Anecdotal poll: Prius frequency

Created by thabigred on Nov. 19, 2012, 5:07 p.m.
  • I live in a city that's average household income is 10k below the national average with a 10% unemployment rate, which is well below the national average. These statistics are skewed because most of the people working within the city actually live outside it and they are not tallied for this census, so it isn't nearly as bad as it seems but that said we are below the national average. I bring this up to say, that even despite this, the Prius is a popular choice in car, it is one of the most popular. Especially among church going recent retirees and fiscal conservatives(ie Ron Paul republicans).

    It's not as popular as say a Camry but the Prius is quite popular. How about your area?

  • Priuses are very popular here.

  • Depends on the area. Around the University here during the day I see a huge amount of Priuses, along with a ton of diesel cars, especially VWs. Also near the many seniors complexes I see a ton of little hybrids like the Prius.

    I always feel bad driving my VW around the university because it has the fuel efficiency of a modern truck hahaha. Gotta love bigger engines.

  • Greater LA area here, and Priuses (Prii?) are extremely common, but that's probably not a surprise. In fact, my own sister drives a first gen Prius, and many of my neighbors are on the bandwagon as well. To me, though, the most appealing hybrid is the Honda CR-Z. That's a car I would actually want to sit in and drive. You can get it with a manual tranny too, although I'm baffled as to how that works mechanically, what with a hybrid essentially having two engines. Also, too lazy to read up on it right now.