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    The price suggests so but the specs really don't. Sure it doesn't have LTE but 3G speeds are fine for me and 16gb of storage should be enough for most. I had an upgrade due december but I think at that price i will just buy the phone outright and go down to a sim only contract (Which are very cheap in the UK). I would guess as it is a nexus it wont be harder to mod in terms of software. However, as it is a nexus there are a lot less reasons to do so in the first place.

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    That used to be one of my favourite features too. Was it closed down due to a lack of questions or did it just take too long to make each week?

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    @Rallier: You just ruined the placebo effect! Here I was thinking I was doing my part for the community reporting people that want me to buy handbags and watch illegal olympic streams but it was all a lie.

    What else isn't true in this world?

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    Another vote for doggcatcher here.

    @Skytylz: DC does have a stream feature and it works well but is dependent on your connection of course.

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    @Rallier: So the flag button does nothing at the moment? Does it even send a message/notification to anyone?

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    <FONT COLOR=#000000>

    and I will be a happy man

    Edit: Other than that the roadmap you have set out and the other suggests seem like a pretty good start.

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    This made me a think a "last week on tested" segment would be pretty good highlighting the best articles and videos of the previous week. Would help those viewers who visit the site less than every day.

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    Analytics like this are notoriously unreliable. Do you really think no one without "some college" or more visits this site and everyone is over 18? Come on, use your supposedly larger than average brains guys.

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    Thanks for the tips guys. Right now I want to get the basics down then maybe hop onto classes later to really get the most out of them.

  • ebritt commented on On Codecademy. Or "Teach yourself how to teach yourself".

    Is there a site similar to this that does function as promised. I think i tried the first lessons a long time ago and as someone with 0 coding experience thought they were ok.

    If not what would be the best way to get into coding, say java, for a complete beginner? Not expecting miracles over night but would love to learn and maybe make something useful some day.

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    @Ustrup: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_7_8gb&feature=single-wide-banner Not sure if this link will work in denmark but should do.

    The 8gb model is £159 and £199 for the 16gb one. Very reasonable actually compared to what some companies do when releasing products in the UK where they just change the dollar sign for a pound one.

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    I was so tempted to preorder this in the UK but I will hold back until more fully fleshed reviews come out. Would also love their full suite of services (I'm looking at you Google music) to really complete the tablet but I'm not holding my breath.

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    This will also be the first time Google TV leaves the US. I believe sony announced it is bringing its box to the UK. Not sure about other countries yet but they should be seeing it soon too.

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    Well the TWIT (This Week In Tech) network is quite famous fairly good for technology podcasts. Some people aren't fans but I personally enjoy TWIT (the general tech focused podcast) and TWIG (The google and more generally cloud and social media podcast). The topics they cover are often similar but they each have different guests and TWIT especially has a large rotation of guests from around the tech and journalism world, So check them out!

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    Ah forgot to redownload tf2 on my new machine. Will be on asap though with my internet that might be a while...

  • ebritt commented on Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Metal Lathe with Digital Readout

    @Rallier said:

    I was expecting him to actually do some work on it. Perhaps in a future video.

    As was I. Not necessarily a large piece but at least a little something to show off the precision or whatever.

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    Testing for yearly...

    Edit: Huge success!

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    Savage Serendipity