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    @CROM: Try for unlimited storage!

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    @CROM: the same thing happened to me and I also got it for 40$ at crappytire. I don't think anywhere sells a desk this good/big nowadays for anywhere under 500+

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    @CROM: lol what are in those tabs?

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    @CROM hihi ye you can find out how many miles to the gallon he is doing : ) actually thought when you go to the Doc (which is once a week here) its been helpful for them to see how much his weight has changed to how much he has been eating.

    Also keeping track of Poop, turns out important, if they haven't pooped in over a day you should be concerned 2nd day could be serious.

    Our latest trick/tip has been boiling the water for the bottles and storing in a Thermos so that we have the right temp water on hand for when feeding time comes along.

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    @CROM: Kinect has the Guinness world record for being the fastest selling consumer electronic device ever (8M in 60 days). There were 24 million of them sold as of February.

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    @CROM: Revamped Kinect confirmed. 1080p HD RGB camera, 30 FPS, and "Time of Flight" technology. Reports are Xbox One requires a Kinect, so it is likely that it is included with the system.

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    @CROM: Thank you for all your advice. It's very informative.

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    @CROM said:

    But when it spots something, it selectively dims certain LEDs to avoid blinding other drivers and pedestrians

    Great, so when a child runs out in front of your car, he won't be blinded by the high beams. I suppose you might argue that blinding the child is justified for the sake of being able to see and avoid him, but Audi would probably remind you that their new windshield technology has been engineered to deflect meat payloads at up to 70 miles per hour...

    Being cognizant of how they work, I'd argue the suddenly dim headlights might be enough reason on their own to decelerate. If it wasn't enough warning to stop in time in that instance, it probably wouldn't matter if you could see the child lit up regardless. This of course ignores the fact there is space for gradation between NO illumination and blinding.

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    I didn't think the French knew how to make any sandwiches besides croque-monsieurs.


    Chips on sandwiches are the most underrated culinary choice of this millennium.

  • lane mentioned you in Show us your Sandwich

    I didn't think the French knew how to make any sandwiches besides croque-monsieurs.


    Chips on sandwiches are the most underrated culinary choice of this millennium.

  • lane mentioned you in Show us your Sandwich

    I didn't think the French knew how to make any sandwiches besides croque-monsieurs.


    Chips on sandwiches are the most underrated culinary choice of this millennium.

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    @CROM: Did that review get deleted? I can't see it.

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    @CROM: That kinda proves how much of a lead foot I have. If your car with a big V8 can get 15ish MPG and my little VW only gets 18 when I drive it then I know I drive too hard hahaha. My car can get in the mid-20s if I am a little more conservative on the accelerator.

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    @MAGZine: Yeah, people have said it would be a good idea to learn C#. Then I can do things like make a game in Microsofts XNA. As I said, I am moving onto web based stuff at the moment, but I'll definitely end up taking a look at C#.

    @CROM: Sounds interesting, but also doesn't sound like something I can necessarily jump into during my free time or do as a job unless I have a lot of experience. I guess it's just weird to know C, but feel like the only place to go from here is to move on and learn other languages.

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    @CROM: My mother just spent $850 on a refurb Air that she's extremely happy with and I would most definitely consider her to be an average user. I was talking about an average user's only computer, not just an accessory laptop. Anyone who can't spend more than $500 on their sole computational device (and they do exist, I won't argue against that) is in quite unfortunate economic circumstances.

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    @CROM: It's been a long time since I've looked but, aren't laptops in the $500 a lot more underpowered, I don't think $1000 is ridiculously expensive for a much smoother experience, especially in the Ultrabook category.

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    @CROM: I dunno shattered glass sounds like a pretty sharp feature.. =) *takes a bow* thank you thank you, I'll be here all night....

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    @CROM: I can find out today. He said it was $100 and he bought it at Big Lots. Not sure if that helps any.

    @Conmused: He has not given the tablet yet. And yes, it was our intention for him to pitch in to get both kids a tablet at Christmas. Neither of them have a tablet right now, but they play on my wife's XOOM all the time. She is tired of never getting to use something that is supposed to be hers! :)

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    @MAGZine: That's a seriously unfortunate problem but I have to image that it's something that affects a minority of users, I'd never even heard about that until today, so I don't think that's a good enough reason for justifying ALL of the Apple hate.

    @Vexxan: Yeah, it's probably not the best piece of software, I remember going from using it on my Vista laptop to my new Macbook and it being significantly better.

    @Ben_H: I totally agree with your whole sentiment. It's great that people are passionate about technology but I feel like that's just being passionate in the wrong way.

    @CROM: I can't say to how prevalent this issue is, I had never even heard about it.

    @episcopo: (I may say you, but I'm generalizing) 1) I think there are people like that on both sides, to say that there are no PC elitists would be completely untrue. In my own, personal experiences of my firsthand day to day life, I've never seen a mac user trash on a PC(as in ugh we're using windows), I've seen the opposite quite a bit which is just like ridiculous. Even though there are people like that, they are most likely a minority, for both PC and Mac users, to hold such animosity just because of a minority of people is kind of disgusting. How much power do those kinds of people have over you that they are capable of riling you up.

    2) I don't know what to say to this, to say that the only company that represents materialism is Apple I think is kind of ignorant and just untrue. Every device you buy is a product of materialism, for a majority of companies, their priority is maximizing their profits, which I think is a bad thing because they spend more time trying to nickel and dime you rather than spending time providing you a better service/product(Just look at cell phone carriers, I feel like they're the exact representation of that). I don't think buying an Android phone makes you any less materialistic, if you wanted to not be materialistic, you would buy the cheapest phone you could get and have the least amount of attachment to it.

    3) I think this again falls into the category of "why let a minority of people rule your overall impression of something." How many murders are there in the world, does that mean all of humanity is evil scum. To quote Ghandi "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

    4) If anyone holds a prejudice over gay/lesbians regardless of a supposed connection to apple, I'm going to say they have deeper issues.

    5) Yeah, he seems like a dude with some issues, it would be interesting to understand his thought process. But regardless of his bad attitude, I think we have better products today because of him.

    6) I feel like Apple worked hard to get where they are, I don't know if my words are the best choice since I'm not super well versed but they didn't have some super track record, they were on the verge of fading into history before Jobs came back to the company. They made solid products and became relevant again, right? It wasn't always, oh an Apple product, let's go buy it.

    7) To hold something like that against Apple which a lot of companies do I feel is just biased and ridiculous.

    8) Yeah, I don't think they're perfect either, I can't think of any company that is(maybe amazon, I love their support) but I think they've established a track record, and now people look to Apple to always innovate, and when they don't it's like they're failures. I don't really see other hardware companies getting bashed for not pushing things forward every time they release a new device?

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    @CROM: I'm interested in the $40 plan as I have family and friends in Nova Scotia and I'd like to be able to call them without using Skype. Is it just the $30 plan they are getting rid of, or are they completely changing things up?