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  • big_jon commented on Windows 10 Xbox app not working?

    I've been trying since yesterday to launch the Xbox app and it's still stuck at "Connecting", anyone else run into this? Find a fix?

  • big_jon commented on Need help! Windows 10 start screen/apps not working

    So I have window 10 technical preview, I decided to try and refresh whilst saving the data because it was running slowly, now it doesn't work, the start screen won't open, and the apps won't even run. I've updated it seems and nothing seems to work, also I created a backup on my USB stick but the option to rollback to 8.1 doesn't appear in the setting menu anymore.

    Please help!

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    @big_jon: what model laptop we talking about here?

  • big_jon commented on New Asus Laptop keyboard issues.

    Is there a fix for general issues with a keyboard on a Laptop? Things like it randomly losing function out of nowhere, being unable to scroll up and down a webpage fairly often for no discernible reason, randomly zooming out and so on? Is it potentially the drivers? Does Asus just make crappy keyboard on their laptops?

    This is literally making me hate this laptop.

  • Falcon mentioned you in Apple iPhone 5S/5C Discussion Thread

    @big_jon: I think the new look of iOS 7 is fine, if not totally reactionary. But yeah, me having a cyan 920 with a cyan theme for nearly a year now the look of iOS 7 combined with the colors of 5C seems like a disconnect. As if it's just a case on the phone. At least with Android if you have a colored phone you can customize the UI enough to make it seem like one cohesive thing.

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    @big_jon said:

    As someone with a Yellow Lumia 920 I think these things are ugly as hell...0

    They all seem off... Like they're muted, or something.

  • fallen mentioned you in OUYA Adopts Smartphone-like Yearly Refresh Cycle

    @big_jon - don't underestimate the sheer weight of awesome games that OUYA will be able to bring forward just by being an Android device with a nice SDK to port over to the market. They will play Amazon next to Google Play--just another market for every single decently produced and backed Android game, which is a lot of games!

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    @big_jon: Tested has not done any live shows since the WM split. I believe that Will did mention that he wanted to do it again but that at this point it was not really worth the effort.

    If they end up doing a show it should be up in 6 hours or so. This varies quite a bit.

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    @big_jon: Hmm, weird. It seems a little fuzzier than the macro shots my Focus took? Or maybe it's because it was inside and the lighting and all that?

  • Falcon mentioned you in Feel free to continue ignoring Windows Phone

    @big_jon: I'm curious. Is the Warhammer shot on auto, or macro? The outside shot looks fantastic.

  • HKZ mentioned you in Feel free to continue ignoring Windows Phone

    @big_jon: @Falcon: It's not objectively and inarguably the best camera phone on the market. Nokia had to release an update to make the pictures it took not look like a blurry mess. The night shots are incredible, and no other camera comes close, but the day shots aren't that special. At best they are about even with the competition. I like the fact that the video it takes is smoother looking because of the stabilization in camera, but the quality is no better or worse than anything else on the market. Your bias is showing @Falcon, the camera is decent in day shots, and incredible at night. It's not inarguably the best by any means. The phone and the OS on the other hand is way behind the rest of the market. I think I'm going to write a big post about my experience with the 920, but I don't want to ape your thread to do so @Falcon. I'd be interested to hear your opinion on it when I do write it.

  • frytup mentioned you in Would an unlocked Iphone 5 work in Vietnam?

    @big_jon said:

    From Canada?

    Voice and 3G data, yes. Dunno about LTE.

  • Falcon mentioned you in Feel free to continue ignoring Windows Phone

    @lane: Well, I'm shocked as to how quickly this update got rolled out, so hopefully that means good things for WP8's future updates.

    @goodwood: Luckyyyyy. But yeah, it's definitely significantly faster than WP7.x hardware. Most apps load within a second or two, and games only take a few seconds now.

    @big_jon: Yeah. The 920's camera is objectively and inarguably the best camera on any phone. But he wanted to argue about it, so... yeah, lol.

  • goodwood mentioned you in Getting a Nokia Lumia 920 tomorrow, can't wait!

    @big_jon: If your looking for apps that change your lock screen check out either Astronomy Lock Screen of Photostream.

  • Falcon mentioned you in Getting a Nokia Lumia 920 tomorrow, can't wait!

    @big_jon: Recommended apps

    • Weather Flow and Amazing Weather HD (yes, you'll want to see both)
    • rowi (twitter app)
    • Battery Level for WP8 (features a lock screen battery %)
    • Fandango (I still prefer pinning my local theater over using the new Bing feature)
    • USA Today (has a really nice layout, if you like having a general news app)

    And of course there are the Nokia apps. I definitely recommend at least their Lenses apps; Cinemagraph, Panorama, and Smart Shoot.

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    @big_jon:  It's an OS level problem, so it's universal. Some experience them to different degrees though.
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    @big_jon said:

    @Falcon: Do you know anything about this new Xbox music? I am hearing it makes people have issues playing some of their music that worked fine on WP7, if a song is listed as DMR free would that mean it has no issues on Windows phone 8?

    I didn't use Zune Pass music on WP7. But the library for Xbox Music and Zune are mostly the same at the moment from what I understand. So unless you like super obscure stuff that isn't covered anymore, it'll be on Xbox Music.

    Also what seems to be broken? And what update do you speak of?

    You must have been living under a rock for the past month.


  • Evelgest mentioned you in Are some tech journalist websites biased?

    Sorry, had to.

    From our friends at the Verge:

    @big_jon said:

    Everyone is bias, I think it is naive to think otherwise.

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    @big_jon: Hey, no problem. Happy to help.

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    @big_jon: Yeah, the main things you would have to worry about in finding a replacement is the wattage (it should say on the power brick part of the cord. It'll say like 60W or 90W or something) and the connector end that plugs right into the laptops. Most generic laptop chargers you can buy actually come with a whole bunch of connectors that fit a bunch of different brands of laptops. The connectors just fit on the end of the cord. If you have a major brand of laptop (HP, Toshiba, Asus, etc.) there should definitely be one that fits your machine.

    The other option you have is to find the part number for the charger (it might be on the actual charger itself or you can just look up your laptop online and you should be able to find it) and see if you can find a place selling the exact cord. Ebay works wonders for that kind of stuff or some type of part supplier store.

  • will mentioned you in Welcome to the New Tested Office: Part 2

    @big_jon: Do I look like I'm concerned?

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    @Christoffer: @big_jon: Seeing as we're already on the topic... is it just me, or has Frankie put on some weight since the H2/H3 days?