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  • falco_eagle commented on Bug Reports Go Here!

    It seems any time a premium video is the featured video at the top of the front page, the little video preview at the bottom right glitches out.

    Google Chrome (latest version) Win 7 64bit.

  • falco_eagle commented on Tested Builds: $540 3D Printer, Part 2

    If we don't see rulers taped to arms or something equally stupid in the next few episodes I'll be sorely disappointed.

  • falco_eagle commented on Tested Projects: Building a Custom Headphone Hook

    Very much enjoyed this and feel like my money was well spent. The most interesting aspect of the series I feel is seeing your guys' growths as you continue to build and learn all the techniques firsthand. While watching a pro like Adam and seeing every little trick in the book is fun, I'd find it more exciting to see people who aren't as skilled tackle these problems (and it'll also serve as a cautionary tale for people like me who either haven't built anything or have only just begun.)

  • falco_eagle commented on MakerBot Mystery Build: Needs One Penny

    The ending to this reminded me of the "rubber band powered flight thing" as Will called it from one of the first Mystery Builds. Though this time it flew way more majestically.

  • falco_eagle commented on Inside Jamie Hyneman's Behind the Myths Tour Bus

    Full screen seems to be bugged for me.

    Windows 7 64bit, Chrome v 31

  • falco_eagle commented on Totally Unauthorized Commentary - A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    I am totally going to listen to this like the weirdest podcast ever.

    Small bug report: There's a scrollbar on the side of the video player.

    Windows 7 64bit Google Chrome most up to date version.

  • falco_eagle commented on Starbound: Terraria in space

    I didn't enjoy Terraria that much, but maybe this game will be different. I'll probably buy it when it's on sale.

  • falco_eagle commented on Become a Premium Member of the Tested Community!

    How limited is the limited time $15 store credit? and how long will it be valid?

  • falco_eagle commented on Tracking the comet ISON with Stellarium

    Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to just wait and hope that it survives it's close approach to the sun. It's practically impossible to see the low horizon from where I live.

  • falco_eagle commented on Show and Tell: Japanese Papercrafts

    I've always wanted to get into papercraft, but I don't think I have the patience required to build them.

  • falco_eagle commented on Pokemon X & Y (Generation VI)

    @kristov_romanov: I'd be down with any Pokemon Octoberkast shenanigans if I'm awake during it.

  • falco_eagle commented on Pokemon X & Y (Generation VI)

    Turns out that @yoshimitz707 (there's an old 3DS FC thread here) has Ivysaur in his Friend Safari, not sure if that's a rare occurrence but still really awesome if you want anyone from the Bulbasaur line.

    @Rallier: There are settings that remove Legendaries and only show deals with Pokemon you have if that helps any.

  • falco_eagle commented on Pokemon X & Y (Generation VI)

    @stenchlord: I've entered your FC correctly so it must be a problem on your end (unless that was directed towards Rallier.)

    Yeah, I've recently found out about the GTS and actually got a Japanese Inkay from it and have been trying the Masuda method of getting a shiny 'cause I've got nothing better to do.

  • falco_eagle commented on Pokemon X & Y (Generation VI)

    I believe I've saved/loaded in Lumiose City before, so I guess I just got really lucky that my game didn't break on me.

    Glitches (and frame rate issues) aside, I've been really enjoying Pokemon Y, and the post-game stuff to do in that game is sometimes almost better then the actual game itself.

    My FC is 4983-4947-8796 if any of ya' want to add me.

  • falco_eagle commented on Tested crashing Flash

    For the past few weeks, Flash seems to randomly crash while I brink up Tested. The best recreation I've gotten of it is that it seems if anything else is happening in the browser while Tested is loading Flash crashes (even this isn't 100% consistent.) The only thing I can think of that's the culprit is the Inventern ad that was added recently (it seemed to start happening around when that was added.)

    Chrome version 30.0.1599.69 (most up to date)

    Windows 7 64-bit