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    @oddjobkia: For all the splintering they cause?

    Seems like a lot of people have issues with lighting lol.

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    @johndeere97: I think my dad would agree with you on this one, I've heard him cursing his drop lights once or twice. I have a daylight lamp that's great but takes a lot of positioning to get the light where I want it and not in my eyes!

    Current list is...

    Glue gun

    Vice grips

    Soldering Iron (x2 now from @Hold Fast )

    And Drop Lights.

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    @JamesNZ: yep, sounds like your soldering iron may have the same issue with fingers as my glue gun lol! Definitely one for the list.

    Glue Gun,

    Vice Grips,

    Soldering Iron.

    I'm sure there's more to come lol! The worst burn I got from my soldering Iron surprisingly didn't hurt. This I'd because it actually cooked a lump of my skin (oh the smell!) And killed any nerves that would complain.

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    @TsunamiJuan: I used to have a pair that were so tense it was like firing a gun with insane recoil! Even if I'd been so good to set them up so no damage would occur I could knock something apart trying to take them off. Yep, I have to agree with you there, they're definitely one for the list!

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    As I'm sitting here waiting for some glue to cool, after my glue gun has in fact burnt me for the fifth time tonight, I am reminded of all the other times I have cursed hot glue from this gun for trying to occupy the same space as my fingers. Yet its one of the tools I have used a lot over the past few years, be it sticking foam, or sealing the edges of a mold box this guy is faithful. He's technically not even mine to be honest.

    I bought a cheap gun a few years ago and in the middle of a puppet build (Audrey II middle size hand puppet) it blew up. Wasn't even that impressive, it was more of a pop and a small puff of smoke. I nearly didn't notice, @Finstern was in my studio with me at the time, and mutual "Did you see that?" glances were exchanged. In a panic, as a deadline was looming and shopping for a new glue gun was not on the cards I dug out my Dad's solvite s2 gun. This gun technically heats up too much and if you're not careful the glue stick can melt back up the gun and cause a big off awkward clogging. I remember opening the web covered box to find some yellow dead semi mummified glue sticks alongside it.

    We now have a mutual respect this gun and I. If I promise not to let it clog, it will keep the glue the temperature of the surface of the sun long after its shut off and remind me that my fingers shouldn't always try and occupy the space other things want to occupy (especially if that thing can cook my skin).

    So here's to you Solvite S2, you jerk. The tool I love to hate.

    What about you guys? any tools with similar attitudes to your digits? or ones you just love to hate in general?

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    @jojonl: Thank you! Not too much cleaning, the laser I used also had an air assist which helped avoid a lot of the wood staining. A quick sanding with some sandpaper got most of it off. I was a bit concerned because I usually put masking tape on the wood to protect it and couldn't this time because of the engraving, but the air assist really helped =)

    @rcath Thanks =)

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    Thanks @miguelocampo the idea mostly came about because I didn't just want to give Finstern an ocarina in a plain cardboard box.

    @sa-maker my blog is at www.3cCreations.com its been dead for a while because I've been unwell, but I hope to be adding more projects this year.

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    For those who might be curious, this is the other side of the box I forgot to photograph, and the box I made for my Dads Farcry Game...

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    Cheers @oysteroverload It was very well recieved =) I also made a box for my Dad's copy of farcry which went down very well too!

    @sa-maker The laser belongs to a friend who also used to be a teacher of mine, she has the Epilog Zing along with the Epilog Mini and runs a business using them. I gave here a dig out for Christmas in exchange for time on the Laser. This was one of the first items I made, and I'm currently trying to work on more ideas for playing around with the laser. I hope to get my own Epilog Zing this year if I can =)

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    Cheers @undeadmith

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    Thank you much @Nscafe !

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    Thank you very much @TsunamiJuan =)

    I'm hoping that this is the start of me making lots again, its hard to describe, but the past year was like my creativity was switched off for me... as an artist and a modelmaker it was torture, but being able to make something like this, even so simple, gave me such a buzz! I hope to keep going!

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    Happy Christmas Tested Peoples!

    Ok so I haven't posted here in about a year... which is a semi long story, one of reasons being is I haven't really made much in the past year (part of the semi long story, if anyone is interested I will eventually post about in on my blog)

    Anywho, after leaving my job due to health reasons (see semi long story mentioned above) and being short on cash, a fair few of my Christmas presents ended up being hand made, including this:

    Legend of Zelda gift Box

    So it's a laser cut gift box for my SO ( @Finstern ). I made it because the box his Christmas pressie of an ocarina came in was a bit dull and cardboardy. I also included a zelda green velvet covered foam insert to make it swish and fancy!

    Original Ocarina box and start of foam insert
    Nice and snug
    Test fit (some trimming was required)
    Adding of the green fabric
    and securing it with my ancient trusty hot glue gun
    Back in the box (edges were tidied)

    Sorry I don' have any photos of the box building process, but it was mostly clamps and 1-2-3 blocks everywhere! Each panel was laser etched and cut on a Epilog Zing, there are to parts to the lid, one with the Triforce logo cut out, and the other which was inset so the lid wouldn't go sliding about. It looks like the wood underneath the symbol is etched too, but that is a bit of cheating on my part, it is actual a mix of calligraphy and acrylic inks watered down to match the colour of the etched wood.

    Design on inset lid when box is opened

    So those of you who know the Legend of Zelda games will probably recognise the art on the box, each of the four sides, and the underside of the lid are woodblock style prints from the prologue to the Windwaker game, which tells the story of...*drumroll* ...Ocarina of Time! Oh I just realised I'm missing a shot of the fourth side... oops, shall have to retrieve the box and get a shot for you guys!

    The designs we transferred to Epilog happy files using the Live Trace option in Illustrator CC, tweeking alot of settings, forgetting which settings I used for the previous image and tweeking again, a bit of editing, and a fair bit of finger crossing.

    I was super happy with how it turned out (which is not something that happens often) and it took a lot of will power for me not to give it to Finstern before Christmas! I have also been told that while he promises to learn to play the ocarina, he likes the box more than the contents. Which I don't mind one bit! =D

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    Oh I know! I meant the build in general is huge, sorry =)

    But man, they're still bigger than I thought they were!

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    @lane lol, nope sorry, this is significantly bigger than those two! Both good guesses though =)

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    Update time, finished sculpting the first piece. though it'll need a fair bit of a tidy up before I can mold it, I shall hopefully be on to piece number 2 soon! I really liked sculpting this piece, it's really organic...

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    @lane: Nope, sorry, well... I guess you're kinda close when it comes to the area of the body with the epaulette... The second size isn't large enough to cover the chest though!

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    @Conmused lol, Roomba Dragon Armour.... now there's an idea!