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  • EvilEmpire commented on Quadcopter Fun Flight Fridays #1

    Damn you Tested! Watching this immediately made me want to drop 1k on one of these. Great video. Would love to see more like this.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Octoberkast Raffle

    Did this ever happen??

  • EvilEmpire commented on The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Vince Gilligan

    Adam Savage and Vince Gilligan talking candidly for an hour. This is freakin AWESOME. Tested is killing it lately.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Nexus 7 Handily Beat Retina iPad Mini in Display Shoot-Out

    You can't discount the fact that the iPad mini is supposed to be a premium product and is sold at a premium price. To learn that the screen is inferior to other tablets that are almost half the price is going to annoy some people.

    Is it going to be "good enough" for most people? Absolutely. That doesn't mean Apple should be immune to criticism.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Making a Real-Life Halo Needler Prop

    That is seriously bad ass

  • EvilEmpire commented on Apple iPhone 5S/5C Discussion Thread

    Slap a plastic case on an Iphone 5 and voila! A "cheap" iphone. Except its not cheap. So who is this for?

    If people are on the fence about switching from Iphone to Android I'm not sure anything shown today convinces them to stay. If Google announces a Nexus 5 at $350 or below in the coming weeks that could make things interesting.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Testing: Salomon XA Pro Hiking Shoes

    I have been using these Salomons as my everyday shoes for about two years now (on my second pair). I cannot say enough good things about them.

    As norm points out the quick lace system is by far the best feature. It is VASTLY superior to regular laces. The shoes never come untied or become loose and the tension with the quicklaces is uniform so your shoes really hug your feet and are very comfortable.

    For some reason I always had a problem with regular laces constantly coming untied and would have to double knot them on most shoes. I decided to give these shoes a try and see if the quicklace system would work better. It turned out to work far better then I ever would have suspected. These shoes are so much quicker to get on or off and hug your feet so much better I honestly can't see myself going back to regular laces any time soon.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Google I/O: How Google Now Is Bringing Search Closer to Science Fiction

    @xavier_lert said:

    @obidamnkenobi: On my Hspa Galaxy Nexus:

    • click widget to typing: 2 sec
    • search results: 3 sec
    • Click first link (wikipedia) & open in chrome: 8 sec

    Do you have a ton of apps running or something?

    I get pretty much the same results as @xavier_lert on my HSPA galaxy nexus. Do any other apps take that long to load or run that slow?

  • EvilEmpire commented on Google Play App Roundup: Sidewalk Buddy, Bladeslinger, and Earn to Die

    @mrey: Couldn't agree more. 10000000 should be an immediate buy. Super Hexagon has actually been out for android for a while (a month or thereabouts) but is also a game I would highly recommend.

  • EvilEmpire commented on One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes a Blade Runner Blaster Carrying Case

    This video is super cool and makes me want to run out and make something. Loving the content on the new Tested. Especially the Adam Savage related content. Keep up the good work guys.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Question about android vs ios from users who used both.

    @thatlad said:

    just bought my first Android Android Android in September, still using my ipad 2 daily so I suppose I can give both POV

    it doesn't matter, barely any difference between the two now. (Although the android keyboard is pissing me off as I type this)

    My personal preference is bigger screen on phone but the ipad is where I'd go for tablet as the ratio is more comfortable.

    No one can tell you if one choice is better than another as it's personal preference. Hardware quality the same software the same

    Purchase and install SwiftKey if you have not already. It is far superior to the default android keyboard and learns your typing habits. Money well spent. There is a free trial I believe.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Tested: How to Buy a Cheap 27-Inch Monitor from Korea

    @Vexxan: I live in Canada and I bought a Yamikasi 2703 from Bigclothcraft on EBay in July and have been super happy with it. There was no problem shipping to Canada and the monitor arrived at my door from Korea in 3 days. They ask you how much you want them to declare on the customs form. If memory serves I ended up paying $22 in duties.

    I wrote a forum post with my impressions a while back and you can find it here: http://www.tested.com/forums/pc-and-mac/83268-cheap-korean-27-ips-monitors/

  • EvilEmpire commented on Bug Reports Go Here!

    I'm seeing some odd layout issues with menus/text/etc on Windows 8 in Chrome at 2560x1440 resolution. Lots of text is overlapping or misaligned.

    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/X5eN8.jpg

    EDIT: Scratch that. Just did a refresh and everything is looking great now. Top men must be on the case!

  • EvilEmpire commented on Tested In-Depth: Discussing the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Tablet

    @cent said:

    When are you guys going to be testing the Nexus 10?

    I concur. I am far more interested to see a Quick Look of the Nexus 10 then I am any of the Kindle Fire products.

  • EvilEmpire commented on This Is Only a Test 147 - Tips For Life - 11/15/2012

    Nexus 10 doesn't even get mentioned?? Has there ever been an Apple product that wasn't discussed ad nauseum?

  • EvilEmpire commented on Paperwhite or Fire?

