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  • AtomicEdge commented on Google Play App Roundup: Noyze Volume Panel, Goat Simulator, and daWindci Deluxe

    I certainly have wondered what it would be like to be a boat, but I don't think Goat Simulator is going to help me with that!

    Typo: "You can go ahead and say you've never wondered what it's like to be a boat, but we all know that's a dirty lie."

  • AtomicEdge commented on Looking for a Destiny Clan?

    Hey guys, I've set up a Destiny clan for a few friends, and I thought I would see if anyone fancied joining us. We are a group of adults who will mostly be playing casually. If you want a group for missions and things, why not join in! This game is much more fun with a fireteam!


  • AtomicEdge commented on Apple Announces Its Watch Collection, Launching 2015

    I think it looks ugly. Like fat and dumpy as opposed the sleek, which you expect from Apple.

    As for features, I don't care about fitness information at all, I just want a decent way to get e-mail, SMS, hangouts and twitter alerts. Any maybe change my music/pause an audiobook.

    I think the problem is Apples "all together" approach doesn't really work on a watch, where as Androids "anything goes" idea is better suited. Everyone uses a smart phone in pretty much the same way, but going watches can fill many roles. Fitness, business, fashion. Etc. You need more specific changes than a different band or choice of metal to fill those roles.

    Also, $350 will be for the small version with a plastic strap. The large gold one is going to be thousands!

  • AtomicEdge commented on The Best Android Smartphone for Your Network (August 2014)

    I find it very interesting that best android phone write-ups almost never mention the Xperia phones.

    I did a lot of research when I got my phone, and on pretty much every metric, the Xperia Z2 came up as the best of the bunch. I love it to pieces, and the build quality really is fantastic.

    Are the Xperia phones hard to get hold of in the US or something?

  • AtomicEdge commented on So I designed a new logo...

    Yep! That is pretty awesome! Good job!

  • AtomicEdge commented on Testing: OnePlus One Android Smartphone

    These guys seem to have made a great handset, but their ability to get units out are really hurting them. By the time they are able to meet demand, this unit is going to be an old model. Assuming the Nexus program is still on the cards, we should be hearing about a Nexus 6 in a couple of months.

    As for the unit itself, I like the look of it, and the battery life sounds VERY appealing. But the 5.5" screen just seems to big for me. I think 5" is my upper limit.

    I almost wish that all phone manufacturers made a deal. No spec bumps for 2 years, and just work on making batteries better. Obviously it would never happen, but a phone that could just about last 2 days instead of one would be a big improvement. At least as that battery ages you can still get a full day out of it.

    As it is, my iPhone 5 (launch model) makes it to about 5 pm with very minimal use (on wifi, a few texts, bit of e-mail). I have to have it plugged in all day at my desk.

  • AtomicEdge commented on A question about Android Launchers

    @tom032792: Interesting! You have a guide handy?

  • AtomicEdge commented on Any updates on new Tested merch?

    Yeah, I am going to "go gold" once some merch I want pops up.

  • AtomicEdge commented on More Mods to Tackle Spam?

    @will Any thought on the premium members forum idea? Most of the people who post round here premium anyway.

  • AtomicEdge commented on Twitter android app?

    I need to try Plume. The biggest casualty in the iOS to Android conversion was definitely TweetBot.

  • AtomicEdge commented on A question about Android Launchers

    I really like stock Android. It's kind of no frills in some ways, but stock with Nova does everything I want on my Nexus 7, and I'm after getting an android phone too.

    The problem is, even though the HTC One M8 does have a Google Play Edition in the US, it's not available in the UK and won't be available subsidized even if it was.

    I'm tempted by the Nexus 5 (my other half has one and it's nice) but I would really like something with a better battery and camera.

    I was really hoping they would announce some new phones at I/O last night, but alas not...

  • AtomicEdge commented on A question about Android Launchers

    Hey guys, I have been Googling around but can seem to find a decent answer for this.

    Are custom Android skins like HTC Sense and whatever Samsung use just replacement launchers, or are they more than that?

    On something like an HTC One M8, can I just change the launcher to Nova, and it look just the same as if I had Nova on a Nexus 5?

    I'm hoping at Google IO today they announce a phone I just have to have, but if not, there may be an HTC One M8 in my future!

  • AtomicEdge commented on Tabletop Tutor: Worker Placement Games

    An interesting read! I've been looking for new games for a while but I don't really know where to start.

    Most of the time it's just me and my other half playing a game, and when we have another interested couple over, we generally play Catan because we all know the rules and learning a new game from scratch with a bigger group seems like a headache waiting to happen.

    Do you have any suggestions for games that can work well with 2 players but be expanded to 4 or even 6? Theme wise, my other half rolls her eyes are more castles and dragons, and we prefer more modern stuff, but the theme is mostly secondary to the game.

    Co-op or competitive is fine!

  • AtomicEdge commented on How To Customize an Awesome Android Home Screen with Nova Launcher

    Oh and yes, that is the stardate in my dashclock. It shows up when I don't have any hangouts!

  • AtomicEdge commented on How To Customize an Awesome Android Home Screen with Nova Launcher

    I've been meaning to try out Nova for a while on my Nexus 7, but shied away because I like the OK Google hot word in the Google Now launcher.

    An afternoon of messing around has got things how I like them. One page, no swiping, lots of icons I can learn the location of.

    It might not be pretty, but it's mine.

  • AtomicEdge commented on The Obligatory forum introductions thread

    @Nscafe: To be fair, when I was 15, I used the internet name of "Grim Excelsior Masamune Dark"...

    EDIT: Christ, why did I tell anyone that! I had the email address GrimMasamuneDark@hotmail.com too!

  • AtomicEdge commented on The Obligatory forum introductions thread

    Hello, my name is James Bray and for the last 10 years I have gone by the ridiculously over the top internet pseudonym of Atomic Edge!

    I live on the south coast of England, I'm 29 this month (AND FEEL OLD) and I work in IT as a Technical Services Director.

    I love sci-fi and video games (much to the surprise of everyone, obviously!). My current project is decorating my house that I brought a year ago with my girlfriend. I am learning a lot!

    You can follow my nonsense on Twitter or on my Tumblr Blog.

  • AtomicEdge commented on No active mods?

    @will: Hey Will, it's heartening to hear that there is work being done on the forums to keep them spam free. I suppose the frustration comes from using other forums that don't seem to suffer the same issues. How do other, more popular sites manage their spam? Is it simply economies of scale that mean 1% of people being mods actually provides more coverage than it does on something much smaller?

    You know what a kinda shitty, but also totally easy fix would be? Make a premium board that only people with premium accounts can post in, but anyone can read. At least then people who want to converse without the spam flood can do so, while also not taking away from users reading stuff. Plus, another bullet point for the Premium page!