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    See, I was really just hoping for a video review. Details are nice, and the photos were the usual high-quality norm standard... but sometimes you just need to see things "in the round".

    I know those are hard to put together, though. Oh well. Maybe next time!

    I guess you can't really expect a start up like that to have video reviews of the bat. But i do hope that they will indeed happen at some point.

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    @Conmused:  I am at month 7 of movie pass. I kept a log of my watching, including movie costs based on theatre, and calculated some stats like price per movie. Also when I signed up, my rate was $34.99 per month but I found a coupon online when signing up and had the first month for $20. I researched the cancellation policy before committing and the difference of what is saved is only applicable for the first month. Canceling at month 2-3 is flat $75, 4-6 month $60, 7-9 months $40, 10-12 months $20, and there is no commitment to renew at 12 months. I was watching a boatload of movies the first few months, but sort of slowed down since then. I only watched 2 in September and I just got charged for October. With that in mind I have watch 30 movies so far and I am up about 65$ Essentially the math for me is I have to watch 4 a month to really be a deal. If I were to cancel this month, I'll have probably only saved $25 or so, but I keep watching movies. One plus side is, since it's a regular form of payment you can rack points with regal, cobb, and amc. I've had 2 free movies with cobb and 1 on regal. I've also got a few popcorn a and sodas but I could care less about that. The one thing I didn't anticipate was a month or so into it my friends discovered gofobo, which lets you sign up for free prescreenings of movies. Having known this would happen I probably wouldn't have singed up. On top of the 30 moviepass movies I've seen, I've seen 8 free pre screenings and paid for 3d twice. Overall I think moviepass is cool, but you have to be dedicated and Love movies to be worth it. Frankly at month 7, I'm not at motivated to take advantage as I was a few months ago.
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    @Conmused: It's because you have to be an adult. I'm sure there are insurance requirements and possible other legal requirements that make including minors difficult or impossible. Since a person has to be an adult, has to be an adult where they are a resident, and some states don't recognize age of majority until 21, that's the cutoff.

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    I'm skeptical about the discomfort thing. I mean, I don't feel any discomfort on a plane at 600MPH, but a 747 doesn't go around breaking the sound barrier.

    On that note - Wouldn't the noise from this thing be horrific? 200,000 sonic booms, every hour. You'd have to run tubes miles upon miles away from residential areas.

    Maybe sound proofing on walls is better in the future. Or everyone wears a variant of Google Glass which identifies noises which are undesirable and filters them out.

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    @Conmused also you shouldn't feel any discomfort at any speed you go whether or not it is greater than the speed of sound. It is the acceleration that provides the discomfort. It says 1G in the video which isn't too bad considering other forms of transport.

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    @Conmused: The sound barrier would not be broken, as the tube itself is evacuated of atmosphere. That's the real advantage of this idea: no air resistance.

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    @lane: Banned for what?

    Don't listen to him Conmused, he is a big fat phony.

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    Reading through the letter Don Mattrick wrote, you see the phrase ' just like on Xbox 360' several times. I bet while writing the letter he was just shouting 'YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES' the whole time.

    Yup, he totally was.

    @Conmused: Whoops! I think it was because I came in after the conversation started.

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    @Firethorne: I've always liked the context-aware keyboard, and just kinda subconsciously got used to the different modes, but I can see your point. Hopefully if third-party keyboard support arrives it helps solve any issues people have had with them thus far.

    @Conmused: I haven't had any issues with reading, no. Depending on your choice of wallpaper, the lack of drop-shadows might make some app / folder names difficult to read if you have a particularly light background against the off-white text, but it hasn't been too much of an issue in my case.

