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    Now that Adam has a little more time on his hands, we're going to be visiting the Cave every week to have him answer questions from YOU. Whether you have a question about a build, prop, technology, or process, Adam will give his honest opinion and share his insights. Tested Premium Members, submit your questions in the comments below!

    Adam Savage Meets the Original Blade Runner Blaster Prop!

    One of the holy grail props in movie history is Deckard's PKD Blaster from Blade Runner. This iconic pistol has been intensely studied by replica prop builders, including Adam Savage. Adam finally meets the real hero prop--in the collection of Dan Lanigan--and bring his own storied replica to compare with the original!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Making a Puppet!

    Adam Savage is a HUGE fan of puppets. And so a very special One Day Build was conceived when Rick Lyon, creator of the puppets for the Tony award-winning musical Avenue Q, invited Adam to stop by his Newark workshop to design and build his very own puppet. Everyone, please meet Finn!

    On MythBusters' FIRST-EVER Implosion

    Tanker Crush. In 14 years of MythBusters, we've done a LOT of explosions, but this was our first implosion. It had been on my list for years, but it was so logistically difficult, we saved it for the final season.

    The myth: Engineers are steam-cleaning a freight-train tank car when a rainstorm lets loose. Thwarted by the weather, they seal the container -- which is full of hot steam -- and head home. The rain cools the outside of the tank car, while the steam inside condenses and contracts, and the resulting pressure differential causes the massive steel car to crumple like a soda can. But would this be possible?

    Courtesy of MythBusters/DCL

    EVERYTHING about this episode was on a big scale. It took a year for the producers to source a tanker car for us to destroy, and months more to find a rail yard willing to host the shoot. (We finally found one in Boardman, Ore. Thanks again, guys!) The team really killed it for this one.

    The tanker car itself is the biggest prop in MythBusters history, measuring 67 feet long and 10 feet in diameter and weighing 67,000 pounds. Its steel is 3/16" thick. This puppy was HEAVY.

    Did I mention also that it was hot? Very hot. We were shooting in the high desert in the middle of July, and it was brutal being outdoors all those days. The steel was too hot to touch. To go INSIDE a tanker was an hour-long air-quality-monitoring escapade. That piece to camera I did from inside was so insanely uncomfortable. I think it was 130 degrees in there. Holy cow, I'm sweating just remembering it. Being out in that heat and repeatedly having tank cars not fail made it a very long shoot. Long, hot, tiring, implosionless days. (Is that even a word?)

    Adam Savage Inspects the Spacesuit from The Martian!

    Adam Savage gets special access to one of the spacesuits from The Martian to study and document it for his personal replica project! Here's Adam's gleeful first impressions after opening the suit's shipping crate and appreciate for some of the fine fabricated details seen in person. (Bring home The Martian, nominated for 7 Academy Awards®, on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital HD today.)

    The Day I Was That Odd Little Kid Again

    Most of you know that I love costumes. So it stands to reason that, for the MythBusters Dumpster Diving shoot in 2009, I was going to HAVE to dress up. The myth we were testing was whether a person who jumps from the roof of a building into a full dumpster could survive and run away like they do all the time in the movies.

    The episode had two parts, training and testing. For the training section I decided Jamie and I should wear sweatsuits with letters on them that said "stunt trainee."

    Courtesy of DCL

    For the second half, I decided to dress as Neo, Keanu Reeve's character from the The Matrix. Why? C'mon! I loved his long trench coat and his boots, and I especially thought it would look awesome on camera (particularly the high-speed) when I jumped down into the dumpster wearing them -- not unlike in the movie. Also as a boy I always wanted to dress up like an action hero.

    So that day I showed up on set feeling awesome ... until I got out of my car and the crew took one look at me in my Neo get-up, and could barely contain their snickering. I felt totally embarrassed.

    The Story Behind This Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Photo of Me and Tory Belleci

    As many of you know, I worked on Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This photo is of Tory Belleci and me working on Attack of the Clones, and I thought I'd explain it a bit.

    This job, the making of the buildings of Tipoca City, was super fun and difficult. It was staffed by maybe one of the best teams of model-makers you could wish for: John Duncan, John Goodson, Tory Belleci, Dave Fogler, supervised by Brian Gernand. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. If that's so, I'm sorry.

    The big hero tower building I'm working on here was a mad three-week dash to finish. I came in late to the project but had the same end-date as everyone else, so I had to scramble. Once I was done, and all the buildings were finished, the incredible painters had their way with the models for a couple of weeks. The photo of Tory and me is actually one we call a "model shop reach." These models are completely done, yet it looks like Tory and I are still doing model-making with tools. In reality, we were asked by the ILM photographer to come back over to the set and make it look briefly like we were working on the models, when in reality our job was done two weeks before the painters did their thing.

    Marty Cooper Animates Adam Savage!

    Animator Marty Cooper visits Adam's shop for another collaboration. For this trip, he brought some friends to the cave: puppy bubbles! This video was made for our recent live show, which featured Marty's awesome animations. Check out Marty's other work here.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: New Original Props!

    Adam shares two new additions to his prop collection from Prop Store. One's a piece of a spaceship from the science fiction film Europa Report, and the other is something you don't see often: a silicone severed head from Bad Boys II! It's a great example of a realistic special effects head, complete with detailed hair punching.

    The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Jason Reitman

    Jason Reitman has directed some of our favorite films of the last decade--Juno, Thank You For Smoking, Young Adult, and Up In the Air. Avoiding the allure of big-budget blockbusters, Jason instead tells emotionally-intense stories in smaller films. He visits The Talking Room to discuss the appeal of crafting complex, resonant characters, his approach to selecting projects, and growing up on film sets.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Hellboy II Prop

    Adam shares his latest acquisition from Prop Store's collection of original movie props: a costume piece from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. These horns and wig were part of King Balor's makeup--the one-armed king of Elfland from the beginning of the film. It's a beautiful piece that now finds its home in the cave!

    The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Author Mary Roach

    While researching topics for her books, author Mary Roach puts the obscure and fascinating stories of science under a spotlight. Her books cover a diverse range of topics, including sex, colonizing Mars, death, and the human alimentary canal. Please welcome Mary Roach to The Talking Room!