Airbrush problems

Created by FourthN10 on March 17, 2017, 12:19 p.m.
  • Hello all.
    I just stated to do some model building, stated my first airplane (Ju-88). I started painting and am having a bit of a problem. My first attempt at painting the top went fine, up until it started to rain on me (I live in Portland, that can happen without warning a lot of the time). The model had a few water drops on the paint, not sure what to do I let it dry. once dry I sanded down the crimes left by the water and tried to paint again this was the result...

    I wiped it down rather well after sanding, I thought I got it pretty clean. I'm not sure whats going on.
    Anyway, Thanks in advance for the tips, tricks, and critiques.

  • Got three questions, is your condensate trap on your pump clear or fogged up? How old are your paints and finally are you priming the plastic before painting?

  • Thanks Twyg for the reply.
    I'm unfortunately not using a pump, I'm using the canned air for now. I bout the paint about a month ago form Amazon, so I assume the're pretty new. No, I'm not priming before painting.

  • always prime, and break down buy a pump when you an afford it. it really makes a difference

  • Thanks Timothy,
    I'm looking into getting a pump and a better airbrush. I'll probably end up getting a cheep one on ebay for now.
    What Primer would you recommend?