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    My dad once spent ages looking for his pencil he was using to mark his wood only to later realise he had it in his mouth the whole time.

    My studio too has thieving gremlins taking mixing sticks, pens and scalpels out from under my nose!!

    This always happens to me, the only difference being I stick the pencil behind my ear. Then I spend 10-15 minutes looking for it until I scratch my head in bewilderment and knock the pencil off my ear.

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    @3C: Yeah - I use Smooth-on for casting. I usually use Moldrite 25 for molds (it's fast and sturdy RTV) but last time I used smooth-on. It sounds like I can actually use epoxy tints as dye. I'll try that first. But red doesn't work well. I will have to order smooth on dye. Thanks for the info! I don't normally put my makes online, but will try to put my next ones up.

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    @3C @JamesNZ: I vote for both.

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    Slave Leia bra?

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    @gaffyh: Could be, but it is possible to get that level of detail from modelling materials =)

    You should check out Adam Beane for tiny detailed sculpture, he's developed a sculpting material called Cx5 that you can get insaaaane detail out of.

    Those are amazing!

    /Patiently waits until the store opens.

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    @3C: You may have missed it, but he says in the video that it's a polymer.

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    @3C: & @mbkish: The ones from SerePick are made from nylon.

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    @3C: the link works now! It's a nice design; shame that the finished cover is sold separately.

    I kind of wonder how sturdy a plastic key can be.

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    @3C: That URL doesn't work for me. Just a white page. :(

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    @3C: Those look delicious! How'd you make the dirt icing? Is the instructable live yet?

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    @3C: So it turns out that the 3D ripper program is known to not work on windows 7 with any of the mass effect games. Looks like I'm going to have to see if I can get a windows xp machine together to see if I can get it working.


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    Thanks @Adelie !

    Oh wow, I posted this on the homepage yesterday. Didn't realize you had an account here :)

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    @3C: That Latex idea sounds awesome! I might coat the base of the helmet with a silver-white and use the latex throughout the paint layers to create different chipping effects. That would look pretty cool and give it a lot of variety i'd think!

    @spartanman1222: That's awesome! I haven't really considered what I'd like to do with the visor part yet cause I may be able to get away with using a visor from a motorcycle helmet. The glass visor part of the helmet isn't really that important of a detail that you'd have to vacuum form. But I might just do it to get some experience. This is my first build of anything with this much detail. Looks awesome though! I saw another guy on the 405th forum who had vacuum formed his mask as well. Video looks super sketchy though, I don't like the idea of putting that stuff on your oven no matter what Savage says. (FYI I like to cook and the oven is very important to me lol)

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    @3C: i actually want to build a vacuum form table kind of like the one adam recommended a while ago. maybe a little larger, but basically the same. I like that it was simple and cheap. i've looked at a few other ones that people have done with things like an aluminum surface rather than wood, and guide rods so you get the sheet right on every time. I'll probably put stuff like that on it too, but i have't even gotten really started on that project.

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    @3C: @blackjosh: I want to vacuum form the visor once i get it all bondo'd up. at least that's the plan. I'm still learning a lot about prop/costume making so the biggest thing holding me back is the acquisition of stuff. after i build a vacuum former and get the visor made i think i'll dye it the same way Mike Iverson died his daft punk interstellar helmet. He just used a bunch of packages of RIT dye.

    here's the link.


    the most difficult part, i think, will be vacuum forming the visor without making it impossible to see through.

    this guy did a pretty good job, but he had some complications when he made his visor. I want to avoid those complications.

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    After getting my new tools I started bondo'ing the outside of the helmet. I think it's going well so far! Just the top part has been raised with bondo so far! Check the album for the new pics! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vk412u4cgzd77in/V1bZF5DJEY/Mass%20Effect%20Armor

    @3C: OMG you are amazing! Thank you so much for that tutorial I'll have to dive in and see if I can get a copy of those 3D files into pepakura! BTW just bought a Dremel 4000 today :D and it's great. It has made sanding some of the really small ledges on this helmet a breeze to sand.

    Regarding the Carbon Fiber effect on the armor, I think that I might be able to pull it off using those Fiber Glass squares that you can use with Resin. May have to see if I can get sheets of it to cut to the armor. I might build a test to see what the effect will look like, cause I do want it to look as game accurate as possible.

    Edit: Actually I just realized that the ME1 armor didn't really have the carbon fiber look. It was plated. http://db.tt/DfFf8jaN so that should be easier.

    @spartanman1222: Wow that looks awesome! Have you figured out how you want to do the glass? Do you think it's possible to tint it black and still be able to see out of it?

    I ask cause I'm considering making the visor for the N7 helmet hide away into the helmet with two visors(dark and clear) to make it look like it actually works.

    @Rallier: Yeah I went to lowes and bought a Skil Octo Finishing Sander. It's works great for me so far. The reviews on amazon are bad but I'm not using it for 2 hours straight till the thing melts lol. And it was 35 bucks! It was either that one or an oscillating sander which wouldn't be able to get into the corners of this helmet. (Though I still think it would be easier to get the top of the helmet round with the oscillating one.)


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    @3C: I can't run it unfortunately, i'll have to get a new work pc first.

    Well i could probably run it but it would not look too hot and with short games like that that would kinda spoil the experience a bit.

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    @Rallier: Well I don't think it's been too expensive on the Resin and Bondo front. But it's the tools that have proven to be the most expensive part. I don't really have a "workshop" in the typical sense and my toolbox didn't consist of anything outside of a couple screw drivers for my computers. So I've been shelling out for files, file brushes, sandpaper, clay working tools, etc.(This is mostly little stuff but it adds up when you get to register and they're like, "yeah that'll be 85 dollars!") I'm considering also buying a Dremel with a few accessories which will total up to somewhere around 130 bucks. Oh and also a powersander!

    lol so yeah tools are expensive.

    @3C: Thank you! Well actually I haven't figured out how these people get those files to begin with. And I'm sure it will be a learning experience in itself to figure that part out. But I do plan to get a pep file for the chest and legs and build those using this same process. If anyone knows how to do that and has time to make a tutorial in the forums (or point me to an existing one) I'd love it!

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    @3C: How about drawing your own? No matter how silly it might seem to you...

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    @3C: Well, that's what I did, something cheap, easy to make with very basic tool and using basic materials. I was thinking about using a planetary gear set, but it's a tad expensive and it would require a diff., so even more expensive (but it would work wonders). Plus I have no idea what tools that have at Tested, so it doesn't help.

    Anyway, I worked a bit on it this morning, I'll make a few pictures, try to make another one for the body... and I'm done.

    When I was talking about elegance, I wasn't talking about the looks but about the technical aspect, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I'm really having a hard time with some things, and this nerdy derby is hell for me (or at least the Tested one, because of lack of tools and lowest possible expense).