Left handed testing

Created by ratekin on Nov. 9, 2012, 1:58 a.m.
  • Im totally left handed and will never understand those who uses it for mice (trackpads not included).

  • @ratekin: Left Handed here too! Surprisingly at University when I studied Animation and Games Design an outrageous 40% of the class were left handed. Way above average, but across creative roles left handers seem to be leaders.

    I myself am find that left handers are better problem solvers, more creative, better liars and generally good at using their imagination.

  • I'm a south paw and I've learned to use right handed things, but I'm still mad that I can't buy left handed things for the most part. if I want to use any type of power tools they are made for right hand people.

    "Sorry, are you right handed?" should be the first question since most are made for them. I'm sorry I'm a mad left hand person. I really wish I did use the mouse with my left hand, since I don't use it for much, which pisses me off a little bit.

  • I used to be ambidextrous, but an abusive teacher struck me with a ruler and demanded in harsh words I pick a hand. Now I'm left handed - and every time I write something in pencil or gel pen my hand gets all messed up. :(

    I'm only left-handed for writing though. Anything else I'm right hand dominant.

  • Left handed here as well - which means that my teacher always told me that the math I handed in looked like crap, because I would smear it all out as I was writing it down.

    But I'm ambidextrous which means I can use my right hand for pretty much all the things I can use my left hand for... except for writing. That's the only thing I can't do with my right hand.