The Nexus Tablet, at $150 would you be tempted?

Created by JamesRockley on March 20, 2012, 3:57 p.m.
  • With all the iPad talk on the site the past few weeks I thought I'd bring balance to the force by discussing the rumours about the new Nexus tablet; specifically the price. At $150 it's nearing impulse buy territory, do you think that low of a price is possible for a decent tablet? And if it turns out to be good would you guys get one?

  • Is it possible to produce a tablet at that price? Yes, it's been done before.

    Is it possible to produce a decent tablet at that price? Hell no! Unless of course it's a huge loss leader and they don't mind losing $200 per unit sold.

    If there is a Nexus tablet (this is the first I've heard of one) at that price, then the Android tablet market is fucked. The Nexus brand has always represented a good standard for Android phones. Not always the very highest spec, but always at the cutting edge of it. If they launch a budget tablet then Google might as well throw in the towel now and give up!

    Just for the record, I own a Galaxy Nexus phone and an iPad 2, I also love Android and really like the look of what Asus is doing with it. So this is not an iOS fanboy here, but rather someone who loves Android but would hate to see them take the budget route!

  • I don't think I would buy one as someone who owns an iPad 2.

    I don't really know what it would take to get me to buy a new tablet of any kind because the iPad 2 really is good enough. The 2012 iPads are really nice but I don't feel compelled.

  • @BaskervilleManor: I've been following it in the news for about a week now, according to the rumours Google is getting Asus to morph the now defunct MeMo into this new Nexus tablet:

    It's all just rumours and conjecture right now but it seems plausible.

  • Love Android on my phone, but on tablet it leaves much to be desired. After owning a Transformer last year I am not going near Android on tablets for a long time.