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  • Fripplebubby commented on Say Tested were to merge again with other people, who would you want it to be?

    What about those lovable goofballs at Giant Bomb? That partnership might just work.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Small, Quiet, Fast: Building a Modern Gaming PC

    Huh, how long have small cases been viable? Pretty impressive to build something as small and quiet as a console, but with PC specs to boot.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Cellular Network Types

    I recently picked up a Nexus 4, which is advertised as a GSM phone, which here in the States means it can connect to AT&T networks, T-Mobile networks, and the resellers thereof. All well and good, the only issue being that GSM service in my hometown turned out to be terrible.

    So now I've stumbled across this article. If I'm to take it at face value, this means I can go into a settings field and just change the type of network the phone connects to?

    Screenshot on the right.

    Surely, I'm missing something here. This isn't a conspiracy or something, right? I couldn't connect to, say a Verizon CDMA network just by changing this option?

  • Fripplebubby commented on FTP Server Connection Problem - Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

    @Vetterli: Alright, well looking around a bit on support forums it would appear that the passive port range is not configured correctly on the server side. Perhaps try this?

  • Fripplebubby commented on FTP Server Connection Problem - Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

    @Vetterli: In the Filezilla connection settings, there should be a remote directory text field. If the FTP server is configured to accept FTP requests to like /ftp/public and you're trying to connect to /, you could get an error. That's probably not the issue, but it's what I'd check.

  • Fripplebubby commented on FTP Server Connection Problem - Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

    I, also am no expert by any standard but it sure sounds like the ports are closed on the server you're FTPing into. Make sure port 21 is open. Also, I've gotten the directory listing error from not having the proper remote directory set in Filezilla, so make sure the remote directory you're trying to access matches the path on the server side.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Google's Chromebook Pixel is Real, 13", $1300

    This would be a great coding laptop, except you couldn't run any coding software without installing linux first. This seems like a strange move as most of the flagship Google hardware has been cheap, like loss-leading cheap (the $250 Chromebook, the Nexus 4/7) up until this point.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Nexus 4 and 7 Home Screen Layout

    @hydrotherion1979: Using code that your phone's OS wouldn't know what to do with as a background... cruel.

    public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello, World"); } }

  • Fripplebubby commented on PC Gaming & Netflix With Slow Connection - Any Way To Prioritize Bandwith?

    I'd try looking up "QoS", which stands for "Quality of Service". Depending on the router you own, there should be a way to prioritize traffic. Some routers have specialized gaming settings, some don't (if yours doesn't, you'll want to configure it to prioritize your PS3/PC over your girlfriend's device).

  • Fripplebubby commented on No more resolution specific search on Google? :(

    Sure looks that way to me. Bing Images doesn't let you specify a resolution either. Google is always changing everything about all their services all the time, I swear.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    Here's my network map

    So, whalerage is the name of my PC, dd_wrt is my Asus router, and the two on the left have something to do with my ISP. Beyond that, I'm not sure what the deal is.

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    Funky Barn.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    @CrippleCaptain: The WAN ip shown on my router's status page is an internal address, and through a direct connection to the poe my pc is assigned an internal address.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    @CrippleCaptain: Everything is still closed, as far as I can tell.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    Indeed, my router's WAN IP differs from my public IP. My adapter is a Ubiquiti "UBI-POE-24-5". What do I do from here?

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    To my knowledge there is only one residential router between myself and my ISP. My setup is as follows:

    • A satellite-ish dish on the roof (it connects to a signal being broadcasted on a nearby hill, not from space)
    • POE cable from the dish to a POE adapter
    • Cable from POE adapter to Asus router (probably ethernet? I'm really not sure)
    • Asus router to my primary PC via ethernet

    The only other factor is another router I use as a network card for stuff plugged into the television, but I get all the same issues when that router is powered off.

    Edit: Also, the Asus router was not provided by my ISP. It is connecting via 'automatic configuration - DHCP'.

  • Fripplebubby commented on Why are all my ports closed?

    Hey guys,

    It is evident that my ports are unreachable. Websites like canyouseeme.org report that literally all of the ports I've tried are closed. For a while, I had just assumed this was an issue with the proprietary Asus router software I was running (my router is an RT-N12), but I flashed DD-WRT on there and the issue is just the same.

    I'm running Win7, and my firewall is thoroughly disabled. I've tried conventional port-forwarding through DD-WRT and even DMZ (which should open every port). No luck. I must be behind some sort of double-NAT or something, but I don't have any idea what it could be. Any help would be great!

  • Fripplebubby commented on Google Docs Desktop Client?

    I think you can just install the Google Drive desktop application and get at the files from there. Go to your online Google Drive and check the far left navbar. For me, the bottom option is "Download Google Drive". I don't recall what format documents save to, but if there's any way to do it, that'd be it.

  • Fripplebubby commented on GIF is like jiff

    @AwesomeAndy said:

    The original developers say it is pronounced like the peanut butter. Will Smith is right.


    This is what I defer to. It's true that the pronunciation of words is defined more by usage than anything else, but to me "gif" is less of a word and more of a file extension, so I pronounce it as intended. Obviously, "gif" is now very much a word, unlike ".docx" or ".js" or what have you.

  • Fripplebubby commented on The Humble Ebook Bundle

    Damnit @Arcon we have the same icon.

    Edit: Nevermind!