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    Bits to Atoms: Thermal Detonator, Part 1

    For Sean and Jeremy's second project. they tackle a beloved hand prop from the Star Wars universe--the Thermal Detonator that appears in Return of the Jedi! Ambitions for this build are high, so the Bits to Atoms team brings in help from the rest of the Tested family, including Kishore, Frank, and Adam!

    This Old FX Shop: 3D Printing a VR Sculpture!

    Frank makes a trip up north to Adam's cave for this episode of This Old FX Shop! This week, we try our hand at virtual reality sculpting, as Frank experiments with the toolset of Oculus Medium and how it compares to his physical sculpting techniques. We then turn his sculpture into a 3D printed part and paint it to look like a die-cast toy!

    Let's Build: Prusa 3D Printer, Part 4

    We're getting closer to a fully functional 3D printer! Tricky troubleshooting is needed to get the final pieces to come together, and we start thinking about what print to test with it. Calibration required!

    Let's Build: Prusa 3D Printer, Part 1

    We're joined by guest Joel Telling, aka the 3D Printing Nerd, to build a new 3D printer! Simone has the Prusa i3, which won Make Magazine's 3D printer shootout, and we open up the kit to begin assembly!

    Simone Giertrz's VR Macintosh--It Might Work!

    With the virtual reality hitting new heights, Simone wonders what it would take to modify an old Macintosh computer for use in 360 VR video. Time to take it apart and see what makes it work! (But let's be honest--it's all for that GIF!)

    This Old FX Shop: Interstellar Model Kit

    We pay homage to Christopher Nolan's Interstellar by building model kits based on the practical miniatures used in the film's production. Frank and Norm each make a Ranger spaceship, showing painting, masking, and weathering for this scale model.

    Bits to Atoms Project Autopsy: Mini Pinball Cabinet

    While in the prepping stages for their next collaboration, the Bits to Atoms team meets up to dissect a past personal project. Jeremy shares his mini Pinball Cabinet, which he built with a custom board to illuminate and animate like its life-size counterpart. Here's how he designed it!

    LEGO with Friends: Blade Runner Blaster

    Kicking off a new week of LEGO with Friends, special guest Angus Maclane visits the Tested office to share with Adam his latest project--a LEGO Blade Runner blaster! Adam brings his own blaster over to compare, of course.

    This Old FX Shop: Miss Monster's Masks

    One of our favorite aritsts is Melita Curphy--aka Miss Monster--who sculpts beautiful figures and masks with a distinct techno-organic style. We're thrilled to paint two of her masks on this episode of This Old FX Shop!

    The Special Effects of SyFy's The Expanse

    Adam Savage goes behind the scenes of Syfy channel's The Expanse, one of our favorite science fiction shows of the past year. At the offices of SpinVFX, Adam learns how digital effects artists work with the show's directors to realize the breathtaking environments of this futuristic show.

    Let's Build: Papercraft with PhysicsGirl, Part 3

    The build team turns their attention to the the Mercury Astronaut papercraft kit, which turns out to be much more challenging than the rock band they've been putting together all week. Our science chat turns to the topic of perpetual motion machines, and why some people believe they work (when they don't!)

    Let's Build: Papercraft with PhysicsGirl, Part 2

    Our tiny papercraft rock band is coming together, as Simone, Norm, and guest PhysicsGirl share some stories of theme parks, Harry Potter, and learning different languages via subtitles. Plus, awkward interactions with famous YouTubers!

    Let's Build: Papercraft with PhysicsGirl, Part 1

    We're joined by special guest Dianna Cowern, aka PhysicsGirl, for a week of building intricate Japanese papercraft dioramas. Dianna talks about how she makes her successful YouTube channel, recent adventures, and how her father was struck by lightning...twice!