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    Oh I know! I meant the build in general is huge, sorry =)

    But man, they're still bigger than I thought they were!

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    @lane lol, nope sorry, this is significantly bigger than those two! Both good guesses though =)

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    Update time, finished sculpting the first piece. though it'll need a fair bit of a tidy up before I can mold it, I shall hopefully be on to piece number 2 soon! I really liked sculpting this piece, it's really organic...

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    @lane: Nope, sorry, well... I guess you're kinda close when it comes to the area of the body with the epaulette... The second size isn't large enough to cover the chest though!

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    @Conmused lol, Roomba Dragon Armour.... now there's an idea!

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    So I just started my big project for 2013, with a deadline set at August for the Dublin Comic Con (with work being busy that might change to Halloween or whathaveyou). Be cause it's a big one, with a lot of various bits and pieces, I wanted to see how long it would take for people to guess what it is I'm making, or to see what piece makes people go "Oh THAT'S what it is!"

    I'm currently sculpting the first piece out of plastiline, of which I'll need to mold 2, well, 3 technically, but the 3rd one is about 10cm larger so I'll need to sculpt it twice. This current piece is at 20cm.

    I think I'll be molding it out of Smooth Cast, I was considering Fiberglass (might use that for some larger bits) but I want to keep the weight down because a lot of this will be worn for the whole day at the Con. I am also debating expirementing with Smooth Ons FlexFoam-iT to make it lightweight (most hollywood armours and probs are made of foam) and if any of the pointy bits hit someone, I won't get given out to!

    So any guesses? I'll update here as I go if people are interested. There's also my site (which is suffering from neglect but I shall be changing that) www.3cCreations.com and I have a facebook, twitter and google+ set up for 3cCreations too if you'd prefer to follow me there.

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    @gaffyh: Could be, but it is possible to get that level of detail from modelling materials =)

    You should check out Adam Beane for tiny detailed sculpture, he's developed a sculpting material called Cx5 that you can get insaaaane detail out of.

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    @RollingZeppelin: Totally did, that's what I get for doing 2 things and once I guess!

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    Dat workshop...

    So many areas of modelmaking to get into...so little time O_O

    I actually remember the look on Adams face in the behind the scenes footage of the matrix on my dvds when the Hammer crashes through the gates. In fact its the only bit I remember!

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    @Banshee: Makes sense! I assumed it was metal because it was coin sized

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    He made it disappear! Check behind Wills ear?

    Cool concept, but would it make a metal detector go off?

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    @Conmused: Aye, he wrote the instructable in one sitting, plus I think he didn't want to make it too long either so he may make a tutorial fr it in the future, but i guess it encourages people to do their own design then too.

    I guess the key only needs to be as strong as the lock, but you'd prob want to print it with the grain of the plastic going lengthways on it, rather than across.... going across could mean it could break off in the lock. But Shapeways do print in metal etc, so i'd say its only large seams on printers like the maker-bot that can unravel that you need to worry about.

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    @gpbmike sorry, it works for me...maybe try again in a few? it also just go featured so it'll be in the digital section

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    Hey! Check out this amaaaazing instructable my friend made! We studied the same course but he went down the digital and 3D printing route, whereas I went down the physical. whew, what a model!


    He's submitting it to the 3D design comp to win a Replicator 2! When his instructable is accepted please vote for him! (And I'm not just saying that because I'll get to play with it someday! =P )

    *Cough @will you could try printing this cough*

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    Thanks @will =D

    Yep the Instructable is here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Rascally-Rabbits-Cupcake-Recipe-and-Decoration/ The icing is step 2

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    Just finished up my Instructable for these guys. To tired to nom now, shall have to wait until tomorrow!


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    Worked in an art supplies and hobby shop, and myself and 2 other members of staff were great at finding Lego mini figs for the kids! I thought everyone could do it....

    Also any word on how people outside the US can send you stickers? I can't get my hands on any US stamps here in Ireland unless I send the directly to you from the US postal service website =(

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    @hydrotherion1979 you can buy them in the usps store online, and they seem to ship em for stamp collectors, but by the time we get them the stickers might be all gone =(

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    Oooooo that's really cool! Wonder if I they have a European distributor, the current Instrucables Halloween contests have one of these babies as a prize.

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    Bit late to the party here, but I'd love to see how it goes! Sounds like a really cool project =D