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  • Finstern commented on Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS For the Living Room

    Was just about to buy a giant HDMI cable!

  • Finstern commented on Cooking Sous Vide with The Sansaire Immersion Circulator

    We are gonna be picking one of these up, I am curious however, could you use this to make the perfect temperature cup of tea?

  • Finstern commented on Tested In-Depth: Leap Motion Controller

    I got a dev kit of this and while it's pretty cool and works mostly as advertised, it can't match up to a touchscreen. All motion controls lack a very vital thing, feedback, haptic feedback to be precise.

    As awesome as this, the Razer Hydra, Kinect etc is, they just feel shitty because you can't feel any limits, too floaty, It's going to be a huge problem for VR until the fix it.

  • Finstern commented on Oculus VR Jam - Untitled Shuttle Game

    Dev Diary 2! I've added Hydra support, levers, screens, buttons and a shiny Bridge! I've also written the base for many of the computer systems.

  • Finstern commented on Oculus VR Jam - Untitled Shuttle Game

    Hey everyone, I'm making a VR Jam game! It's going to be a spacecraft simulator. But not like the ones you are used to!

    Think FTL meets SpaceTeam, you are on a small ship by yourself, flying through space and random sci fi tv mishaps happen and you have to manage all the systems yourself. Pushing buttons, connecting wires, pulling off wall panels and yanking out crystals all while a computer is politely and calmly listing off another 10 things that are wrong.


    Using the Kinect to track position around a relatively small space (3.5meters x 3.5meters... ish), Razer Hydra to press buttons, levers and use screens etc. If I could get the positional movement just right I could have a chair right at the back with the X52 Joystick hooked up for flight controls! But probably not...

    Could be really over the top and use the Kinect voice controls to scream at the computer to shut the hell up. If there's time...

    Here's the first the first dev diary! (Turn off ad block to see)

    All controls will also be mapped to a controller and involved sticks to move and looking at objects to interact.

  • Finstern commented on Making of "Get Out of the Forest!"

    I attended the Dublin Game Craft 12 hour game jam this past Saturday. You can play my entry "Get Out of the Forest!" here.

    The theme was the color blue and a bird sitting on a silhouetted branch. I made it with Unity3D, C#, Photoshop and 3DS Max, it was really fun! There were tons of great games made and there were even two teams of 12 year olds who made better games than I did, but that's not surprising, just hearing their ideas showed how much creativity they had.

    I thought I’d link to the video of all 12 hours of its creation squashed into 8 minutes! If that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in you can see it on Youtube

    Hope you enjoy it and if you get even 10 seconds of fun out of it I’ll consider it a success =D

  • Finstern commented on Episode or clip where Gary imitates Wills Stomach/Food tastes?

    I haven't been able to find a clip of this on youtube but I heard it as one of the usermade outros a few weeks ago and wondering what episode it was?

  • Finstern commented on Episode 138 - Whitta Fever - 9/6/2012

    Let's go Gary, let's go! Yeah! Yeah!

  • Finstern commented on You Can Build Your Own Portal 2 PotatOS

    Oh hey, they read my tweet! Awesome!

    Here's the forum post about it =D


  • Finstern commented on does making music count as MAKING?

    I think while music counts ask making it definitely falls under its own category, when I hear Adam talking about making its usually in the building stuff sense. If everything new came under makers we would just have another General Forum...

  • Finstern commented on Check out this awesome model of D0G from Half Life 2

    First off, full disclosure: I know the person who made this, but it's awesome and it seem's like it's right up Tested's alley!

    D0G Pic 1

    D0G Pic 2

    D0G Pic 3

    For those of you who liked Volpin's appearance on "The Big Live Live Show, Live, This Time It's Live!" His creator goes into some detail of how she created the parts from scratch.

    The entire model needed to be reproduceable so the master pieces were molded using Rebound 25, with certain detail bits being molded in OOMOO 30 much like the PotatOS Project. This time there were over 20 molds and even one of the legs contained 13 individual pieces! This model was also cast using Smooth-On’s Smooth Cast 325 which was dyed black to help with the metallic paint job.

    The whole read is here at 3C Creations