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    How To Solve Common Windows Problems Without Rebooting
    Windows, for the most part, is reasonably stable OS. Still, it’s not uncommon to have a rogue program or driver wreak all sorts of havoc on your system — often forcing a unwanted reboot. In some cases, Windows is smart; if your graphics driver trips up, the Windows Display Driver Model is smart enough to recover, no reboot required. But not every Windows component is quite as graceful. 

    without rebooting. Now it’s time to show you Windows users how to do the same. 

    How to Manually Update the Nexus One and Nexus S to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
    At long last the Gingerbread update for the Nexus One is going out over the air (OTA). This version of Android (2.3.3) is also being pushed to the Nexus S OTA. Google has said, as they often do, that the OTA will take several weeks to complete. Being technology enthusiasts, we don't much see the point in waiting weeks to get an update that we can sideload now. Luckily, the Android community has managed to find the update files on Google's servers. With a little file management and some clicks in recovery mode, you can update either of these handsets to the latest and greatest. 

    How To Pop-Out Netflix Streaming Videos from Your Browser
    While Netflix Instant is one of the best streaming video services around, it lacks a useful feature that both YouTube and Hulu have—a pop-out option. Being able to pop-out a video into its own window is nice, letting you drag your movie around without juggling the web page as well. If you’ve got a dual monitor setup, pop-out also lets you go full-screen without the hassle of having it shrink back down when you click somewhere else (Update: You can also fix the dual monitor issue by installing Silverlight 4. Thanks Netflix Instant team!). So if you’ve been missing this feature in Netflix Instant, fear not, there’s a simple workaround.

    How To Fix Common Mac OS X Problems Without Rebooting
    There are those who simply never shut down — people who are so adverse to rebooting their machines they do everything in their power to avoid it. But energy concerns aside, there are tons of valid reasons for doing so. Some prefer a persistent workspace, while others might run home servers. For these people, continuous uptime is an must. But driver updates or stubborn apps are all it takes to bring your system to a reboot-worthy halt.

    How To Future-Proof Android Video Encoding: WebM vs H.264
    With the newest version of Android for phones, Google is extending support for their WebM video codec to the platform. Google is positioning this as an alternative to the patent-encumbered H.264 video codec. With a  future of large-screen Honeycomb tablets, and stupid-fast smart phones, video is only going to become more important. There are reasons to support both formats, but you'll probably want to stick to one. 

    How To Buy a Used Android Phone with Complete Confidence
    The two year contracts most carriers push on you to get subsidized smart phones can be a troubling proposition. If you're not happy with the phone, you're stuck on the carrier for two years. Buying a new phone without subsidy can be a very expensive alternative. If you want to save a little cash, and maintain your freedom, you can always pick up a used Android phone on eBay or Craigslist. Since you would be getting this phone second hand, warranties are of little use. You need to make sure the handset is as described. That guy on Craigslist probably doesn't take returns. 

    Tips To Make Your Own Awesome Headphone Stand
    Do you chuckle every time you see someone listening to music with those iconic Apple earbuds? Cheap and available they may be, but they’ll never come close to matching the audio quality of a great pair of headphones. Picking out the perfect headphones isn’t an easy decision, either--they can cost in the hundreds of dollars, and you have to choose between open and closed phones or go for a high-end headset. And once you’re fully immersed in that world of aural bliss, another expensive hobby arises: customization.

    Headphone cans are the perfect size and shape for classy custom panels or artwork. And most high-end headphones are already pretty stylish--when they look that good, they deserve a suave headphone stand to hold them up for the world to see. If you’re adventurous, that means building something with your own two hands.

    How To Protect Your Laptop from Theft (and Catch Thieves!)
    As much as we'd like to think of coffee shops and libraries as idyllic places for safe work and study, there's always someone willing to steal your stuff. After all, that elderly woman at the adjacent table may look innocent, but we're not going to take any chances.
    Of course, when it comes to laptop security, we'd recommend the obvious — watch your stuff. Five minutes is all it takes to grab a coffee, or head to the washroom, but that's all it takes for a thief to swipe your stuff too. And while physical locks can be a good deterrent in public places, they aren't always possible — or convenient — to set up.

    Prey to deter would-be thieves, and help you get your laptop back should it ever be stolen.   
    How to Troubleshoot a (Maybe) Dead Android Phone
    Imagine this scenario, if you dare. You pick up your trusty Android phone, press the power button and nothing happens. You are not greeted by a lovely screen filled with electronic wonder, but rather by the cold, hard reality that your phone might be busted. If you find yourself in this unenviable position, don't panic. 

    How to Properly Prepare Your Old Android Phone for Resale
    So you've got your eye on that fancy new phone, but you already have an old Android phone? Not a problem, you can always cover part of the cost of the upgrade by selling your current handset. Whether you end up going with a local Craigslist sale, or a long distance eBay auction, there are a few things you need to do to your phone before you hand it off to someone else. 

    15 Essential Steps For Properly Setting Up Your New Router
    In every household sharing a single Internet connection, the router is the linchpin of the network. It's also a piece of equipment that is easy to neglect after initial setup--many people configure LAN and Wi-Fi and never touch their router settings until a problem arises. But while configuring new network equipment can be a frustrating experience, we’re here to make sure hooking up your new router is all blessing and no curse. With some smart tweaks, we’ll have that new router running with rock-solid stability while outputting a better signal than ever before. No matter what brand and model router you’ve got, our step-by-step walkthrough will offer some helpful tips.

    7 Ways to Reclaim Unused Disk Space on PC and Mac
    Anyone who's used the same Mac or PC for more than a few months knows that, eventually, things tend to get a little slow. That once-speedy startup time takes a few seconds longer, and those hourglasses and beachballs tend to appear a little more often than you'd like. 

    How To Make the Most of the Android Market Web Store
    We've been waiting for Google to rollout the Android Market Web Store for a long time. Now that it has finally gone live, the time has come to adjust to a new way of finding and installing apps. In this case, the new way is shaping up to be dramatically improved. Google has leveraged the power of their cloud infrastructure to make your phone feel totally integrated with the web-based Market. 

    How To Fix Visual Artifacts in Your Scanned Images
    Remember magazines? Not those new-style iPad issues the kids are all talking, but real paper-bound magazines? It just so happens that some of us have a lot of these relics lying around, but sadly, they're stuck in the analog world. Unless you choose to scan them, that is. 

    So dust off that old flatbed scanner — today we're going to show you how to scan those old magazines and newspaper clippings properly, and clean up unwanted artifacts in the process.

    How To Get XBMC on Your Apple TV (2nd Generation)
    That second generation Apple TV is a nice little box. Sleek, tiny, quiet, and focused--maybe too focused. If Apple’s emphasis on renting content never quite sat right with you, this is the change you’ve been waiting for: XBMC is now available for jailbroken Apple TVs. Built from the ground up for the Apple TV, this release marks the first version of XBMC for an ARM device.

    or 1080p video. Oh, and that’s not all--the XBMC devs went ahead and released a version for the iPad and iPhone 4, too. Ready to get XBMC on your Apple TV already? We’ll get you started.