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  • Arcon commented on Happy Birthday Joey

    Lets all take a moment and wish @JoeyF a happy birthday.


  • Arcon commented on In Brief: Amazon Buys Twitch for $970 Million

    Sorry for the double post, official now


  • Arcon commented on In Brief: Amazon Buys Twitch for $970 Million

    It probably makes sense for Amazon, and Amazon's cloud/servers should benefit Twitch

  • Arcon commented on Must-have Android Apps?

    Over text would just be the MMS support (Does mms even support video?) or links to an uploaded video;

    You should probably try to send it through Hangouts (Hangouts to Hangouts) or a 3rd party app like whatsapp/snapchat/etc, it'll be less headaches in the long run.

    Still leaves you with the terrible data usage problem, I cant help as far as compressing the video goes, but I'll do the obvious and recommend you send stuff over wifi

  • Arcon commented on attack of the ford banner ad ahhhhhh!!!

    If an ad is actually breaking the site, telling someone to just 'get a premium membership' is not a solution.

  • Arcon commented on PC Building stream archives.

    It looks like they used Justin.TV for the original stream, which probably explains why they're gone. Hope someone at Tested had archived/source footage!

  • Arcon commented on Must-have Android Apps?

    I third Pocket Casts, it is the best podcast solution Ive used on any platform.

    I read a lot so Moon Reader+ is also one of my favorite apps, and Timely is a great alarm clock app.

  • Arcon commented on An odd clicking noise coming from my computer speakers

    That's an odd issue if its not hardware-related (I was thinking the HDD doom sound initially). Be sure to run some anti-virus/etc scans and, worst case, there's always the option to do a clean install.

    Is it safe to assume this is windows? You could try turning off the system sounds and see if that does the trick.

  • Arcon commented on In Brief: Witness the Kilobot Swarm

    The bots are pretty cool, but yeah, video could have definitely done with some sort of audio

  • Arcon commented on JP Morgan Chase's password field isn't case-sensitive

    That's.... kinda scary actually, I wonder if this news'll go viral

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  • Arcon commented on MoviePass is a bad deal.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the brand new user who necro'd a 10 month old thread defending a company miiiiight have only signed up on behalf of said company.

  • Arcon commented on twitch + justintv archive backups

    @thamster: Wouldn't have helped, they nuked EVERYTHING not a "Highlight"

  • Arcon commented on twitch + justintv archive backups

    @thamster: Wouldn't have helped, they nuked EVERYTHING not a "Highlight"

  • Arcon commented on twitch + justintv archive backups

    No one really had time to save video that they didn't already have locally (or exported to Youtube). Will had said on the podcast they think Octoberkast 1 was on UStream, but anything on twitch/justin is probably gone for good

  • Arcon commented on The content for "Premium"

    10/10 for this thread, now can yall stop with the drama and get back to the largely ignored topic for the thread.

    Honestly, I have yet to find anything in Premium worth subscribing for; I wish there were more "dumb" videos ala the Whiskey days

  • Arcon commented on Old Intel Pentium MMX Lapel Pin I found

    So I got my hands on this yesterday, still sealed. Pretty cool find I think, I wish Intel still did cool things like this

  • Arcon commented on Any suggestions for Ghettobox 2014?

    Hello, thank you @TsunamiJuan for your reply.

    I switched the board over to a B85 board, and tweaked some more. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/38uwS

    At this point, the question falls to AMD or Intel, and I'm leaning towards Intel, Broadwell should work if my motherboard gets a proper BIOS, and even if I wait a couple gens out, Fry's got rid of the Sandy/Ivy Bridge stock with some crazy sales I unfortunately missed. The 2600k went for $185 for example.