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    See, I was really just hoping for a video review. Details are nice, and the photos were the usual high-quality norm standard... but sometimes you just need to see things "in the round".

    I know those are hard to put together, though. Oh well. Maybe next time!

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    @possenier: I'm not saying people shouldn't submit videos, I'm saying if they want more (elligible) people to apply, then Tested might need to do more with this.

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    I wish that Tested:

    A) Announced the prize money involved: AKA, the paycheck (and a most-expenses paid trip to California for a week).

    B) Clarified the length of the internship/assistant position. Terms say a week? Is there a potential for longer?

    C) Clarified what being an assistant entails: is it really is just helping Adam on a single project for a few days? Is that really an internship or an assistant position?

    D) Clarified the eligibility requirements. Sure, they're in the terms, and people should read the terms. But let's be real: nobody is going to read the terms.

    E) Didn't link to a submission page for the announcement of the contest, which relies on users reading the terms to even begin to understand what's needed of them.

    F) Didn't link to the old article in the header. It even has the the old deadline on that page!

    G) Didn't bury the story page shortly after posting it. Don't you guys have a sticky feature for the home page, or something?

    If you're extending the deadline, you clearly need more entries. So why not give more motivation? Show the pay, hint at the project, describe the trip, show off the winner's potential workspace.

    There's probably something more you could do with phrasing, but it might be too late for that. Because while working with Adam is probably really great, being an assistant, without any details or context? Sounds kind of like undergrad-level gruntwork.

    As for intern? Even after slapping 'invent' on there, it's not so great. With the age requirements, it might be hard to find someone willing apply to intern at 21. Most internships happen during undergrad, and around 21 you're just about done with college. Anyone much older than 21 might be too established, and turned off by the term 'intern' (or assistant, even). Especially since the pay part of the whole thing is buried, the prize just seems to be who you're working with, and the U.S already has a widespread problem with unpaid internships.

    Even if that's all it really is, a week-long internship? Jazz. That. Shit. Up. The terms already hint at a contest/reality-show esque event. Shouldn't people know that they could be part of an extended series? That they could have their work featured repeatedly on site? That they could work on a project that will, I dunno, get shown off at Makerfaire?

    Creative people have great imaginations, but they still need provocation sometimes.

    I'm 27, established in my design career, and kind of interested in applying for this. But as it stands, I'm not sure this is something for me. Is it? Tell me. Show me.


    "The Inventern is a celebration of maker culture"

    Despite what I said above, there's too much jazz here. Take this jazz down a notch. I don't think I want to apply to become a celebration.

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    The layout basically looks like the verge review layout, save for the fit-to-width images.



    Origins aside, this looks really nice. The drop shadows don't really match the site, but if it's a sign of layouts and appearances to come, I'm on board!

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    @wh1terav3n: Ooh, I was just about to add to the chorus of standing desk questions. Thanks for this!

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    Not to dig up old threads/issues, but I made a little greasemonkey (or tampermonkey) script to solve this problem. http://pastebin.com/LhNgzJPW

    It just removes the last query string that forces the 720p video.

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    @DavidCAdams: Ah, good point.

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    @captaincactus: it's for "up to a week", as per the terms on the contest page. If there's any long term potential, it'll be separate from the contest. Partially so that Adam won't be locked into anything he might not want, and partially because offering a job as a contest is probably legally dubious.

    @Koulokoe: Ensuring that the contest complies with the laws of every country is crazy-expensive. Legal costs can be thousand of dollars per country, and the penalty for improper compliance can be quite severe (like, actual jail-time and enormous fines). Also, work visas are a pain to deal with.

    As for the age part, the reason it's at 21 is likely twofoldEDIT: it's likely due to insurance as @DavidCAdams points out above (or below, depending on how you sort).

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    @bugmanavery: "Only legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are twenty-one (21) years of age or older at the time of entry are eligible to enter."

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    Had some more time today, and gave the terms a thorough read. I have to say, I like where this is going.

    WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION: The Contest will be divided into three (3) phases: (1) "Promotion Period", (2) the "Home Challenge Phase", and (3) the "National Finalist Phase".

    Three elimination rounds. Pretty self explanatory.

    During the Promotion Period eligible Submissions that have been uploaded to the Website

    In standard reality TV format, we meet the best contestants.

    The winners of the Promotion Period will then participate in the Home Challenge Phase.

    ...Who then have to prove they're more than a just another pretty video by building something. Presumably over a short period of time, as the assistant job is for "up to a week".

    At the end of the Home Challenge Phase, the Judging Panel will select a number of winners, in its sole and absolute discretion, from among all remaining eligible entrants to advance to the National Finalist Phase.

    Then the final phase (emphasis mine). We can't pull much from the name, obviously. So for now, I'm going to imagine it's something akin to Iron Chef. "You've both been mailed the following materials. You have one week. Show Tested.com what you can do."

    Or, like any other interview, something based on best fit. But that lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, I think.

    At the end of the National Finalist Phase, the Judging Panel will select one (1) winner, in its sole and absolute discretion, from among all remaining eligible entrants as the Grand Prize Winner.

    And then, of course, somebody wins.

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    For people who might not read the Terms and Conditions, the full "contest" prize:

    Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize is available. The Grand Prize consists of: (i) an opportunity to become a visiting scholar of Adam Savage for up to one (1) week at his San Francisco place of work (reasonable hotel accommodations, airfare (if applicable), and per diem to be provided by Sponsor) and (ii) a cash prize in the amount of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000). Sponsor shall determine the visiting scholar dates in its sole but reasonable discretion.

    Three grand and a trip to meet Adam AND a chance to work on something cool? Not too shabby at all.

    Edit: Kind of wish I could make UX design into an interesting video, but it'll pale in comparison to people who make anything physical.

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    So video posts are popping up in the forums, which is cool! But the video doesn't show up in the forum, which is less cool.

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    @monkeyboy: Yeah, just went off to read up on it. Apparently horizontal acceleration, especially when we're facing away from the accelerating direction, is the least hard on the body. At 1G, it really wouldn't be too shabby.

    @Careya4: Ah, I guess I missed that part. The (admittedly basic) demo video showed it all being open air, so I jumped to conclusions.

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    I'm skeptical about the discomfort thing. I mean, I don't feel any discomfort on a plane at 600MPH, but a 747 doesn't go around breaking the sound barrier.

    On that note - Wouldn't the noise from this thing be horrific? 200,000 sonic booms, every hour. You'd have to run tubes miles upon miles away from residential areas.

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    @Falcon: I... uh.. I never said this. That was @CrippleCaptain. I just copypasta'd in the Tested IRC channel.

    (Which is in freenode, by the by. Channel #tested. Come on by!)