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John NanciInside curves in metal »
by John Nanci    in Please Help!
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SeronWhiteDistressing a Dark Blue shirt. »
by SeronWhite    in Please Help!
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FourthN10Airbrush problems  »
by FourthN10    in Please Help!
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crawlinbrainBlack 2-Way Mirrored Acrylic??? »
by crawlinbrain    in Please Help!
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Charlie93Can you please tell me what kind of cord this is? »
by Charlie93    in Please Help!
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Charlie93Can you please tell me what kind of cord this is? »
by Charlie93    in Please Help!
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ACartoonTurtleAdvice on Material Choice »
by ACartoonTurtle    in Please Help!
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JpearsHelp with picture sizing »
by Jpears    in Please Help!
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SluggworthRecommended Book »
by Sluggworth    in Please Help!
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LunchBox1982Where can i get Model Kits? »
by LunchBox1982    in Please Help!
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BRCHollywoodLooking for prop painting resources »
by BRCHollywood    in Please Help!
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ShifixAstro a40 mic only works when plugged in not completely and at a certain angle »
by Shifix    in Please Help!
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E-Ren89 Directions for making mass effect armor  »
by E-Ren89    in Please Help!
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AlexanderLaheijphpmyadmin cannot see the tables of the forward-engineerd mysql script »
by AlexanderLaheij    in Please Help!
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JeromeTiberiusAdvice/Direction »
by JeromeTiberius    in Please Help!
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stephenobbbear poster »
by stephenobb    in Please Help!
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ArugelaCooking question(Does this site do those) Brining while smoking! »
by Arugela    in Please Help!
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Wraithadware on my tablet? »
by Wraith    in Please Help!
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jjlkalkaskaRebuild a Lego set. »
by jjlkalkaska    in Please Help!
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JaxonRiddleKitbashing Noob »
by JaxonRiddle    in Please Help!
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