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    @Conmused:  I don't think said you were incorrect, I wanted to show another side, I put up the videos cause I thought those were easier to see the other point, than me writing blocks of text, which happened anyway. We aren't going to agree, I don't think Microsoft will learn from past mistakes, because they had years to, and they haven't. I said in falcons thread, it's greed, wanting money isn't bad, but don't treat the ones you want money from poorly. I didn't hate brink, it was one if the most dissapointing games I've played. Used games should exist, if they want me to not trade it in, make it worth it, but when I want to sell it don't treat your customer like a criminal. Also there is no fun in minecraft, that got patched out
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    @Conmused: It was a simple metaphor likening one thing to another, are they exactly the same, no of course not, but a similar logic applies, by using EA's logic you are renting a space from them, then you are giving up that licence to give to another, i dont think he took the price difference into any consideration, because for most people, the comparison makes some sense, on a very very base level they are similar. He isnt arguing about price or sales, he arguing about the concept of something being paid then ownership being giving up, and then being paid for again. As HKZ says above me, why should they get money perpetually for something that has already been paid.

    Yes it isnt a physical object anymore, but why does digital have to be so anti-consumer, we move forward, but we move back.

    I agree with you, it is never a good idea to buy a game directly at launch, but does that mean every game has to be 60 bucks when many have a short campaign, some tacked on multiplayer. but like in the video, no one is willing to take that hit, because why make 40 when you can make 60. It's a way of business, I never said Preorders and impulse buys are the publishers fault, i was trying to say that, games could widen their availability by having flexible pricing. i think a flexible pricing model would suit games much better.

    Yeah you cant return games, but you could always resell them, you could sell it to eb games, funcoland, gamestop, play n trade. I'm sure microsoft has some deal with gamestop so they can keep selling used games, but again, why do they always get paid when they've already made a sale once.

    I don't think there will be a monopoly, but once it goes all digital, whats stopping microsoft from charging whatever they want, they aren't directly competing with anyone for store space. look on the xbox on demand games, many are still 60 bucks. TImeshift, a game from 2007 is still 30 bucks on there, how is that competitive, when i can buy it on amazon for like 9 bucks. They aren't the only place for games on the xbox as of now, but in a few years?

    Yeah sure games used to be more expensive, but that is mostly because of the process of making the cartridge, and some would argue a better quality of game.

    I think my whole point is, just because they can do something doesnt mean they should, look at steam, they have tons of deals, and while it is drm, you dont care because it doesnt really hinder the consumer. if microsoft or sony wants to have drm, look at steam, yeah you cant resell your games, but what is stopping them from finding a way. cant you trade games on steam now? a new generation of games should be exciting, but instead look at this negativity, If they want people on their side, win the trust of the publisher and the purchaser.

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    @Conmused: Say what you will about Jim Sterling, if you've kept up with his work, you would see he is no longer the "troll" he used to be. He makes good points, that's why i posted them. i put them up in the context of what the OP talked about, which is in turn about the Xbox One.

    I don't see how the parking lot metaphor is a false equivalency, you paid for a thing, and you are giving up use of said thing to someone else to use that thing. you are no longer using that space, just like you are no longer using the spot on the server. you are no longer part of party b.

    People dont need to buy in the launch window, it makes no sense to the way games drop in price, Jim has mentioned this before, while not in that particular video. But as has been said before, on the Bombcast, you buy a game when it comes out to be part of the zeitgeist. Wouldn't you as a publisher want more people buying your game when it comes out, rather than waiting weeks for it to drop in price and then making less money off of it. Jim himself reviews tons of games, and i'm sure he wants people read reviews before they buy, but if you know you are already going to like a game, you are going to preorder, you want all the dumb preorder shit that comes with it because you want everything. You are being punished as a fan, while publishers expect you to come back and buy their game that they are ruined to try and expand their audience to people who dont even care about said thing.

    The third video does not say one side is evil or good it points out that competition is good, and without things like used games or other distributors, the consumer gets screwed because publishers have no problem charging more. the xbox one will "eliminate" used games, or make the process even stranger, so that these digital games become a monopoly and you have to settle for whatever price they say you will pay. Used games arent the only way, but it's one way, and getting rid of one way to get potential players and buyers. "He doesn't like thing" is because and i'm pretty sure he makes this point, it hurts consumers, it hurts potential customers. They try to stop the short term while hurting the long term. I'm not saying any of this could happen, but it sure looks that way.

