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  • Hiluxtaco mentioned you in MakerBot Mystery Build: Keep it Toasty

    @Evelgest said:

    Use a pair of tongs?

    I would just use a fork, with the tongs flipped over, to pull out the rack. But that's just me..

  • norman mentioned you in Show and Tell: Papercraft Architectural Models

    @Evelgest: that's the one! my favorite bookstore in SF!

  • Beomoose mentioned you in Everything You Need to Know About The Moto X

    @Evelgest said:

    I lost all interest once I heard about the AT&T customization exclusivity and the traditional contractual $199 price point.

    The customization is coming to the others not long after launch, according to Verge

  • YoThatLimp mentioned you in Best place for art/prints/posters?

    @Evelgest said:

    My go to site is omgposters.com for updates on prints, as recommended by a fellow Tested reader. Check out Dark Hall Mansion or Dan McCarthy's site for some recommended sites besides Mondo.

    Thanks! Checking those out now!

  • AllanIceman mentioned you in Tasting Astronaut Coffee with David Chang and Traci Des Jardins

    @Evelgest said:

    From Adam to Traci, to fucking Dave Chang? And then Space week? Can't wait.

    This is insane! You guys rock!

  • norman mentioned you in Show and Tell: Collecting Screenprinted Posters

    @Evelgest: super jelly. missed out on that one and had to settle for a bootleg print just to hang it up. i prefer 2" frames for 24x36, and 1.5" for tall ones (like the ghibli moss posters). 1" works for anything smaller than 18x18

  • norman mentioned you in Show and Tell: Collecting Screenprinted Posters

    @Evelgest: i generally like wider frame widths for bigger posters, but the corporate ones look good. they also do custom frame sizes for every type, since i believe every frame is actually made on demand. they have a sister site that sells custom mats too: http://www.matdesigners.com/

  • Bassman2112 mentioned you in Long-time BB user. Wait for Q10 or try something else?

    @Evelgest: Thanks a bunch for that.

    I think the fact that she concluded by saying it's a great BB, but not her first choice as a phone is pretty telling.

    Since I haven't gotten caught up with phones in a while, what is new and noteworthy these days?

  • Leekspin mentioned you in Tested: Able Kone Coffee Brewing System

    @Evelgest: Yeah it's definitely too expensive. I love the Kone though and can't go back to paper filters after using it. I love my AeroPress too but I usually make coffee for myself and my girlfriend so using the aeropress is kind of a pain.

  • kim_a mentioned you in What does Adam thinks of 3d printing?

    @Evelgest: They are back to using their Replicator these last few weeks, maybe Adam has a 3d printed project going :)

  • Rallier mentioned you in Aol Tech?

    @Evelgest said:

    The Outlook ads aren't that intrusive and I have no problem with them unless they start to integrate the "Scroogled" campaign. Now that would be something I couldn't approve.

    I got to see what the scoogled campaign was today.

    I suppose that i should not be surprised but i did not expect them to go that low.

  • Jensonb mentioned you in Dissertation Research

    @Lashe: Thanks man, I'm really interested in the topic area so I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun writing i out. I'm willing to bet my first draft blows well past the word count.

    @Ben_H: Haha, I aim to please ;)

    @Evelgest: Cheers duder :D

    @Lufferov: It happens man, At least it's the middle and not the top end ;). Thanks :D

  • MAGZine mentioned you in MacBook Air vs surface HD space

    @Evelgest: Yeah, but you can trim another 3 or 4 GB of the Macbook's space due to their decimal interpretation of Gigabyte.

    You're looking at around 43 vs 30. And the storage inside of the surface is easily expandable with flash memory. It's hidden, so it's not like you have a card or a usb stick jutting out the side of your machine. Granted, it is an added cost, but it's always an option if you decide that the 64gb isn't enough for you. All of that is usable space, too!

    It's true it's not a perfect implementation, and 43GB vs 30GB is still a pretty big difference (around 30% more, in fact). On the other hand, the Surface can restore itself without an internet connection :)

  • RavenSword mentioned you in Is their any point in getting a nexus 7....

    @Evelgest said:

    @RavenSword: Nexus 4's $349 price is not subsidized. The price doesn't require a contract, at least currently not in the US if you buy it through the Google Play Store.

    I meant how can I add it to my carrier when I already have a iPhone 5 contract under my name? I can have both on my account?
  • Ben_H mentioned you in Is now a good or terrible time to build my first gaming PC?

    @Evelgest said:

    It's not a bad time to start building one. RAM is dirt cheap while SSDs have fallen in price. Haven't checked HDD prices lately though, after all that flooding in Thailand (?).

    They're pretty much at the price they were before the flooding now, or maybe just a bit higher. They're definitely way cheaper than they were 6 months ago.

  • sw0rdfish mentioned you in Trying to decide if I need a PC, Laptop, or just a tablet.

    @RavenSword said:

    @gpbmike said:

    If that's all you really want to do and you can't keep your PC clean, I'd go with a chromebook or something cheap like that.

    Part of me wants something that can eventualy do games, though.

    Then your only choice is a PC.

    Do what @Evelgest suggested and format the computer you share with your mom. Clean it all out, install one of the free Anti-Virus out there, and use that as your PC. If its not good enough to run games and such, start saving up. You'll need about $800 - $1000 to build a decent gaming computer, maybe more.

    Tablets are for content consumption, nothing much else. ( ok and playing games ) but not on the same level as a computer. If you're going to be ok with a Chromebook, you're better off getting a Tablet IMO. It's way more convenient and user friendly.

    Laptop, that can run games well... probably $1200 or more. "Gaming" is pretty vague though. Do you want to grab some older games, at a discount and play those, or do you want to be able to get the latest game on PC? There's a big difference there.

    What's your budget? Are you a student? Do you work? How much time will you be on this thing? Where will you be?

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    @Evelgest said:

    @Vetterli: Will has done a video on siphons in the past. Not sure if it was uploaded to the YT channel.

    Holy crap, you're right.


    I was pretty sure I had watched all the Tested coffee videos, but apparently not.

    EDIT: Wait, I had seen that one before.

    Anyway, the guy who made me cup of siphon coffee told me to wait a couple of minutes before drinking it, because first of all, the coffee is way too hot to drink when it's just made, plus if you wait a couple of minutes the flavors will be a lot more distinct.

  • Scrawnto mentioned you in Watch Apple's October 23 Announcement Live Online

    @Viderian @Evelgest : I think the idea is that in portrait you will hold it more like a phone (fingers squeezing on sides) but in landscape you would hold it like the larger iPad (fingers squeezing on front and back). I'd have to hold one myself to test that theory, though.

  • Viderian mentioned you in Watch Apple's October 23 Announcement Live Online

    @Evelgest said:

    I wonder how that thin bezel affects reading in portrait. Bezels exist for a reason. I don't have tiny thumbs.

    Yeah, and notice how they only demo it on landscape with the wider bezel?

  • coribald mentioned you in Paul Miller Offline: Does anyone still care?

    @Evelgest said:

    Paul needs to stop this project immediately unless he's looking to write a book on it. His role among the old Engadget staff at The Verge is quickly diminishing as Josh and Nilay continue to hire great writers.

    Agreed. Yeah, he got a deal that they'll keep paying him for a year, but once he comes back, what could possibly stop them from saying, "Oh yeah, Paul, listen...we've been just fine without you - in fact, it's going great. So, yeah......".