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  • frytup commented on Tested In-Depth: How to Listen to High-End Audio

    Great job giving Patrick a larger role. Honestly, Tested has gone in a direction the past couple of years (movie effects, props, etc.) which just doesn't interest me that much. They really needed a tech guy to shore up that end of the site, and Patrick both knows his stuff and knows how to present it.

  • frytup commented on Show and Tell: Valve Software's Steam Controller

    I'm much more interested in Steam Link than the controller. Put that through its paces for us, Norm.

  • Falcon mentioned you in In Brief: TSMC vs. Samsung Chips in iPhone 6S

    @frytup: Not saying it is, just saying that's why this is relevant news.

  • frytup commented on In Brief: TSMC vs. Samsung Chips in iPhone 6S

    @Falcon: Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. I'll go with ArsTechnica on this one.

  • frytup commented on Testing: iPhone 6S Plus (After Years on Android)

    Totally agree that TouchID needs a delay option. It's been the hardest thing to get used to coming from a 5S.

    Hey, I just want to look at notifications and .. whoops! .. now I'm on the home screen.

  • frytup commented on The Best Business Laptops Today

    As a DevOps guy, I wouldn't personally want a laptop without a local Bash shell and a full set of GNU tools, but YMMV. I can see a Chromebook being useful if all you need to do is SSH to remote machines or run web-enabled admin sessions.

  • frytup commented on Dissecting the Technology of 'The Martian': Electrical Power

    No idea if there will be enough supply to feed the 2020 rover, but it seems the DoE is planning to start producing Pu-238 again fairly soon.

  • frytup commented on No download link for premium videos after hypnocube 4

    A download link would definitely be nice. I'm also mystified that it won't let you use HTML5 in Firefox when the flash plugin isn't installed.

  • frytup commented on Tested: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    Taskbar icons so tiny. So very tiny.

  • frytup commented on Lego with Friends: Phil Broughton, Part 4

    "My key ring bottle opener is bigger than yours." :)

  • frytup commented on Tested In-Depth: Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2015)

    @AnthonyP-: The semi-official explanation was lack of Broadwell chips powerful enough for the 15" models. Assuming that's true, I'd expect Intel to get them out in time for a summer refresh.

  • AnthonyP- mentioned you in Tested In-Depth: Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2015)

    @frytup: I'm taking the lack of a 15" Pro update as a sign that Apple are planning to add Thunderbolt 3 ports, which would mean the earliest a refresh could be is Q4.

  • Dr. V mentioned you in Making Butter Burgers at America's Test Kitchen!

    Agreed @frytup .

  • frytup commented on Making Butter Burgers at America's Test Kitchen!

    @Dr. V: Depends on the quality of the butter, of course. Higher end stuff will have higher fat-to-water content.

    But, really, this recipe isn't shocking. It would surprise most people to see how much butter is used by professional chefs. It's a classic restaurant trick to make everything taste better.

  • frytup commented on Tested In-Depth: Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2015)

    Quite annoyed they didn't update the 15" Pro. Hopefully this summer.

  • frytup commented on This Is Not Financial Advice - 4/28/2015

    Eh... I've listened to a couple of Dave Ramsey shows and just can't tolerate his right wing moralizing. He also gives some rather silly advice to people living in a high-value housing market like California. Don't buy a house unless you can do it on a 15-year loan? Haha... good one.

    I've had credit cards since I was 18. I have never carried a balance beyond the monthly payment date and never paid interest. This is partly because my parents had me paying bills and looking at account statements years before I went to college, and partly because I can do basic arithmetic and I'm not an idiot. At no point did I ever think a bank was likely to forget about the money they gave me,

  • Vertigus mentioned you in Episode 284 - A New Cohost Appears - 1/15/2015

    @frytup: Wow, that is a great deal of information and he does go on a bit. I'm not an engineer but I took a few physics courses and understanding some of his points from that view I might question the merits of 192kHz resolution. The real problem is it's very tough to get a good demonstration of the difference without some very particular choices. All of which may bias the results.

    I will tell you one experience that threw me over the wall on the topic. I bought a TASCAM DR-07MKII Digital Audio Recorder. It had 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz options as well as 16/24 bit choices for recording. I took it out to a forest area and started recording birds. Choosing each file storage type as I went, I made the same type of recording and then started another and changed the file option.

    The difference from the 48kHz 16 bit to the 96kHz 24 bit was jaw dropping. With the 48kHz 16 bit I felt like I was listening to a recording, with the 96kHz 24 bit It was like I was dropped in the middle of the forest at that moment in time. It was dramatic and spectacular. I get similar effect from some music files today. I could be delusional that my physiology is actually able to sort the quality jump, but if I am no one help me snap out of it.

  • Coda mentioned you in Why NASA's Orion Mission is So Important

    @frytup I speculate that Boeing has close links with other huge corporations and the US government <takes a look at its Board of Directors list> and SpaceX is more immune from bureaucratic fiddling.

  • MantaBase mentioned you in Why NASA's Orion Mission is So Important

    @frytup said:

    But that begs the question... why? Why is NASA developing SLS while SpaceX is working on a heavy lift rocket in parallel?

    I think that is an awsome question. Let's ask a similar one. Why is SpaceX developing a heavy lifter when NASA (or rather NASA contractors) are already doing it?

    But here are some possible reasons NASA is doing what it is doing (and honesty- I am speculating):

    SpaceX is under no real obligation to finish that project. Nor have they proven (yet) they can do it cheaper and better. But keep in mind, in this case, I think Boeing is designing the Block 1 and 2 lifters for Orion (someone can correct me). So, it's still a private comapny making them.

    Assuming I am correct, the question becomes, why is Boeing working on a heavy lifter when SpaceX is working on one? Because they are companies competing with each other. And SpaceX thinks they can do a better job.

    I first heard of companies privately developing delivery systems (without contracts) in 1997 at a conference. It is approaching 2 decades since and now we are seeing real progress from companies or ventures. Should NASA sit on it's hands and wait for a decade while private ventures offer solutions (maybe)? I personally don't think so. Let SpaceX bring it's proven product to market (with NASA's cooperation), and if it is better, then we use it. IN the mean time, don't stall progress while we let a dream catch up. If the SpaceX system is what it should be - it will fly.

    Disclosure: I have financial interests in SpaceX

  • tertius mentioned you in Why NASA's Orion Mission is So Important

    @frytup: We'll probably get a better set of rockets systems out of SpaceX and NASA competing a bit with each other than we would have with only one or the other.

  • exnasaguy mentioned you in Why NASA's Orion Mission is So Important

    @frytup said:

    But that begs the question... why? Why is NASA developing SLS while SpaceX is working on a heavy lift rocket in parallel?

    At the risk of alienating friends who are still at NASA, I'll just say that I don't necessarily understand or agree with numerous high-level decisions made by/for the back to cancelling Constellation. That said, I sincerely hope that the choices made will pan out as intended. Overall, I'm way too biased and grumpy on the matter to provide any useful, logical input. Y'all feel free to discuss without me.

  • grorc mentioned you in President Obama's Announces Net Neutrality Plan

    @frytup: yeah... Congress in general will make sure Comcast gets what they want. Will's posts says it all, there's a frickin Cable company lobbyist in charge of the FCC!