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    @Chris said:

    This is some brilliant logic here:

    "It’s hard to believe that something so yummy can get such a bad rap."

    Sugar is yummy too, doesn't make it good for you.

    Sugar is in fact good for you, and is certainly not BAD for you. Most natural diets on the planet include sugar. And sugar as many uses in the human body. Anything is bad if you consume far too much of it. The idea that sugar is evil is just about the silliest thing ever. It's quite good for you in the right dose. It helps provide us with energy, and is excellent after a workout. In moderation, of course.

    It also wasn't logic, it was a glib comment intended to spice up the article, not actually stating "My hypothesis is that because it tastes delicious, it is therefore healthy!"

    If you want scientific studies and dry writing, go elsewhere. Tested ain't got time for that.

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    @Chris: It's opt-out.

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    @Chris said:

    The reason people are so upset with the XONE is due to all the anti-consumer measures. Not that they didn't show games.

    I wish that was true, but go to Giantbomb, and you'll find a million threads with as many vague complaints about how the event that wasn't for gamers was... shocker: "not for gamers."

    Also? We have no fucking CLUE what the anti-consumer measures will actually be, and assuming we do is almost as bad as being the company who so royally fucked up that message. lol. That's the thing we have anything to complain about, it's how shitty they've been about clarifying what those features will actually be. Because right now, they are saying "we haven't actually officially said what we are doing."

    Also, if the used game thing is your primary concern, I hope you have a better excuse than "I'd rather let GameStop take advantage of gamers AND developers despite doing nothing more than capitalizing on basically a loophole in how games have been sold for all of this time, than let publishers fix that weakness without actually screwing people over." Because if you want a game to be cheap, you wait. You want to play it? Buy it, don't borrow it. Vinny said it better than I could on the Bombcast, basically asking why people think that we should be defending a practice that really only benefits Gamestop instead of letting the people who make out games get some more money out of doing it to bring more capital to developers. How dare they want you to pay THEM for what they worked on. The idea that gamers suddenly own the data because they have a disc is ludicrous. So the idea that reselling it is totally okay but protecting your company from losing money to people other than you making money on your product? How dare they! It's a game. If you can't afford it, you should be doing something other than playing games, or you should be encouraging your countrymen to rally against the prices in your region. Not whining about how expensive they are. Entertainment isn't required to be affordable. It's not a basic human right. If you can earn it, good for you. If not, there's only one thing you can do: work harder and maybe then you'll get to play shiny new games. Otherwise, wait 6 months and buy it new for $30.

    Oh, and we have no idea about the PRO-consumer moves either. Remember, they still have a trade in system they have yet to talk much about, and we still have no idea how pricing will work on the store (such as degrading value on older games, similar to Steam) which is another thing that's been suggested to be a thing on the new Xbox.

    The always online thing is totally okay to get up in arms about. Until you realize the only person who really made any statements at MS was literally pulling numbers out of his ass. Seriously, people were getting different times from the same guy. And I forget if it was a rumor or a statement, but supposedly there will be options for military bases and the like (Which there effing better be!) even if the always online thing is oppressive. Which we don't know it will be.

    If you mean privacy because of the Kinect? You should probably just go live in the Amazonian Jungle because surprise surprise, you've got 4 cameras within 30 feet of you in all likelihood, and probably have one with a microphone and constant connection to the outside world/internet in your pocket during most of your day.

    The idea that they are going to start spying on people is just a bullshit excuse for people to give them more shit, because Gamers have become borderline addicted to being, quite frankly, sort of -insert a word that Vinny may or may not have used that starts with a C-....s. You want to know why we can't have nice things? Because gamers are insufferable little pricks these days. They just tear everything apart if it doesn't give them a massage, go down on them, and make them a delicious dinner WHILE ALSO giving them free games for life.

    They often refuse to accept the fact that in life, you earn what you earn, and nothing more. They often refuse to work for and support the enjoyment of the industry they are so invested in. They don't want to have to buy things from the people who worked on on them, they just want everything to be cheaper and easier to get and most importantly if they can't buy it from their best bud who did nothing to deserve that money back on their purchase (hey bud, sandwiches are physical commodities too, you don't see me reconstituting it after it comes out and selling it for 1/3 of the price, do you?) other than "I played and enjoyed this game!" Well, good for you. I guess the folks who actually did the months of work to make the bloody game deserve that $20 significantly less than you.

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    @Chris said:

    Guess I'm the rare person that likes to go to the websites they like to read to see what's new.

    It's a time saver. I follow 10 webcomics. They don't all update at the same time, nor on a daily basis. Without RSS I have to open each site one at a time, check, close, move onto the next one.

    Or I just look at my Webcomic RSS folder at any point of the day and see what's been updated.

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    Compassion for a robot is no different than compassion for a pet rock. The only personality or life in it is put there by the designer or owner.

    @Chris said:

    Being a human has nothing to do with it. If a stick asked me not to break it, of course I wouldn't. Anything with sentience deserves respect.

    But switching off a robot that is programmed to tell you to leave it powered is equivalent to tearing a piece of paper on which someone has written "do not tear." The robot has no intelligence or sentience, it is merely reflecting the intelligence and sentience in the programmer. Burning a book is a disgrace not because it disrespects the paper, glue, and ink, but because it disrespects the author.

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    @Chris: still the NEX-C3. next purchase is a full-frame dslr.

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    @Chris said:

    I have never heard or seen GIF used as a verb online or off...

    Me either. I can't even remember the last time I used it as a noun. Naturally, I blame hipsters...