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  • AtomicEdge commented on Hackers Take Remote Control of a Jeep SUV

    Wait, this patch has to be manually applied, but yet an unauthorised group are able to push images and code down to the cars? What on earth is going on?!

  • AtomicEdge commented on Testing: Pebble Time Smartwatch

    I've kickstarted the Time Steel, and one thing I am pretty excited about it that on the Steel the display is bonded to the glass, so hopefully this should help in low light and make the display seem a bit more bold.

    I'm yet to use a smart watch for more than a few minutes, and I'm pretty excited about getting my hands on it. Eventually.

  • AtomicEdge commented on Google Photos Launches with Unlimited Backup

    If in exchange for storing all my photos and making them easy to organise with as little effort as possible they want 10,000 pictures of me, then they are more than welcome to extract that payment!

  • AtomicEdge commented on Google Photos Launches with Unlimited Backup

    Organising photos is honestly one of the most time consuming things in a "digital lifestyle". If I can really just dump everything on Google Photos and then let them sort it all out, it's one of the best things ever.

    Plus the sharing seems pretty solid so far. I might even get around to synching all the years of photos I have on hard drives!

  • AtomicEdge commented on Android M Rumor Roundup: Privacy, Android Pay, and More

    Some interesting possibilities. I just wish that I didn't need to wait 6-8 months after an Android release before I get to see the improvements on my Xperia.

    I hope that Google announce the fabled "Android Silver" range of stock phones replacing the Google Play Edition. I would definitely pay more money for a stock phone that gets the latest updates.

    Also, I think this article needs another editing pass. Quite a few typos in there.

  • AtomicEdge commented on The Best Smart Thermostat

    I still really like my Nest thermostat. though I do wish there was a way to get extra temp an motion sensors for other rooms. Allowing the nest to know what room I generally use at any point in the day, and what I set the heat to in that room would allow it to be much more smart about it's detection.

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    @AtomicEdge: I know a few apps took a month or so before they got updated to work with it. From what some devs said the ART in KitKat has differences from the Lollipop release of ART so it wasn't really worth it to update their apps until Lollipop for some devs.

    Personally, I use xposed framework so I never bothered to try ART except for a week or so. I'm glad that xposed works with Lollipop now so when my phone gets the upgrade I can use both.

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    This is my favorite, I let out a rare genuine gfaw.

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    @AtomicEdge Its sad that in a matter of a day, I stopped counting at 65 pages of spam......somebody's day is going to pretty busy deleting all this....hopefully its not worse when the holidays come around...

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    @AtomicEdge: Come on, we all know those people have never even set foot in the forums. :p

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    @AtomicEdge: Yeah I was always prepared to have to charge any 1st gen smartwatch every night, so 24 hours is okay for me (I work long irregular hours so 9-5 just won't cut it)

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    @AtomicEdge: pretty sure they must mean "With the screen on all the time, the Moto 360 runs for about 12-13 hours". That seems pretty consistent with other reviews

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    @AtomicEdge: what icon pack are you using in your screenshot?

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    @AtomicEdge said:

    Honestly, who would have thought this could be beaten:


    Edit: Wow, the image viewer and that transparent PNG make that link a joy to click!

    I want that image to be my screen saver and just have it float around carelessly.

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    @AtomicEdge I find the battery life on my launch Nexus 5 to be fairly poor. I'm not a super heavy user and the battery doesn't last an entire day. I recently got an S4 as a work phone, and have been incredibly impressed with it's battery life! I use it more than my N5 now, and it still lasts longer.

  • CouchPotatoTalk mentioned you in More Mods to Tackle Spam?

    @AtomicEdge said:

    @will Any thought on the premium members forum idea? Most of the people who post round here premium anyway.

    That's not a good idea, and I don't just say that because I'm not a premium member. Hiding a forum or even part of the forum behind a pay gate is going to discourage everyone from joining.

  • tom032792 mentioned you in A question about Android Launchers

    @AtomicEdge: If you're not opposed to a little XDA hackery, it's pretty straight forward to convert any GSM (Not Sprint or Verizon) M8 into a google play edition device. They then get updates just like the official ones and everything as well.

  • loydcase mentioned you in Tabletop Tutor: Worker Placement Games


    @AtomicEdge said:

    An interesting read! I've been looking for new games for a while but I don't really know where to start.

    Most of the time it's just me and my other half playing a game, and when we have another interested couple over, we generally play Catan because we all know the rules and learning a new game from scratch with a bigger group seems like a headache waiting to happen.

    Do you have any suggestions for games that can work well with 2 players but be expanded to 4 or even 6? Theme wise, my other half rolls her eyes are more castles and dragons, and we prefer more modern stuff, but the theme is mostly secondary to the game.

    Co-op or competitive is fine!

    I've gotten that request from Will as well, so I've started digging into games that work well with two players, but scale up (i.e., not 2-player exclusive.) They're surprisingly uncommon.

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    @AtomicEdge: There, there. It's okay. I started online life as a boring little Macman... but that was just prior to WWW days and local BBS's just had to worry about 13-18 years old clogging phone lines.

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    @AtomicEdge: Hello. :)

    (Over the top name? Nah, Flipper McWhoopiepants, esq. might be over the top.)

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    @AtomicEdge: can you tell me a bit more about your setup please? Have you got a PC hooked up to your TV?

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    @AtomicEdge Tried with CS5 and edited each layer individually but could not line it up. ! I am really bad with photoshop :(

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    @AtomicEdge: Oh most definitely out of fashion. Social media did replace it but it's just not the same i feel. I don't use any to follow tested, but with my Youtube queue what tends to happen sometimes is that i don't watch some video because a lot of other stuff from other channels happened around the same time.

    I do not understand why you'd say that it would impact advertising, i feel that it would be something to actually get people on the site when otherwise they would not have. It may be that we are not thinking about the same thing.

    I'm thinking of a fancy looking list of links basically, not the actual articles and videos sent to people's email directly as the RSS feed does (if i remember correctly).

    Ideally, i'd like to see this be done by video, at the end of the week have one of the staff members go through all the stuff that was posted on the site that week. Perhaps show some short clips and discuss the articles briefly. It would be a lot more work of course than sending out a list of the stuff that happened that week, which "easily" could be automated.

    The reason i feel that this is especially important is that Tested's audience may very well be for the majority be on youtube and absolutely unaware of the other things beside the videos that Tested produces. It also would be a good way to show off the premium content.

    I suppose I ended a tad of topic at the end.

    @norman and @will , i'm very curious what you'd think about it and how feasible a "this week on tested" video feature would be.

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    @AtomicEdge: Glad you found something that works. I was hoping you could delete/modify categories in MediaMan but since I couldn't test it beforehand, I couldn't be certain. Yeah, a video and/or blog post with screen grabs would be good. :)