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  • Evelgest commented on Tested In-Depth: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone

    Wow, I'm loving these shots of the Bay.

  • Evelgest commented on MakerBot Mystery Build: Keep it Toasty

    Use a pair of tongs?

  • Evelgest commented on Case

    Fractal R4. Wait for a sale and you can get it for $70-80.

  • Evelgest commented on Inside Adam Savage's Cave: What's in the Mailbag?

    The kit is pretty easy to put together. I was in Japan last year and found the same kit Adam originally had. Instructions were all in Japanese, but it was all self-explanatory. You can find an English translation of the instructions online.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: Papercraft Architectural Models

    @norman: Are these $15 per model at Kinokuniya? The Terada Mokei website charges 2500 yen ($25!) for shipping, and there's an eBay seller listing each at $27 with $1.50 shipping. I guess I'll hold off until next time I'm in the city. There's a Kinokuniya in San Jose, but they moved into a smaller space and reduced inventory. Might check there first.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: Papercraft Architectural Models

    @norman: Bookstore in Japantown? Kinokuniya in Japan Center or another bookstore?

  • Evelgest commented on PC Building: Pay More Up Front or Upgrade Regularly?

    I'm still using the rig I built in 2011 with an i5 2500k and a Radeon HD6950, which I'm currently looking to replace with a GTX 760 or comparable GPUs.

  • Evelgest commented on The Science of Sleep Paralysis

    This happened to me once during high school, and I can completely recall the horrifying situation. I'm a side sleeper, but that morning I woke up with the majority of my face completely flat on the pillow. Couldn't breathe 100% with my nose squashed against the pillow, so I tried to turn. But I couldn't. I couldn't move at all. I had no vision problems, but I was essentially paralyzed. After some time spent squirming (in my head), I calmed down and fell asleep. Woke up and that was that.

    Years later in college, I asked my physiology professor, a retired MD, about the incident and he honestly couldn't tell me much about it.

  • Evelgest commented on Dear Comcast, re: Throttling Netflix and the Relative Value of Your Services

    You don't know how excited I am to see San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto as potential cities for Google Fiber.

  • Evelgest commented on Premium: The PC Build Race Disaster of 2014

    Love you guys and I gladly paid for yearly Whiskey membership back then, but it's a shame this is premium. Among all the bullshit at CES, this video is something I look forward to at each one.

  • Evelgest commented on Google Announces Nexus 5 Smartphone

    I think I'll die before Google releases a Verizon capable phone on the Play Store.

  • Evelgest commented on Switching to Andriod. Recommand me phones please.

    It depends heavily on your ties to your carrier. If you're on T-Mobile or AT&T, then go ahead and pick up a Google Play Edition phone from the Play Store or the Nexus 5 when it's available. If you're tied to Verizon, like I am, your options are limited when it comes to stock Android experiences.

  • Evelgest commented on On Churros and Being Nice - 10/22/2013

    @Rallier: Yeah, if I was forced to use my real name, I'd immediately cease posting comments and participating in discussions. I'm not a public figure. I enjoy the anonymity that the internet grants us, but unfortunately too many people abuse it.

  • Evelgest commented on Show and Tell: The Nifty MiniDrive

    I kickstart more projects than I'd admit, but I skipped over this Kickstarter even though I have a 2012 128GB MBA. Thought it was expensive for what it did, and the MBA was gradually becoming a secondary computer. I'd never carry the tool to remove it and I don't always have paperclips around, so I knew it could become a hassle. Save the $40 and cost of the microSD, and buy a 1TB external hard drive for $60-70.

  • Evelgest commented on The Best Travel Mug Today

    Still using my Zojirushi on colder days. They also have made great Christmas presents.

  • Evelgest commented on Tested In-Depth: Google Chromecast Review

    I only use my Chromecast for YouTube and Netflix, and it's well worth the $35. I honestly could care less for tab casting. AirPlay mirroring barely works for me with my AppleTV, and tab casting has had about the same success rate. I can't pipe video directly over to the AppleTV, which also doesn't change the input on my TV when I want to use it. I could use an ethernet on the next one, but for $35, it's a magical little device for the time being.

  • Evelgest commented on Everything You Need to Know About The Moto X

    I lost all interest once I heard about the AT&T customization exclusivity and the traditional contractual $199 price point.

  • Evelgest commented on Google's Chromecast is a $35 Alternative to Apple's AirPlay

    @SLUSHIE: @afterland: I believe you can add the 3 months onto your current monthly plan, so $35 - 3($8) is $11.

    EDIT: Purchase a Google Chromecast and receive a Netflix gift code redeemable towards 3 months of Netflix streaming service on a new or existing account.
  • Evelgest commented on The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews David Chang

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. All I could ask for would be a short introduction for those unacquainted with David Chang.

  • Evelgest commented on Google's Project Loon Aims to Float Internet Connectivity Across the Globe

    @MordeaniisChaos: I'd love to see someone try to shoot a balloon down 20 km up in the sky.