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    @Barta: Very cool stuff sir. I haven't made furniture in ages but its always a great project when its something that you can use in everyday life and these all look really clean and functional.

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    Thanks @Barta. Nice furniture!

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    @Barta: The California Academy of Sciences and is right across from the de Young Museum. I also like the Exploratorium for science stuff and Muir Woods is close by if you haven't seen old redwoods in person before.

    I know nothing of the good food in the city.

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    @Barta: This is a nice list, well done. I've been using TAL's stuff for a few years now, and it's always been incredible to me that they develop such powerful plugins for free. I'm definitely gonna check out some of those other recommendations too. Looks like some real gems in there.

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    @Barta said:

    means usually 8-12mb down, 1-5 up.

    I get that on my home broadband, I'd definitely take that on my phone!

    Here in the UK we're getting left behind with 4G, makes me wonder if it's worth even considering the 4g element in my next phone purchase and worry about that on the phone after that. EE is launching a 4G network but I remember when 3G launched and the networks couldn't handle it, I could see me having big first adopter problems.

    One thing that has stood out to me when researching my new phone...weight. Hate to say it as it will come across as distortion field but the weight difference is quite a thing in the iphone 5. 112grams when you compare it against most big phone it's a huge difference the Nokia weighing in at 185-190grams. Wondering if that much weight will annoy me

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    @Barta @Dracaeboy @razzitron - All are added. Welcome to the server. Have fun and remember the "Golden Rule".