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  • Vetterli mentioned you in FTP Server Connection Problem - Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

    @Fripplebubby: I just tried connecting to the server (I had issues connecting as well) from home and it worked for some weird reason? Very weird.

    Judging from the screenshots he sent me of his setup it looks like he's trying to connect to /

    Have a look

    Might as well attach the screenshots of the rest of the setup as well in case you might need it

  • Vetterli mentioned you in FTP Server Connection Problem - Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

    @Fripplebubby: Port 21 is open :) And like I mentioned, there are other people who can access the server, but from different computers.

    What exactly do you mean by "not having the proper remove directory set"? :)

    Thanks for helping out, man

  • hydrotherion1979 mentioned you in Nexus 4 and 7 Home Screen Layout

    @Fripplebubby said:

    @hydrotherion1979: Using code that your phone's OS wouldn't know what to do with as a background... cruel.

    public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello, World"); } }

    Haha. I know. Still like the wallpaper thought. I was curious if anyone here on the Tested forum would recognize it.:)

  • CrippleCaptain mentioned you in Why are all my ports closed?

    @Fripplebubby: So then your modem is functioning as a router and must have its own nat firewall in place.

  • CrippleCaptain mentioned you in Why are all my ports closed?

    @Fripplebubby: and you're sure you dont have a software firewall running (maybe one thats part of your antivirus)? and are you assigned a public ip address (the same address that if you check or do you get an internal 192 address? when connected directly to the poe adapter?

  • CrippleCaptain mentioned you in Why are all my ports closed?

    @Fripplebubby: what do you get for open ports if you connect your computer to the poe adapter directly?

  • PillClinton mentioned you in Outlook succeeds Hotmail

    @Fripplebubby: I would say it seems kinda cool, if I actually used MS email services, but I'm so invested in Google's ecosystem and personally, I'm a huge fan of the Gmail web interface. I love its focused simplicity.

  • episcopo mentioned you in The true reasons why Valve is moving towards Ubuntu Linux? Future concerns.

    @Fripplebubby said:

    Just to clarify, is Valve moving towards Linux, or just making an official Linux version of Steam? Because if you rank which OSes Valve cares about the most in order of the development resources allocated to each, I imagine the list turns out to be:

    1. Windows
    2. OSX
    3. Linux

    I know Valve is a large company with more than Steam to make money with, but Steam is probably, by far, the most famous aspect of Valve and is essentially synonymous with the company that makes it. Valve=Steam and Steam=Valve for the most part.

  • episcopo mentioned you in Since Windows 8 looks like a Vista quagmire in the making....

    @Fripplebubby: Put it this way, once Microsoft stops offering Windows 7 OS at major brick-n-mortar retailers and online retailers, the average consumer is basically at the mercy of small time sellers who have the last legit copies of W7 for sale. Being able to buy an old version of Windows does not mean things are okay and full of rainbows on the horizon.

  • Greg818 mentioned you in Did Tested just fix internet ageism?

    @Fripplebubby said:

    The Tested forums are pretty minimalist if you haven't noticed. The evolution of web forums is interesting- they went from all-text to obtrusive, flashy and in-your-face and then back to streamlined. Not all have reached the final stage yet.

    You gotta taylor the pitch for the audience, you aim for dumbs teenagers, you HAVe to have huge banners and asinine signature, and when you actually have a message to convey, then it stands on its own.

    I really do enjoy the fact that there is only the avatar, name and date of post.

    @Rallier said:

    @ThePhantomStranger: Your avatar is now "vintage cool" ^^

    LATFH! ;-)

    @Evelgest said:


    Then Will's doesn't mean squat?