Opinion wanted. Portrait of Savage - horrible - or OK?

Created by DanRKnudsen on Dec. 10, 2017, 11:34 a.m.
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    I have tried my hand at painting a portrait in oils - inspired by the good Mr. Savages fearless approach to developing new skill-sets.

    So I saw it fit to try actually painting Mr. Savage himself – and I based it on a wonderful portrait taken by a super skillful photographer - whose name I now has forgotten - and for reasons unknown to mankind - I'm unable to re-google that darn picture. If somebody know who the photographer is I'll update this post right away....

    So..eeeh....this painting is haunting me. It's obvious not spot on...but I just can't get the look right.

    I have used an ridiculous amount of time in company with Adams wrinkles - (if interested you can see steps of the work in progress here: https://www.facebook.com/danrknudsen/media_set?set=a.10212720388337905.1073741833.1032627972&type=3 ) - and I can't decide.

    Should I
    1. Give up on the whole damn thing a tuck it away in the attick.
    2. Keep on keeping on an other 50 hours...with the risk of fucking up even worse
    3. Be happy and content and try to swap it for one of Mr. Savages new bags?
    - or 4. Start all over with a completely new try (with the risk of my wife beginning to think that it's a little odd....)

    What do YOU think? Opinions will be appreciated.

  • It is a pretty solid painting, Dan, but as you say, after 50 hrs it is easy to get stuck in chasing diminishing returns!

    I'm not sure exactly your technique here, but for the forehead-lines and wrinkles, it looks like you're laying down a lot of paint each pass... I'd try to soften that shading with some transparent washes, as right now it appears more scrunched up skin than I think comes across as a natural expression (on his right, our left, eyebrow ridge especially).

    I'd also darken the skin on his neck with some washes too, even if the source photo might have a lighter tone there, often what looks perfectly natural in a photo looks odd in a painting.

  • @DanRKnudsen said:

    4 new try (with the risk of my wife beginning to think that it's a little odd....)

    What do YOU think? Opinions will be appreciated.

    this is your first oil painting? Holy f***** *****, you got some skills. That's awesome.

    Second off, what I think my old high school art teachers would say is... start way way simpler, and slowly build up skills over time, by painting simple objects, then building up experience and technique and progressing to more complex objects. I am pretty sure i remember seeing somewhere an art school where they had people draw a face on their first day, and then after a year or two of building their skills, and then redraw the same face, and the compare the 'before' and 'after'. ...

  • ok did i type wrong? First portrait in oils. whatever. i mean look at this! You got hair, you got glasses with refraction, you got eyeballs, you got wrinkled skin, all the hardest stuff there is! amazing work