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  • Evelgest commented on Choosing Buttons and Joysticks for a Custom Arcade Cabinet

    Before MadCatz sold their arcade sticks, I used to make my own.

    [Image 1] [Image2]

    Seimitsu's clear screw-in buttons allowed you to put artwork in the buttons. That PCB is AkihabaraShop.jp's first round of PS360, a PCB that worked on 360, PS3, and PC. My wiring was not the cleanest.

    These days, I just use MadCatz's TE sticks.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: Favorite Slim Wallet

    I'll vouch for the Mitchell Money Clip. The clip is strong enough that you can take cash out a bill at a time even from the back without disturbing the rest. I can safely say I won't need to buy a wallet until it gives out.

    If you're interested in slim and/or minimalist wallets, check out this channel as he goes through nearly every slim wallet on the market.

  • Evelgest commented on Outfitting the Kitchen - 7/8/2014

    I'm surprised my most essential kitchen tool (besides the obvious chef's knife, pans, and cutting board) wasn't mentioned in the podcast nor these comments. A good pair of tongs. I use them for nearly every task in the kitchen.

    As for books on cooking, I'd recommend Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking.

  • Evelgest commented on Episode 263 - That's No Moon - 6/26/2014

    The Verge reported about the protesters. They were protesting housing evictions by one of Google's lawyers and killer robots, likely due to the purchase of Boston Dynamics. Apparently the tickets were donated by a sympathizer to their cause. Whoever purchased those will probably be banned from I/O for life.

  • Evelgest commented on FIRST Robotics 2014 World Championship

    I definitely enjoyed my years participating in FIRST. 2005 through 2007. Team 1560! Nice to see much hasn't changed. Various challenges now? I never went with the team when we went to Nationals, but I always believed FIRST employed one challenge, unless I'm mistaken.

  • Evelgest commented on Tested In-Depth: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone

    Wow, I'm loving these shots of the Bay.

  • Evelgest commented on MakerBot Mystery Build: Keep it Toasty

    Use a pair of tongs?

  • Evelgest commented on Case

    Fractal R4. Wait for a sale and you can get it for $70-80.

  • Evelgest commented on Inside Adam Savage's Cave: What's in the Mailbag?

    The kit is pretty easy to put together. I was in Japan last year and found the same kit Adam originally had. Instructions were all in Japanese, but it was all self-explanatory. You can find an English translation of the instructions online.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: Papercraft Architectural Models

    @norman: Are these $15 per model at Kinokuniya? The Terada Mokei website charges 2500 yen ($25!) for shipping, and there's an eBay seller listing each at $27 with $1.50 shipping. I guess I'll hold off until next time I'm in the city. There's a Kinokuniya in San Jose, but they moved into a smaller space and reduced inventory. Might check there first.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: Papercraft Architectural Models

    @norman: Bookstore in Japantown? Kinokuniya in Japan Center or another bookstore?

  • Evelgest commented on PC Building: Pay More Up Front or Upgrade Regularly?

    I'm still using the rig I built in 2011 with an i5 2500k and a Radeon HD6950, which I'm currently looking to replace with a GTX 760 or comparable GPUs.

  • Evelgest commented on The Science of Sleep Paralysis

    This happened to me once during high school, and I can completely recall the horrifying situation. I'm a side sleeper, but that morning I woke up with the majority of my face completely flat on the pillow. Couldn't breathe 100% with my nose squashed against the pillow, so I tried to turn. But I couldn't. I couldn't move at all. I had no vision problems, but I was essentially paralyzed. After some time spent squirming (in my head), I calmed down and fell asleep. Woke up and that was that.

    Years later in college, I asked my physiology professor, a retired MD, about the incident and he honestly couldn't tell me much about it.

  • Evelgest commented on Dear Comcast, re: Throttling Netflix and the Relative Value of Your Services

    You don't know how excited I am to see San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto as potential cities for Google Fiber.

  • Evelgest commented on Premium: The PC Build Race Disaster of 2014

    Love you guys and I gladly paid for yearly Whiskey membership back then, but it's a shame this is premium. Among all the bullshit at CES, this video is something I look forward to at each one.

  • Evelgest commented on Google Announces Nexus 5 Smartphone

    I think I'll die before Google releases a Verizon capable phone on the Play Store.

  • Evelgest commented on Switching to Andriod. Recommand me phones please.

    It depends heavily on your ties to your carrier. If you're on T-Mobile or AT&T, then go ahead and pick up a Google Play Edition phone from the Play Store or the Nexus 5 when it's available. If you're tied to Verizon, like I am, your options are limited when it comes to stock Android experiences.

  • Evelgest commented on On Churros and Being Nice - 10/22/2013

    @Rallier: Yeah, if I was forced to use my real name, I'd immediately cease posting comments and participating in discussions. I'm not a public figure. I enjoy the anonymity that the internet grants us, but unfortunately too many people abuse it.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: The Nifty MiniDrive

    I kickstart more projects than I'd admit, but I skipped over this Kickstarter even though I have a 2012 128GB MBA. Thought it was expensive for what it did, and the MBA was gradually becoming a secondary computer. I'd never carry the tool to remove it and I don't always have paperclips around, so I knew it could become a hassle. Save the $40 and cost of the microSD, and buy a 1TB external hard drive for $60-70.

  • Evelgest commented on The Best Travel Mug Today

    Still using my Zojirushi on colder days. They also have made great Christmas presents.