    If its strictly reading then its the paper white hands down. The form factor and the e-ink screen make for a much better reading experience over all. I have both a tablet and a kindle and other then reading magazines or articles on the web I never do any reading on the tablet. I too spend all day staring at a monitor while coding so reading on an e-ink screen without the eye strain of the LCD is huge for me.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Sell me my next phone (that isn't an iphone)

    @will I feel the disappointment that a lot of people had with the iPhone 5 announcement is pretty easy to understand. Apple played catch up in almost every regard. There was not one thing announced yesterday (at least nothing I can think of off hand) that cant already be found in other phones. That coupled with the fact there there were next to no secrets and everything was known ahead of time made for a pretty lack luster announcement imo. A bigger screen, but still way smaller then a lot of others. It looks pretty much the same as every other iPhone only longer. No NFC, although most people won't even know what NFC is. Not to mention the the new connector that makes everyones cables, docks and other accessories obsolete. To me this feels like the phone they should have released when the 4S came out.

    Considering that the hype for this phone there was nothing all that earth shattering announced. Right or wrong people expect Apple to lead and innovate. That's now way harder to do with a more mature product and more competition but people don't care. It seems like Apple is more interested in litigating then they are innovating these days. I understand that its a calculated move on their part and they want to appeal to the mass market but early adopters want that next cool gadget with features that other people don't have. Is the iPhone 5 that? I'm not so sure. It's an excellent phone and I am sure they will sell a ton of them. It's a great upgrade for existing iPhone users but it in no way makes me want to switch from my Galaxy Nexus.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Anyone get the feeling Obama is gonna lose in November?

    @CROM said:

    As an outside observer, it seems like Romney is the embodiment of all of the mistakes that lead to 2008's financial crisis. I understand why he is popular though; the election is really a test of who can spend the most money on a campaign, and with all of the bankers backing him, Romney is in a fairly good position.

    @episcopo said:

    I just get the feeling that Obama will lose in November because most people in the middle ground just can't back the guy anymore

    It's depressing how the middle ground exists somewhere between Obama and Romney.

    Exactly. Read the article in Rolling Stone about Mitt Romney. He is exactly the type of crook that created the financial mess that the USA is currently trying to dig themselves out of. Racking up massive amounts of debt while sticking someone else with the tab and making off with millions. All the while killing thousands of jobs in the process. He rails against bailouts yet he was the one that engineered a government bailout that saved his firm. Upon getting the bailout he gave himself and all the other higher ups massive bonuses. Obama isnt perfect, has made mistakes, and has made promises that he has not made good on. At the end of the day he has done some good though and has been hampered by the current political climate in the US. Its hard to affect much change during one term. Bush got two terms and he was semi retarded and lied about many things including the reason why he went into a war that cost the US trillions.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Cheap Korean 27" IPS monitors

    Norm mentioning these monitors on the podcast this week reminded me that I never did report back with my thoughts on the monitor.

    I ended up getting this one and paid $300 canadian including shipping:


    I chose this one over the Catleap 270 as I read that the stand was a bit less flimsy. After ordering it I received an email from the seller verifying that the video card in my PC and asking what to mark on the customs form for things like whether it was a gift and what the total value of it is.

    The monitor arrived at my door from South Korea a mere 3 days after ordering it. The box had been wrapped in bubble wrap and was in good shape.

    In addition to the monitor itself the box contained:

    • a DVI-D cable
    • the power brick and cable. The power cable is a Korean style plug so they also include a power adapter. You can replace the cable with a regular computer power cable and it will work just fine.
    • a single sheet of paper with some Korean writing on it. I am assuming that this is something to do with warranty. There was no manual but its a monitor so its fairly self explanatory.

    Having never used an IPS monitor before I was in for quite a shock when I hooked it up. The brightness and colors produced by this thing are a thing to behold and made my old monitor (22" ViewSonic LCD) that I now use as my secondary screen look like garbage. I was blown away by the difference. I ran some dead pixel tests and could not find any. There was also no dust or imperfections behind the tempered glass. There is no OSD so any calibration has to be done through software. The only thing you can tweak via buttons on the monitor is the brightness. Other more expensive models (the HDMI versions) do come with an OSD but the trade-off is more input lag I believe. I haven't run a color calibration tool on it yet but the default color temperatures look good to me. They may skew very slightly cold (blue).

    After using the monitor for a month I can say I am super happy with my purchase. There is definitely some risks you take in ordering one of these as you can get dead pixels or back light bleeding. Sending it back to Korea if anything goes wrong would most likely be pricey. In my case the risks paid off and I got a near perfect 27" IPS for one third the cost of a Dell or similar monitors. Playing Diablo 3 and other games at 2560x1440 is awesome. You definitely need a hefty video card to do so however.

  • EvilEmpire commented on Amazing Close-Up Video of Pacific White Sided Dolphins

    I spent three summers as a commerical fisherman fishing for Albacore tuna. During that time I saw literally thousands of dolphins, sometimes schools of 1000+ all at once, and I can 100% believe that this video is legit.

    Nearly every time we saw dolphins they would either play in the wake at the bow of the boat or come trail behind and check out our fishing gear and what we were doing. Truly amazing intelligent animals.