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    @Conmused: Yeah and when those ToS go to court they lose because it's hard to be legally binding when the person who is supposedly agreeing doesn't really have a choice in the matter.

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    The first video operates on a false premise that you can sell the license as if it was a physical thing.

    It's actually a lot more complicated than that. Whether a license can be sold depends on the type of license and whether it's actually legally enforceable. First sale doctrine has protected console games thus far because the license is part and parcel with the disc. Microsoft has found a clever way around that by allowing the publishers to control the DRM scheme, thus allowing them to dictate license terms through the console itself.

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    @Conmused: I'd say calling it a crock is a very good counter point.

    Simple put this so called contract no one agreed to before purchase the only time you ever see those stupid agree to this or don't play the game crap is after you already paid for it and can't get the money back.

    Plan and simple the only way they can get you to sign this contract is by holding your money hostage this is not and will never be legal. A contract obtained visa coercion is not legally binding period.

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    I think @Conmused has the right idea. I don't understand why people feel like companies or retailers owe them anything. You as a consumer don't have many rights. Yes that does suck.

    I'm not really upset about the used games situation. I think it's both that people think they are entitled to something and that Microsoft/publishers can do this and because it will make them more money they will do it. I don't think you can compare it to a book or a car when it's digital media we are talking about. Then again I don't buy games or sell them and I want everything to be digital. Games cost a lot to make and if they want to make more money then that's fine. I do think that prices for buying games digitally is crazy right now. I hope Microsoft/publishers will move closer to Steam and if they do that's perfectly fine with me. I read all my books on Kindle and I buy a lot of them when they are on sale. I don't think I'm entitled to sales on digital media though.

    It is a really weird problem and the solutions are equally weird. I do think we get some good stuff from using the cloud and having to install all games. Your family members can use your games, you can access your games on your friend's Xbox. You can give your games away to friends. That's great and way more than you get from Steam. And people love Steam...

    I'm probably a special case though because I want everything to be digital and using the cloud. If I have to deal with some weird restrictions and not being able to sell my games (which I don't do anyway) then that's okay.

    @Firethorne: You will be able to give games away on the Xbox One. Or is it up to publishers?

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    @Conmused: The way I see it, part of Android is the open nature of it. Some gingerbread devices may not handle Google Now very well, but if they just put it up on the Play store and let the users decide, that's our problem. I have a feeling that my MyTouch 4g Slide could run Google Now no problem. Hell, there's stable ICS and JB roms for it that already have it. I think Google is trying to play off the lack of OEM and carrier support for updates as though it's hardware requirements getting in the way. Last I checked, the Nexus S was still getting current updates, right? That was a 1Ghz, single core processor device. If that can run ICS and JB, then the dual-core devices that came after aren't being updated simply out of laziness and lack of motivation.

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    @Conmused: Thanks for the warning. Just hit a couple mailto links and it seems ok for the moment - perhaps a device restart was needed. Thankfully those links are a very rare part of my day. Whole affair just highlights how much I wish Apple would simply allow user-defined default apps. My bull**** Canadian 3-year cell contract is up in a couple months, maybe I should start looking at some android alternatives :(

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    @Conmused: Were you able to find a way to set Gmail as the default handler for email? I can use Sparrow+ to make Sparrow the default, but I'd rather use Gmail.

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    @Conmused: Will miss out on the notification telling me traffic is bad on my commute home ("X min longer than usual"), right around the time when I usually leave work, without me asking.

    The alert that my package has been shipped.

    The notification that I need to leave now to have enough time to reach my appointment (Doctor, concert or whatever). Taking into account traffic, and providing a link to map with directions.

    Sport scores I don't care about so turned them off, but I'm sure someone would like to know Yankees lost or whatever.

    Just a few examples that I think are pretty cool, and too bad you can't get outside android. Certainly not life-alteringly important stuff, but IMO cool and often helpful. And also why I think I'll stick with android, despite a few annoyances I have (why is the google search widget the slowest app on my whole phone? Really google? btw:Gnex)