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    @EvilEmpire said:

    A 6 inch phone sounds enormous but something to keep in mind is that its only 1.2mm longer then the iPhone 6+.


    So it's only slightly larger than another enormous phone? sure, ok...

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    @EvilEmpire: Exactly, he's there to help along. Did he you think? That is the point. It's totally fine to not like an Apple product, no-one her is having criticism because they may be fanboys and Norm might not like the product, no, if he has problems with the product... talk about that! Go deeper into that, go back and forth, etc. This just seemed like Norm having a bad day and showing disgust about a phone, like any other fanboy/hater discussion on regular sites. I wouldn't expect that from a reviewer.

    Even Will noticed his attitude as you can see in the beginning.

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    @EvilEmpire:  Exactly. These guys do great work. They're not slick TV hosts and that's why I like them. They're like the guys in the background at every radio and TV studio -- the guys who do the heavy lifting and make the shows possible.
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    @xavier_lert said:

    @obidamnkenobi: On my Hspa Galaxy Nexus:

    • click widget to typing: 2 sec
    • search results: 3 sec
    • Click first link (wikipedia) & open in chrome: 8 sec

    Do you have a ton of apps running or something?

    I get pretty much the same results as @xavier_lert on my HSPA galaxy nexus. Do any other apps take that long to load or run that slow?

    Wow, I wish search was that fast my phone on my phone! Most other apps are pretty snappy, no complaints. Just search and chrome are extremely slow. Did another search now; 30 sec for results to appear. (rebooted just earlier).

    But found that just the first search is slow. Do a 2nd search, for different terms and it's ~2 sec. Searching from Chrome is also fast

    I don't have tons of apps running or anything, not aware of anything that should slow it down. Some people suggest turning off Google Now, but I like Now.. Might have to do a factory reset, or start looking into ROMs

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    @lycangav: @mrey: @EvilEmpire: 10000000 is on my radar. Might be featured next week. Just lots of games dropping lately, and I like to avoid 3 games in one Roundup.

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    @EvilEmpire said:

    @thatlad said:

    just bought my first Android Android Android in September, still using my ipad 2 daily so I suppose I can give both POV

    it doesn't matter, barely any difference between the two now. (Although the android keyboard is pissing me off as I type this)

    My personal preference is bigger screen on phone but the ipad is where I'd go for tablet as the ratio is more comfortable.

    No one can tell you if one choice is better than another as it's personal preference. Hardware quality the same software the same

    Purchase and install SwiftKey if you have not already. It is far superior to the default android keyboard and learns your typing habits. Money well spent. There is a free trial I believe.

    Great advice, bought swiftkey maybe a month ago, it's definitely miles better than the samsung keyboard. Funnily enough I was using swiftkey when I made that post. The phone's been a bit buggy recently, not sure if it's because of chrome beta or something else.

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    @WesleyFenlon: @EvilEmpire: Thanks for the replies!

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    Hi Guys, similar to @EvilEmpire, I'm getting that overlap issue in Chrome 23.0.1271.95 on Windows 8.

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    @EvilEmpire: Thanks for the detailed update. After hearing Norm talk about it on the podcast, I'm definitely thinking about getting one of these now, and using my current Asus 1080p monitor as a secondary display.

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    @EvilEmpire: I know how you feel. When my CRT died (which was only like 2 years ago) I did so much research into what monitor to buy and settled on a Dell IPS monitor. I've never used an LCD for a long period of time before. Then just this year I bought a 23" Asus TN monitor to use with my XBox and a 2nd monitor. The differences in the viewing angles and colors is just night and day when placed side by side. There was a week where I only used the Asus monitor and by itself it was actually a really nice monitor, but when placed next to an IPS it's no contest. Too bad I spoiled myself with my first LCD monitor =(

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    @EvilEmpire: @episcopo: and that's just the advantage of, say, buying a Dell. If a U2711 dies on you within 3 years, Dell is going to send you a new monitor (latest model), express shipped with return label for your broken monitor. Even one dead pixel will get a replacement. Service is expensive!

    Anyhow, glad to hear you're happy with your monitor!

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    @EvilEmpire: Seems like you gambled and won. There's a reason the Apple monitors cost four-figures to buy. Top quality performance at a discount. Just pray the thing lasts for a few years without any hitches.