and show them off. An interesting look into a specific subculture of Star Wars Merch!

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    Hey gang!

    After literally (hey @gpbmike) years of putting it off, the money was finally right and I got myself a bass guitar to get into some home recording. For that purpose I bought this USB interface. I'm having some problems with it.

    The short version: The output, meaning the headphone jack and the RCAs on the back, sporadically produces really loud white noise. Sometimes it's a short click or hiss, other times it's constant.

    I've already asked a couple of people in my, uh, "regular gaming group" who are into home recording. I made a video for them showing off the problem. I wasn't as clear on what the issue is as I am now, but I will link it here for reference. (Note: After recording the video, I realised that the first time the noise occurs, it sounded a little different. It was probably the buffer/latency setting in the interface drivers that was set too high while I was troubleshooting. The second time you can hear the actual issue.)

    I've gotten a bit further by now. Early in my research, it seemed like there are two types of this problem. One could be fixed by finding the right buffer setting (not the case here), the other is an electrical issue, which some people seem to have fixed by grounding their setup properly.

    I have no idea how to do that.

    It became clear to me that the grounding might be the problem I have by hooking up the interface to my cheapo Lenovo notebook. Just the interface and the notebook's power supply; no other peripherals. It works perfectly, apart from the notebook not being fast enough to properly record (using FL Studio 9). I can listen to regular sound output - music, youtube and what have you - without any interference, though.

    I disconnected everything from my PC that isn't needed for basic operation. That also means taking out any power supplies from the same power strip that the computer is plugged in to. In there, it's just my two screens and the machine itself. Peripherals are my keyboard with my house hooked up to its USB hub, ethernet cable and my screens. I should maybe also mention that I'm in Germany: Electronic appliances are powered with 230 V and this is what our sockets look like.

    My next step would be looking inside the PC case and see if I can take out any cables that aren't needed (yay for PSUs with cable magement) and any other optimisations that make sense to me.

    If any of you could point me in the right direction or offer other ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if I failed to mention something you might think of as important, please ask. I'll provide as much information as I can.


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    @MAGZine: I understand what you're saying, it's how I was thinking about this 3 weeks ago, but trying that route was my last option in the path to this post, which didn't seem to work, sometimes gaining some distance before applying self-control can help... I hope.

    @gpbmike: Glad I'm not alone in this situation. I mean it sounds rediculous to any outsiders of behavioural addictions but to me this problem needs fixing.

    I mean I completed absolutely everything in Skyrim months and months ago after it first came out and this destructive behaviour of mine has got me re-installing it and playing it, and I'm not even enjoying the experience this time since I've already done everything. So stupid!

    @lane: Windows 8.

    @Bane: This's what my addled, tired, brain took way too long to think of early, early, this morning, I will be applying this tonight with my mum.

    So daft though, who'd of thought a 25 year old needed his mummy to apply parental controls to a pc the 25 year old built with his own money?

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    @gpbmike: that's a great find, some crazy tech on display there. You've got to imagine there's a decent amount of time combing over the automation frame by frame but for the most part that's incredible.

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    @gpbmike: I never thought about lint as a fire-starter! I mean, I remove it from the dryer to avoid fire, but still. How often when you go out do you use the GPS, and how often are you map-and-compassing it up?

    @SLUSHIE: Heh. To each their own, I guess. It's not a matter of "have to haul", just "want to haul".

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    @gpbmike: Steam *is* DRM. It's just non-pervasive. Some publishers put their own DRM in addition to Steam's, though, as you noted.

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    @gpbmike: You are correct, however the link on the front of the group is still relevant and often updated > The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam ( ).

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    That video you linked to is brilliant, I would love to do something like that one day. Really get back to wilderness.

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    @gpbmike: That sounds like a great trip. I usually don't take a camera if I'm hiking. However, I've also found that when revisiting a route I've gone many times before, bringing a camera makes me consider my surroundings in a different way, and I often end up taking photos of smaller details along the way.

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    @gpbmike said:

    @Vexxan: It was done by @narkeeso . I don't know if he's a top man. Jury is still out.

    One day you'll have to sit me down and tell me who exactly are all the top men, every now and then i see a new name mentioned that i have never heard of before.

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    @gpbmike: Technically I started in December but didn't make it official until after the new year. I lost 5 pounds through all of December, and lost 5 pounds in the two and a bit weeks since. Averaging around 2 pounds a week or so, which is what my diet is set out for. I'm certainly not starving myself, just getting regular exercise and portion control. I've been at it probably a month but I didn't start being more strict until after Christmas. I lose weight quickly at first then it slows down drastically after about a month. My plan is ~35 pounds in 4-4.5 months, which is doable at a healthy rate. I just have to watch what I eat. I've been substituting a lot of my snacks for apples or oranges, and substituting juice and pop for water, that's about it.

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    @gpbmike: Jesus Christ, that looks good.

    But here's the thing about sandwiches - people put too much stuff in them. I want to able to take a bite out of my sandwich without dislocating my jaw, tearing up the roof of my mouth, and I want to able to take big bites. Also, that way I can eat even MORE sandwiches.

    I had an omelette sandwich for dinner. Pretty damn good, but I didn't know about this thread until now so no photos :(

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    @gpbmike: : I just might have to. Would make some great pics.
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    @gpbmike said:

    Fun fact, I played in a soccer tournament in Kalamazoo once.

    Hope you didn't have to drink the water here. Its gross.