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    @mattdragn: I do the same thing in reverse. I'll come in to work everyday and write down the projects that I want to accomplish for the day by hand, even if I'm repeating something that was on the prior day's list (helps re-enforce importance and also highlights procrastination). Checking off those items is very motivating for me and makes me want to keep knocking things out. The more I get done the faster I work.

    For larger development projects I'll use something like Asana or a Google Excel Doc to create lists of things that need to be done by priority or department.

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    Hey all, we're going to look into all these issues and work through them over the next week or so. Again really appreciate the feedback, keep the bugs coming if you see them.

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    @Ben_H: thanks for the note about the favicon, sometimes we miss the little things.

    re: edit post bug, testing that right now... :)