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    @CrippleCaptain: The wife started vapeing and she's been without a real cigarette for 2 months now. I don't smoke but find the whole thing fascinating; like the hardware, the community, and all the crazy flavors.

    PRO TIP: BLU e-cigs are bad. NJOY King e-cigs are good.

  • Conmused mentioned you in More like Xbox 180, right?!

    @Falcon: I... uh.. I never said this. That was @CrippleCaptain. I just copypasta'd in the Tested IRC channel.

    (Which is in freenode, by the by. Channel #tested. Come on by!)

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    @CrippleCaptain said:

    @Leptok: USB audio adapters are their own sound card, hell they even work in a ps3 as crazy as that is

    Cool thanks

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    @CrippleCaptain: as an owner of that set, it sadly doesnt my come with any bits that would fit on game bits, i think ifixit does sell the bits for game stuff. That set is great and the screwdriver that comes with it is really nice.

  • Toxeia mentioned you in I own Windows 8 64-bit OEM, but do not have the disc. Is there a legitimate way for me to download so I can reinstall?

    @CrippleCaptain: According to the post, there aren't any links. However, further down there's this:

    The Windows 8 Setup Tool

    If you have a valid Windows 8 product key (no matter whether OEM or retail, whether upgrade or the full product), you can produce an iso file using the Windows 8 Setup Tool. Download and execute the file Windows8-Setup.exe from Microsoft, enter your product key, and have the tool download the Windows 8 setup files. The tool will then be able to compile an iso file from the download. This procedure however has some restrictions, as it will determine the language and bit edition of the download from the system from which it is executed, and doesn't allow to change these parameters.

    That sounds useful.

  • Artso mentioned you in Chris Hadfield and Chef Traci Des Jardins Make a Space Burrito

    The space videos are easily among the best Tested has ever done, even though it doesn't really feel like Tested. Now I want a burrito, which actually looks easier to eat in space.

    @CrippleCaptain: It is amazing the work Hadfield and NASA does to interact with journalists, schools, websites etc.

  • Foggen mentioned you in Chris Hadfield and Chef Traci Des Jardins Make a Space Burrito

    @CrippleCaptain: No kidding. He's been the internet's Man of the Hour for the past few weeks. What a great idea, and how awesome it is that Will and Norm get to be involved, if somewhat indirectly.

  • h37s3m mentioned you in The Science of Cyanide in Skyfall and Other Spy Flicks

    @CrippleCaptain: perhaps even melt away when exercising from the lactic acid?

  • Baltimore mentioned you in Inside Hasbro's Transformers Toy Design Studio

    @CrippleCaptain: Jetfire's toy was licensed to Hasbro from Bandai. There was actually no illegal copying. In the show Skyfire (renamed as to not be confused with the decepticon jets) was in several episodes then 'disappeared' like so many other characters in order to make room for more characters to show up in order to sell more toys. Vicious cycle.

  • Firethorne mentioned you in Windows 8 Blue update leaks

    @CrippleCaptain: Just get an aftermarket start menu like Start8. I did, and haven't seen the Metro start screen in weeks.

  • Falcon mentioned you in Windows 8 Blue update leaks

    @CrippleCaptain said:

    @Fish_Face_McGee: Well I obviously cant hold out forever, but I'll probably use windows 7 until its unsupported or they release an OS that has all of the features of windows 8 minus the a start screen.

    There will be a Metro desktop before there's no Start screen.

  • Fish_Face_McGee mentioned you in Windows 8 Blue update leaks

    @CrippleCaptain: Even if Windows 9 makes the desktop less prominent?

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    @CrippleCaptain: Got one for $20 shipping included. Thanks!

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    @CrippleCaptain: As it is an electricity gun, we decided it would have a button trigger in the grip, but we ran out of time to add it. As you never see it close-up we figured it didn't matter. The final pistol does have a cable attaching it to a power pack on the belt (which also had some EL wire in it).

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    @CrippleCaptain said:

    @YoungFrey: Half life on the oculus rift would really be a great experience, that game had fantastic suspense

    Support has already been modded into HL2 and Black Mesa. I'm not sure about the original HL though.

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    @CrippleCaptain said:

    @whistlebottom: Well I know its not a popular decision but to be honest 3d printing of lethal or harmful weapons of any kind actually disgusts me, There are certainly political climates that I don't have this opinion on but in north america its how I feel about it. I really only mentioned that making bullets already exists to contribute to your thread (also i'm sure it still falls under "making") It actually probably takes more skill and money to 3d print a projectile then it does to use a hand press and metal mold.

    So I think its a good example of how some difficult engineering can be accomplished with 3d printing but id hate to see 3d printing of weapons parts become an uncontrolled diy activity.

    This guy made an AK47 our of a shovel. You can't feasibly legislate guns away.


  • fallen mentioned you in Star Traders- mobile space-opera RPG

    @CrippleCaptain - awesome! Let us know how you like it. We'd love your feedback which we can roll into the game. Star Traders gets a new update almost weekly with new features and bug fixes, so please help us make the game better!

  • fallen mentioned you in Star Traders- mobile space-opera RPG

    @CrippleCaptain - we have had that request a few times because all of the game play is really laggy. It doesn't show the game as well as one would hope. It is because its on an older tablet and it can't get a good frame-rate when doing on-screen recording.

    Have you tried Star Traders out?

  • whistlebottom mentioned you in 3D Printed Gun Fires Over 600 Rounds

    @CrippleCaptain: Is it button-press easy? I imagine there's also a group of enthusiasts who can already make lower receivers, but what makes this particular story (and the whole maker movement, really) interesting is how they're lowering the skills needed to make this things down to almost nothing.